Saturday, May 31, 2008

Runners Stop And Walk

The following is a list of activities, errands, and daily routine off the top of my head:

*Shine shoes
*Pay bills
*Watch anime
*Water my plants
*Fill my car with gas
*Check oil and tires in car
*Shopping for groceries and bare necessities
*Download mp3
*Write Blogs ^_^
*Special personal projects such as researching for a new laptop, learning how to sew, and updating my webpage
*Having fun such as going to Santa Cruz, being with family and friends, and playing Team Fortress 2

If I do 20 different activities and errands at the same time, I'm a fool. The reality is today's living there is so much to do, and as we more forward, there are more choices to live our lives—yet, time remains the same with 24 hours in a day.

Take your time. Life is not meant to be rushed, rushed, rushed. I believe we can live an enjoyable life in the Information Age. Let's say you die tomorrow. Life continues to move forward with work, rest, play, and family. There are deaths, crimes, and companies going bankrupt. On the other hand, there are marriages, newborns, and people earning promotions. The daily life never changes including working for income, paying taxes, and getting gas. Find time to enjoy life and have fun. No regrets. A worker's email inbox and desk inbox are never empty.

A person has two choices in life. The first choice is running here and there completing tasks hastily and prone to errors scaring people as you keep going and going and going. The second choice is walking here and there completing one task one at a time and having a conversation with people as you keep going and stopping and going and stopping.

Monday, May 19, 2008

An Email Marketing Tip

Here's an email marketing tip to promote your company in your industry. My last job I worked in the commercial real estate industry. About once a week, a commercial real estate developer emails to everyone in the commercial real estate brokerage community a prize. The prizes included tickets to sporting events, musicals, concerts, and plays.

For instance, the developer emailed to everyone in their distribution lists four VIP seats with parking passes to the KISS Old School Fiesta concert. Anyone who was interested replies back. The tickets were awarded to the sixth person who replied. The rules including the reply number were included in the email.

I'm no marketing expert. Any company can email prizes to promote themselves ^^

Friday, May 16, 2008

Meet People On Craigslist

One way to meet people is on the Craigslist freebie section. Do you have anything you want to give away for free? Post an ad on Craigslist in the free section. Chances are high someone wants your item. I gave away baseball cards, college textbooks, and rollerblades with protective gear free.

In particular, I met a firefighter. He received my free baseball cards on October 2007. He has a son who started collecting sports cards. We talked for at least 10 minutes learning what we do for a living. I asked him questions about being a firefighter. He told me his hobbies including his do-it yourself home renovation. I told him stories about my brother and I collecting cards during our youth. We talked about Bay Area sports. As a result, I have a contact person in case he wants to earn extra money on the side if I need a handyman. BTW, firefighters work three 24 hour shifts.

It's true you can meet people in the Craigslist personals section. That's another topic *___*

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tropical Depression

I'm no meteorologist to define a tropical depression. I know it's a storm with rain and winds. The tropical depression becomes a hurricane by gaining strength with more rain and more winds. Visit Wikipedia and search for tropical depression for a better definition.

My personal tropical depression definition is a person spreading depression to other people. Do you make people depressed when you are with them? Think of a tropical depression person as someone who is the center of the storm and anywhere the tropical depression person goes, the depression storm follows. My alarms activate when a tropical depression person comes to me. The time is now to move away. I become depressed when the depressed person comes near me. I have the "Please go away" attitude.

What is your attitude? What is your behavior? What are your actions when you interact with people? Are all three positive such that people welcome you, people enjoy your company, and people greet you when you enter a room? On the other hand, is your behavior negative such that you act like a jerk, interrupt people, find people and be a nuisance, or never appreciate your friends?

How do you remove your tropical depression? Become a sun =) The short answer is stop being a jack-ass and start being a friend. A friend is a person with a positive attitude. A friend is a person who appreciates others, greets people, and makes sure everyone feels important. A friend proves he or she is a friend by actions such as paying back debts quickly, admitting mistakes, and laughing at friends' jokes. (Don't be like me a laugh too much which I think looks terrible on a person, a habit I continue to improve.) Finally, tropical depression people are the first to leave a company when there are department or company personnel changes.

Side note: On my way to work today, all the signal lights were green expect for the last signal which is a left turn. It's my third perfect commute. The ultra perfect is the last signal is green =P