Monday, June 24, 2013

Most Interesting Man In The World June 2013

The latest radio commercial I heard for the past 6 days. I'm confident these are new quotes because I didn't find them elsewhere on the web. Jonathan Goldsmith is the actor who portrays The Most Interesting Man In The World for the Dos Equis beer commercials. The narrator is Will Lyman from Frontline.

*His shadow frequently appears on multiple best dressed lists.

*On multiple occasions, he has vouch for himself.

*When he holds a woman's purse, he looks intimidating.

*He can play Chopin on the drums.

*His tailgate parties have caused game delays.

*Eskimos have seven different words to describe his beard.

*Even his nod sounds like a plan.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Philosophies Of Raymond Mar 2

I wrote my first philosophy blog on Dec 2, 2012. That blog included my daily rules, how to live the best, and my life beliefs. My second version is less serious. There are more philosophy blogs coming soon. I discover new ways of living, better ways I think about my life, and changes to my existing lifestyles. Here are my answers for those who have life's questions and confusions. Enjoy!

Never buy cheap on the following: gas, underwear, toilet paper, cooking spices, cooking oil, motor oil, and bed pillows. To elaborate on gas, you pay for what you get. Auto mechanics are smiling for cheap gas. Car owners who fill up on cheap gas are more likely to have engine problems. My experience on brand name gas is positive. I get better gas mileage, more power, higher performance, and my car burns cleaner. I save a dime on cheap gas to prevent spending dollars on car problems.

Tipping your server. I always tip 18-20% as long as the service meets my minimum satisfaction. Get the order correct, refill water at least once, smile and begin in a friendly way, and show a little professionalism. The hourly wage sucks and the employer makes up for loss tips by law. I don't want to see my server overstressing a job that requires less than average brain power.

I forgot the last time I tipped 15% or below.

Dress for success. I believe in wearing appropriate clothes for all occasions. I wear casual clothes when I'm socializing. I wear hiking clothes when I hike. I wear workout clothes when I go to the gym. I wear business casual long sleeve button shirts and slacks when I work. I never mix clothes for all social, business, and being at home situations.

Likewise for shoes. I have many shoes when I wear slacks, jeans, and shorts. I have two pairs of shoes when I workout at the gym. I have two pairs of shoes for hiking. I have a pair of leather boots for heavy duty purposes.

Appearances and presentations are important when I interact with people in all situations. I don't want to portray myself as lazy or spending little time preparing myself. An extreme example is wearing a three piece suit to a club on a Fri night or wearing business clothes on a hike.

Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day. I fail to understand how people function in the mornings on an empty stomach. It was a miracle I survived many semesters at San Jose State since I never ate breakfast. It was a miracle I concentrated on the professor's lecturers.

A productive day starts with a good breakfast. It's worth the time to eat well so I can be strong, concentrate, learn, and make as few mistakes as possible.

Fill up your gas. I believe in refilling a car's gas when it reaches half a tank. I feel reassurance nothing bad can happen as long as I have at least half a tank. I never ran out of fuel on the road. I never want to run out of fuel on the road. Furthermore, a fuel tank with at least half of the gallons keeps your fuel pump cool.

Board games are a social activity. That's the number one reason why I like board games. I fail to understand why people dislike board games. I spend time with people. I have an opportunity to meet new people.

Dump the junk. I wrote a blog on Wed June 12 titled "Stuff And Things Are Just That". I believe in getting rid of junk. If you don't use it, it's junk. Stuff is stuff. There is always going to be something better. Hording is not in my life. My lifestyle is open and relax without a pile of useless things. If I have no room for something new, something old is going out.

If you have trouble standing up straight, then lean back when you walk. Don't lean back too far such that you're going to fall backwards. Lean back, keep you head up looking straight, chest out, shoulders down, and feel your back straight along your spine. Don't be a hunchback in your senior years. I've seen a few in my gym. They look horrible.

Jumper cables and a car fire extinguisher. These two items are a must in a car. Nobody knows when a car battery stops working. Learn how to use jumper cables. Visit YouTube. And a car fire extinguisher can save a car and a person's life.

Writing. I recommend writing a blog for people who write little on a routine basis. Emails don't count. Practice good writing.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Top Ten This Is A Joke Moments

We see, hear, and experience these "are you kidding me" moments. Sports are a good example. The referees make incorrect calls that are clear cut obvious. Sometimes players choke on routine plays. Another good example is getting the wrong change in a store when the math is so easy a second grader can calculate it. We hear dumb criminals and people making bad choices from the nightly news. How about those stupid 911 calls? How about the frivolous lawsuits? And we have expectations attending an event such as going to a concert. We sit down and listen to the music which turns out to be worse than crap.

We get mad and disappointed at first. We laugh at a later time. The world needs laughter, even at the expense of other people. And it's a good future conversation starter or topic. Here are my top ten:

10. My Dad's Truck Stolen (2006). It was a 1984 Toyota truck with over 175,000 miles. There was nothing valuable inside. The police found the truck two days before the insurance claimed the loss. The missing items were pocket change and a security bar for the battery.

9. A Three Beats A Two (1994). I played the Robotech role-playing game in college. My character played one round of the card game Guts with the game master. Guts was taking one card and holding it on your forehead with the card showing outward. I saw the game master's card and the game master saw my card. Players might drop the card thereby neither winning nor losing like folding in poker.

I choose to play on because the game master had a two of spades. What made the moment a joke was I had a three of spades thereby winning the Guts match.

8. Stomach Flu (1991). One of my worse times I got sick in my life. My family and I were invited to a party organized by an executive in a high tech company. There were arcade games, party games, food, pizza, soda, cake, and movies. My family attended. Everyone from kids to adults had a great time. I was in bed all night.

7. My High School Closed (1991). The district chose to close two high schools because of the recession. My high school I attended for three years was not supposed to close. Word on my campus and interviews from high level administrators stated my high school was not closing. The announcement was made weeks later. My high school closed. Everyone in my campus was surprised.

I graduated my senior year at a different high school in the same district.

6. Anime Expo 2007 (2007). Nobody anticipated the problems from start to finish at Anime Expo '07. To be fair, some of the problems were beyond Anime Expo's control. Long lines at registration, performers not following the script at concerts, cancelled events, smaller dealer's room, disgruntled convention staff, weak cosplay gatherings, and overall disorganization. Local police was called to prevent a possible riot after the masquerade. You needed to attend to experience it.

5. My Plain White T-Shirts (2001-2008). I looked bad wearing them. I stopped wearing these shirts after my grown-up moment.

4. Interviewing For A Job (2012). We all experienced unusual interviews. I had two interviews for which the interviewers asked questions and wrote my answers both on paper. They also asked questions about culture and affirmative action. If you guessed a job involving the government, you're correct.

3. My Boss Did Nothing (2000-2002). There were warning signs my company shouldn't hire her. Management ignored them. She was my highly paid manager doing nothing for two years. Nobody knew what she did. She was eventually fired.

2. Super Bowl XXXI (1997). Blockbuster Video called me to fill in a shift for a sick worker during Super Bowl XXXI. My shift was over when the football game ended. I missed the party with my friends. It was the only Super Bowl I missed since I became a football fan.

1. Physics 60 Final At San Jose State University (1994). To quote a classmate, "I studied three hours for that!" The approximate 25-30 multiple choice final had four choices. The final was very easy a high school student could earn an A. There was a long line submitting the final 30 minutes later.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's Okay To Live At Home

There is no shame living at home with your parents. Some of us are unemployed, underemployed, or employed full time and can't afford living on our own. It's okay. Have a good relationship with your parents, help around the house, and be a good son or daughter.

Don't take for granted living at home. We still have to follow the house rules. Accept it. Be mature. Be a grown up adult. Adjust living at home to the best of your ability. It's really not that bad as long as your have reasonable parents. My parents are quiet and laid back. I can do almost anything as long as I "don't rock the boat". For example, I concentrate on job searching, take online classes, and review my job knowledge. Another example is find time to have fun and socialize. They're important. Life can be depressing living with fewer choices and less control. Life doesn't have to be gloom and doom. Live with a positive and fun attitude.

The economy is tough. I'm going to find a full time job that pays well and I move out to live my life. I'm still the same Raymond Mar living at home or living by myself. I'm not a weaker person. Everything is going to be okay.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Million Plus People Like Me Struggling And Being Behind

I'm dedicating today's blog to all the people doing their best to get back on their feet. Our lives are either paused or in slow motion. Life goes on no matter what. The economy is tough. We know people who are doing well. We know people who started their lives again after overcoming their struggles and frustrations. We congratulate them. Our moments are coming soon. There is hope. Stay focus and stay positive. We must continue the struggles and accept the difficult responsibilities to get our lives back.

Blame The System

I talked to a friend I haven't seen in a year. His mom is a recruiter. He told me some information on how a recruiter works. He said recruiters want to help the millions of people who need a job. They are qualified with experienced, education, and knowledge. They can't be hired because of unemployed gaps in the resumes or not qualified enough per the job description. Employers, human resources, and hiring managers want someone with the latest and greatest qualifications and recent experience. Truthfully, anyone meeting the minimal education requirements and experience can handle the job. They don't even get a call for a follow up interview. Recruiter's can't be sentimental. They're paid by filling the position matching the job descriptions and desires from their clients. It's tough and unfair.

Recruiters handle hundreds of resumes a day. They use scanners and machines to find key words. They choose the best candidates from their database to fulfill their requirements to fill the open positions. I was told from another friend most recruiters don't read cover letters. Recruiters read cover letters when they want more information on the candidate, and it must be short.

I have friends working full time telling me their jobs are not difficult. Training was provided. They eventually learn and master their responsibilities. Job descriptions overstate what's required. A senior recruiter I know told me job descriptions are written to find the "dream candidate" which very rarely happens. If there is a position I meet half of the qualifications and experience, I submit my resume.

We're going to find jobs. We're going to meet new people. We're going to be successful. We're going to need help from family, friends, and networking. We're going to better, wiser, smarter, and stronger. We're going to resume our lives again experiencing new experiences and finding new adventures with a little luck and favorable timing. My bottom line is everything is going to be okay.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Stuff And Things Are Just That

We own personal possessions that, for the most part, define who we are. We own DVDs, books, souvenirs from vacations, clothing, stuffed animals, computers, modes of transportation, watches, televisions, games, lamps, dishes, paintings, furniture, antiques, etc. Some of our possessions have a sentimental value. Some of our possessions are outdated or obsolete. Some of our possessions no longer have a practical use. And some of our possessions are used whenever needed.

In the end, everything we own, our own stuff and things, are just stuff and things. Out with the old and in with the new. There is always going to be something better. I sold or donated some of my possessions I have no use anymore. My room could have been a hoarder's paradise if I kept everything. I believe in dumping the junk. I believe it's worth the time to organize and to live a life with minimal possessions. I don't buy many stuff and things during a sale. I buy possessions I feel I have long term practical use.

Finally, my favorite souvenir item is magnets. They are cheap and take a tiny amount of space in a residence. Specifically, the refrigerator.

Friday, June 07, 2013

An Adult Is Someone Who Is Grown Up

There are two ways a person grows up. The first is a person's parents telling him or her to grow up as a young person. The parents inspire and influence him or her to make grown up choices. They set the example, teach knowledge, tell stories, and share wisdom. The parents set the path to adulthood.

The second is self-discovery. There is a moment in a person's life when he or she experiences a shock along the spine and/or in the brain. Oh, my god, I must grow up is the reaction. The moment can be an event, a tragedy, reading a book, hearing a story from another person . . . some kind of moment when he or she remembers everything that happened during self-discovery for eternity.

I grew up via self-discovery. It took place on Sat Oct 4, 2008 in Los Altos, CA. I walked to an arts faire after visiting a friend in a board game gathering inside the library. I compared the people inside the gathering and the people at the faire. There were quite a few single people who dressed like they didn't care about their lives and their appearance at the gathering. On the other hand, the people at the faire had families, or with friends and/or significant others. They dressed appropriately such that it was a social outing with other people. I was the only single person. I was a loner.

I realized I must grow up when I walked back to my car parked at the library. I crossed the street, stopped on the sidewalk, looked at the faire, and then said to myself, "Oh, my god, I must grow up". I didn't want to be the single people at the gathering. My life has been getting better. I'm wiser, stronger, calmer, and mature.

There are people younger than me who are grown up. There are people older than me who are not grown up. There is always an opportunity or a moment for people to grow up. Only time tells when a person realizes he or she must grow up.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

The Most Likely Good Time At Any Convention Rule

The rule that supersedes all other rules attending a convention, exposition, seminar, conference, and trade show is what you make out of the event. If you want to have a good time, follow the what you make out of it rule. Be proactive. It's the individual, the attendee himself or herself that determines what he or she gets out of it.

I attended 39 big and small anime conventions between 1997 and 2013. I had good times at good conventions and I had good times at bad conventions. What I made out of these conventions helped me have a good time. It was not meeting new people and making new friends. It was not buying DVDs and books at the dealer's room. It was not wearing a costume. It was not participating in events. And it was not watching the masquerade. The what you make out of it rule superseded all of these.

Control what you can control and don't control what you can't control. Conventions are rarely 100% organized. There is always a chance of disorganization to any degree. Do whatever it takes to find joy.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Gas Analysis 2012

I analyzed how much I spent for gas in 2012. The chart above shows the average price per gallon of gas I paid per month. The average price per gallon of gas throughout 2012 was $4.03. The highest average was Oct at $4.41 and the lowest average was Dec at $3.53. The highest price per gallon was $4.72 on Oct 2. The lowest price per gallon was $3.46 on Dec 27. Both highest and lowest prices were outside the Bay Area. I filled up my car 34 times. The total cost I spent on gas was $1,305.

In 2010 and 2011, I spent $1,040 and $1,415, a 25% increase and an 8% decrease over 2012, respectively. The average price per gallon in 2010 was $3.13, a 29% increase over 2012. In 2011, the average price per gallon was $3.83, a 5% increase. The 2010-2011 year-over-year average price per gallon increased 22%.

I filled up 324.28 gallons in 2012, 367.72 gallons in 2011, and 321.50 gallons in 2010. I'm happy I drove fewer miles last year. The number one factor was no college classes. It took me longer to change my oil at the 5,000 mile checkpoint. The reasons my 2011 gallons was higher than 2010 and 2012 were I attended another junior college for one day a week and I visited lots of new places including multiple trips to San Francisco and shopping at malls throughout the Bay Area. I anticipate a lower amount of gallons filled in 2013 because I continue to drive the speed limit, have no planned road trips to Southern California, and continue being unemployed.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

A Sign A Person Doesn't Panic

One good sign a person remains calm in an emergency or critical situation is he or she doesn't panic during an illness. I panicked and worried when I got sick before March 2011. I immediately took drugs the first sign of sickness including a sore throat or coughing. I took sore throat lozenges, Sudafed or Tylenol, and vitamin C. I drank Coke, green tea, orange juice, and, of course, water. I even tried garlic tablets once. I took prescription drugs after visiting the doctor. I popped pills when I was sick.

March 2011 was the longest time I was sick since my freshmen year in high school. I visited two doctors. I continued to remain sick. There was little recovery. I realized during my college spring break my body must take care of itself. I must trust my body to recover. I stopped all medications. I stopped drinking green tea and orange juice. The recovery started the next day.

Today, I remain calm when I become sick including common colds, allergies, Respiratory Syncytial Viruses (RSV), and sinus infections. I get plenty of rest and drink lots of water. I cook good home meals. I avoid eating at restaurants. I eat yogurt from the frozen yogurt stores and Jell-o. I avoid the supermarket yogurts to the best of my ability. I still take sore throat lozenges and drink Coke. Coke does really well for my family's bodies. Finally, I vacuum and clean my house. I breathe clean air without dust, pollen, and allergens which speeds up my recovery. The bathrooms and kitchen are cleaned, too. Visiting the doctor is an absolute last resort.

Thereby, I'm a calm person in any situation. I don't panic.