Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Home Drive-Thru Movies

There are times we have some open minutes waiting for something. We're waiting for the entire family to get ready. We're waiting for someone to arrive. There is a delay. The meal is ready in 15 minutes. The download is approximately 10 minutes remaining. There are times we want to watch something on television eating a snack or eating a meal. The solution to these two times is watching a movie home drive-thru style.

Watching a movie home drive-thru style is watching favorite scenes in a movie which takes up the entire open minutes or finishing a meal. For example, storming the beaches in Normandy in Saving Private Ryan, the sword battles in The Princess Bride, Jack Butler after he shaved and man up in Mr. Mom, Carl flying with his house in UP!, opening battles in 007 James Bond movies, and the panty raid in Revenge Of The Nerds. Also, movie home drive-thru style is watching favorite scenes from beginning to end as if watching a condensed version of the movie. And movie home drive-thru applies to television shows.

There is no need for a big bowl of popcorn. Rewatch favorite scenes from favorite movies or favorite television shows quickly to pass the time or quicker when eating a meal which takes less than an hour.


Saturday, January 27, 2018

Past Comic Strips Posted Jan 2018

I photocopied comic strips I read at work or read at home decades ago, or downloaded from the comic strip's website. Here are some of my favorite comic strips I took a picture on my camera. I post more later. Enjoy!

Credits: Dilbert by Scott Adams, Garfield by Jim Davis, and Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz.


Saturday, January 20, 2018

SOMT: Fast Times At Ridgemont High

Blogger’s Note: SOMT stands for Sign Of My Times, an occasional blog sharing my thoughts how time changes life from when I was young to today.

The times were fast when the movie was released in 1982. Today's high school life fast is light speed. The coming of age, comedy, high school life is a classic movie. For example, the list of actors and actresses we know today include Sean Penn, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Judge Reinhold, Forest Whitaker, and Nicholas Cage. We also know Ray Walston and Phoebe Cates. I add the movie to my wish list. It was the first time I saw Fast Times At Ridgemont High movie. Most of the theme of high school in the 80s is true today such as sex, drugs, music, and naturally curious.

I compared and contrasted my high school life and today's high school life while I watched the movie. I concentrated 50% of my brain watching the movie and 50% of my brain thinking back to my past. I share some of my comparing and contrasting below:

*Telephone. Past teenagers lived the good life having their own phone in their rooms. They practiced maturity, privacy, and independence. It was the best way to have a real time conversation without being face to face. Times have changed with smart phones. Teenagers today can practice maturity, privacy, and independence anywhere. Email, texting, and social networking reduce the old school real time conversation talking on the phone.

*Go to a friend's house. Let's go to a friend's house to hang out. Real time socialization. Today's information age more teenagers are hanging out online via social networks. Perhaps, it's a generation change and/or culturally related. More parents aren't allowing their sons and daughters to invite their friends over. I don't know why. Responsible parents must allow their sons and daughters to invite their friends over at the house for safety reasons and to keep the parent-child bond strong.

*Take a chance. Leap of faith. Let life dictate. I'm speaking from experience. We can't control everything in life. Sometimes we must let life choose for us. Take a chance to let life set a pathway. My high school life was good and bad letting life dictate most my high school days. I admit I should have taken more control of my life. Perhaps, I learned an important high school life lesson I realized later in life: sometimes trust fate, destiny, and karma to bring good moments.

*Trial and error. We forgot the best way to learn via trial and error. Everyone is expected to learn quickly today. Everyone is expected to know everything today. No more discovery. No more patience. The information age makes learning instant without making errors; for example, Google the unknown. How are high school students supposed to learn without making mistakes?

*Meet people from other people. Another benefit going to a friend's house was the opportunity to meet new people. Past high school students expanded their circle of friends face to face or telephoning each other. High school students today can expand their circle of friends online without meeting face to face. Is meeting new people online genuine?

*Mail letters. Handwritten notes. Pictures on photo paper. Finally, letters, notes, and photos all on paper. Past high school students exchanged handwritten notes and developed pictures; moreover, personal message written on the back of a picture. Past high school students didn't have smart phones to text and to view pictures online. Past high school students mailed letters instead of emailing.


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Work Sucks

I experienced feeling accomplish getting everything done yesterday. I was ready for the next anything. My next thought was being unemployed has one advantage. The one advantage is I complete my to-do list quick. My to-do list is consistently short. There are no to-do list delays. I have all the time in the world completing all my tasks. I have all the time in the world fulfilling my responsibilities. There is stress being unemployed living a paused life. On the other hand, there is no stress remembering incomplete tasks.

Many people must be stressed-out at work and at home. How much time a person has outside work to complete their out-of-work tasks? Moreover, how much time a parent has outside work to fulfill parenting responsibilities? How is the physical condition of the person outside work? Tired. Stressed-out. Is there time for physical activity for physical fitness? Strong bodies and strong minds work together. A person can spend more time on their out-of-work tasks; however, how much time does the person have to sleep?

Life is a full circle. Delays are frustrating. Add up the delays inside work and outside work affects the person inside work and outside work in a negative way such as lower performance, poor concentration, and weaker social bonds. It seems many people are experiencing a net loss between new tasks created and tasks completed. I have seen people stressed out. These people change. Weak tolerance. Poor judgment. Easy to get angry. Eat unhealthy. Worry too much.

Raw Deal

I think about workers going to work, work their eight hours, and going home. Some workers work nine or more hours. Life is giving many workers a raw deal. Or companies are giving many workers a raw deal. Or both life and companies. We must work to earn an income. We have a personal responsibility to take care of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, and spiritually. However, many people fail to accomplish their personal responsibilities. Today's workplace is more complex compared to the past. Today's life is more complex compared to the past. More time, more money, and more resources are required to live life at work and at home. I can't explain it any clearer. Life is getting bigger. The raw deal is more people are spending more time at work which means less time outside work living life. It's ironic to live a good life we must work more. We work more we have less time living a good life. Work sucks.


Monday, January 08, 2018

Yes Football No Football

The 2017 NFL season playoffs began Sat Jan 6 and Sun Jan 7 with Wild Card Weekend. Good games. No blowouts. I watched the Sat games Titans at Chiefs and Falcons at Rams on TV. The games were entertaining; however, I felt no excitement. There was a guilty feeling.

There were many errands I must complete. I choose to listen to the Sun games Bills at Jaguars and Panthers at Saints on the radio while completing my errands. I watched the highlights and the last two minutes of the Panthers at Saints on TV. I felt satisfied. There was no guilty feeling.

Why did I feel guilty on Sat? Why did I feel satisfied on Sun? The answer to both questions is I completed tasks on Sun. I got stuff done. I became proactive checking off my to-do list. I felt no guiltiness wasting time watching TV even though Sat football games were good. In other words, I felt satisfied and I felt happier on Sun listening to the football games on the radio while being productive. On the other hand, I felt dissatisfied and I felt angrier on Sat watching the football games on the TV while doing nothing. Timing was bad because I didn't complete tasks on Sat to watch football games on Sun during the regular season. Timing was bad because the Christmas holiday ended my to-do list grew bigger.

I realized the Sun feeling reminded me how to think and how to behave like a mature professional adult. These adults have an attitude of working hard to be successful. There is work to be done. Complete the work. Avoid the guilty feeling wasting time. These adults know the fun comes soon after tasks are completed. Personally, I hate getting stuff not done. Fortunately, my fun came Sun night after I completed my tasks.

Finally, there is no guilty feeling getting no tasks completed before or on Super Bowl Sunday.


Sunday, January 07, 2018

Life Is Unfair There Is Bad Luck

You feel life is unfair. Me, too. You experience down on your luck. Me, too. You're not the only person who feels life is unfair. You're not the only person who experiences down on your luck. The title is well known. The title is true. Are you experiencing bad breaks? Me, too.

Today's blog is dedicated to people like me doing their best to live life as a mature adult. Feel free to stop reading if you heard too much of the clique title. I'm sharing my feelings. I'm sharing my present experiences. I'm tired getting bad luck. I'm frustrated I'm earning no rewards. These experiences and feelings continue since May 2015.

Somebody wins. Somebody loses. The worse feeling is consistently losing. The worse feeling is receiving the short-end many times. The worse feeling is the unknown--when am I going to get victories? The absolute worse is bad people experiencing good moments. There are good people with motivation, integrity, and sincerity. There are good people working hard intelligently doing something to convert bad fortunes to good fortunes. The end results are no rewards. Frustrating.

There are stories of people experiencing life being unfair. There are stories of people with consistent bad luck. Search online. You're not alone. Sports history is a good source to find stories.

The bad luck people keep going. There is no complaining because we don't have time and we don't waste energy. Sometimes we laugh off the bad moments. We continue doing our best. There is no reason to quit; otherwise, we sit around doing nothing which is boring. We can't get worse. Life must get better. We solve our problems. The absolute ending for human beings is death. There is nothing to lose. Stay strong. Stay courageous.


Wednesday, January 03, 2018

The Three C's And A P And Two More P's: Choices, Consistency, Control, Proactive, Professional, Personal Responsibility

I wrote a blog making good choices, being consistent daily, and controlling the most in his or her life on Tue Apr 2, 2013 titled The Three C's: Choices, Consistency, Control. I added a P which is Proactive on Sat May 4, 2013 titled The Three C's And A P: Choices, Consistency, Control, Proactive. The three C's and one P are below:

*Choices. How does a person know he or she is an adult? The answer is the person can make their own choices. Life is good making good choices.

*Control. A person having control in his or her life demonstrates strength, intelligence, wisdom, and influence. A person can't control the weather, natural disasters, and car accidents. He or she can control how to deal with everyday life in good or bad moments.

*Consistency. Routine life is not being consistent. Living a daily life with ups and downs is not healthy. A person should be active with consistency. It's like a baseball player hitting a consistent .330 batting average in a season without slumps and brief hot streaks.

*Proactive. One of my career highlights was being a proactive research analyst. I supported the brokers working in the research department. My department was responsible for all the data, information, statistics, and marketing reports in commercial real estate. Specifically, one of my primary responsibilities was fulfilling daily requests and solving problems. I was creative. I thought ahead to provide better service. I never complained because they were a waste of time. I focused on satisfying the brokers' requests professionally.

Here are Professional and Personal Responsibility below:

*Professional. We see the successful people acting professional, behaving professional, thinking professional, and speaking professional. Professionals are strong, smart, wise, courageous, and mature. Professionals practice what they preach. Professionals stand by their beliefs. Professionals are responsible, continue learning, and drilling their skills. We see professionals in sport leagues, entertainment, business, and art. The professionals are at the top of their abilities.

*Personal Responsibility. I discovered the importance of personal responsibility when I was an inpatient for acute gallstone pancreatitis. Inpatients should relax by letting the medical staff do their job comforting me. However, to make their jobs easier I did my part to receive better care. I was responsible to inform the nurses and doctors how I felt such as pain, headaches, and dizziness. I was also responsible to take care of myself such as brush my teeth, walk, and stand up out of my bed to avoid bed sores. I was responsible to follow doctor's orders.

A person responsible for himself or herself is a sign of a person makes good choices, lives a consistent life getting better, controls more of his or her life, and portrays himself or herself as a professional. My top personal responsibilities are minimize eating processed foods, working out at the gym, reading books, learning new skills, sleeping eight hours a night, and pacing myself. Mastering the full circle three C's and three P's never lets himself or herself down.

The C's are in no particular order: consistency, choices, control. The P's are in particular order: proactive, professional, personal responsibility. Remember the three C's and the three P's anyway you choose such as CCCPPP, 3C3P, C3P3, or (C*3)+(P*3). You can remember the six in alphabetical order: choices, consistency, control, personal responsibility, proactive, professional.