Wednesday, January 03, 2018

The Three C's And A P And Two More P's: Choices, Consistency, Control, Proactive, Professional, Personal Responsibility

I wrote a blog making good choices, being consistent daily, and controlling the most in his or her life on Tue Apr 2, 2013 titled The Three C's: Choices, Consistency, Control. I added a P which is Proactive on Sat May 4, 2013 titled The Three C's And A P: Choices, Consistency, Control, Proactive. The three C's and one P are below:

*Choices. How does a person know he or she is an adult? The answer is the person can make their own choices. Life is good making good choices.

*Control. A person having control in his or her life demonstrates strength, intelligence, wisdom, and influence. A person can't control the weather, natural disasters, and car accidents. He or she can control how to deal with everyday life in good or bad moments.

*Consistency. Routine life is not being consistent. Living a daily life with ups and downs is not healthy. A person should be active with consistency. It's like a baseball player hitting a consistent .330 batting average in a season without slumps and brief hot streaks.

*Proactive. One of my career highlights was being a proactive research analyst. I supported the brokers working in the research department. My department was responsible for all the data, information, statistics, and marketing reports in commercial real estate. Specifically, one of my primary responsibilities was fulfilling daily requests and solving problems. I was creative. I thought ahead to provide better service. I never complained because they were a waste of time. I focused on satisfying the brokers' requests professionally.

Here are Professional and Personal Responsibility below:

*Professional. We see the successful people acting professional, behaving professional, thinking professional, and speaking professional. Professionals are strong, smart, wise, courageous, and mature. Professionals practice what they preach. Professionals stand by their beliefs. Professionals are responsible, continue learning, and drilling their skills. We see professionals in sport leagues, entertainment, business, and art. The professionals are at the top of their abilities.

*Personal Responsibility. I discovered the importance of personal responsibility when I was an inpatient for acute gallstone pancreatitis. Inpatients should relax by letting the medical staff do their job comforting me. However, to make their jobs easier I did my part to receive better care. I was responsible to inform the nurses and doctors how I felt such as pain, headaches, and dizziness. I was also responsible to take care of myself such as brush my teeth, walk, and stand up out of my bed to avoid bed sores. I was responsible to follow doctor's orders.

A person responsible for himself or herself is a sign of a person makes good choices, lives a consistent life getting better, controls more of his or her life, and portrays himself or herself as a professional. My top personal responsibilities are minimize eating processed foods, working out at the gym, reading books, learning new skills, sleeping eight hours a night, and pacing myself. Mastering the full circle three C's and three P's never lets himself or herself down.

The C's are in no particular order: consistency, choices, control. The P's are in particular order: proactive, professional, personal responsibility. Remember the three C's and the three P's anyway you choose such as CCCPPP, 3C3P, C3P3, or (C*3)+(P*3). You can remember the six in alphabetical order: choices, consistency, control, personal responsibility, proactive, professional.


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