Sunday, July 29, 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Get Up And Do Something, Anything

There is 5-6 weeks remaining in the summer. School and college begin soon it's like one blink of an eye and classes start. There is still time to take a vacation for the full time workers. The year is going by fast. I hope everyone has done something special. It can be a big trip or a few small moments. Never settle on one small exciting day. Never wait for something to happen.

I changed my life motto from "Get Out And Do Something, Anything" to "Get Up and Do Something, Anything." I changed the word "out" to "up" because I wanted to imply people can have a good life indoors; however, a balance life of indoors and outdoors should be achieved. Some of my favorite indoor activities are working out in the gym, listening to music, ballroom dancing, and reading. Some of my favorite outdoor activities are hiking, visiting new places, and shopping.

Get up and do something, anything. Stop sitting on the chair or lying down on the bed. Find a new adventure. Meet new people. Read a book. Rent a classic movie on DVD. Eat something new. Walk around new places. Improve a part of you. Start fulfilling your to-do list. This blog is a solution to stop being lazy. Find happiness and joy in your life today.

De Anza Fall 2010 Note: Going off topic to end this blog, I realized one of my key for my most successful quarter was my Accounting 86 class. The instructor assigned homework on the fourth week. The first 3 weeks I settled in and concentrated on my other classes more difficult than Accounting 86.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cleaning The House Should Be Fun

One of the best joys living in a house, apartment, condo, studio, motor home, or room is cleaning. People spend time inside sleeping at night, hosting gatherings, eating a meal, raising a family, and relaxing after a hard day's work. I don't want my residence to be messy and unorganized. They're an eye sore. Moreover, I hate junk. Junk is clutter. Junk wastes space collecting dust and has no practically.

Cleaning my house shows I make an effort to maintain cleanliness, and cleanliness is a good attribute. I show ownership and I care about my living. There is organization everywhere. I know where everything is. I throw away junk. There is no wasted space. I keep the rooms free from clutter.

There is no stress cleaning my house. A thorough house cleaning is needed often including the bathrooms, kitchen sink, and the carpets. My thorough cleaning goes smoothly because I maintain my house as clean as possible daily. Furthermore, there is no junk such that there is minimal moving around furniture and home accessories when I vacuum.

Cleaning the house is not fun when there is junk and clutter. If I hear someone hating to clean, then there is a good chance the person has junk and clutter. There is bumping into boxes and junk. There is less maneuverability vacuuming. There is frustration. Moving items around is a waste of time. Remove the junk and clutter. Life is less stressful, the house has open space, and cleaning the house is fun.

If you feel stressed, depressed, sad, gloomy, or even bored, then clean your residence. Take a life time out. Free the mind from the daily grind. Perhaps, you find a treasure or memento from the past. You pause for a moment. Then you continue cleaning up.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wash Your Hands Before And After You Pee

Men, we wash our hands after we pee. We want our hands before leaving the bathroom to have clean hands when we touch our food, finish the laundry, cook dinner, and touch our significant other. We don't want our dirty hands touching our penises. No sir. Let's keep our penises clean and avoiding germs on our manhood. I don't want dirty hands touching my private parts. Wash your hands before and after you pee.

Washing your hands is another way cleanness is attractive. Being groomed takes time and effort. Show the world we care about our attractive male bodies.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My New Innovating Common Knowledge Introduction

It’s time for a new introduction. I think my new intro describes my blog to the heart of my theme. Thank you to the readers who read my blog!

My New Introduction
Welcome! My blog innovates and improves life’s common knowledge and experience. The successful people find ways doing something better, and they continue getting better. They innovate their lives infinitely. Bruce Lee said it best, “Even today, I dare not say that I have reached a state of achievement . . . for learning is boundless.” I encourage people to seek better ways. My life gets better every day. I share my highlights, my lighter side, my current events, a question, and an opinion.

My Old Introduction
My personal philosophy is, “Never stop innovating life . . . Innovate Infinitely.” The theme is Innovate Common Knowledge. My posts are common knowledge innovated. There is always a better way, always something to improve, always a different approach, and always a different thought to any common knowledge. In addition, I post recent happenings, a question, and an occasional opinion <:-) Welcome to my blog!

Sunday, July 01, 2012

I Could Have Been An Adult In 2002

The people who read my blogs regularly know I grew up on Sat Oct 4, 2008. My life changed on that day. My thoughts, attitude, knowledge, daily life changed from being a naive person to a mature adult. I could have grown up years earlier. My life situation and the circumstances that made me realize I must grow up were similar in 2002. Here’s what happened:

Thundercloud, thecrazyjer, Mr. Corbin, and I visited Santa Cruz. Thundercloud drove us to the Santa Cruz coast to visit beaches. We found a beach with few people and many parasurfers. The weather was cold and overcast with a nice and cool onshore breeze. There were a few times the breeze could have pushed me back when I was standing in the middle of the beach waiting for my friends who went to the ocean water. I closed my eyes when I felt a big breeze blowing towards me.

I felt lost, sad, and depressed. I took life for granted. I accepted a life feeling depressed. I faked being strong. I was weak. I took life for granted. I believed in fate such that my 2002 bad life became a good life next year. My life was good in 2003-2006; however, it wasn’t a true good life. It’s hard to explain in a short paragraph. I consider another blog entry my 2003-2006 good life was a subpar good life.

I witnessed the parents playing on the beach with their children. I witnessed the parasurfers having an adventure and enjoy the fun and joy of an adrenalin rush. I witnessed the couples on another date getting closer. All of these people were not me. They knew how to live their lives. They were happy. They enjoyed the present moment making memories.

My life situation feeling lost, sad, depressed and being a wimp, and the circumstances being in public witnessing the happy people were similar to when I was at the Los Altos Art & Wine Festival on Sat Oct 4, 2008. I didn’t know why I didn’t realize I must grow up on that Santa Cruz beach day. I waited greater than six years for my I must grow up self-discovery.

I can’t imagine how my life is different today if I grew up in 2002. I have questions only. Could I have went back to school part time to earn an AA or a BS in Accounting? Could I have changed the way I dressed? Could I have purchased my own car instead of driving my parents’ cars? How about new hobbies and new interests I discovered and tried? Hiking, Mahjong, ice skating, ballroom dancing? Could I have read fiction books? I could have become a stock broker since I followed stocks for a new career. I know with 100% confidence my life could have been less boring if I grew up in 2002. The best question is, “Who were going to be my new friends?”

I’m lucky I realized I must grow up. I know people older than me who act like jerks, behave like they’re still teenagers, and take their lives for granted. I have more work to catch up from my missed life in my 20s. There is still more discovery, new adventures and new experiences, more trial and error, more people to meet, and a job that fit’s my knowledge and experience.

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