Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Goodbye Childhood Bakery

Wilson’s Jewel Bakery in Santa Clara, CA closed for business after 85 years due to economic reasons. When I was a kid, my family and I visited the bakery to buy donuts, pastries, pound cake, cookies, and birthday cakes. My parents always bought the lemon filling birthday cakes for my brother and I even though my parents hated the lemon filling. Who knew why my parents kept buying something they never liked? As we grew up, my parents tried different flavors. The results were mixed. Regardless the bakery was so good, it was worth the 15 minute drive from San Jose to Santa Clara. Also, after we visited Kaiser Hospital, we drive to Wilson’s and purchased goodies.

My favorite pastry was the butter horn. It’s a soft and tasty pastry with white colored vanilla glaze. For a while, my parents never purchased donuts because donuts were junk food. I really didn’t understand the difference between donuts and pasties. They’re both junk food. It’s just donuts have more sugar *heh, heh* And when we purchased donuts, most of the time we purchased twists because we get more donut for the price.

I also liked the cookies. I begged my Mom to buy the sugar cookies and the sprinkles cookies. She said they were bad buys and always purchased the chocolate chip cookies. The sugar cookies and the sprinklers were the best.

I remember the last two purchases. The first was two donuts for breakfast. There was a farmer’s market nearby every Saturday mornings. My parents and I visited once in 2004. The second was my family purchased a wedding cake for my brother’s wedding reception. We visited the bakery several times and stayed in the bakery for a couple of hours on the day my parents choose the cake. I walked around the bakery looking at the various cakes.

Wilson’s Jewel Bakery was a complete bakery with donuts, cakes, brownies, muffins, cookies, pastries, coffee cakes, eclairs, birthday cards, cupcakes, breads, and even the Victorian house cookie jars. In the late 1980s I believe, the bakery expanded into a closed cafe. The bakeries at Costco, Wal-Mart, and any major supermarkets are nothing compared to Wilson’s. Wilson’s was a complete, authentic bakery making yummy treats from their hearts.

Unfortunately, it’s another example of nothing lasts forever. The best one can do is keep it going as long as one can just like it lasts forever. In today’s economic and business climate, mom-and-pop businesses are closing down ;__; Make every effort to last forever.

Note: The owners tried to sell the business for which there were no buyers.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Quad 1 Of 4: Friday October 20 To Sunday October 22

Here’s a triple shot plus one I call a Quad. Yay! It’s been very busy in October. And, yeah, it’s a fast month. Fastest ever? Maybe? I don’t want to jinx October. Heh, heh, heh. Here is Quad 1 of 4.

On Friday October 20, I had a bad day. I had a really bad day. It’s so bad I forgot about the last bad day which was . . . in April I think? At work, I made a ton of errors some of the brokers were getting into my case. I’m sure there was no full moon @__@ Friday evening was productive. I got my Syaoran cosplay ready to go and did some small errands.

On Saturday October 21, I went to Yaoicon for the first time. I went with Jessica and met up with some of my friends including Karisma, DLZ, Jerry, Ryu, Craig, and Ruby. It was fun hanging out with my friends. And I met new people, too XD One highlight was I played the Bleach game for ten minutes on the PlayStation 2. The game gives me another reason to get the PS2 :D Some of us stayed to watch the main events. We watched the masquerade and the bishi auction. The bishi auction was where attendees bid on men to hang out with during the con. The winning attendee spent a couple of hours with their man ;-) One guy went for $1,500. Overall, compared to last year from what people told me, 2006 Yaoicon was tamed. Oh, and Jessica and I left Yaoicon at 12:30 A.M. Sunday (-,-)

On Sunday October 22, I was really tired from Saturday. Sunday was divided into two activities. The first activity was catch up and doing the little errands. Then I took a nap. The second activity family visited and we celebrated my grandfather’s birthday.

Quad 3 Of 4: My Favorite Shape

Here’s a triple shot plus one I call a Quad. Yay! It’s been very busy in October. And, yeah, it’s a fast month. Fastest ever? Maybe? I don’t want to jinx October. Heh, heh, heh. Here is Quad 3 of 4.

If anyone asked my favorite shape before today, my answer is I don’t know. Today, I found my favorite shape. My favorite shape is the circle. In my life, I know lots of knowledge in bits and pieces, lots of little things such that all of the tiny knowledge in many areas overlap. I can draw circles on what I do, what I know, who I know, where I visit, when I do activities, how I complete assignments, why I do them, etc. My who, what, where, why, how, and even the do, have, can, should, and must in my life I can draw brainstorming circles and all of those overlaps and connects.

The who in my life is my circle of friends and networking. The what in my life is the books I learned--the content in books reinforcing what I learned and some of the books I read contain the same information. The where in my life is the places around my hometown such as Santa Cruz and Palo Alto are just 30 minutes away both containing fun places to hang out. The why in my life is one of my attitudes of always asking questions because a wise person has more questions than answers. And the how in my life is innovate infinitely . . . how I do it and find a better way to do it the next time.

My anything, anytime, and anywhere are going to come full circle good or bad. I make sure I create good circles and I innovate the circles.

Quad 2 Of 4: Action Movies Are My Favorite

Here’s a triple shot plus one I call a Quad. Yay! It’s been very busy in October. And, yeah, it’s a fast month. Fastest ever? Maybe? I don’t want to jinx October. Heh, heh, heh. Here is Quad 2 of 4.

Out of the four general movie categories Action, Comedy, Drama, and Family, Action is my favorite. Why? The people say they are going to do something and they do it. And if they fail, they don’t give up. They find another way or think of a new way to complete their task.

For me, action speaks louder than words. Action triumphs over lip service. If a person is all talk and no proof, no demonstration, no completion, then the person is on my garbage list. In my company, there are lots of lip service and talk about making the company a better place to work; in particular, the management and executives. They really do a good job talking. They really do a bad job creating action to support, to validate, to be creditable on their words.

When I say I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it. When I say I’m going to do something which must be done at a later time, I’m honest to ask the person or persons to wait. When I say I can’t do it because I can’t do it for legitimate reasons, I’m honest and tell them the truth.

The old, common quote “Action Speaks Louder Than Words” is true in today’s world. Anyone who follows the belief creates creditability.

Oh, as for the action movie sequences’ logic, it’s another subject ^__^

Quad 4 Of 4: Every Human Has The Right To Be Happy

Here’s a triple shot plus one I call a Quad. Yay! It’s been very busy in October. And, yeah, it’s a fast month. Fastest ever? Maybe? I don’t want to jinx October. Heh, heh, heh. Here is Quad 4 of 4.

In the movie Office Space, when Peter apologized to JoAnn for being an asshole, JoAnn tells Peter that most people don’t like their jobs and they do other stuff to make themselves happy. I tell myself why it took me so long to figure the scene out and how to apply to my life. And here I am after I watch the movie so many times. (Oh, BTW, Office Space is one of my all time favorite movies.)

Anime Expo 2006 (AX’06) convention was the happiest moment I experienced since the Washington Canada trip. (With all respect, Steve, the Washington Canada was also a happy moment I cherish forever because it was my first time I really traveled and I had a ton of fun.) If I have the ability to be happy outside work, and AX’06 proved to me I can be happy, then I must find ways to be happy.

Every year on my birthday August 3, I evaluate my goals. A new goal starting August 3 is to find ways to make me happy. New happiness can be anything including hanging out with my friends more often, make new friends, meet new people, get a new job, learn a new hobby, read more books, travel, visit a new place, anything happiness goes.

After you read the Blog, go find happiness. Good luck and smile happily! *:)

Saturday, October 07, 2006

I Never Fully And Truly Understand Someone Else’s Feelings

“I understand how you’re feeling.” “I understand what he or she is going through.”

How many times do people say “I understand” when someone is expressing their feelings? Probably many times. Honestly, if people take a second thought, we never fully and truly understand someone else’s feelings.

Everyone experiences events, activities, trauma, happiness, success, and failures differently. Some are strong and some are weak. Some recover faster and some recover slower. Some need help and some handle on their own. Everyone handles the good life and bad life differently.

When people tell me about a divorce, crime, money problems, drugs, war, anything that affects their lives, I understand their feelings, experiences, and pain somewhat. I must experience what they experience to better understand, and even if I have similar experiences, I know I never fully and truly understand. I respond positively such as “Man, you’re lucky” or “Hope for a speedy recovery” or “Everything is going to be O.K.” I never say “I understand what you’re feeling” because I never fully and truly understand his or her feelings.

The next time someone is sharing something personal, try to say a positive statement instead of saying “I understand . . . .” I can watch movies, watch the news, read the newspaper, read books on any personal event or instance to better understand a personal story; however, I never fully and truly understand someone else’s feelings.

Friday, October 06, 2006

No Resume Sig, Smile Investment, and Visiting Lisa

I removed the resume signature on my latest Blog entries. I admit I made a mistake. The sig was stupid :-P

On Wednesday October 4, 2006 I went to an orthodontist recommended by a co-worker for the first visit. It seems I’m going to be wearing braces and the total cost is high. I chuckled when the orthodontist said it’s an investment for your smile and facial appearance. The ortho needs tests and X-rays to give me options. I like to give credit to my family dentist who suggested Invisalign. Although I’m going to an ortho, without the family dentist suggestion, I could not go forward getting my teeth strengthen. I still visit my family dentist for my bi-yearly checkups.

After the ortho, I went to Cisco to visit a friend. We went to lunch at the cafeteria. Lisa treated me to lunch which I thank you. The next lunch I’m treating ^_^ We shared stories including our workplaces, living in Silicon Valley, and our families. Thank you for the invite. It was a change of scenery from eating lunch at my depressing workplace T__T

The next Blog entry is another Innovating Common Knowledge. I plan to create it Friday night or Saturday.

Monday, October 02, 2006

10 Years Ago and Sunday Lunch

Today, my uncle and aunt invited my parents and I to lunch. As expected, my weekend plans of the weekend being me must be modified. Isn't life all compensating? *Hee, hee* I type the Blog outside the restaurant on my laptop. The restaurant is busy for lunch which surprised me because the last few times I came for lunch the restaurant wasn't busy.

The reason I brought my laptop is to try my USB wireless adapter. The first adapter malfunctioned and I got a replacement. So far, so good. I got two secured wireless signals. If I could connect, I upload the Blog immediately before we eat lunch XD

On to the topic ~~ 10 years ago I was at San Jose State University Fall Semester 1996. The semester began my second semester as a full time Economic major. I used to be a Mathematics major. Fall Semester 1996 was my all-time favorite and successful semester. The semester was great and perfect, and it's number three on my Top 30 Most Memorable Moments. The semester included working two days a week a Blockbuster Video, going to school Tuesdays and Thursdays, mastering the shooting video game Area 51, and a 3.64 semester grade point average.

Our table is ready. I'm going to eat light which I always do in a Chinese restaurant X__X

Note: To view my Top 30 Most Memorable Moments, visit and click the Top 30 Most Memorable Moments link.

Note2: I hope the Seahawks can win games without MVP Shaun Alexander :)