Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My One Wish

I discovered my one life wish. If I'm given one wish, my wish is to learn faster. I'm a good learner. I'm not slow. My life is better learning faster. I read faster. I think faster. I solve problems faster. I learn more complex ideas. I learn from my mistakes faster. My brain is my most important organ.

My wish is not a million dollars in my bank account. My wish is not my wife appearing next to me from thin air. My wish is not living forever. My wish is not a full time job. My wish is not a handsome face. My wish is not being born one year earlier. My wish is not a life mulligan. My wish is not a new life.


Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Letter To 20 Year Old Raymond Mar

Hi young Raymond Mar. I'm your older Raymond Mar. I'm writing a letter to share three life lessons I learned in your future. What I'm telling you may not seem to give you a better life today. Believe me. Have faith. These lessons help you live a better life forever. I'm currently catching up what I missed in my 20s. I don't want you to live in your 30s and 40s catching up if you continue your present path.

The first lesson is never stop meeting new people. Make new friends. Expand your circle of friends. You never have too many friends. People come and go in our lives. Don't believe your high school friends are your friends for life. Unfortunately, all of your high school friends hinder your 20s life. They hold back your new life experiences. They move on to their own life paths. The new people and new friends you meet are better. You learn new life lessons. You experience new experiences. Some of your new friends are part of progressing your life. San Jose State University is a commuter school. Ignore the stigma. There are thousands of students in your situation who needs friends. Be proactive. Meet new people. Make new friends.

The second lesson is get a part time job. Work during school and during breaks. You're going to be a math tutor next semester. Don't apply. Get a part time job in retail. You're going to change majors. Working in retail satisfies the first lesson. You're going to meet new people by working with your co-workers. You're going to earn money to help you live a good life in your 20s. You learn to depend less on your parents for money. The customers teach you there are different people: good people, rude people, happy people, angry people, dumb people, etc. The world is not all peace and joy. Your world is not all peace and joy. You experience people have a conflict with you, and sometimes the conflict is beyond your control. You learn life lessons outside the classroom and lessons mom and dad failed to teach you. Your winter and summer breaks shouldn't be fun, fun, fun. Find a job to start beefing up your resume.

The third lesson is don't take life for granted. Your entire semesters at San Jose State and your jobs after graduation are taken for granted. You apply a half-ass effort to most of your classes with the attitude of the professor is not going to fail you. You do a good job completing assignments before the due date; otherwise, your attitude and your behavior are unprofessional. Your co-workers don't want to have a friendly conversation.

Stop believing you live a good life nothing negative happens to you. You're going to experience bad moments. You're going to have times in your life you need to stop. Time out and checkpoints are part of your life.

Be responsible for your actions. Earn your successes. Learn from your mistakes. Be a good person. Be professional. Work to be a champion. Trust your intuition. Grow up.


Raymond Mar

P.S. Stay hungry. Stay foolish. I'm going to let you figure out what those two sentences mean. If you learn those two sentences, you're one step ahead of many 20 year olds.


Saturday, April 25, 2015

My Gaming PC II Renamed Raymond's PC

I built my Gaming PC II renamed Raymond's PC or RPC. I want to thank my dad, one of my dad's co-workers, uncle, brother, friend LastExlir, and friend Appu for advice. Here's the timeline detailing how I built my RPC below.

Sat Dec 27, 2014. My Gaming PC didn't turn on. I turned on the switch. No power. No noise. I begin troubleshooting. I checked all connections on motherboard.

Sun Dec 28. I continued troubleshooting. I checked hard drives on an external hard drive reader connected to my laptop. Hard drives were read. I used my dad's old PC to check the video card. Video card worked. I replaced cables connecting the motherboard to the hardware. I reset the jumper BIOS on the motherboard. My Gaming PC didn't turn on.

I checked the monitor by connecting my laptop. Monitor passed the test. I concluded the motherboard failed. I made the choice to upgrade.

I went to Fry's Electronics to begin price shopping and research.

Thur Jan 1, 2015. My dad's co-worker emailed me additional information on motherboards. I checked the power supply unit with a voltage meter following instructions from a YouTube video. The unit passed.

Sat Jan 3. I researched Intel and Crucial SSDs. I researched Intel i5 CPUs.

Sun Jan 4. I researched motherboards. Appu recommended ASRock motherboards because the company is up and coming.

Sat Jan 10. I researched SSDs, Nvidia video cards, and CPUs prices. I wrote Crucial RAM models and their prices to research online.

Sun Jan 11. I created an Excel spreadsheet to compare prices for SSDs and CPUs.

Sun Jan 18. I considered SanDisk SSDs.

Mon Jan 19. I researched prices at Central Computer.

Tue Jan 20. I purchased the Intel i5 4690S at Central Computer. My thinking was the CPU used lower power in comparison to other i5 CPUs.

Sat Jan 24. LastExlir convinced me to get the Intel i5 4690K because of the speed. Lower power meant nothing. There shouldn't be any worry about RPC overheating. It was worth the extra money paid.

Sun Jan 25. I returned the Intel i5 4690S to Central Computer. I purchased the ASRock Fatal1ty Z97X motherboard, EVGA Nvidia Geforce GTX 750ti 2GB GDDR5 GPU, SanDisk Extreme PRO 240GB SSD, and Thermal CPU solution at NewEgg.

Thur Jan 29. GPU, motherboard, and Thermal CPU solution arrived.

Fri Jan 30. SSD arrived.

Sat Jan 31. I choose to buy the RAM last because if the RAM was defective, I return the RAM not worrying about the number of days remaining in Fry's return policy.

Sun Feb 1. I mailed GPU and motherboard rebates.

Wed Feb 11. CPU arrived.

Fri Feb 13. I purchased the Corsair Vengeance DDR3 2X8GB RAM and SSD enclosure at Fry's.

Sat Feb 14. I installed the CPU incorrectly following the ASRock instructions. The Intel instructions were correct. I removed the 4-pin ATX power supply cord and installed the 8-pin ATX 12V power connector on the motherboard. All fans are powered on the motherboard.

There were problems installing Windows 7 on the SSD. The solution was removing the Windows 7 installation USB stick immediately after Windows 7 requires the restart. My dad told me Windows 7 installation is "flaky" sometimes. Never delete the System Files.

I installed the drivers including the network drivers from ASRock's installation disk. Windows 7 updates were downloaded and installed the entire night while I slept.

I planned installing all programs except games in the SSD.

Sun Feb 15. I installed Nod 32 anti-virus. My eBay auctions selling my old CPU, RAM, GPU, and motherboard went live.

Mon Feb 16. I installed audio drivers, INF V10.0.13 PC, ASMedia USB 3.0, Intel USB 3.0, and VGA drivers. I installed the video card drivers. I experienced problems. The GPU was bad. I confirmed the GPU was bad when I installed my old GPU which worked.

Two lessons learned. The first lesson was submit my rebates after all the hardware works. However, the rebate due date expired soon. Bad timing. The second lesson was sell my old hardware on eBay after the desktop is 100% functional.

Tue Feb 17. GPU RMA denied at NewEgg because the UPC was missing. I removed the UPC to mail my rebate. I requested a RMA at EVGA which was approved in minutes.

Wed Feb 18. I shipped the defective GPU to EVGA.

Mon Feb 23-Tue Feb 24. I shipped the CPU, RAM, GPU, and motherboard winning eBay auctions. Gross winning bids totaled $133.00.

Mon Feb 27. Replacement GPU arrived which was refurbished. Installation successful.

Tue Feb 28. I installed Chrome, 7-Zip, Adobe Flash, Adobe Shockwave, Adobe Air, Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP), Irfan View, FileZilla, CyberLink Power DVD, Evernote, HTML Kit, WinRAR, HP LaserJet 1200 Series Drives PCL5 via Microsoft Updates, and Office 2010 all in the SSD.

Sat Mar 7. I installed Adobe Acrobat 7.0, Logitech G930 Gaming Headphones, Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard, WolfKing Gaming Mouse, Sandisk Sansa Fuze downloading drivers online, and Logitech C920 Webcam. I also installed Firefox with Adblock Plus, Download Manager Tweak, Download Status Bar, Download Helper, Flash and Video Download, and No Script add-ons. All of the programs were installed in the SSD. I connected the 640GB and 1TB hard drives. The 2TB drive was connected to an external.

Sun Mar 15. I installed Steam and Team Fortress 2from Orange Box in the 1TB drive. I copied the folder Steam Apps from the old Steam folder to the new Steam folder.

Mon Mar 16. I installed Spyder 3 monitor calibration in the SSD.

Tue Mar 17. I installed MySQL in the SSD. I followed a YouTube video to install. There was no special installation and extra procedures needed. I created the night time Spyder 3 monitor calibration profile.

Thur Mar 19. I installed Adobe CS6 in the SSD. I downloaded desktop wallpapers from I continue downloading more desktop wallpapers indefinitely.

Mon Mar 23. I installed the four remaining games from Orange Box in the 1TB drive.

Fri Mar 27. I installed Crysis in the 1TB drive. Crysis was the video game I purchased in Dec 2008 to test Gaming PC I.

Sat Apr 4. I installed StarCraft II in the 1TB drive.

Sun Apr 12. My final configuration. I created the day time Spyder 3 monitor calibration profile.


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Work Sat Apr 18, 2015

Fri Apr 3: Spring Day. Company holiday. Begin the 30 day countdown my contract ends.

Mon Apr 6: My first 10am-7pm and 3-4pm lunch work day. It reminded me the schedule at my last job was 10am-7pm and 3-4pm lunch.

The power supply units arrived. There were two pallets totaling 133 units. I removed the units from the packaging.

Tue Apr 7: I began arriving at a later time instead of 8am. The commute traffic was lighter. My gas mileage was back to normal. No more 30% lower gas mileage driving longer time commutes arriving at 8am.

I learned from my mistakes the first time I opened the power supply units. I organized the opened boxes and form packaging to make them easier to throw away. I also used an empty big box to throw away the bubble wrap. I took my time opening the remaining 133 units at 6pm.

Wed Apr 8: I finished logging the power supply units in an Excel file.

Two co-workers told me their workload was busy because of quarter-end. The month of May begins the fiscal fourth quarter.

Thur Apr 9: I picked up my new security badge. The new badges are security enhanced with photo and first name only printed on the front and back sides.

I felt sleepy around 11:45am. I ate half of a bag of Fritos. Then I ate an apple I grabbed in the coffee room. I woke up minutes later. Maybe I should bring an apple to work. On the other hand, maybe not because I needed to take a dump.

I tested the power supply units in the tech operations lab. It was my first assignment testing components. One of the test engineers joked being a test engineer is my new career. I learned to wear no watches on my wrist. My wrist hurt due to repetitive tasks. I take off my wrist watch tomorrow.

Fri Apr 10: I ate some breakfast courtesy of the weekly Fri breakfasts provided by the company. Today's breakfast came from Panera. I ate a piece of apple coffee cake.

I finished testing the power supply units in the tech operations lab. My engineer told me to request RMAs at the manufacturing website.

Mon Apr 13: The network emailed me to change my password. I didn't change my password because I'm no longer working on the day I work six months.

I shipped the power supply units to the manufacturer.

Tue Apr 14: My engineer assigned me to test the SSDs. I used an USB SSD reader, installed the testing software, and began testing at my cubicle.

Facilities installed low flow faucet heads in all the sinks.

Wed Apr 15: I ate lunch with my contractor's on-site recruiter. She told me to email my updated resume tonight. She forward my resume to her colleges working with other companies. There were no new contractor positions coming up in the company. It was confirmed I start job searching.

I learned the contractor working terms changed since I contracted at Cisco in 2008. There are no more indefinite contracts. For example, Cisco's maximum length contract policy is 18 months. If Cisco wants to keep the contractor after 18 months, he or she must be converted to full time. I also learned to look at the whole picture when companies save money hiring contractors. My contractor company charges a 35% fee. The company is saving money. The company is not paying the contractor's taxes and worker's comp. My contractor company pays the taxes and worker's comp. My contractor's company is making a small profit. It's contrary to the common knowledge contractor companies make easy money providing contractors to companies.

I found out the contractor who assisted the risk manager is training a new executive assistant. Her contract ends Apr 29. There was no extension. She continues job searching.

Thur Apr 16: The test engineer convinced my engineer the SSDs must complete phase two testing. Phase two is a longer test. My engineer told me to test SSDs with an RMA number because if the customer's complaint on the RMA says SSD failed, then the SSD is phase two tested. Otherwise, the SSD is not phase two tested.

A funny moment on my way to the storage to get the first box of SSDs. Another worker and I rode the same elevator to the first floor. I grabbed the first box of SSDs. I walked back to the elevators. I saw the same worker waiting for the elevators. He told me he went to a server room to check the cables. I told him I needed the SSDs for testing. He asked questions why I'm testing.

The commute driving home was unusually long. I drove out of the parking lot at 7:15pm. There was traffic between El Camino and Saratoga as if I was driving at 5:15pm. It seemed the signal lights on green were timed shorter.

Fri Apr 17: I arrived at 10:10am. It reminded me when I ran late to work at my last job. The reason was I played Planet vs. Zombies for the first time on my phone last night. Addicting. I deleted the game after playing for 2.5 hours.

I continued phase two SSD testing. The average time per SSD was 1.5 hours.

My engineer told me the next shipment of power supply units was lost. He was mad. We expected at least three more pallets.


Friday, April 17, 2015


I answer quick questions.

1. Am I depressed? No
2. Am I dying? No
3. Am I sound body, mind, and spirit? Yes

I thought about death during my morning work day. It was the first time I thought about death for hours. Death is a human commonality. Nothing lasts forever.

What happens when we die? My dad believes nothing happens after death. There's no heaven. There's no afterlife. Our bodies are eternally rested six feet deep below ground. It's like a light bulb switch. It turns on and turns off. Our bodies turn off forever. I believe my dad.

However, I thought about heaven. I thought about the afterlife. I'm comfortable being a ghost wandering around Earth helping people. Maybe I qualify to become a guardian angel. Why do we think about heaven? Heaven gives us a positive feeling death is not that bad. Live a good life. Heaven is the reward. There is life after death. Maybe the afterlife is in another dimension. Maybe the afterlife is in the sky and the clouds we commonly known. I don't know if I believe in heaven. I continue seeking to understand heaven.

Am I ready to die? No. There is so much I haven't experience. I'm behind in life. I'm still a beginner in life. I wasted some of my years doing nothing. I'm catching up what I missed. For example, visit a European country, visit a State outside the Pacific Time Zone, read more books, listen to a fiction audio book, complete a do-it-yourself science kit, organize a potluck chow mein, and eat a ramen burger. I'm 50% happy and 50% sad if I died today. I'm happy because I'm a mature adult never taking life for granted. I realized I must grow up on Sat Oct 4, 2008. I'm sad because I live with my parents. I never experience living on my own. The Most Interesting Man said, "It's never too late to beef up your obituary".

Why do people rarely talk about death? It's sad. It's depressing. It's far in the future. We live the present moment. I believe living the present is the best way to live a happy life. There is no reason to talk about the distant future.

Why did I suddenly think about death? I dreamed last night I was trapped in a big retail store. I struggled finding the exit walking around the store including the employee only areas. I found an exit which turned out to be a long and steep winding slide ending at a wall. I died. I thought about my current job, too. I asked and answered myself, "Is this going to be my jobs from today to the day I die? Contract work with no career advancement." I'm bless I have a job. It's tough to find a better job in today's tough job market. Contract work limits my life choices. Contract work pays lower than permanent work.

I didn't think about death when I attended funerals. Maybe the next funeral I think about death. I was eight years old when I attended my first funeral. My great-great grandfather from my mom's side died. I remember crying for a few minutes because I saw other people cried. I didn't cry because he died. I was confused wondering around knowing nothing. My parents never told me about funerals. I don't remember talking about death.

We converse the good moments after a person dies for the rest of our lives. We share the deceased's positives attributes. We share his or her struggles to success. We laugh at their funny moments. We express the true meanings and honest feelings of the deceased person. We share what was important. No embarrassment. No pride. No bad news.

People die every day. The world revolves the next day. Life continues. To quote the late Steve Jobs, "No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don't want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it.

"And that is as it should be, because Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life's
change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new. Right now the new is you, but someday not too
long from now, you will gradually become the old and be cleared away. Sorry to be so dramatic, but it is quite true."


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Never Give Up Finding The Ultimate Happiness

I believe the ultimate happiness is being in love with another person. There is no substitute for another human sharing a bed every night. Goods, material objects, any experiences, and a live non-human are not substitutes. A lover is flesh and blood with a human body, an independent thinker, and an individual soul. He or she has a heart to soothe, arms to hug, ears to listen, mouth to communicate, eyes to see, tongue for sex, and an entire body for warmth. A couple laughs, experience new experiences, find new adventures, create memories, converse about everything life, share different thoughts to learn, and grow old. A couple is victorious in good times and challenged in bad times. Courage, strength, dedication, and openness are required for a long term relationship to last indefinitely.

The difficulty finding love is as it should because choosing to spend the rest of your life with another person is an important choice. Almost all of us experience break-ups before finding our lover. It's part of finding love. Devoting time, making mistakes, and improving oneself are also part of finding love. Couples must earn their respect, appreciation, and trust.

Two potential lovers make eye contact with timing and luck being at the right place at the right time. One of them takes the initiative for the first greeting. Never lose hope. There are lots of people in the world. Don't quit finding love. Don't remove yourself from the world. One person is a match for another person. Continue living life to the fullest single people. Do something, anything to be a better person. The better person shares more stories and experiences. Attract people. Get smarter, stronger, kinder, and wiser indefinitely.

We have one opportunity to obtain the ultimate happiness. Work on it. Don't take the ultimate happiness for granted.


Friday, April 10, 2015

Two Hypocrite Moments From My Childhood

I remember my parents told me to socialize when I was a child. I was quiet. They told me to socialize. That's it. My parents never taught me how to communicate with other people. No lessons. No sharing knowledge. I also remember my parents told me to stop watching TV. I admit I watched lots of TV. The TV lesson worked in my Fall Semester 1994 when I attended San Jose State University as a young adult. I stopped watching TV. My grades went up.

I realized the importance of socializing years later. Socializing is an important skill to meet new people, make new friends, and succeed in the professional world. I created new circles of friends, experienced new experiences with people, and learned new concepts listening to other people. People are important to be successful. Nobody can't succeed alone. I enjoy long conversations.

My parents are entering their retirement years. They have no socializing skills. They have no friends. They watch too much television. I was a late bloomer. I realized I must grow up on Sat Oct 4, 2008. My first choice growing up was I forgive my parents for the lack of parenting. I'm responsible for myself today.


Monday, April 06, 2015

Fatigue From Boredom

There are different types of fatigue. The most known are physical, mental, and emotional. There are personal fatigue such as a hobby, work related, and relationships. I discovered another fatigue commonly known and, perhaps, unconsciously realize. I discovered boredom fatigue.

I became fatigued being bored. How did I become fatigue from boredom? I live an active life. I always find something to do. My life is never bored. The answer is I did the same thing. I was busy doing the same extreme mind numbing work; moreover, the working environment was quiet. My weekday was the same. There was nothing different. I was tired at the end of the day.

How did I recover? It was sleep. However, I believe there's a better solution to recover from boredom fatigue. I continue living life finding the solution. Doing something different was not an option. I follow up with another blog.

Side note: I'm bored writing today's blog. I need more sleep.


Thursday, April 02, 2015

Work Thur Apr 2, 2015

Mon Mar 9: The first day of work during daylight savings time. I went with the flow. I experienced trouble waking up. I ate breakfast at my cubicle.

Tue Mar 10: There was a three day leadership off site training. The senior employees, managers, and the two vice presidents attended the training. The department was quiet.

Wed Mar 11: The third annual ping pong tournament March Madness format started today. I misread the email. People who wanted to opt out reply back to the email. I believe common sense dictates people who wanted to opt in reply back to the email. I was assigned a bracket I didn't want to participate. I'm a contractor. I thought contractors were excluded from the tournament.

I was tired the entire afternoon. I took quick naps. I ate snacks to stay awake.

Thur Mar 12: Security took a new picture of me for new ID badges.

The contractor who trained me on my first day is leaving on Fri Mar 27. We both work with the same contracting company. She told me there's no new jobs for her in another department.

Fri Mar 13: I talked with the new quality engineer who helps my engineer. Both of them worked at Cisco. The new quality engineer survived the Great Recession layoffs. My engineer was laid off in 2009. The quality engineer shared a story when he worked at a start-up in 2001. The start-up closed one week after 9/11.

Mon Mar 16: I felt blessed today I have a job. I know I have an end date. There's nothing more to grow. I automated the RMA data entry process. I acquired all the experience and knowledge.

Tue Mar 17: I played Team Fortress 2 last night. I ate breakfast at my cubicle. I finished upgrading my personal desktop. Playing the video game reminded me when I played Team Fortress 2 every Mon night. My friends and I called it MNTF2 or Monday Night Team Fortress 2 similarly to NFL's MNF or Monday Night Football.

Wed Mar 18: I finished the Portwell recheck RMAs. I entered 15 RMAs missing from the SAP database.

My engineer asked me to find RMAs from newer firewall models.

The beginning of new hires started today. My department was behind in fulfilling open positions last fiscal quarter. One of the vice presidents walked around the room assigning unoccupied cubicles with new hires to start soon.

I was informed my contract ends on May 3 instead of Jul 3.

Thur Mar 19: There was work in the morning and work after 3:45pm. I finished reading The Pearl by John Steinbeck. I met my engineer's new manager.

March Madness started today. I watched clips of upsets games on the web. I was reminded when I watched March Madness games when I worked at Cisco.

I small talked with an employee in the elevator after I worked out at the company gym. He was carrying his McDonalds take out for his dinner. He needed to finish a deadline due tomorrow.

Fri Mar 20: I received information the automation process is on schedule. It communicated to me my contract ending May 3 is more assured.

The best timing and luck story I know for a long time. The contractor who trained me on my first day is working at Cisco on Mon Mar 23. Her last day was officially Fri Mar 27. The contracting company said her last day was today. Her new position renews every quarterly; in other words, an indefinite contract length. Higher pay. There was no interview. She didn't need to update her resume. Wow!

I looked at the power tray icon on my laptop. The Power Saver option was selected. I deselected Power Saver. I selected Balanced which is the only other choice. I was reminded when I was researching CPUs for my personal desktop I upgraded. My friend suggested I get a CPU using more power. I agreed. I'm glad I used my friend's suggestion. Buy a CPU that uses more power instead of a CPU using power saving.

A ping pong tournament was held in the cafeteria at 2:30pm. Food and drinks were provided to spectators. A filming crew recorded the games.

I listened to classical music today because I didn't listen to classical music yesterday. No podcasts.

I organized my first Outlook meeting with the SAP administrator for training.

Today was the first time I didn't backup any work related files.

Mon Mar 23: One of our vendors submitted their weekly RMAs to enter. I couldn't find most of the RMAs. The RMA specialist helped me confirm the missing RMAs are in the SAP database. It turned out the vendor matched the wrong RMA numbers with the serial numbers.

Tue Mar 24: I was in a meeting with the SAP administrator for training. He showed me how to delete RMA records; in particular, duplicate entries.

Wed Mar 25: Speed bumps were erected at the back of the parking lot. I hate speed bumps. I saw cars parked over the parking line markers.

The replacement for the contractor who went to Cisco started today. The replacement is a permanent full time employee.

Thur Mar 26: There was a 9:30am informational meeting. The topic was virtualization products. These products are the new firewalls without hardware.

I realized leaving early to attend the 9:30am informational meeting was not worth it. It was not worth waking up early to arrive at work between 9am and 9:15am. I spent more time driving to work and driving home. The 9:45am-6:45pm work schedule is the best because it works well for my gym workouts and shorter commute times.

The department's monthly birthdays seemed to be more of a chore than fun. It seemed the full time employees doesn't care celebrating their birthdays and eating cupcakes made from an employee. I wondered if they're socially awkward.

Speaking of socially awkward, I thought about the recent new hires. They're social awkward. Some common interview tips are be open, be enthusiastic, speak up, communicate good conversation skills, and demonstrate you're not a boring person. On the contrary, I believe my department hires quiet people who sit in their cubicles eight hours a day. My department is an example of hiring content people who fit our working environment. They don't hire loud and cheerful people. Just because a candidate is outgoing doesn't mean the candidate is an automatic hire.

Fri Mar 27: An engineer showed me the table for their weekly Fri breakfasts. I knew bagels were available to everyone. I usually ate breakfast at home. I may try their breakfast one Fri before I leave the department.

My engineer submitted a request to the director to grant me access to the department laboratory and storage. My engineer assigned me to log defective SSD sent from one of our vendors for failure analysis. In addition, the Feb 2015 RMAs sent monthly from another vendor arrived in my email box 10 minutes before I logged off. I have actual work next week.

I stopped at one red light on the expressway driving home.

Mon Mar 30: I stopped at one red light on the expressway driving to work. I drove 15 minute to work.

The new hires continued. A new engineer started today working at the cubicle space formerly occupied by my engineer.

I was granted access to the laboratory and storage. I worked part of the day logging defective SSDs in the tech storage room.

Tue Mar 31: I finished logging the SSD model numbers and serial numbers in the tech storage room.

Some people wanted today to be Fri Apr 3 which is the company holiday Spring Day. They were expressing fatigue.

I met the on-site recruiter during my lunch hour. She was getting coffee at the coffee bar. I asked her for a lunch get-together to discuss my future at the company. I emailed her later in the day to set up a date and time.

Wed Apr 1: The shipping clerk told me there's no process to recycle the shipping boxes and packing material which contained the defective SSDs. I threw away the shipping boxes and packing material in the dumpsters. I gave the shipping clerk the two big boxes.

My engineer told me the next hardware logging model numbers and serial numbers is power supply units. They were supposed to arrive today. They didn't.

I finished entering the RMAs from a vendor sending their RMAs monthly.

I found a detour to avoid the speed bumps at the back of the parking lot when I walked out of the building after working out at the company's gym.

Thur Apr 2: All green lights driving to work on the expressway. I stopped at one red light on the side street.

The part time financial analyst told me she's training quarter end to the new full time financial analyst. She has been concern her contract might be terminated.

One of the vice presidents emailed the department about tomorrow being a company holiday. Many people were talking loud after the email. It was the loudest since the Christmas holiday. The reason was a happy hour at a nearby restaurant.