Saturday, August 31, 2013

Top Ten Thumbs Down Moments

I posted a Top Ten Thumbs Up Moments on Sun Apr 14, 2013. I'm going to post the Top Ten Thumbs Down Moments.

These thumbs down moments told me I did poorly, I disapproved, and I did it unsatisfactory. I made bad choices. I performed at my worse. My actions were poorly executed. The results were negative, unfavorable, and no long term benefit. The following top ten thumbs down failed me:

10. Attended Anime Expo (AX) 2007. (July 2007) I attended AX from 1999 to 2007 and 2009 to 2011. I skipped AX 2008 which took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center. 2008 went well. I should have skipped 2007 because AX took place at the smaller Long Beach Convention Center. It was a disaster.

9. Getting Sick That Was Avoidable. (Multiple Years) There were multiple events I got sick I should have avoided. I got sick when I ate poorly or skipped a meal. I got sick from sitting under a cold draft. I got sick when I drank little or no water. I got sick when I exerted myself while I was tired.

8. I Kept My Profitable Stocks. (1999-2000) Everyone made money during the dot-com boom. I could have sold my portfolio for a big profit. I didn't. I was stupid I held my stocks too long. I took a huge loss.

7. Wearing White T-Shirts. (2001-2008) I was lazy dressing up to go outside. I just put on a t-shirt, pants, socks, and shoes. Done. I realized wearing t-shirts looked terrible on me when I cared more about my appearance. The t-shirts communicated me being lazy, hateful, and unsocialable which was true.

6. Napster. (2007-2008) Napster was a waste of money. I paid a monthly fee for unlimited music. I updated my mp3 device monthly at Napster's website. My thinking was clouded with the unlimited music deal.

I should have purchased individual songs that were my top favorites instead of downloading lots of songs for which most were semi-favorites at best.

5. Summer Sabbatical. (2007) The worse summer ever. I stressed out in the first months working at Cisco. I wanted to take a break. I didn't. What happened? I did nothing. No trips, no new adventures, no new experiences, no meeting new people . . . nothing.

4. My Old Gym Workouts. (1998-2008) It took me 10 years to find out I have been working out wrong. A friend told me about I downloaded good gym workout plans. I took a Strength Development class at De Anza. I just need to workout at the gym consistently.

3. Few Friends. (1992-2005) Weak social life. Small circle of friends. Strong lonely life. I fail to understand how people can live with little or no people. Lonely life sucks.

I had to take my head out of my butt to realize I need to meet more people and make new friends. I started at Fanime Con 2005. The friendship count has been going up.

2. Quitting Mahjong (Riichi). (2007) I was frustrated losing games. I applied little effort learning the rules and memorizing the hands. I was fortunate to retry the game in 2009 when a friend challenged me to learn again.

Mahjong (Riichi) is one of my top ten favorite board games. I look forward to play for the rest of my life. It's a great social game.

1. Took Life For Granted. (Up To 2008) Nothing bad happened to me. I lived a life everything good happens to me. Everything in my life went well from my childhood to my second job.

Life went downhill when my contract was terminated at Cisco. I learned a big lesson when I realized I must grow up. Don't take life for granted. I must earn what I want in life.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Top Ten What Ifs

Every person thought about what ifs during our entire lives. What if I made the second choice? What if I didn't sign the contract? What if I moved to another city? What if I choose another college? What if I changed my mind? What if . . . ?

We can't change the past. We think about what if we did the alternative. How does our life change? How is our life different? Is it better or worse? My life is different if I took a different path or made a wiser choice for better or for worse.

For instance, learning Chinese. I don't know why my mom asked us to learn Chinese when we were young. She asked us once. My brother and I said no because the class was on Friday night. The class was taught Fri. night!?! I'm 100% confident my memory is correct. We wanted to watch The Dukes Of Hazzard. That was the only conversation on learning Chinese in my entire life.

Speaking and writing Chinese make my life better today. I could have communicated with my grandmothers who spoke Chinese only. I felt more comfortable visiting Chinatowns. And knowing a second language is a big plus for some companies.

Here are the top ten what ifs:

10. What if I lived in Alameda, CA? (1986 approx.) There was a serious discussion my parents thought about moving to Alameda, CA to be closer to my uncle's family. It never happened.

I believe Raymond Mar is different today if I lived in Alameda. I spent more time with my cousin who influenced me when I was young. I spent time with my cousin's friends who had more active lives than my friends. There were different schools, different environments, different communities, and different lifestyles comparing Alameda to San Jose.

9. What if I stopped listening to music? (2004) There was a point in my life I hated listening to today's pop and rock music. The music sucked. Radio stations repeated the same music because there was nothing better.

Fortunately, my friends introduced me to classic rock music. I believe I stopped listening to music altogether without classic rock in my life. Classic rock music led to an interest in classic jazz, a stronger interest in Mozart, and Frank Sinatra years later.

The Beatles is my all time favorite band. I saw Paul McCartney perform when he visited AT&T Park in San Francisco, CA on July 2010.

8. What if I avoided summer school Geometry? (1990) Completing Geometry in summer school was one of the best choices in my life. I made new friends in the class. I was able to take Algebra II in my junior year and Trigonometry & Pre-Calculus in my senior year. I was able to see most of my friends in those math classes.

If I didn't take Geometry in summer school, then I take Geometry in my junior year and Algebra II in my senior year. I didn't want to feel "dumb" taking Algebra II in my senior year.

Moreover, summer 1990 was the best high school summer. It was an active summer with the Geometry class being a huge factor, baseball card collecting, and painting my uncle's house to earn money. My brother and cousin joined me in the painting job.

7. What if I graduated with a B.S. in Mathematics? (1997) I actually graduated with a B.S. in Economics and a Minor in Mathematics. Initially, I was a Mathematics major and an Economics minor.

If I graduated with a math degree, then I earned a teaching credential program to teach high school math. I quit teaching and go back to school to earn another degree within five years. The turnover rate for teachers quitting was 50% within five years during my time at San Jose State.

6. What if I moved out of the house working at Colliers International? (1999) My life was at its best. I worked at a much better real estate firm with higher pay, better staff, better computers, and top brokers. There was no thought moving out of the house. The reason was I wanted to save money for a house.

What if I lived in an apartment? Like most college graduates in their mid 20s, I probably met new people and made new friends. I probably learned to never take life for granted. I probably learned to earn anything I want in life; in other words, life was not given to me on a silver platter. I probably experienced new experiences and find new interests doing something, anything new. And I probably discovered I must grow up to survive living on my own. Hey, wait a minute. These are life discoveries I experienced much later in life.

Life could have been better if I moved out in 1999.

5. What if I wasn't introduced to Rich Dad, Poor Dad? (2002) The first time I heard about Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad, Poor Dad series was from a late night infomercial. My co-worker introduced me to Rich Dad, Poor Dad a couple of weeks later. Coincidentally, Costco sold Rich Dad, Poor Dad books. My interest in learning financial education began and I started reading non-fiction books such as business, leadership, and self-help began.

I learned lots of new financial concepts and ideas I didn't learn in college. I also learned the errors and untruths in finance I learned in college. I'm more aware of my finances and have a better understanding of business thanks to being introduced to Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Moreover, I believe I have no interest reading books today without reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad. That book strengthened my interest in reading. I read a book here and there before 2002. Today, I read 85% fiction and 15% non-fiction.

4. What if I job searched instead of going to De Anza? (2009) I lost my job in 2008. I thought about going back to college in 2009. There was a chance I could find a job. I made the correct choice going back to school. I attended De Anza to earn an AA degree in Accounting on 2011.

If it wasn't for going back to De Anza, then I lost the opportunity to correct the mistakes I made when I attended San Jose State. What did I correct? I met new people and made new friends. I had more fun as if I was in my early 20s. I experienced new experiences. I went on more adventures. I became a better, wiser, and stronger person . . . a person I should have discovered at San Jose State. And I took life less seriously.

I learned accounting. And I learned more about myself more importantly.

3. What if I stayed at Colliers International instead of going to Cisco? (2007) The short answer is I go crazy. I become depressed. I was a person full of hatred towards everything.

I believe Cisco was a turning point in my life. I experienced a better representation of working in a company. My contract being terminated was a blessing in disguise. It was a much needed pause and a significant life reset. I'm calm. I'm happy. There's no more hatred in me.

I'm ready for my next turning point.

2. What if I quit anime? (2004) Watching 17 episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist at the Fanime Con 2004 midnight marathon saved me from quitting anime. The series revived my anime hobby. For example, I started wearing costumes to anime conventions later in 2004.

The anime hobby created more interests I pursued such as learning more about technology, playing online video games, playing board games outside the popular names, creating social networking accounts, and listening to Japanese rock music. The most important aspect being an anime fan was meeting lots of new people and making lots of new friends.

I'm a bored and lonely person today without anime.

1. What if I didn't grow up? (2008) My answer is I'm lonely, weak, lost, and naive. I hated the world every day. I hated the world because it was going against me. The world was not revolving around me. I took life for granted.

I did grow up. I have a girlfriend, many friends, and good family relations. I'm stronger, getting to know myself better every day, and wiser. The world is really not that bad. I'm a good guy. The world needs one more professional human. I don't take life for granted. I must earn it.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Second Look At 2012

It's the time of the year I look back at selected 2012 blogs. I comment and give myself feedback. My goal is to relearn from my mistakes, reinforce my lessons, remind myself my moments, refresh new knowledge, and rediscover new wisdom.

My Second Look At 2011 contained seven blogs. I'm happy 15 blogs made 2012's Second Look. I wrote better quality blogs, my self-awareness was stronger, and there was motivation to blog more. I learned more, shared more, and opened myself more. I experienced and discovered new moments and new experiences. I brought back the top ten lists. And I posted more picture blogs.

I wanted to post the second look in July. August seems to be the better month. I keep the month consistent going forward.

I provide the title and link to the original blog, date, summary, and my feedback. Enjoy!

Blog Title: No More Complaining, No More Whining
Date: Thursday January 5, 2012
Summary: The complainer and whiner I used to be is gone. Nobody wanted to be with me.
Feedback: A mature person stops complaining and makes changes. Be responsible. Be professional and everything you do. For instance, learn how to spell "whine".

Blog Title: Stay Focus
Date: Tuesday January 24, 2012
Summary: I was concerned having trouble concentrating on tasks and responsibilities.
Feedback: 2013 has been a better year concentrating and focusing. I'm getting more sleep and my gym workouts have been more consistent.

Blog Title: Life Lessons I Learned From Alex Smith
Date: Wednesday February 15, 2012
Summary: Alex Smith had the best year of his football career with the San Francisco 49ers' new head coach Jim Harbaugh. I observed and learned life lessons from his 2011 season.
Feedback: These six lessons were learned outside school. These were lessons discovered by living my life daily. I didn't learn these in my classrooms including college.

Blog Title: A Commentary On Going Back To The Basics
Date: Friday April 6, 2012
Summary: I posted a single blog containing my daily rules of life, my top 30 blogs from my first 300 blogs, and lessons I learned attending De Anza College. The blog is available anytime I'm lost or feeling depressed such that I need to find myself again.
Feedback: I saved the blog in .pdf and in my phone. The list is a refresher going back to the basics and remembering my strengths.

Blog Title: Myself and Many Others’ Crystal Reports Catch 22
Date: Wednesday April 18, 2012
Summary: A common catch 22 when applying for jobs requiring experience: how can I get experience if companies don't hire me. I used Crystal Reports as an example. I read books, took online classes, and watched videos to keep my knowledge refreshed. That was all I can do. I have been waiting for a job opportunity to apply Crystal Reports. The best way to learn Crystal in my past jobs was to just do it at work.
Feedback: I was interviewed for an Accounts Receivable Analyst position in April 2013. A friend helped me get the interview. One of the job requirements was knowing SAP. I have no experience in SAP. The hiring manager said no problem. We provided training. Learning SAP was not hard.

What the heck? Here I am seeing almost every job opening requiring X or X to Y years experience for this and that. When I see some positions requiring experience for a software program I feel I can learn on the job, I'm going to submit my resume.

Today's job market is an employer's market. The employer can be picky.

Blog Title: Chapter N: Playtime Is Over
Date: Friday May 18, 2012
Summary: It's time to grow up and be a mature adult. The young life must end.
Feedback: Another playtime chapter ended in May 2013. I stopped attending Fanime Con and retired wearing costumes to anime conventions.

Blog Title: Use Your Knees And Elbows
Date: Saturday June 9, 2012
Summary: Get physically active using your knees and elbows.
Feedback: Here's another way to motivate getting physical. Use your knees and elbows to avoid future physical problems. Keep your health strong.

Blog Title: This Is A Test
Date: Monday July 16, 2012
Summary: I created a new template. I tested the new linking my blog features using Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
Feedback: If I continued my 2012 blog writing pace, then I posted approximately 59 blogs which was 16 fewer blogs than the 75 I wrote in 2011. I was satisfied my 2012 final blog count was 83 blogs.

A 2013 goal is write at least 100 blogs.

Blog Title: My Open Cover Letter
Date: Monday September 17, 2012
Summary: I posted my job cover letter to the world including my achievements, my skills, and my ideal working conditions.
Feedback: I learned so much about job searching. I edited and revised my resumes and cover letters many times. I consolidated my job searching parameters. I listened to anyone with advice and information. A lesson I learned is don't take job searching for granted. There are hundreds who apply for the same job I apply.

Blog Title: Top Five Mistakes I Learned On And After Oct 4, 2008
Date: Thursday September 27, 2012
Summary: I grew up on that day I remember for the rest of my life. My important life lessons I learned on my own are the following: grow up, never take life for granted, earn it, always meet new people, and get up and do something, anything.
Feedback: I have been writing more blogs based on these top five lessons. The top five is worth another read to remind myself how to be a grown up adult and a mature person.

Blog Title: Top Ten Favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies
Date: Tuesday October 9, 2012
Summary: My favorite movies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Feedback: I brought back the top ten list blogs. I was inspired when I watch the Schwarzenegger interview on 60 Minutes. I watched more than ten Schwarzenegger movies.

Blog Title: Top Ten Favorite Board Games
Date: Saturday October 13, 2012
Summary: My favorite board games.
Feedback: Another top ten list blog. I played lots of new games such that the top ten is outdated. I need to add Ticket To Ride and The Resistance. I need to remove and rearrange some games.

Blog Title: Succeed Without Trying
Date: Friday November 2, 2012
Summary: Most of my successes in life was with little or no trying. It was like I was given my education diplomas and my jobs on a silver platter.
Feedback: Life caught up with me living an easy life. My current life is a real resemblance experiencing struggles, trials and errors, frustrations, catching up with I missed in my 20s, and learning wisdom. Read my blog because my feedback does no justice.

If there was a contest for best blogs written by amateur bloggers, then I submit this blog.

Blog Title: Growing Up Part 2
Date: Thursday December 6, 2012
Summary: I experienced another growing up moment on Wednesday November 7, 2012. A good personality goes a long way.
Feedback: I still remember the day inside Google waiting for my interview.

Blog Title: Me Versus My Sinus Infection IV
Date: Friday December 7, 2012
Summary: I chronicled how I recovered from being sick.
Feedback: As of the blog entry, I haven't got sick in 2013; although, I had a bad allergy attack in March.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Most Interesting Man In The World August 2013

The latest radio commercial I heard for the past 7 days. I'm confident these are new quotes because I didn't find them elsewhere on the web. Jonathan Goldsmith is the actor who portrays The Most Interesting Man In The World for the Dos Equis beer commercials. The narrator is Will Lyman from Frontline.

*His beard is so substantial it shows up on x-rays.

*When he makes you breakfast in bed, there's an omelet bar and a waffle station.

*Just thinking about him alleviates road rage.

*His sweet talk is also savory and creamy.

*His understands modern art . . . all of it.

*His grass is actually greener, and it grows better, too.

*He can steal thunder's thunder.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Frustrating, Adjusting, Taking Action, Changing

The San Francisco Giants rock bottom woes inspired me to blog about taking action when everything is going wrong. Here's a short summary of recent Giants frowns followed by optimism or successes:

*Starting pitcher Barry Zito no longer a starter. Left-hander Zito was moved to the bullpen on Fri Aug 2. Zito has not won a game on the road for the entire season. Right-hander Guillermo Moscoso replaced him in the starting rotation.

“Sometimes it’s just time for a change,” Manager Bruce Bochy said. "And it’s good to give [Moscoso] a look.”

*Failed leading off. Outfielders and platoon leadoff hitters Gregor Blanco and Andres Torres teamed up for a 0 for 5 performance on Sun Aug 4. Bochy was frustrated and up in arms. It was time for a change. Blanco’s on-base percentage was .316 and Torres' was .300, numbers too low for the number one in a batting order. The two players hit a combined .125 since the All-Star break in middle June.

“We’re not getting any production from our leadoff hitters,” Bochy said. “We’re going to have to change this up.” Second basemen Marco Scutaro or right fielder Hunter Pence were Bochy's choices for the new leadoff hitter.

*First basemen Brandon Belt is National League Player Of The Week for the week of Mon Aug 5. Congratulations! Belt made adjustments to his batting stance. He has a new grip and moved toward the back of the batter's box.

Hitting coach Hensley Meulens told Belt to talk to Philadelphia Phillies all-star Domonic Brown for advice. Belt also talked to his teammates during his 1-for-19 slump at the Giants' last homestand in late July. "You hear something a certain way one time and it just clicks," said Belt. "That's what happened. It's clicking."

Belt admitted to being stubborn. "It just took a little convincing to change," said Belt. He's listening.

* Out of the playoffs. It's time to focus on the 2014 season. The Giants are evaluating, experimenting, and doing trail & error who's going to be back for next season.

*An example of experimenting. There have been games Belt batted fourth and shortstop Brandon Crawford second in the batting order. Belt usually bats sixth or seventh and Crawford bats seventh or eighth.

My example of being frustrated is finding a job. I always adjust, take action, and change my job search. Every few moments, I find something to hopefully increase my odds of getting an interview. For instance, I change my resume, change my cover letter, condense my job search parameters to save time, and find new sources to submit my resume. I listen to anyone with advice, information, and leads. I make a choice to take action to move further.

Life must never be full of problems, troubles, mistakes, bad moments, and slumps. Make lemonade when life gives you lemons. Add honey to vinegar. There's something positive for negative situations. There's something to improve for every success. Never take life for granted. We must earn our successes and we must have strength and courage to overcome times we fall down. Never stop innovating--innovate infinitely.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

I Wasn't A Dumb Child After All

My dad taught me the Trucker's Hitch earlier today to help me tie my girlfriend's belongings on his truck. I helped her move to a new house. The lesson took 45 minutes. I'm aware learning a new rope knot can be tricky and challenging to some people. My story is different.

There were frustrations and anger during the lesson. Fortunately, there was laughter towards the end. My dad had difficulty communicating the specific details. I had trouble following his instructions. I have known my dad is terrible at explaining and teaching me almost anything from painting, changing the oil, plumbing, barbequing, installing a new computer, and learning knots.

The Trucker's Hitch lesson made me realized I wasn't a dumb child. My dad and mom were bad teachers. I got frustrated easily such that I felt dumb. My self-esteem was weak I believed I can't learn anything new. I learned too little which explains why I'm catching up on the missed years in my 20s and even my childhood. I feel hurt.

My parents were impatient. They didn't slow down. They didn't explain in different ways. They yell at me when I didn't understand the first time. They didn't make sure I learn what they taught me. I remember one moment my dad played poker with his nieces and nephews when I was four. He never taught me. There were no closeness and bonding when my parents raised me.

I successfully learned the Trucker's Hitch used in the move. For the record, I forgive them for being bad teachers. I think about my childhood occasionally what my parents could have done better to raise me. It's easy to think about my past since I live with my parents in the very slow economic recovery. Perhaps, thinking about my parent's past mistakes and unfulfilled childhood experiences are a sign I'm a mature adult.

Communication Skills

Communication is important to build strong relationships between parents, children, and siblings. Any good person with a good heart knows talking and teaching are important in human relations. Parents who have problems teaching lessons and sharing knowledge must find some time to learn and correct. Children must develop their brains. They crave learning. Build a strong self-esteem. Communicate and explain. I missed most of my childhood knowing and experiencing little. Please don't let your children experience my empty childhood.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Looking Ahead In August

I want to thank the people who read my blogs regularly. Much appreciated! I'm going to write fewer blog in Aug because I have other activities that need my attention and new commitments to fulfill. I also have interests I have been spending less time recently such as reading books. I need to spend more time on those interests.

There are two priorities that need much more attention because I have been falling behind. The first priority is the online classes I'm taking. I slacked off in June and I'm currently catching up. The second priority is working out at the gym with quality workouts. I have been going to the gym working out light or modifying my workout schedule. I need to get back in shape.

I realized I haven't posted articles, videos, and writings in a long time. My last video I posted was Gangnam Style by PSY on Aug 29, 2012. I don't remember my last article written by somebody else. I expand my blogs to include those three soon.

My next big blog is taking a second look at my 2012 blogs for which I read last year's blogs and comment on my favorite blogs myself. I need additional time to re-read those blogs. I hope to post the second look blog this month or next month.

Finally, my goal is to reach at least 100 blogs for the 2013 year. The last time I posted 100 blogs or greater was in 2010. I was happy I posted 83 blogs in 2012 after a slow start. I'm optimistic I achieve the goal.

I have an active life. I never have a boring moment. Thanks again to everyone who read my blogs!