Friday, December 30, 2005

Steve, I Finally Found Time To Correct The Errors XD

Going back to the Washington Canada Blog Seven Parts and Epilogue, there were errors. Steve read them and found some errors. I’m going to correct them. Finally!!!

*During the trip to Costco, Steve purchased The Simpsons Season 4 and Season 6. The incorrect entry was Season 4 and Season 5.
*Principal Skinner dated Patty in The Simpsons episode. The incorrect entry was Selma.
*The hotel in Port Orchard Steve and I watched The Empire Strikes Back and Steve’s favorite Star Wars is The Return Of The Jedi. The incorrect entry was Steve’s favorite Star Wars is The Empire Strikes Back.
*Steve’s car is a VW Bug Bot VB. The incorrect entry was VB Bug.

Holly shi--! Most of the errors were about Steve :-O I swear the errors were errors. Nothing intentional :-)


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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Working Out Ignorance

In 1998, I started working out at a gym in the business park where I worked my first job after I graduated college. The gym schedule was Tuesdays and Thursdays. I did sit-ups, weights, and stationary bike. I thought the schedule was the best ever.

A few months later, I learned it’s better to do the stationary bike first to pump up the heart. And Tuesdays were busy. I switched to Wednesdays and Fridays and I did stationary bike, sit-ups, and weights. I thought the schedule was the best ever.

In early 2001, I attended another gym located 10 minutes away from my home. I kept the same schedule. During the end of 2001, my company played softball once a week. Man, I had trouble running. As a result, I added the treadmill. I did stationary bike, sit-ups, treadmill, and weights. I kept my Wednesday and Friday days. I thought the schedule was the best ever.

In late 2004, there was a period where I never completed my workout schedule. I switched from stationary bike, sit-ups, treadmill, and weights to stationary bike, treadmill, weights, and sit-ups. The new workout schedule was successful. I thought the schedule was the best ever.

The beginning of 2005, I switched the days from Wednesdays and Fridays to Fridays and Sundays. I kept the stationary bike, treadmill, weights, and sit-ups schedule. I thought the schedule was the best ever.

Since August 2005, I removed sit-ups and I do stationary bike, treadmill, and weights. I do sit-ups at home. Sit-ups takes 5 minutes :-) And I switched the days from Fridays and Sundays to Thursdays and Fridays. I believe the schedule is the best ever . . . or is it?!?!?

The point of the Blog entry is never be ignorant. What if I kept the 2001 schedule which didn’t include the treadmill? I said to myself, “Nope. No change. The schedule is the best ever. I’m not going to change ever. Period. End of discussion.” Fortunately, I added the treadmill, and the treadmill has been a major benefit to me feeling good about myself both physically and mentally. The Thursday and Friday schedule is great because I work on other activities such as reading books and updating my webpage Monday thru Wednesday.

There is always something to do better. Always! Never accept the usual answer. Never accept the status quo. If you ever have the tiniest thought something can be innovated, there is a great chance innovation is possible. Never stop innovating.

Side notes: (1) I have modified gym schedules in case something happens during the week. For example, if I arrived late for whatever reason, I do the stationary bike and treadmill only. (2) I always stretched out at home before going to the gym. When I attended my first gym, I stretched there. (3) If I can’t go to the gym, I do stretches, sit-ups, and push-ups at home. Better to do something than nothing. (4) I have been going to the gym after dinner since 2001.


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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Drive With One Glove

In California, its law drivers must turn their headlights on during the rain. Yeah, another law which gives law enforcement another reason to pull over motorists. If you don’t want to be pulled over and get caught with something more serious, turn on the lights (and wear your seat belt). Moreover, law enforcement is not going to pull you over for not turning on lights only; they rather pull over DUIs and speeders.

The above paragraph is not the topic of the Blog entry. It’s a FYI. The topic is remembering to turn your lights off after you finished driving in the rain (or fog). For domestic cars, I believe there is an alarm system that tells the driver their lights are on when the car is turned off and the driver takes the keys out of the ignition. I could be wrong. I’m not a car expert.

On the other hand, foreign cars don’t have an alarm system. I drive older Honda and Toyota cars daily. Both cars don’t have an alarm system. I failed to turn off the lights twice during a morning rainy day and a morning foggy day. What pissed me off was I forgot twice. Twice!!! :-< I hate repeating the same mistake twice.

To remind myself to turn off the lights during daytime driving, I drive with one glove. The Honda and Toyota cars headlight switch is on the turn signal. When I drive, I take my left glove and cover the turn signal and wear my right glove. When I park my car and turn off the ignition, I then take my left glove out of the turn signal and turn off the lights. If I forgot to turn the headlights off, I remember by looking at my hands such that I say to myself, “What the hell? I’m wearing my right glove only. Oh, yeah. I forgot to turn off the headlights.”

Ever since, I remembered to turn off the lights :)


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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Goodbye Monday Night Football on ABC

Yesterday, I watched most of the last Monday Night Football on ABC. Another boring game :-\ Pats defeated the Jets. I’m neither a diehard nor a casual football fan--I’m in the middle. ABC broadcasted 555 games. I’m going to share my favorite memories watching Monday Night Football. (BTW, Monday Night Football is moving to ESPN and Sunday Night Football is moving to NBC for the 2006-2007 season.) No loss for Disney because Disney owns both ABC and ESPN.

*My favorite Monday Night Football games were in the late 80’s and early 90’s when the San Francisco 49ers kick ass. Montana, Rice, Young, Lott, . . . the list goes on and on. Awesome!

*During my freshman year in high school, after I finish my homework, I always catch the last 15-20 minutes of Monday Night Football. Many times, the games were thrillers.

*In my junior year, my U.S. History teacher didn’t give homework when the San Francisco 49ers play on Monday night.

*I saw the game when San Francisco 49ers’ Jerry Rice broke Jim Brown’s all time career touchdown record on September 5, 1994. Rice caught three touchdown passes from Steve Young against the Raiders.

*Fall Semester 1996 and Fall Semester 1997 at San Jose State University I get to watch all of the Monday Night Football games because I didn’t go to class five days a week.

*I saw the Miracle in the Meadowlands game when the New York Jets beat the Miami Dolphins 40-37 in overtime on October 23, 2000.

*Dennis Miller was gone in late 2001. And so was Dan Fouts. All the other announcers and commentators were great. No complaints.

Thank you ABC for Monday Night Football.


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Monday, December 26, 2005

Command and Conquer: Generals

On December 10, 2005, I began to play a PC strategy game called Command and Conquer: Generals. The game is addicting. As of the Blog entry, I'm on USA Mission 7. During the Christmas vacation, I completed two missions. I replayed Mission 6 three times to try out different ways to accomplish the mission. Yesterday, I visited my cousin and he plays Command and Conquer also. He told me to download the updates because there are bugs that needed to be fixed. One downside to the download I noticed was the Spy Satellite time delay between uses increased from 1:00 minute to 1:30 minutes.

Heh, heh. Fortunately, I control my urge to play CC:G and I completed other activities on my to-do list during the holiday. I updated my Blog (four in a row, wow!), updated my items for sale, updated my webpage, and updated my resumes at,,, and Also, I researched stocks from my friend's recommendation, finished laundry, exercised, and read a stack of articles. Later today, I'm going to start reading Moneyball by Michael Lewis and continue reading The Erotic Edge by Lonnie Barbach for casual reading ^__^ I'm going to try to avoid CC:G which I think I'm going to fail because it's Christmas.


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Sunday, December 25, 2005

The Day To Say A Goal: Meet New People

Good news. I submitted another Blog. Hooray! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. If you feel lonely on Christmas Day, then you may want to think about setting a goal for 2006. The goal is to meet new people.

Today, I'm celebrating Christmas with my family in my Uncle's house tonight. I'm celebrating Christmas with people. However, if you do feel lonely, and it's normal in any circumstance, rather than feeling depressed, use the depressed energy and set a goal to meet new people.

In 2005, I accomplished a goal to meet 10 new people. I accomplished easily. For 2006, I set a goal to meet 20 new people. Honestly, I should have tripled the goal XD How did I accomplished the goal? Most of the new people I met were at anime conventions. I cosplayed in the anime conventions which helped. Why didn't I cosplay before?

Do whatever it takes to meet new people, and don't be a jerk. If you need information to meet new people, read a book. If you need to do something to be a better person to be liked, do that something. I cosplayed at anime conventions and I was successful. Using the idea from Harvey MacKay's Swim With The Sharks or Robert Kiyosaki (I forgot who) on marketing, you have a 98% chance to meet people anywhere hoping for a 2% chance to make new friends, to network, future acquaintances, and/or to meet someone who cares. The odds suck; however, the 2% is a big 2% who can be with you for a long time. Good luck!


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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Bored? Play Power Outage

The game Power Outage is you and a group of people stage a mock power outage. The game works best for a group of friends hanging out at someone's place, couples living together, and families.

The rule is nobody uses any powered items and accessories such as lamps, electric stoves, and computers. Obviously, flashlights and/or candles are required. Close the curtains and blinds to keep the street lights from shining inside. Cover any lighted displays such as alarm clocks, DVD players, and microwave display with paper or tape temporarily. And, most importantly, don't unplug any emergency equipment such as alarm systems and smoke detectors, refrigerators, TVs, and VCRs. Power Outage is just a game and it's not worth spoiling any food inside the refrigerator and turning off clocks and having to reset when the game is over ^_^

Playing Power Outage brings you and a group of people together. After all, TVs and computers can't be used ;-) The best activities are playing a board game and everyone in one room talking and sharing. If you are a couple, well, you know what to do together <:-) LOL! Essentially, just do something together. Power Outage helps bring people together. It's the people that works together to make Power Outage fun.

Do you remember the last power outage in your household? How did you and/or your household occupants handle it? I'm betting that everyone did something different and took a break from their normal routines and got together. Turn off the lights and have fun!


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Friday, December 23, 2005

A Brief 2005 Year In Review And Not Jinxing 2006

Hello. I was busy and tired and could not submit a Blog the last two weeks. On Monday December 12, I woke up early to pick up 250 key lockboxes for my company's brokers. And I brought the lockboxes to the second floor in my building. I did it all myself and I didn't eat breakfast. The morning errand made me fatigue and grumpy most of the week.

Fortunately, on Friday December 16 I took the day off and went to Oakridge mall and Valley Fair mall where I purchased The Simpsons Season 5, a pair of pants, Simpsons UNO, and a Japanese comic book or manga. And I shopped at Barnes & Noble where I purchased Moneyball by Michael Lewis and The Art of War by Sun Tzu. 2005 was the year I spent the least and the fewest stores I visited since 1995, the year I started Christmas shopping.

As for the week of December 19, work was easy. Honestly, work is easy everyday. The X factor is the number of requests per day. All requests I do are easy . . . it's not rocket science. For the week, the requests were very, very few, and I was able to catch up on other work :-)

Now the first part of the subject :) 2005 is a good year: Washington and Canada trip, cosplaying in anime conventions, buying and selling stocks as a trader, creating a personal expense database, Oregon trip, reading books, new Blog . . . the list goes on no matter how big and how small. Never stop innovating life!!!

In my life, I never had two good years in a row. I have a good year and a not so good year the next. For instance, 2001 was good, 2002 was bad, 2003 was good, 2004 was bad, and 2005 was good. I don't want 2006 to be bad. I recently learned that to have good years in a row, one must maintain the momentum and carry the momentum and increase the momentum to the next year. Remember the formula: Family + Work + Play + Prepare = Great Life. The key variable is Prepare. I prepared activities for 2006 including taking a night class at De Anza College, attending a real estate seminar in March (KTEH, you better send the tickets soon because I pledged $175.00 *grrrrrrr*), and new working hours from 9:00 A.M.-6:00 P.M. to 8:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Granted I can't control Acts of God. I must control what I can control, and *being modest* I'm doing a good job.

And now the second part of the subject :) Jinxing 2006. I hope I'm not jinxing 2006 by saying "2006 is going to be a great year" or saying "Hope for a great 2006 year"???? I said the two statements in a forum on Tuesday and yesterday. Did I jinxed 2006???? I hope not ;_^_; I just wanted to be friendly. Wait a minute, wait a minute. Did I jinxed 2006 again???? I hope not again ;_^_;

I like to prepare the activity, the event, the situation itself. I don't like to plan the emotion involved such as saying to myself, "This is going to be great." It seems when I factor in the emotion, the activity, the event, the situation fails.

In case I don't submit another Blog before December 25, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


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Thursday, December 08, 2005

10 Years Ago and 25 Years Ago

Work is a little on the slow side. Perhaps December is going to be a slow month. Later today and tomorrow evening, I’m going to the gym. Gotta get back in shape.

10 years ago, President Bill Clinton and Congress repealed the 55 Miles Per Hour national speed limit. Today, states have the authority to set the freeway speed limits. The 55 MPH speed limit was established in 1975 because of fears of OPEC oil embargo and driving 55 MPH saves gas and increases fuel economy.

How fast do you drive on freeways? *Shurgs* I drive 10 miles above the speed limit under favorable conditions. The factors include the car I drove, weather conditions, how many cars on the road or the flow of traffic such that traffic goes fast or goes slow, travel time, and time of day. There is no major difference in arrival time driving 60 MPH or 65 MPH if a destination takes one hour. The difference is around 5 minutes. And, yes, I do check my rear view and side view mirrors for the police. Not to brag, I can spot a police car behind me daytime or night with their siren bar or not 8-)

25 years ago, Beatles John Lennon was killed. I was 6 years old and in first grade. I didn’t know who the Beatles were. The school I attended was Sierra School in Sunnyvale, CA. The teacher was Mrs. Williams. She was really tall and I think she played basketball on her spare time.

Do you remember what you did on December 1995 and on December 1980?


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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Last Four Days

I don’t have a new topic for my Blog. The latest Blog entry is to let everyone know I’m still alive >.<

I’m going to talk about the latest at work. There has been a lot going on at work the last week and a half. First, though, in November, the CFO resigned. My company neither has a CEO nor CFO. The two chairmen of the board of directors run the company, and the company is privately owned. I wonder how a company functions without a CEO and/or CFO.

The latest in the last week and a half is my company merged with the San Mateo office. The San Mateo office joins our partnership on January 1, 2006. Previously, San Mateo was with another partnership. Also, the office manager transfers to the corporate office also on January 1, 2006. No loss here. The office manager did nothing for the San Jose office. Finally, I mentioned in the last Blog entry I have new working hours 8:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M.

Harvey Mackay, author of the book Swim With The Sharks says the best workers look at the ceiling. The last four working days including today I have more than my share looking at the ceiling. I wonder if its something good about me. *Hee, Hee*


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Friday, December 02, 2005

Board and Can’t Quit Your Job? Try A New Work Schedule

Earlier today, I received approval for a request for new job hours. My old job hours were 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. My new job hours beginning Monday December 5, 2005 are 8:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M.

Those who know me may know that my current job is a dead-end job. I basically sit in front a computer eight hours a day maintaining the database and creating easy-ass reports. There is nothing that can be done to spin it—the job sucks.

I admit my new job hours are not going to make my job much, much better; however, it’s a small difference and can make the job more bearable when I enter the doors. Who knows? Maybe something big happens in my favor because of a little thing XD

Give it a try. If you hate your job and have little control over it, try a new work schedule. Again, it’s a small difference on paper and, perhaps, a big difference later on.


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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Nobody Is Alone

Yesterday, I was browsing the forums and I saw a random quote, “At least one of your classmates has a crush on you. In all six or seven periods, of course.” Simple? Trivial? Stupid? Regardless, the random thought made me think a little. From grade school to even college, I had a crush on many girls. On the other hand, I believe only a few girls had a crush on me. *Sniff, sniff* Life is not fair.

My first girl I had a crush on she had a crush on me. Awesome! We were in kindergarten. The best first crushes are the ones during our young ages. I remember one time we talked on the phone and we were talking about Cookie Monster!!??!! And I remember one time I attended her birthday party. Before I left, I kept running back and forth from my mom’s car and her front door forgetting to say something. Was it “Thank You?” Was it “Happy Birthday?” I don’t remember. Do you remember your first crush?

Many people go to school for at least 18 years including college. Chances are very high you had a crush on someone and someone had a crush on you. I say 99.99% chance—assuming you take baths or showers ^.^ If you think nobody had a crush on you, think again. Was there someone who always wanted to hang out with you? Was there someone who was a pain in the ass follower or tag-along? Perhaps that person had a crush on you and never had the courage to tell you. Nobody can be alone. Nobody is alone.


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