Saturday, June 29, 2019

Oldsmobile Complimentary Tape Cartridge Cassette Song List

My family and I listened to the cassette tape when we drove to Santa Barbara, CA to visit my grandparents. My parents purchased a 1982 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser Station Wagon. I don't know why the label says "Cartridge" when it's a cassette. The engineer who designed the rear brake lights, turn signal, and reverse light should have been fired. The lights were on the bottom bumper.

Here is the song list copyrighted 1981 Capitol Records, Inc. YouTube video link is on the right of the singer.

Side A
Someone That I Used To Love by Natalie Cole YouTube.
Love The World Away by Kenny Rogers YouTube.
When I Dream by Crystal Gayle YouTube.
This Night Won't Last Forever by Michael Johnson YouTube.
As We Fall In Love Once More by Shirley Bassey YouTube.
Sharing The Night Together by Dr. Hook YouTube.
It Doesn't Matter Anymore by Linda Ronstadt YouTube.
You're My World by Helen Reddy YouTube.

Side B
I Just Fall In Love Again by Anne Murray YouTube.
We've Got Tonite(sic) by Bob Seger YouTube.
More Love by Kim Carnes YouTube.
Dreaming by Cliff Richard YouTube.
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word by Dottie West YouTube.
Make Little Magic by The Dirt Band YouTube.
It's A Heartache by Juice Newton YouTube.
Am I Blue by Willie Nelson YouTube.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Top Ten Little Changes Since Oct 2013

There is a common saying add up the little things big successes follow. Increment. Take it one step at a time. Many steps, many mistakes, and many trials and errors spread over time are required to be a better person. Going to the gym two hours before closing on weekends is an example of a little change. More people workout one hour before closing than two hours before closing. Another little change is condom size. I wear larger size condoms. Larger size condoms is number two. I choose Oct 2013 because the date was a life wake-up call. Here are the top ten little changes since Oct 2013:

10. Pay Cash For Small Businesses. I shop at small businesses paying cash instead of credit card to help keep costs down. I also pay cash at gas stations offering cash discounts. I might as well get my gas discount immediately instead of waiting for the credit card rewards.

9. Mouse And Mouse Pads. I use a bigger size mouse and a gaming mouse pad to prevent rashes and chafing on my right hand along my pinky size. It's worth paying extra money for gaming mouse pads.

8. Podcasts. My first podcast was Sex With Emily. Informative. I also listen to 99% Invisible, Awesome Etiquette, Freakonomics, and Stuff You Should Know. My current events podcasts are 60 Minutes and Nightline. My retired podcasts are Car Talk airing repeats and NBC Sports Bay Area Happy Hour.

7. Dental Hygiene. I brush my teeth after breakfast and before I sleep. I floss after all meals. I rinse my mouth with mouthwash after lunch. I use the WaterPix before I sleep. I switched toothpaste from Arm & Hammer to Colgate because I developed an allergic response Angular Cheilitis using Arm & Hammer.

6. Gym Workouts. I workout four days week. My schedule is two consecutive days of cardio, one rest day, and two consecutive days of weights. Maintaining a strong penis is a good gym motivator.

5. Less Water. I turn on the sink faucet when I rinse my shaver only. I turn on the shower faucet when I wet myself before lathering and rinsing only.

4. Diet Changes. I minimize eating junk food, eating processed food, and eating at restaurants. No moderation. Yes minimizing. No dairy. I reduce my water intake. No more drinking eight glasses of water a day. No more filtered water products such as Brita from retail stores.

3. Reduced "and." My writing style improved reducing "and" in my sentences.

2. Condoms. The women who told me I have a bigger size are true instead of being polite. The larger size condom is easier to roll up.

1. No More Family Guy. I donated all my Family Guy DVDs. I also donated movie DVDs I haven't watched in years.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Top Ten Lessons I Learned The Hard Way

I'm lucky I learned these lessons myself. My parents didn't teach me. Some people die not learning these lessons. My life is better today compared to my past years. Life is better living as a mature adult. Life is better living professionally. There are more lessons I must learn. There are more regrets I must remove. I die a good adult. I don't die being an immature jerk. Here are the top ten lessons I learned the hard way:

10. Timing and luck are factors to be successful. Opportunities and chances are required to be successful, too. If a person is not at the right place and the right time, then there are no opportunities and no chances.

9. Be Grateful. Count your blessings. Remember what you have. Remember who you are. There are people in worse situations. Make the best in favorable situations. Make the best in bad situations. There are times people must make lemonade out of lemons. Any day people can lose everything.

8. Take Care Of Your Body Inside And Outside Equally. Exercise your body from head to toe inside and outside. Exercise physically for good health. Exercise mentally for a sharp brain. Increment. Take it slow. Use it or lose it.

7. Don't Be Stubborn. It's okay to quit. It's okay to stop. Nothing works all the time. Quit when something is not working out. No need to be arrogant.

6. Earn It. Earn everything. Earn all successes. No fakers. Good life is not given on a silver platter to people.

5. Life Is Unfair. There are winners and losers. Some people win more than they lose. Some people lose more than they win. Nobody wins all the time. See number ten timing and luck are factors.

4. Grow Up. Don't be immature. Don't be naive. A grown up adult is self-responsible. A grown up adult accepts problems. They never blame their problems on other people. Be strong. Be courageous. Solve problems.

3. Don't Take Life For Granted. Straight. To the point. Be sincere. See number 9 be grateful.

2. Never Stop Learning. I play my brutally honest card. I failed to never stop learning. I took life for granted during my young years. My infinite learning contributes to living as a mature adult.

1. Never Stop Meeting New People. People come and go in our lives. New people must be met to replenish people who leave. A person can never have too many circles of friends.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Top Ten New Experiences I Don't Experience If I'm An Anime Fan

I retired from anime on Sep 2014. The time and money away from anime allowed me time and money on new experiences. These new experiences have made me a stronger and smarter person. New experiences experienced. New wisdom acquired. One new experience is redesigning my webpage. The new job skills I learned applied to my webpage Innovate Infinitely. I learned HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Learning new job skills is number three. Here are the top ten new experiences:

10. Painting. I hate painting. My handyman skills are poor. However, my painting skills are better years ago. Painting taught me to be professional completing my responsibilities.

9. CERT or Community Emergency Response Team. I took a seven day CERT training course to learn basic emergency skills in a disaster. I have a better understanding on first responders.

8. Intermediate Mahjong Skills. I rate myself intermediate reading books and watching YouTube videos.

7. Podcasts. Sex With Emily was my first podcast in Spring 2014. I added 99% Invisible, Awesome Etiquette, Freakonomics, and Stuff You Should Know. My current events podcasts are 60 Minutes and Nightline. My retired podcasts are Car Talk airing repeats and NBC Sports Bay Area Happy Hour.

6. Gym Workouts. I used to workout two days a week combining weights and cardio. I workout four days a week with two days cardio and two days weights today. I admit I'm an amateur. I minimize eating processed foods. I minimize eating at restaurants. My penis is stronger.

5. Backpacking And Camping. I experienced my first backpacking and first camping when I visited Zion National Park in Oct 2015. My party gave me a crash course. I have been acquiring new equipment, upgrading existing equipment, and acquiring knowledge thereafter.

4. Review Existing Job Skills. I have been reviewing Microsoft Office, HTML, SQL, and VBA.

3. Learn New Job Skills. Learning new job skills gets its own number. I have been learning Python, Oracle, Linux, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

2. Power Of Goodbye. Goodbye is more powerful than saying goodbye to a friend for the day. Some goodbyes are long-term. Some goodbyes are permanent. Some goodbyes are happy. Some goodbyes are sad. Goodbyes apply to places, hobbies, and possessions, too. I have experienced these goodbyes for the first time since I retired from anime. Also, I experienced these goodbyes before I retired from anime for which I didn't realize at the time.

1. Sleep. I remember exchanging sleep for watching anime. Sleep is important. Sleep rests the body. Sleep rests the mind. Sleep rests the soul. Sleep is my spiritual practice. My focus is strong the next day sleeping eight hours the previous night.

Update On A Past Blog

I read an article at titled Things All Guys Should Stop Doing by Age 30 on Nov 11, 2018. The article reminded me of my Top Ten Men Truths blog on Jan 7, 2017. The article mentioned eight stop doings including stop eating at Taco Bell and stop showing up late. My top ten men truths included stop complaining about your crappy life and stop blaming your problems on other people.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Real Life Match Game

Today I want to talk about match. *insert bad joke* I'm not talking about the Excel MATCH() function which finds the location of a string or number in an array. *insert another bad joke* I'm not talking about The Match Game TV game show past and present. I'm talking about match relationships. Relationships are everything. Relationships are between people, places, and things. Matches are between people, places, and things.

Is there a match between one person and another person professionally, among friends, dating, and with family? Nobody gets along with everyone. If everyone gets along with everyone, then there's no need for attorneys. One person is not for everyone. One person may be a top 1% in the world. The person is good, strong, smart, experienced, and smiles; however, the one person is not a match for another person. It's nobody's fault. There's nothing to be ashamed the good person can't get along with another person. Different folks for different strokes.

Likewise a person matches with places. A person matches with cold weather cities. Another person matches with warm weather cities. A person matches with big cities. Another person matches with small towns. A person matches with beaches. Another person matches with forests.

Finally, a person matches with things. A person matches with computers. Another person matches with collecting shoes. A person matches with books on print. Another person matches with books on a tablet. A person matches on fixing cars. Another person matches with sewing. A person matches with traveling. Another person matches with wood working.

There Are Exceptions

There are people who match with 99% of other people. These people possess natural charisma, strength, intelligence, beauty, wisdom, charm, and kindness. These people have strong self-esteem, strong self-confidence, and pure self-responsibility. These people communicate well with proper words everyone pays attention. These people are professionals. Most of these people are not celebrities. Celebrity examples who match with 99% of other people are George Clooney, the late President Ronald Regan, Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Richard Branson, and President Bill Clinton in my opinion. Most 99% of other people non-celebrity are humble. Personally, I'm doing my best to model these 99% of other people. I don't have natural beauty. My communication skills are almost professional. I do my best to match as many characteristics as these exceptional 99% of other people.

Update On A Past Blog

I have been waking up at 8:00am instead of 10:00am consistently. The earlier wake-up reminded me of the blog My Two Grandfathers on Jul 3, 2018. My two grandfathers woke up early consistently. My grandfather on my dad's side owned a restaurant. He maintained early to bed and early to rise daily schedule. My grandfather on my mom's side woke up early to take care of his mother who lived a long time in a nursing home after suffering a stroke. The immediate benefits of my new sleep schedule include learning new job skills and job searching immediately after breakfast, eating my meals at a normal time, and sleeping at a normal time. I continue the early to bed and early to rise to prepare for my next job. A common life wisdom is, "The early bird gets the worm."

Saturday, June 08, 2019

Perspective Pictures

Here's another perspective blog. A picture tells a thousand words. Today's perspectives are pictures.

Do you see a young woman or an old woman? Or do you see both a young woman and an old woman?

There are websites stating Albert Einstein didn't say the quote above. Regardless, the quote is something to think about.

Boat? Land? Which is the correct answer?

Never give up. You may be one step to success.

Update On A Past Blog

I wrote men should Think With Your Penis to become better on Dec 29, 2014. Men should live a good lifestyle to take care of their penises: eat healthy, minimize alcohol consumption, workout at the gym, brush teeth, read books such as erotica, and be clean. Men should practice good body hygiene. Men must be intelligent because good women avoid idiots. Men should know good knowledge; for example, good sex knowledge to fulfill the men's side in bed. Practice being a sincere gentleman. Competence is attractive. Strength, high self-esteem, and genuine appearance are sexy.

Saturday, June 01, 2019

Raymond Mar One Liners 2

Muscle & Fitness July/August 2017 issue interviewed Arnold Schwarzenegger titled "Arnold" by Peter McGough. The interview inspired me to write one liners reflecting me. There is no particular chronological order. I write anything I thought my mind. Here is the second Raymond Mar One Liners. The first was written on Sun Jun 17, 2018.

Kodiak is the first pancake mix I used to make pancakes.

I have seen new gym workout techniques and equipment. I attempted none of them. I'm old school.

The only contest I won was guessing the weight of three pumpkins in junior high. Each student from grades 6th, 7th, and 8th each won $5. I won for the 6th graders. Maybe my next winning contest is a big award. Patience is a virtue.

I fail to understand why more people are eating out. Eating out may be cheaper for some people. There is long-term health problems eating too much processed foods. Most residences have kitchens. Use your kitchen. Learn how to cook. Cooking is a good skill to learn. Cooking is a good stress relief. Cooking is a good way to think of solving problems concentrating the mind on cooking.

Chances are you may have more courage than you think. If you don't runaway from problem, then you have courage. If you don't drink away your sorrows, then you have courage. If you don't binge eat to forget your worries, then you have courage. If you don't play video games because you're angry, then you have courage.

There are people spending money stupidly. These people buy useless junk. Spend the extra money on a good mattress and a good bed. People feel better after a good night's sleep. Money can't be good moods.

I continue driving my 2005 Toyota Camry. I don't understand why people needs the over-marketed and over-hyped car technology. I drive a reliable car to get me from point A to point B without complications. I need a radio, bright headlights, A/C, and a defroster.

My senior year in high school was quiet. Some of my senior class including myself transferred from our old high school in our junior year because the district closed two schools due to budget cuts. I think about my senior year. It really wasn't bad. I'm lucky I still have friends back then.

If there is a minimum requirement before a person dies, the minimum requirement is I learned something about my life.

The most influential websites require no analytical thinking. The websites are Google, YouTube, Google, Reddit, Google, Craigslist, Google, eBay, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple.

There are laws in the USA requiring sleep and rest. Pharmacists are required to take a lunch break. Pilots are required to sleep eight hours. Should there be a law requiring full time workers in all industries to sleep eight hours?

My favorite sea animal is the shark. My favorite land animal is the tiger.

Classic Sesame Street skits are still the best Sesame Street. Parents, if you want your children to watch legit Sesame Street, then watch legit Sesame Street on YouTube. I read an article interviewed the parents allow their children to watch YouTube only if it's classic Sesame Street.

San Francisco Giants fans must wait years before we win another World Series Championship. Bryce Harper is not the key piece for a championship team. Mistakes were made between 2015-2018 which must be corrected. It takes time.

Let It Be by The Beatles is my all-time favorite Beatles song. It's my all-time favorite song.

One night I watched selected episodes from Breaking Bad. I remember I was an inpatient at O'Connor Hospital. AMC aired Breaking Bad The Best Of Gus Fring marathon I watched on my hospital bed. I even experience the hospital smell watching Breaking Bad.

If you're using your smartphone to find information, then you're using your smartphone correctly. If you're using your smartphone for fun and less than 30 minutes, then you're using your smartphone correctly.

Update On A Past Blog

Controlling my money and controlling stress are Two Personal Vows I wrote on Apr 2017. I vow I'm the same Raymond Mar whether I have $1 or $1,000,000 in my bank account. I vow I work hard to control my stress such as eating healthy, exercising, and sleeping eight hours a night.

High intelligence is another reason to control my stress. Stress makes people dumber. I'm not a psychologist. My intuition tells me stress kills brain cells. I have seen stressed out people lose focus, forget knowledge, learn slower, and respond longer. Stressed out people lose intelligence. What is one sign a person is stressed? Communication. A person's body, verbal, and written communication are weak, poor, and difficult. Pay attention to the communication tone and words.

More people must listen to classical music including Mozart.