Thursday, August 28, 2014

Top Ten My World Changers

I was inspired to blog today's top ten from reading a San Jose Mercury newspaper article on Steve Jobs changing the world when Jobs pulled a Mac out of the bag on Jan 19, 2014. There are moments in our lives that change our own world. The most common world changers are marriage, new job, moving out of your parent's house, death, big victories, and awful defeats. Life is more exciting creating world changers. World changers can be life depressing. Get stronger creating world changes. Get stronger overcoming world changing disasters.

One world changer was a new haircut on Aug 2004. My haircuts today are buzz cuts. I look handsome, younger, stronger, and confident. These are good qualities to attract people. I removed my entire hair during one summer 2009. I see myself the Bruce Willis bald look in the future.

Here are my top ten world changers which changed my world:

10. Team Fortress 2 (2007). I played my first online video game playing with others around the world. The players vs players shooting game is still popular today.

9. Social Networking (2009). I created a Facebook account in Apr 2009 and a Twitter account in Nov 2009. I also include online chatting in 2007.

8. Colliers International (1999-2007). I was introduced to Excel and Access beyond the books. I was also introduced to data entry and database administration.

7. My New Face (2007-2010). I wore braces from Jan 2007 to Aug 2009 and treated my acne with Accutane from Feb 2009 to Feb 2010.

6. Cooking (2005-present). I'm not a five star chef. There's still much more to learn. My never ending goal is cooking delicious food. Basic cooking skills are necessary to live independently.

5. Changed My Major To Economics (1995). I started my college life as a Mathematics major who wanted to teach high school mathematics. The goal fell through. I changed my major to Economics. My major classes become more interesting. I met more classmates. My GPA went up at the end of each semester.

4. Back To School (2009-2011). I went back to college to earn an AA degree in Accounting from De Anza College. My Business Analyst contract was terminated because of the financial recession which explained the free time unemployed. However, the primary reason I went back to college was to relive my college years. I wanted to experience college life as a student and correct the mistakes when I attended San Jose State. I didn't experience college life as a student at San Jose State. My life at De Anza was satisfactory.

3. Job Searching Again (Jun 2014-present). I started to job search. The time is now to find another job. I realized how important hard work, perfect work, and putting in the time to achieve goals. Furthermore, I'm learning Python, reviewing pivot tables, reviewing v-lookups, and relearning SQL. I plan to learn data analysis soon.

2. Japanese Anime (1996-2014). I'm retired from the Japanese anime hobby. Watching anime was an entertainment medium that satisfied me American television failed for a long time. I met lots of people and made lots of friends. Anime influenced some of my past and present hobbies and beliefs. I wore costumes to anime conventions.

1. Growing Up (Sat Oct 4, 2008). My life changed forever when I realized I must grow up. Life is much better from a mature point of view. It's time to stop being naive. It's time to be responsible. Stop taking life for granted. Get stronger, smarter, wiser, and kinder. Earn your successes. The changes were immediate. New clothes, new PC, new gym workouts, fiction books, new board games including Mahjong (Riichi), and new hobbies such as ballroom dancing and hiking.


Monday, August 25, 2014

What Tiredness Are You?

There are five types of fatigueness that requires rest and recovery. They are physically, mentally or intellectually, emotionally, financially, or spiritually. We rest and recover physically when we sleep at night for the most part. A common knowledge regarding the office workforce is walking during lunch hour. The reason is to rest and recover mentally from the morning's work. Another common knowledge is taking a nap in the afternoon. The reason is the same.

Recovering emotionally happens when we exerted big emotions during a moment. The examples include playing your favorite board game for extended hours, rooting for your favorite sports team, and cheering your sons or daughters at any activity. The best way to rest and recover financially is stop spending money. There are moments we spend lots of money at an event or a shopping spree. Back to school, Christmas holiday, upgrading furniture, and buying souvenirs on vacation are good examples requiring rest and recover financially. Indulge something fun to recovery spiritually. Do something out of the ordinary as long as it's safe.

There was a moment I was tired mentally. I worked a Sun shift. The store was open for five hours. I worked five hours straight. I went to the gym in the evening because I wasn't tired physically. Working out at the gym requires very little mental thinking.

Identify what you need to rest and recover the next time you feel tired anytime in the day. Distractions are a great way to shift your focus. Choose the following what you need to take a break: physically, mentally or intellectually, emotionally, financially, or spiritually.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Work Sat Aug 23, 2014

The store was dead working at the second location on Sun Aug 10. The only customer activity happened during the final holes in the PGA Championship golf tournament. Congrats to Rory McIlroy. The staff went home 45 minutes early before closing at 6:15pm. The bad attitude manager emailed me asking where were the pricing grids? Damn.

Tue Aug 12 was another day of too much deliveries and too much inventory. There was not enough selling. I had a conversation with the receiving clerk discussing the increased inventory. I was reminded during the dot com recession Cisco lost money due to a glut of inventory.

A bombshell hit the entire staff on Wed Aug 13. The owner informed everyone Fri's wine tasting was changed. Fourteen new wines replaced the initial tasting lineup. A part time worker and I scrambled delaying our primary responsibilities to add the new wines in the database. Many of us were angry. Management wondered why there were too many new wines still in the back of the store without prices. I wonder why.

The part time data entry/bookkeeper complained and expressed her frustrations there were too many emails exchanged and too many people confused. She said "crazy" many times. I told her assuming was bad. To assume makes an ass out of you and me.

Fri Aug 15 was a typical day. The store was filled for the tasting. The part time data entry poured wines in the tasting room. The bad attitude manager turned good for the day. He helped me with the outstanding invoices by handing some of the invoices to the shipping clerk. I took 30 minute lunches through the week because there was too much work.

The tasting attendance was respectable at the second store on Sat Aug 16. There was some activity. We could have more customers. I had lots of free time I played receiving clerk. I priced cases, cleaned up the back area, and tidied up the kitchen.

The drive to the store was another instance I always arrive late to work no matter what time I leave the house. Google traffic maps stated the freeway was jammed with cars. I saw the freeway bridge seeing no traffic backup. I was in the middle lane. I didn't have enough time and there were too many cars to merge to the freeway entrance safely. All of the signaled intersections were red lights. I clocked out work 25 minutes early.

I clocked out 1 hour and 15 minutes early on Sun Aug 17. The manager closed the second store early after a dead day. I updated my apps on my phone during my long free time.

The deliveries continued on Tue Aug 19. I was exhausted. I was happy Wed Aug 20 was a day off. It was my first Wed day off.

There were too many invoices on my laptop on Thur Aug 21. I didn't finish. Everyone arrived to work late. All the freeways were congested. However, it wasn't the latest I clocked in.

I submitted my two week notice on Fri Aug 22. The first owner choked at the beginning of her sentence after I handed my resignation letter. The second owner congratulated me when I drove to the second store after my shift was over at the first store. I encountered all red lights at all signaled intersections. I told the receiving clerk and two front end sales I submitted my two week notice. One of the two front end sales I told we were watching the assistant manager conducting an interview. She shared her thoughts about too much inventory. She wasn't the only worker with those thoughts.

I carried 40 pounds of ice from the supermarket to the second store on Sat Aug 23 for a big tasting event involving caviar. The turnout was good. I was productive completing all pricing grids for all new products for the week. The store opened late because the co-owner left his keys inside the store. We waited for the manager.


Monday, August 18, 2014

Buying New Sunglasses

Being happy is a job 24 hours a day involving shopping, not eating ramen, and getting rest. I didn't watch Marvel's Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show. Play board games on a rainy day or your birthday. Purple is a pretty color.


Friday, August 15, 2014

Me Versus My Throat Infection And Eye Infection

Blogger's note: The blog entry is written with limited editing for grammar and content.

I experienced the worse sickness in my life. If I said worse sickness in past sickness blogs, then all the past sickness were nothing compared to my throat and eye infections. I followed my procedures to recover from a sinus infection to my throat infection which failed. I didn't know I had a throat infection before seeing a doctor. The eye infection was not a result from my throat infection according to my doctor. The last major sickness excluding stomach flues happened on Nov 2012.

Here's the timeline to remember how I recovered from a throat infection the next time it happens. I hope not. The second section lists the probable events that caused my sickness. The third section lists the days I applied eye drops.

Mon May 5-Thur May 8. Mild sore throat. The recovery was longer than expected. Weird.

Fri May 9-Sat May 10. Mild runny nose.

Sun May 11. Coughing. I had trouble sleeping. I woke up at 3:30am Mon May 12 feeling cold. I added an extra blanket, changed to full pajamas, and closed the window.

Mon May 12. Body experienced trouble adopting to today's weather. I felt either too hot or too cold. Little coughing. Little phlegm. I experienced another sore throat. I started to eat yogurt.

Tue May 13. Sore throat bothered me. Coughing subsided. Yogurt and Coke. Trouble sleeping. Too much coughing in bed.

Wed May 14. I was hot when I woke up. Sore throat irritated me. The sickness was taking too long to recover. Too prolonged. Too mild.

I drank lots of water at work. I lost my voice. Coughing was unproductive. My body wanted to cough out phlegm. Failed. Post nasal drip severe. It was the hottest day of the year. No yogurt. My sickness was slow, developing, and progressing.

Very little sleep because the house was too hot. The windows were fully opened.

Thur May 15. I ate a small breakfast. I wanted to go home at 2pm. No go. I felt good in the morning. I didn't feel good in the afternoon. More coughing especially in the evening. There must be something in the middle of the day or evening to trigger my coughing.

I turned on the humidifier before I went to bed. The air was dry. There were no water drops at the opening. I chewed gum hoping the coughing stopped. Failed. I coughed phlegm with blood. Mild bloody nose. I sweated. I coughed when I'm lying on my sides on my bed. I didn't cough when I'm lying on my back or stomach on my bed. I couldn't sleep the entire night. I watched Aliens and Saving Private Ryan movies. It was the second time I worried my sickness cause major health problems very soon.

Fri May 16. Think cold. I was counter intuitive to being warm to reduce coughing. I purchased Mucinex DM before work. The tablets helped a little.

Three bloody noses at work. It was really warm. It was me. I was too heat sensitive. I should have checked the air conditioning system. There were headaches and fatigue moments.

I ate yogurt and drank coke. I ate Jell-o. Coughing continued in the evening. My left eye was watery and red. I applied Visine.

Sat May 17. My left eye discharged a mucus like substance. Enough was enough. I planned to visit the Urgent Care Center I visited back in Mar 2011 after work. One of my co-workers said my left eye was red the entire day.

The doctor said I didn't have bronchitis, a sinus infection, and the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). There were no symptoms that indicated my common past sicknesses; for instance, no stuffy nose and no runny nose. I had a throat infection. The symptoms included a throat irritation, not a sore throat, because I can swallow without pain. It was true because I never mentioned throat pain when eating and drinking since I was sick. The doctor said I expect a full recovery. I could stop taking Mucinex DM and start taking cough suppressant instead.

The doctor prescribed ophthalmic antibiotic eye drops for my eyes. I had a bacterial eye infection. I picked up the eye drops at the nearest Walgreens which closed at 10pm on Sat's.

I tried Ricola before I went to bed. No go. Coughing got worse. I took Mucinex DM at 4:45am on Sun May 18.

Best sleep since I got sick. Two hours total. I gotten used to long nights without sleep. I continued Mucinex DM for my cough. I coughed a lot the entire day.

Lesson learned. Don't play doctor. I made the correct choice to see a doctor. The timing and circumstances convinced me to get help.

Sun May 18. I continued the eye drops and Mucinex DM. I thought when I stop taking Mucinex DM because I want my body to fight back without medications. My throat was irritated. I slept for five hours.

Mon May 19. I stopped drinking water from the Brita water filter. I started drinking Crystal Geyser. My mucus went from dark yellow and green to light yellow.

I had trouble sleeping. I considered stopping eye drops and Mucinex DM. I took Mucinex DM at 3am Tue May 19. I stayed awake. I was desperate to do anything now.

Tue May 20. I called in sick at work. My right eye was infected. I stopped yogurt. I slept from the late morning to early afternoon. I started to drink ginger ale. My mucus was light yellow. I coughed to the point I spit out phlegm.

I slept four hours at night.

Wed May 21. I went back to work. Mucus was light yellow. My coughing was worse in the afternoon and evenings. Why?

I continued to drink ginger ale. I slept with a Breathe Right Strip. Best sleep of the month so far even though I woke up intermediately because of productive coughs.

Thur May 22. I began drinking cold chilled water instead of room temperature water at work. Mucus continued light yellow and some mucus clear white.

Fri May 23. My right eye showed infection again. Discharge. More eye drops. Coughing went down in the afternoon and evening.

Best sleep of the week. There were long stretches I slept. I took a long time to fall asleep because the coughing intensified. There was no post nasal drip. Could it be the bacterial infection from my right eye?

Sat May 24. I felt a bump on my left eye. It seemed I wasn't fully healed. I applied eye drops to both eyes. Phlegm was white color.

Sun May 25. I cleaned the house. I dusted my room. I changed the bedsheets. I washed my blankets.

I slept for at least eight hours without waking up. Phlegm was white color.

Mon May 26. The chilled Arrowhead bottle water tasted bad. I removed all of them. Coughing subsided. Phlegm was light yellow to white colors.

Tue May 27. Coughing continued subsiding. Still phlegm.

Sat May 31. Began stretching exercises.

Mon Jun 2. I took two naps. Coughing was random. There was post nasal drip.

Thur Jun 5. Applied eye drops. Coughing was coming back.

Fri Jun 6. I called my primary care physician. The doctor was booked solid. No go. I didn't want to visit the Urgent Care Center back on Sat May 17. Too much coughing in the morning. I considered calling in sick. I didn't.

I looked at my side view mirror at a stop light. I said to myself, "Body, you're going to fucking recover!"

I ate Cadbury Milk Chocolate in the evening. There was past success eating chocolate to calm my cough.

Sat Jun 7. My throat started to feel normal when swallowing. It was hard to explain. It was neither sore nor an irritation. I began a light workout at the gym consisting of walking on the treadmill, bench press, and selected machines.

Mon Jun 9. I stopped drinking Ovaltine for breakfast. I forgot to mention I drank Ovaltine for a month during breakfasts. I also stopped eating Cadbury Milk Chocolate.

Mon Jun 30. A full gym workout.

What Were The Causes For My Infections?

Let's take a look at all possibilities. Some of them are more likely than others.

*Ate burrito during Mother's Day with family. I ate a burrito at a restaurant that was spicier than I thought. I didn't drink soda.

*Too cold sleeping conditions. I neglected to check my bedroom conditions before I went to bed. The conditions included the number of blankets, windows opened or closed, shorts or pants, and no shower. I sleep better after taking a shower.

*Inconsistent weather temperatures. There were days of unseasonably cold weather and unseasonably hot weather. My body fails adjusting to a wide range of temperature changes in a short time span.

*Skipped lunch. Inconsistent meal times. I skipped a lunch because there was too much work.

*Fatigue. I didn't get enough sleep.

*Sick from co-workers. The sickness was in the company. Other co-workers had been recovering.

*Allergies. I say they were less likely looking back because I didn't have a sinus infection.

*Mosquito bites. There was multiple bites on my lower legs.

*Dermatitis. I say 0% chance.

*Thai spicy food. The guys and I ate Thai on Fri May 2. The medium spice level was too spicy for me. I drank soda.

I say the throat and eye infections were a perfect sickness. Everything that caused me to get sick happened.

Eye Drop Log

Left eye: 5/17, 5/18, 5/19, 5/20, 5/24, 5/25, 5/26, 5/27.

Right eye: 5/22, 5/23, 5/24, 5/25, 5/26, 5/27, 6/5.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

My Fifth Fear

Blogger's note: Today's blog is posted at both Innovating Common Knowledge and Finding Raymond Mar blogs.

I blogged my four fears at my Finding Raymond Mar blog titled Fear. My four fears are too personal I chose to write them at my personal blog. However, I'm comfortable sharing my fifth fear at Innovating Common Knowledge.

Changing for the worse is my fifth fear. My fifth fear was discovered recently at work and at home. One of my managers changed recently. I describe him as a bad attitude manager. He was a friendly and helpful person when I started working at the company. I was comfortable having conversations with him. Unfortunately, he changed for the worse. He has an attitude problem towards me and some of my co-workers. He's annoying. His tone is best described as anger. He doesn't trust me anymore and vice versa. He's too stressed out such that he takes it out on others. I can't have sports, wine, and current event conversations with him. I avoid him at all costs.

My parents have changed mostly due to age. They're entering their senior citizen years. There are signs of laziness. They choose to live their lives too easy. They believe if they avoid anything bad, then nothing bad happens to them. I don't want to be them in my senior citizen years. I want to remain active which includes a social life with friends, physical activity hiking and going to the gym, reading books, playing board games, and continuing experiencing new experiences and seeking new adventures. My parents can live better lives putting in effort and sincerity. They wait for opportunities instead of seeking opportunities.

I don't want to be a bad person tomorrow. I don't want to be an inactive person tomorrow. I want to be a better person tomorrow--stronger, wiser, kinder, and smarter. I want to be a good person for the rest of my life.


Monday, August 11, 2014

I Blog, You Comment Mon Aug 11, 2014

I share some comments, opinions, and feedback from my blogs. My feedback email address is

I blogged about boring people Do Boring People Exist? Boring people are those who avoid putting effort in their daily lives which includes professional and leisure times. Boring people aren't busy people.

Your blogs are boring now. I stop reading them now. --Kim Nguyen, Los Angeles, CA

If video games is the only connection you have with your friends, then you need to find new friends. It's not about being boring--you or your friends. --Dave I. Smith, Deland, FL

There are some movies everyone should watch in their lives. I blogged ten movies at Top Ten Movies I Watched Late

You better watched To Kill A Mockingbird, Citizen Kane, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, The Sound Of Music, The Wizard Of Oz, and Easy Rider. If you didn't watch The Wizard Of Oz, I ask what happened to your youth. -Ursula Jones, Mahopac, NY

Reading your blogged made me create a list of movies I wanted to see for a long time. I signed up for Netflix to start watching these movies on my list. --op90 via email

I watched Welcome To The Dollhouse in college. The movie reminded me of my years in junior high. I wish I watched the movie when I was 12 years old. I could have used some cheering up. I wasn't alone. What was the birds and the bees? . . . My mom avoided sex conversations when I asked her. --Becky Degrees, La Crosse, WI

Good Will Hunting is a must movie the world must see. --Donald Jenkins, Clemmons, NC

Why was Colors not winning any academy(sic) awards(sic). --Paul Castman, Cumberland, RI

You didn't watch Star Wars when you were a child. Sad. May the force be with you. --John, Tacoma, WA

Physical appearance is important in the blog titled You Are Who You Are From Your Head Down To Your Feet. I wrote what you do to your body and how you take care of your body shows the real you.

I printed your blog and showed it to my husband and son. It was a wake up call. My husband is exercising. My son stopped wearing those awful and unattractive t-shirts. I started cooking healthier. Thank you very much --Ariel Dempsey, Hobart, IN

Well written article, sir. People who wonder why they're alone should read the article. Here we live in a society where being yourself is important. Good intentions. Except being yourself smelly, dumb, and obese makes it hard to have friends. We think about other people not recognize ourselves when we really should be thinking about ourselves and ask the questions why people don't recognize ourselves. It's not society's fault. It's your fault. Get strong. Take responsibility for yourself. --Abe Landon, York, PA

I quoted a scene from the Japanese Anime "Space Brothers" (Uchu Kyodai) Family Sacrifice and Courage. A supporting character said he must succeed in becoming an astronaut to do what's right with his family.

Good series. I hope you finished it and enjoyed it. Yeah, I made sacrifices myself. My family made sacrifices. Failure is not an option. I must succeed to what I'm doing now to make everything right. Do everything right. I want people to know my successes. Work hard. Work hard the right way. The right life comes to you. When the right life comes to you, you can control your life. You can correct your past mistakes. You can be the person others can comfortably respect you. --Jay Tanaka, New York, NY

One of my bullets from Instant Bullets Blog Apr 6, 2014 talked about International Tabletop Day. I purchased two games on sale to recognize the day.

We should get together to play board games. --Chris Chan, Palo Alto, CA
Finally, the accolades continue for growing up from the blog Five Years Ago Today I Grew Up (Fri Oct 4, 2013).

Life better be good? If so, then get a greater life. If not, then you're didn't grow up stupid! --Pete Bopton, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Congratulations! --Penelope Sanchez, Glendale, AZ

There's a time in a man's life he chooses to be strong and be a man. Grow up and take responsibility. As for you, you didn't make the choice. The choice to grow up came to you. --Mr. Oscar, Columbus, GA

When my son turns 18, I'm going to have a man to man discussion on growing up. He must then make a choice in his life. --Hammer224 via email

I read your blog. Two weeks later, a personal event happened. It was emotionally [traumatic]. I thought about the blog. I made the choice to grow up. My healing process began. The first thing I did was threw away the 24 pack of beer in my kitchen. Thanks. --Ian O'Reilly, TX


Saturday, August 09, 2014

Work Sat Aug 9, 2014

It was a waste of time working on Mon Jul 14. I completed two hours of quality work. I forgot my 64oz water container. My co-worker was angry at me because I didn't complete her pricing grid. It was her pricing grid. She was lazy to complete the pricing grid last Fri.

"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life." -Winston Churchill

One of the manager's bad attitude towards me continued on Tue Jul 15. He yelled at me for receiving sample wine bottles. It was the first time I was told not to receive sample bottles with an invoice at zero cost. The cleanup inside the office continued. The ladies complained the office was too cold. The air vent was partially covered. I unplugged one of the bathroom's toilet. The entire day was receiving invoices. One employee was assigned our new beer buyer. I've seen and experience enough working here. It's time to begin the process to move on.

Wed Jul 16 the owner continued her micromanaging asking me to email her a list of activities I did for the day. I was angry. I was taking a break in the Champagne section when she asked for the email list.

The madness became the silliness. I'm no longer angry. The decisions were becoming silly. The silliness began on Thur Jul 17. The predecessor beer buyer and I agreed the company was becoming silly--beyond madness. One of the part-timers embarrassed me on an email sent to multiple people regarding my researching wine skills. The process to move on intensified.

It was mostly peaceful on Fri Jul 18. There were some minor glitches. I ate lunch at Panera Bread trying the 1/2 sandwich and 1/2 soup with my rewards card. My big activity was copying caviar information to the second store's database. I exchanged contact information with the predecessor beer buyer because it was his last day. Our last conversation was with the manager with the bad attitude. We agreed he's being stressed out. Other employees have experienced his bad attitude towards them. Seek first to understand.

I worked at the front end the entire Mon Jul 21 shift because the backend office was too hot. The air was stagnant. I'm not going to work in a hot environment. I have the right to work in a comfortable environment. I planned today to catch up. Catching up didn't happen because there was a rare Mon delivery for which I received the new products. Moreover, the internet was down. I lost research time. The internet was slow when all the computers were connected. I learned you shouldn't eat caviar with a medal spoon.

On the bright side, the morning commute was easy. Let's begin the summer traffic commute. Families are on vacation before the next school year starts.

The slow internet continued on Tue Jul 22. I didn't take my lunch because there was too much assignments and projects. I either took a lunch and didn't finish or skipped my lunch and finished everything. Either way I'm going to get yelled.

I was yelled for skipping lunch on Wed Jul 23. The bad attitude manager drove to the back of the store while my co-workers and I waited for another manager to open the store. He turned around and drove off immediately after seeing me.

I found my missing blue pen on Thur Jul 24. My pen was found on the fifth booth at the front end. The store was short-handed because the owner hosted an off-site event in San Francisco for VIP customers. I worked at the front end from 4:00pm to 7:20pm. I had priced no new products for the week. The bad attitude manager tentatively priced wines for Fri's tasting.

I wished good luck to a part time worker. He found a full time job with benefits at a 4 start hotel minutes north of our store's location. His last day was Fri Jul 25 for which I worked at the second store.

The shipping clerk was yelled for incorrectly receiving the caviar for the San Francisco event. One of the managers informed some of us the owner overbooked the event. The initial seating capacity was 30. 48 people attended the event because the owner accepted additional RSVPs.

Our internet provider sent a technician to perform a detailed inspection. He communicated solutions to the assistant manager including turning off the internet for an hour during business hours. She declined the turning off the internet option.

Management yelling at me was like white collar mismanagement--in retail. One person says something and another person says another. Catch-22. I'm screwed either way.

Congratulations were called forth on Fri Jul 25. The shipping clerk found a new job. He submitted his two week notice; however, if he didn't receive his three month review, he walks out immediately. Ownership accepted his request for his three month review. A bonus is awarded during three month reviews. I haven't received my three month review.

The bad attitude manager asked why I haven't been receiving invoices. Huh? I told him the truth. He responded by telling me he checked up with me in one hour. He came back to me in 30 minutes. Damn.

My schedule changed starting on Sat Jul 26. I work at the second store to cover shifts only. Otherwise, I work at the first store. I'm responsible for all tastings at the first store and my co-worker is responsible for all tastings at the second store.

I was late to work because of a huge backup on the freeway. I created alternate routes to and from the second store. Furthermore, I was frustrated working at the front end I moved to the back end for the rest of the day. The store was dead overall.

I was late to work again on Tue Jul 29. It was my fault. The consolation was my co-worker entered and priced the wines for Fri's tasting at the first store yesterday. I was surprised.

Exhaustion described Wed Jul 30's work shift. The company continued going downhill. The work environment continued to get worse from my perspective. I'm confident some co-workers shared my feelings. I rather experienced downfall at a white collar job.

Management and ownership made the choice for the ultimate internet repair. The store lost internet for one hour. I took my lunch during the 1pm hour. There was little change in internet speed after the repair.

The bad attitude manager actually helped me. He gave some invoices to another co-worker. I was surprised.

My data entry co-worker called in sick on Thur Jul 31. I completed her workload. The internet had its ups and downs throughout the day. I stopped initiating conversations with the owner. She only talks about work. There was another off-site event. There was a last minute add for which it was a pre-sale. In other words, the wine was not even available to taste. The bad attitude manager working at the second store emailed me to check whether I'm pricing wines. No shit. I was pricing wines for both stores.

I always arrived late no matter when I leave home. There was a spin out on the freeway and I drove through Downtown Los Altos. Foothill to San Antonio was a no go. My data entry co-worker called in sick again on Fri Aug 1.

The owner asked me to reprice all the wines for Sat's Aug 2 tasting. Another example of mismanagement. I also corrected errors from a co-worker's data entry. There was a rare Sat delivery. We received 30 cases of wine for which some cases blocked the back exit.

I was scared driving to work on Tue Aug 5. A flatbed truck dropped two metal objects on the freeway. I dodged them at 65mph. Another deja vu moment?

I'm scheduled to work Sat and Sun at the second store. It was my first time working both weekends. The reason were the managers were taking wine classes and I'm covering a Sun shift.

The bad attitude manager continued to email me pestering me as if I'm his personal punching bag stress buster. He said I incorrectly unreceived wines for which we returned to the vendor. Why did we receive the wines when delivered? Mismanagement again.

I was angry on Wed Aug 6. The Sat Aug 9 tasting lineup for the first store was changed. A co-worker and I spent hours entering new wines for the tasting.

Thur Aug 7 was a day off. A first Thur for me.

Fri Aug 8's tasting sheet was printed in legal size. It was the first time I saw a legal size tasting sheet. Two co-workers were frustrated. One of them almost sweared for which I never heard her swear. My guess was the owner added the expensive wines to the tasting sheet to market them resulting in a legal size tasting sheet. Nobody has been buying the expensive wines from the same producer. Today was the shipping clerk's last day.

It was dead at the second store on Sat Aug 9. It was boring for me; however, I was productive. There was a change in the schedule. The bad attitude manager worked at the second store. He questioned what I did today.


Sunday, August 03, 2014

Why Do I Pray?

My answers in bullet points:

*To relax.

*To be in peace.

*To take a break from the everyday world.

*To cheer me up.

*To remind me who I am.

*To remind me how to live my best life.

*To remind me how to be happy; working and putting effort to live a happy life.

I pray once a week for repetition and memorization. There is no religious association of any kind when I pray. I pray my way. My lessons, my mistakes, my knowledge, my wisdom, and who I am are the content when I pray. I wrote it myself.

All of the content came from my blogs except for the Steve Jobs' Stanford commencement. The blogs include I Got This Feeling feeling friendly, proactive, and sincere; This Is My Leap Of Faith rediscovering faith and hope; and my eight daily rules for living. You can watch Jobs' speech on YouTube Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address.

Email me for a .pdf copy of my eight page "Inspiration Cheer Up" I read when I pray. Please note the document is mostly copy and pasting past blogs. Some content may not make sense; however, there is something for everyone.