Thursday, February 28, 2019

Time To Grieve For Setbacks, Frustrations, Anger, Unfair Life Since May 2015

A vice president at a tech company based in Great Britain prevented my contract hire. Here is another job hire rejection. I'm grieving. There have been too many setbacks. There have been too many frustrations. There have been too many loses. I have been angry too many times. I'm tired being strong. I'm tired faking a smile.

I want to be alone. I'm confident the grieving time passes. There are too many depressing feelings. There are too many negative thoughts. I have done too much work with no rewards. Ironically, I have done too little work knowing my future is bleak. I'm pessimistic. It's a judgement call when I declare earning my freedom over. When am I done working?

Here is another irony. I'm the smartest, wisest, and strongest person today compared to my past. The adventures, experiences, self-teachings, mistakes I made and the lessons I learned, and observations are the reasons. Yet, I'm unemployed, I live with my parents, and I have little friends.

The pursuit of freedom is temporarily on hold. The pursuit of happiness is over for now. I'm taking a time out. The desire to learn remains. The motivation to succeed is still present. Life continues including taking care of my body and completing my responsibilities. I'm vulnerable. I'm weak. I'm human.

Time slows down when grieving.

To All Like Me

*raises a glass of wine* Cheers to all the people living a life similar to me. We are sincerely good people trying our best. No rewards. There are losers in life. Unfortunately, we are the losers. Also, I'm grieving to all the sincere good people who can't get a break. Too much bad luck. Too much bad timing. Too many missed opportunities. We shall never give up. We hope for the best.

Two Life Lessons Grieving

A common life wisdom is make lemonade when life gives you lemons. Here are two life discoveries expressed in concrete words. The first life discovery is tell a person who is a family member, a friend, a lover, a colleague, a neighbor, and/or acquaintance he or she is part of us. He or she is one of us. No matter what happens everyone is behind you. We have your back. He or she has support. There is no abandonment. We are with him or her.

The second life discovery is tell the person we have confidence good things are going to happen. We are ready to celebrate a victory.


Sunday, February 24, 2019

How Can I Be A Good Person When I'm Not Really A Good Person?

Blogger's note: Today's blog is posted at Innovating Common Knowledge and at Finding Raymond Mar.

My current life is unequal to a good person. I'm currently living a loser life unemployed, live with my parents, few friends, and too much free time; however, most of my free time is spent on taking care of my parents, taking care of the house, exercising, learning new job skills, and job searching. Also, I live maintaining the minimums of a trouble-free life such as being a law abiding citizen, controlling my expenses, and behaving a mature adult.

I have been learning everything to be a good person. I made mistakes. I'm lucky I started learning from my mistakes when I realized I must grow up on Sat Oct 4, 2008. I experienced new experiences. I found new adventures. I acquired wisdom. Problems are being solved. There are no endings to all of the above--innovate infinitely. My brain absorbs new intelligence. I fight the struggles.

Innovating Common Knowledge Blogs Are Nothing

Today I feel my blogs are nothing. There is no value when a loser writes blogs. There is no creditability. There is no sincerely. There is no honestly. I never experienced what I blogged. There is no value.

I must be a winner to make everything correct. I need a break. I need an opportunity. I need a blessing. I need a chance. Good luck is coming soon. It's time for good fortunes. These are clique. These are true.


Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Another Perspective On Quiet People

The most common judgments when we see quiet people are shyness, socially awkward, poor communicator, and uncomfortable in a setting. More common judgments when we see quiet people are fatigue, experiencing a bad day, and feeling anti-social.

I share another perspective why people are quiet. I share another perspective why people avoid small talk. Please don't talk to me at the checkout line, waiting room, or getting a haircut. We're not anti-social. We have good communication skills. We're currently uninterested in the present subject. Quiet people are in deep thought. Their brains are thinking about work, family, schedules, tonight's meal, problems, and/or solutions. Priorities are priorities which must be completed. Sometimes priorities are urgent quiet people ignores surrounding communication. The timing to speak is bad.

Another perspective quiet people hide their faults. Everyone has secrets. There are secrets nobody knows. We keep our shortcomings ourselves for fear of embarrassment, ridicule, or criticism. Quiet people are observing. Hall Of Fame Baseball player Yogi Berra said the following, "You can learn a lot by observing." Quiet people have nothing to say. Plato said the following, "Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools talk because they have to say something." Finally, quiet people can't talk because their mouth has Novocain from a tooth filling.


Monday, February 18, 2019

Respect For Hard Work Multiplied By 60 Hours

There is respect to people working long hours. There is recognition to people working long hours. These people should be working long hours intelligently. I define long hours working at least 50 hours or at least 60 hours a week. Silicon Valley is an example there are valid reasons working long hours. The fear of losing a job. Fear is a motivator. Many people need income to pay the high cost of living. The pursuit of knowledge. Learning is a motivator. The pursuit of innovation. Building a new invention is a motivator. The idea working greater than 40 hours a week have existed for decades. I believe Albert Einstein worked more than 40 hours a week.

We live in a complex world. Today's information age life requires more time to complete responsibilities. Today's information age life requires more time to learn new concepts. Today's information age easier life requires more time to accomplish which includes stronger products, faster service, and better assignment outcomes. Today's information age easier life requires more costs. How ironic. Today's workplace is not your daddy's or your granddaddy's workplace.

On The Other Hand

Maybe the idea more time, more costs, more work, and more luck required for success existed decades ago. I realized they are required to become successful on a personal level. Maybe it's a sign I'm one step closer to become a fully mature, wise, and professional adult.

Complex I'm Off Topic

We live in a complex world there are more problems. The world is getting too big. Population continues to increase. There are too many people. There are not enough opportunities. I thought loneliness is the number one world problem. Perhaps, loneliness is side-effect of the number one world problem. I believe the number one world problem is overpopulation or too many people. Overpopulation is another blog.

Update On A Past Blog

Today's blog has similarities to Reached The Top Innovating Infinitely on Jun 2018. I wrote more time is required to accomplish goals when we approach the peak in the last paragraph. More time is required to make life easier when we accumulate successes in work, human relations, and leisure. I add maintenance is more important when we reach milestones. I add maintenance must be remembered when we achieve goals.


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Sort Of Professional Painter

I hate painting. I don't refer to painting as art. I can't draw pictures to save my life. I refer painting as home improvement. Ironically, I act professionally and I behave professionally when I paint. I get the job done. My life lesson is be professional in favorite times and not favorite times. Be professional when responsibilities I dislike must be completed.

Update On A Past Blog

I remind myself my current life situation I partially blame myself. I blame other people and other events I wrote Growing Up Too Late Was Not My Fault on Nov 2015. The blog cheers me up. The blog comforts me I'm doing the best I can catching what I missed decades ago. My current life situation could be worse such that I never grow up. Trust intuition, life, and karma. All is forgiven. I'm responsible for myself. I earn my freedom. I need timing, luck, and any support.


Saturday, February 16, 2019

Expect More Sad Days For More People

Prices are going up. Cost of living is going up. There are going to be more people homeless. There are fewer jobs because of automation or robots. Give the fewer jobs available time. Fewer jobs leads to more unemployment. More people unemployed leads to more homelessness. It's unfair there are good people who don't deserve being homeless. Fewer opportunities. Fewer chances.

More costs are required to live. More costs are required to run the government. More costs are required to run businesses. More costs are required to raise a family. More costs are required to maintain employment. Everything is more expensive. In particular, businesses are lowering costs taking advantage of the H1B Visa loopholes. More foreign workers employed lead to more American workers unemployed. There are plenty of qualified American workers. Furthermore, more skills and more knowledge are required for more jobs. The more skills and more knowledge require higher costs, increase time, and additional resources to prepare workers. Workers must learn complex knowledge. Workers must acquire technical experience. 40 hours a week is the minimum hours for more jobs because the jobs are more technical and more educational. People who can't adapt are left out. It's not their fault. It's life.

More people are unprepared for emergencies such as medical, career, and financial. More people spend their time, income, and health too focused on the present. No financial investments. No savings for emergencies. Less sleep and no exercise to slow aging.

More people compete for fewer opportunities. There are fewer opportunities to acquire skills and learn knowledge on the job. High costs, little time to train, and unavailable resources are the top reasons. More people must be responsible to self-train. Sometimes self-train requires money. Some people don’t have money. Ironically, jobs require the skills and knowledge. People don't acquire skills and learn knowledge without a job.

The size of the pie was the same yesterday. The size of the pie was the same 10 years ago. The size of the pie was the same 50 years ago. The size of the pie is the same tomorrow. The world is overcrowded. Too many people. Too few opportunities.


Saturday, February 02, 2019

The Early Bird Got The Worm Yesterday. The Early Bird Gets The Worm Today

I had been a night person. I went to bed late. I woke up from bed late the next day. I have been consistency waking up at least two hours earlier in 2019. I have been consistency going to bed at least two hours earlier in 2019. I have been sleeping earlier either on Fri nights or Sat nights. Either Sat or Sun I go to bed later.

I get more activities completed. I complete my responsibilities. I cross off more to-do list. All of them resulted from waking up earlier. Another reason I wake up earlier is preparing for my next job. I must sleep eight hours no matter what time I sleep.

Furthermore, I avoid activities wasting my time, energy, and brain activity. I minimize social media. I minimize eating unhealthy food. I limit watching television, sports, and movies. I avoid watching pointless YouTube videos.