Monday, September 28, 2015

Top Ten I Want To Learn More

"Even today, I dare not say that I have reached a state of achievement . . . for learning is boundless", said Bruce Lee. Learning is boundless. Bruce Lee said it best. Never stop learning.

I welcomed the never stop learning attitude truthfully in Sep 2014. I followed the never stop learning attitude casually before Sep 2014. I failed to follow through. My childhood years were too much fun. My parents failed to encourage me to learn something new. My parents were bad teachers when they taught me their skills and knowledge.

The past is the past. I'm responsible for myself. It's never too late to learn something new. Keep the brain active and strong. Learn more about sex. Yes, sex. I have your attention now. Who wants to improve their sex live? I should see many hands raised. Sex is number two in my top ten.

Here are the top ten I want to learn more:

10. Cars. I know the basics of the basics; however, there are more basics I want to learn. I know how to change the oil, replace the air filter, replace the cabin air filter, check tire air pressure, change all bulbs, and inspect liquids. I read the weekly car advice articles in the newspaper and Car Talk podcasts repeats. There are rare chances I know the answers to the questions.

9. Electrical. My parents purchased a child science kit at a garage sale when I was a child. I thought I was dumb. I never got the electricity to flow. I followed the instructions. I realized the science kit was broken when I was an adult. It's time to catch up what I missed. I plan to purchase a child electronics kit. I also plan to watch YouTube videos on basic electronics. I add child science kits to number 9.

8. Board Games. Board games is one of my favorite hobbies. Experienced board gamers know how to win in many genres including cards, dice, and strategy. I want to learn how the experienced board gamers win consistently. Specifically, I want to learn more about Mahjong. I want to learn more strategies playing the Hong Kong and Japanese styles.

7. Camping, Backpacking, Outdoors, And Prepper. I combine the four into one category because all four requires very similar equipment and survival knowledge. I know enough for day hikes. I want to advance my outdoor skills. Watch YouTube videos. Enroll in survival classes. Sign up for REI free classes. I'm a REI member.

6. Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). I completed a 21 hour academy to become a CERT member in Feb 2015. The training included triage, light search & rescue, and fire suppression. I want more training. I feel unprepared if a citywide major disaster happened tomorrow. My county has an EMT Certification and Paramedic Accreditation program for civilians.

5. Cooking. My cooking skills are perfect for a single person to survive on my own. There's more I want to learn. YouTube videos are solid to improve my cooking skills. I cook the best Chow Mein people visit me instead of eating at a Chinese restaurant one of these days.

4. Social Etiquette. Courtesy, kindness, strength, communication, and joy are part of my social skills. I want to be the best gentleman. Excellent social etiquette skills are required when dating. The Awesome Etiquette podcast from The Emily Post Institute is a good start learning better etiquette.

3. Physical Fitness. is my primary source for physical fitness information. I'm always open to suggestions to improve my workout routine.

2. Sex. If you can never stop learning sex, then you can never stop learning other topics. Today's information technology gives people access to advice. Choose what you feel is the best advice. My primary source is the podcast Sex With Emily. My sex advice is be physically fit.

1. Job Skills. Police, firefighters, paramedics, military, and educators are required to review their core skills and knowledge. They are also required to learn new skills and knowledge. I believe their requirements must apply to blue collar and white collar jobs.

I learned the lesson the hard way. My commercial real estate career required little learning new skills and knowledge. I initiated little learning new skills and knowledge. Currently, I'm learning Oracle. I reviewed Excel, Access, SQL, and Salesforce. I learned forecasting, dashboards, analysis, and regression analysis since May 2015. I continue to review and to learn new job skills when I start working full time.

I agree with Presidential candidate and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush who said we should be working more. I add the word intelligently. We should be working more intelligently.


Friday, September 25, 2015

No Words For Human Feelings

Humans have feelings. We live our lives with feelings every breath we take. Sleep or awake. Working or studying. Driving or relaxing. Feelings guide how we live our lives. We make choices based on feelings sometimes. These choices include professional, big life moments, leisure, and personal. Human feelings define us being human.

We know the common feelings: happy, goodness, sincerity, trustworthy, positive, comfortable, strong, and optimistic. There are also sad, evil, ungrateful, dishonest, negative, uneasy, weak, and pessimistic. More common feelings include anger, frustration, relief, fatigue, fresh, energize, focus, pain, and confuse.

On the other hand, no words describe some human feelings. Some human's aurora naturally spreads joy, comfort, and happiness. In contrast, some human's aurora naturally spreads depression, distrust, and sadness. How does a person portray himself or herself with a group of people? There's no thinking. The person's feelings come out naturally. How does a person improve their natural aurora in a positive way? I'm not a psychologist. My answer is wisdom, experience more life experiences, genuine, and strength.

Trust the gut feelings. Trust intuition. Sometimes no thinking is the best way to make good choices. There are no words to describe these choices. There are no words to describe the process for the conclusion. Sometimes the best way to get out of problems is gut feelings. Life is full of feelings. People must never fake human feelings. Life punishes fakers. Follow the feelings. Go with the feeling flow. Trust your feelings to understand today's blog.


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Brain Use It Or Lose It

I watched a documentary titled "The Brain That Changes itself" based on the same title book by Norman Doidge, M.D. The brain adapts when parts of the brain are functionally abnormally. My favorite part of the documentary was a person born with a 67% brain. 33% of the brain is missing. There is a void. The brain compensated. The person functions a normal person with hard work and therapy.

I believe my brain was underdeveloped when I was young. I experienced learning problems. I took remedial classes in school. I'm confident my brain is getting stronger today. My brain is getting healthier. My brain is growing. I'm catching up what I missed. I comprehend new lessons quicker. I'm improving my life which starts with my brain. My brain must experience stimuli daily. I must learn new ideas to keep my brain healthy, strong, sharp, and focus. I must learn new tricks no matter how old I am. I'm lucky I discover the importance of my brain now instead of later. Use it or lose it.

There are two websites to watch the documentary: Documenary Storm or YouTube.


Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Perfect Relationship Grows Old Together

What is a perfect relationship? My answer is simply the couple gets along with each other. The relationship gets better as time moves forward. There is no settling down. There is no stale. The confident couple communicates, smiles, takes one for the team as said in sports, adjusts, and strengthens each other. They accept the relationship. They find a way to make the relationship last.

Personality, interests, hobbies, attitudes, and beliefs are important, too. The couple adds compatibility matching as many of those key attributes. However, those key attributes mean nothing when the couple can't get along. There is a relationship with trust, intimacy, faith, and joy. The key attributes fall into place.

Divorce lawyers fear the future when more relationships become perfect. Intelligent relationships acknowledge the ups and downs. Strengthen the ups. Solve the downs. Nothing is taken for granted. Complement each other. Appreciate each other. Laugh with each other. Everyone finds someone to be in a perfect relationship with a little luck and favorable timing. Keep looking.


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Good You Experience Being Unemployed Is Unfair

Life is not fair - get used to it. --Bill Gates, Rule #1 In His 11 Rules For Real Life

It sucks being unemployed. The feeling is the simplest explained in words. Let it out. It sucks. Bill Gates is correct. Life is not fair. One of the best ways to experience unfair life is being unemployed. I hear stories how some employed people can't do their jobs. I played Mahjong last month. One of the players told me a newly hired sales assistant doesn't know Idaho is a state. A friend who was a contractor at Google told me another contractor always asked her co-workers technology questions regarding apps. How did she get the job?

I attended job networking seminars. I met good people who didn't deserve being unemployed. They have skills, knowledge, and good team work attitude any company should hire them. It was ridiculous seeing them in job seminars.

Timing and luck are factors finding a job. I know people who got jobs two months after they were laid off. I know an engineer who took six months and a project manager who took eleven months to get their next jobs. I fear being unemployed for at least six months because the definition of unemployed long term is being out of work at least six months. I feel luck is against me. There were a few phone interviews for which I was the first candidate. I don't want to be the first candidate in any interview because first candidate interviews have lower chances of being hired. First candidates set the bar.

Also, there were positions I interviewed face-to-face I didn't get the job. Time passed. I saw these same positions back online; likewise for some of my phone interviews. The companies either rejected all of the candidates or the new hire quit days after he or she started. A contact person in one of the companies I interviewed face-to-face told me my rejection was a blessing in disguise. Nobody liked the person who was training me if I got the job.

Here is the best timing and luck story I remember for a long time. A contractor found another job via her job agency one week before her contract was satisfied. She started the following Monday. The new contract was 18 months. The new contract paid a higher hourly wage. She didn't have to update her resume. And she didn't have to interview. She was lucky. I feel like the workforce wants me to stay away.


Seeing the positions I interviewed back online is the most frustrating part of the job search. I believe some companies want to hire the 100% perfect employee as if the job market was during the Great Recession. Companies could be picky. I also believe the job candidate meeting 75% of the criteria is the better hire than the 100% perfect employee. The company has the opportunity to train the remaining 25% to work their company's way. A worker with a solid work core, genuine sincerity, good communication, and the ability to learn is the better hire than someone with a 100% already know how to do the job. A friend who worked at a start-up told me the candidates human resources provided were bad job candidates for his open positions despite matching experiences and matching job skills. They had a know-it-all and cocky attitudes. He felt they weren't team players. He preferred hiring new people telling me, "I rather hire someone off the street. Give me 48 hours to train (the new hire). I teach the system. I teach what needs to be learned."

Some job agencies submit my job profile to a job opening because I have the solid work core and the job skills foundation. The agencies know I learn the position. The job agencies' clients rejected my job profile because I don't have relevant experience. For example, I was submitted to a benefits analyst position, sales commission analyst position, and a variety of data analyst and business analyst positions. I easily met the minimum qualifications. I learn the preferred qualifications without problems. The clients want someone who knows it now without training.

The best way to make the job search fairer is searching for a full time job intelligently is a full time job. An unemployed person has all the time in the world. Use the time learning new skills. I learn dashboards, linear regression, and Oracle. Use the time refreshing existing new skills. I refresh my Excel, SQL, and Salesforce. Job search six days a week. I want a job. I must search for a job. A job offer is not coming to me on a silver platter. If I stop job searching, I'm going to be unemployed indefinitely.


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lucky Discovery

A lucky worker exit and entered his car easily without the need of a flashlight combo. I found an Euro which wasn’t enough to hire a professional IT to build my new desktop. I didn’t press my luck buying a slice of cake to win a free meal. I was lucky to eat a delicious free sandwich. I hope I’m lucky I work with smart managers for my next job.


Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Intelligence May Change Your Daily Life Intelligently defines intelligence: 1. having good understanding or a high mental capacity; quick to comprehend, as persons or animals. 2. displaying or characterized by quickness of understanding, sound thought, or good judgment. 3. having the faculty of reasoning and understanding; possessing.

In particular, today's blog focuses on definition number two. Add the adverb "intelligently" to your daily life. Your actions, thought processes, and behaviors change. You make better choices. You gain more control. You establish consistency. You're more proactive. Examples include think intelligently, communicate intelligently, date intelligently, drive intelligently, be sincere intelligently, work intelligently, raise children intelligently, live the present intelligently, and play intelligently. For me, I learn new job skills intelligently, clean the house intelligently, cook intelligently, and workout at the gym intelligently.

Seek intelligence by acquiring the intelligently attitude. Be strong intelligently. Be brave intelligently. Make mistakes intelligently. Live outside your comfort zone intelligently. Live your daily life intelligently. Live a good life intelligently.


Monday, September 07, 2015

Top Ten Movies I Watched Everyone Else Must Watch, Too

Movie critics and movie historians are people who watched the most movies. Movies are their careers. The world is calmer when everyone finds more time to watch movies.

Everyone has their own favorite movie list whether it's four stars, two stars, Oscar winning best picture, indie, movie made for TV, or cult. Further, everyone has a "must watch in your life" list. The typical response to a person who didn't watch must watch movies such as Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Braveheart, Lord Of The Rings, or any Jack Nicholson movie is something like "no way, you're kidding me".

I anticipate the "no way, you're kidding me" response when people tell me they didn't watch a cult classic Clerks, Office Space for white collar workers, an action movie Point Break 1991 version, the send a shock through your spine evil Joker in The Dark Knight, and a classic movie Psycho. I watch less than .1% of all the movies movie critics and movie historians watched. I have my list of movies I believe everyone must watch in their lives. Here are my top ten movies I watched everyone must watch, too:

10. Good Will Hunting. The late Robin Williams earned his best supporting actor award. Watch the young writers and actors Ben Affleck and Matt Damon both won best writing screenplay. I watch the movie over and over again feeling much better about myself.

9. Disney Movies. I don't have any must watch classic Disney movies. My list is modern which are The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, and Frozen. The Frozen must watch is social peer pressure. Many people like you watch the movie. I don't want you to miss out. I'm confident Frozen meets your minimum standards for a good Disney movie you can sell it on eBay if you're dissatisfied.

8. Star Wars Episodes IV-VI. Any person must watch the Star Wars Trilogy even if you're not a Sci-Fi fan. Watch Episodes IV-VI. Done. Check the Sci-Fi movies on your movie list stating you watch Sci-Fi. The minimum trivia acquired is The Force, Darth Vader, Skywalker, and the Millennium Falcon. There's nothing loss if you skip Episodes I-III.

7. Jurassic Park. People talked about Jurassic Park the entire summer of 1993. The computer generated images and animatronic visual effects were state-of-the art at the time. Another Sci-Fi must watch movie. There are dinosaurs.

6. It's A Wonderful Life. Imagine the world without you. Life is really not that bad. The movie cheered me up during one Christmas holiday.

5. Raiders Of The Lost Ark. My first movie I watched in a movie theater. The movie was rated PG in 1981. One of my favorite all time action movies.

4. E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. Back to back Steven Spielberg directed movies. The child found his courage and strength to help an alien escape home. The movie was released in 1982. I recommend the movie for families.

3. Titanic. I watched the movie two times when the movie was released in 1997. Live the present. Jack Dawson was strong, courageous, being a gentleman, taking a chance, and never accepting "horse shit".

2. Forrest Gump. Gump was there during some historic moments. The soundtrack added authenticity. Gump lived a genuine decent life with some luck and some support from caring people.

1. Casablanca. My number one must be an all time classic movie. I choose Casablanca. Schedule a night with your significant other to watch the romantic drama with the most quoted movie lines in history. I'm sad to say I watched the movie once. Buying the DVD is on my wish list.


Tuesday, September 01, 2015

I Remember My 10 Year Blog Anniversary Yesterday

I listened to a podcast yesterday rebroadcasting the first episode for their fifth anniversary. The podcast reminded me Innovating Common Knowledge's 10 year anniversary--one month later. Happy ten year anniversary Innovating Common Knowledge blog!

I posted my first blog on Aug 4, 2005 titled My First Blog. I blogged a group of kids dumped a recycling bin in front of my house spilling the contents on the street. I looked forward to celebrate ten years writing blogs earlier in 2015. My highest priorities finding a job, learning new job skills, and living independently occupy my mind daily. The celebrations are delayed. The simple happy greeting is sufficient.

I'm happier, stronger, smarter, kinder, wiser, more confident, more optimistic, more positive, and more joy today compared to ten years ago. There's more innovating my life ahead. I hope my blogs get better, I get better, and the people who read my blogs get better. I hope I help people innovate their lives. I hope my blogs made a difference.

I begin posting flashback blogs starting at my 1,000th blog. I provide feedback. It's likely I have a different viewpoint. I look forward to share new feelings. Maybe I admit I made a mistake. Maybe I innovated my life what and when I wrote on flashback blog.

Thank you for reading my blogs!