Friday, November 26, 2010

De Anza Week Nov 22, 2010

Mon Nov 22

Thanksgiving hurt today's lecture in Intermediate Acct. It was boring and I almost fell asleep a few times. Fortunately, I focused on the highlights and wrote down the notes in my textbook. The class ended early because the professor had an appointment. Thanks goodness it did.

In dance class, it was an good turnout given its Thanksgiving week. We reviewed the Rumba which was needed. Great review and some questions were answered. Then we danced the Nite Club Two Step. The class was fun.

Tue Nov 23

I went to Excel class just to get my questions answered for the last homework assignment. I finished the homework assignment in the lab. The final assignment is the second project. I complete the project on Thanksgiving Day. The project is not difficult. It takes some time requiring no stress.

We're almost finalized for our Integrated Computer Acct. computer project. Our group leader prepared a PowerPoint draft. We looked at it and gave feedback. I need to modify my conclusion. I'm also responsible for combining the group written project. Everyone emails me their Word written portion and I put them together. We meet Mon at 4pm for a dry run.

Wed Nov 24

Today was the day before Thanksgiving. I anticipated a low attendance. It was actually a big attendance. There were just a few empty seats here and there. The lecture was not boring. We reviewed Chapter 8 and Chapter 9 material from a CPA sample test. I actually learned a few things. The class ended early. There is homework in Intermediate Acct during the holiday. I have lots of homework.

I checked out Rosemary's Baby and Bolt movies at the library for the holiday. I watched The Manchurian Candidate last week.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

De Anza Week Nov 15, 2010

Mon Nov 15

I had lots of thoughts in my mind last weekend. It was like my brain never rested. There was something in my mind all day and all night. I could have taken many naps from mind fatigue. The many thoughts continued today.

It seemed many students had lots in their minds today. My Intermediate Acct. instructor had lots in his mind, too. He was interrupted two times from his cell phone. One of his daughters has a chronic illness, and he gets phone calls in case of emergency. Fortunately, there was nothing serious. There are three more weeks of regular class meetings. Finals begin four weeks from today. There are lots in many people’s minds today.

We practiced entering and exiting for the dance demonstration. We learned the Nite Club Two Step. I corrected a few mistakes learning the Nite Club Two Step again.

Tue Nov 16

I completed the homework assignment for this week’s Excel class. I needed help from a few students. Thanks very much. There is one more homework assignment, a second project, and the final.

The Integrated Computer Acct. instructor seemed to have a stick up her ass. She came into the class demanding completed green sheets for each group’s project. Nobody finished the green sheet. We were confused. It seemed there was a misunderstanding. The instructor gave us ten minutes to complete. My group completed our green sheets just in time.

Throughout the day I had trouble concentrating. The factors were fatigue and too much in my mind. There was a little worry what I want to do in the future. It was like I’m making a mistake and I want to correct it. The problem was I don’t know what the mistake is. It’s okay. I must free my mind or I overthink everything.

Wed Nov 17

I wrote I had too much in my mind on Monday’s journal entry. Today I remembered to live to moment, live the present. I must do everything one at a time. Wednesday’s journal entry is a reminder to take everything one at a time. Focus on the present, focus on the moment. Even professionals need reminders. We’re human. We forget. We celebrate and appreciate the moment we remember.

Thur Nov 18

Fatigue continued today as I choose to skip Excel class. I asked a classmate if I missed anything. It seems I didn’t. I worked on the last homework assignment last night. I’m almost finished. I have one part I ask the instructor on Tuesday. Otherwise, the assignment looks good.

I also explored and played around with DacEasy, the accounting software my group is doing for the Integrated Computer Acct. group project. The group and I planned what we’re going to talk about and the order of our presentations. This weekend we research our topic and create draft powerpoint slides.

Today was the extra credit exam for Integrated Computer Acct. The instructor was strict and we must follow her procedures. Think about it. This is an extra credit exam. For example, the exam was completed on a computer. We could print one page only. If we make a mistake, we can’t print again. I fail to understand why she made it hard just for an extra credit exam? On the other hand, the student shouldn’t make a big deal because it’s an extra credit exam. We can’t lose points. The student should just follow the rules and earn as many points possible.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

De Anza Week Nov 8, 2010

Mon Nov 8

We got our scores for the Intermediate Acct. mid-term. The professor said there’s no time for mid-term #2. It looks like we’re preparing for another final. (I mentioned the mid-term was like a final on Mon Nov 1’s blog entry.) The mid-term was graded on a curve. The students added 5% to their grade. My raw score was 86% resulting in a final score of 91%. The mid-term was hard and some students were disappointed.

The professor added the 5% curve because he wanted to compensate the students experiencing unfair and confusing questions. The curve was another example everyone is human. Teachers are human. They make mistakes. They’re not perfect. Students want good and perfect teachers. Good teachers exist. Perfect teachers don’t exist. I understand how some students were confused on some questions as I looked at the mid-term again. The hard mid-term was not perfect in terms of asking 100% fair questions.

In dance class, we spent more time practicing the Rumba for the Dance Demonstration. More dancers are getting the dance routine. We need more practice. I like the instructor’s way of free for all when we trade partners. Most students do trade partners. We are also learning the East Coast Swing and Fox Trot.

Tue Nov 9

It’s important to eat three meals a day. I had to eat breakfast at De Anza because I was running behind. The food tasted like cafeteria food. Yummy!

In Excel, we continued the M1 project. I finished my project last week. I don’t have to attend class on Thur. I worked on the second project which is the household budget.

Today’s Integrated Computer Acct was one of the better classes. We reviewed the homework most of the class. The last 15 minutes we separated into assigned groups for the group final project.

Wed Nov 10

One of the keys to success is to adjust. Throughout the quarter I have been adjusting how I learn from my Intermediate Acct professor’s lectures. Sometimes his lectures have nothing to do with the current chapter. Sometimes his lectures are confusing. Sometimes his lectures are hard to understand. There was a period I ignored his lectures and read the book. Ignoring his lectures was hard because they were so bad I couldn’t concentrate. Today, I adjusted again how I spend my time in class. I followed his lectures by listening to him and have my book open on the pages he lectured. I write anything important on the book. I don’t write anything on my notebook because his lectures are confusing and hard to understand I don’t know what to write. I didn’t review my lecture notes when I studied for the mid-term.

Thur Nov 11

I skipped Excel class because I completed the first project. Students who completed the first project were excused from class today.

We turned in the Hilton project in Excel. The Hilton project was doing accounting 100% by hand written on pencil. The Hilton project in Excel transfers the trial balance and the financial statements in Excel. We continued with the group project during the last 15 minutes.

The movie for the week is Some Like It Hot. Last week’s movie was Yankee Doodle Dandy.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Taking Care Of Yourself Is A Part Time Job

I went to my dentist for a routine checkup a month ago. My hygienist and dentist always tell me ways to keep my teeth clean. They always remind me to brush and floss correctly. There is a correct way and an incorrect way to floss. They tell me to use a proxy brush and a tongue cleaner. I approve proxy brushes and tongue cleaners.

The dentist visit inspired me to write a blog on how I take care of myself. I realized I spend a good amount of time daily taking care of myself. Taking care of myself includes keeping me clean, eating healthy, exercise, and doing the bare necessities. One may think there is so much to do to maintain a good body. It’s true. There is much to do. Here’s mine:

*I shave three or four days a week. I use a razor, shaving cream, and after shave. It takes me 15 min. I heard that shaving can be done in 10 min. My quickest is around 12 min.

*I brush my teeth and clean my tongue before I sleep. I admit I don’t brush my teeth after breakfast. I actually use a proxy brush. I dental floss two times a week.

*I workout three days a week. Two days of weights and small cardio and one day of full cardio. I stretch before workouts.

*Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies. Expect healthy meals from me. I continue to improvement my cooking.

*I prefer showering before I sleep. I sleep much better feeling clean. My face is prone to eczema. I apply a topical cream after I shower. I apply a different cream to control my blackheads and whiteheads when there are no signs of eczema.

*I apply a moisturizing cream on my hands during the day and before I sleep.

*I wear a retainer during my sleep permanently. I clean the retainer every three days.

*Laundry is done once a week.

*Nose hairs, finger nails, and toe nails are cut when needed.

*Deodorant is applied when I’m outdoors and sunscreen is applied on sunny days. I avoid applying sunscreen most of the time because I wear a hat.

That’s a lot of work and effort. I continue to find better ways and to find new ways to take care of myself. Stay clean everyone.

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Sunday, November 07, 2010

De Anza Week Nov 1, 2010

Mon Nov 1

We took the first mid-term for Intermediate Acct. I approached the mid-term like a final, similar to the San Francisco Giants defeating the Philadelphia Phillies on Game 6. Manager Bruce Bochy wanted to end the National League Championship Series on Game 6 and avoid playing Game 7. The mid-term could be thought of as a final plus a mid-term. The final portion was a review of Financial Acct 1A and a little of 1B including journal entries, closing entries, inventories, and financial statements. The mid-term portion was new concepts how to recognize revenue using the percentage completion and the complete contract method.

The entire class was surprised when the professor said the mid-term was all multiple choice. There was no short answer.

Tue Nov 2

Control what you can control. Don’t control what you can’t control. There are some instructors who intentionally write difficult mid-terms. The Integrated Computer Acct. mid-term consisted of 55 multiple choice questions and short answers. The class had 45 minutes to complete the mid-term. Almost impossible. We completed the mid-term 10-15 minutes after class was supposed to be over. Many students were unhappy with their performance. Don’t worry about it. The instructor intentionally gave us little time to finish a full mid-term. I fail to understand why the instructor gave us 45 minutes?

Wed Nov 3

One sign of immature people is they taking frustrations out on others. Don’t blame it on me. It wasn’t my fault, and sometimes it wasn’t your fault so why take it out on me. I used to be that person a long time ago. I hated myself for that. I take responsibility for my actions. I have no reason to express my anger and frustrations towards other people. It’s rude, I act like a jerk, and I feel no better letting it out towards others.

Today was another example of a person taking their frustrations out on others. The professor told the class he kicked a student out of his other class for cheating. He wasn’t himself. The lecture disengaged from him and the students. It was a bad day for the professor.

Thur Nov 4

The smartest and best successful people want support teams who think. They don’t want people who follow. They want thinkers. There is always a better way.

My Integrated Computer Acct. teacher continuously say to follow directions. She believes people are fired from their jobs by failing to follow directions. I disagree. People are fired because they’re not a team worker. Companies want thinkers who innovate continuously. If I followed her advice how to be a good worker, I’m going to be fired. When I worked at Cisco, Cisco wanted thinkers, not followers.

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Friday, November 05, 2010

Why I Think The San Francisco Giants Won The World Series

The San Francisco Giants won the 2010 World Series for the first time in franchise history. We waited 52 years since the Giants moved to San Francisco from New York. The Giants went to the World Series in 1962, 1989, and 2002 resulting in losses. There are many reasons why the Giants won the 2010 World Series. I share some reasons and my number one reason.

Is it management?

Manager Bruce Bochy and General Manager Brian Sabean were masterful managing the team and bringing in the winning players. Bochy earned the manager of the year award and, if there was a general manager of the year award, Sabean earned it. Management is part of my number one reason.

Is it the players?

We have rookies, veterans, young, old, big, small, thin, and thick players. We have players other teams wanted. We have players no other team wanted. We have players who joined our team after their last team didn’t want them. We have players who came from the minors ready to play in the big league. There was no single dominate player. They were a bunch of carefree, loose, relaxed players. The management brought these players together. The players are part of my number one reason.

Is it chemistry?

Aubrey Huff’s wearing a rally thong, Brian Wilson’s fear the beard, the “panda” Pablo Sandoval, broadcaster Duane Kuiper’s saying Giants baseball playing style “(is) torture,” and Cody Ross’s new nickname “smiles.” The Giants were a bunch of guys here, there, and everywhere: the rookies called up from the minors, players from last season, new players for this season, and players claimed others teams didn’t want anymore. They clicked together like pieces from a jigsaw puzzle all fit together to make a championship team. They played selfishly. There was a different hero everyday.

The team came together on Sept 23 in Chicago’s Wrigley Field. Edgar Renteria wanted to win the World Series badly no matter what. Renteria was on the disabled list three times and he’s nearing retirement. He wanted to do anything, even be a bench player. He started to cry. Then everyone else cried. They came together. Chemistry is part of my number one reason.

My number one is . . .

My number one reason is action. The Giants took action to win the World Series. The organization corrected mistakes. The organization improved what was good to make it better. The organization made trades. The organization was patient. The organization made moves and choices in good timing. They made choices and adjustments throughout the season making sure the team was on the winning track.

Bochy’s daily lineup and game time decisions the best players are on the field and the lineup maximizes the best success against the opposing pitchers. Sabean making the trades and bringing players from wavers during the season.

How about those players: Aubrey Huff and Mark DeRosa and Juan Uribe signed in the off season, Todd Wellemeyer released because he was ineffective, rookies Buster Posey and Madison Bumgarner started in the minors to refine their skills, Mike Fontenot, Pat Burrell and Jose Guillen and Cody Ross from wavers, Javier Lopez and Chris Ray and Ramon Ramirez to improve the bullpen. Also Andres Torres started the season as the fifth outfield. He worked his way up to the leadoff hitter. Freddie Sanchez bounced back from his slump. Bench players Travis Ishikawa and Nate Schierholtz knew their roles. It takes a team to win a championship. The 2010 Giants are one of the best examples playing as a team.

Huff wore his red, rhinestone rally thong at a time the Giants were slumping. The Giants won 20 games. Wilson applied black shoe polish on his beard for his “fear the beard.” Some fans came to the park wearing black beards. The Giants fans faithful support for Sandoval despite having an off year offensively and defensively. Kuiper’s “torture” quote defines Giants’ style of playing close and low scoring games. They were all smiles against the San Diego Padres in game #162, the Atlanta Braves, the Philadelphia Phillies, and the Texas Rangers.

It was action. The organization didn’t hope for winning games, didn’t repeat the same thing over and over hoping for success, didn’t talk and do nothing. They took action. Something needed to get done and it was done.

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Curses Are Meant To Be Broken

The last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series was in 1908, a span of 102 years which is the longest time a team hasn’t won. The second longest is the Cleveland Indians at 62 years. The third longest was the San Francisco Giants at 56 years. The key word is was.

The Giants won the 2010 World Series defeating the Texas Rangers four games to one. The win is the first time in San Francisco franchise history. The torture is over, and that includes torture Giants fans experienced during the last six weeks of the season. Edgar Renteria’s three run go-ahead home run in the bottom of the 7th inning is the Giants most memorable homerun in San Francisco Giants history. The championship is for the Willie Mays, Will Clark, and Barry Bonds eras. The win erases all the Giants curses. Here are some of curses I lived through:

*1987 NLCS. Candy Maldonado’s misplayed fly ball in Game 6 and Jose Oquendo hitting a homerun in Game 7 off Atlee Hammaker against the St. Louis Cardinals. Oquendo hit one homerun in the regular season.

*1989 World Series. Loma Prieta earthquake and the Oakland A’s swept.

*2002 World Series. Anaheim Angels’ Scott Spiezo’s three run go-ahead homerun against Felix Rodriguez in Game 6.

*2003 NLDS. J.T. Snow thrown out at the plate on the last play of the series against the Florida Marlins in Game 5.

Curses are meant to be broken. If you’re in a bad streak of sales, dates, homework and tests scores, interviews for a job, burning cooked dinners, or buying bad goods, don’t worry about it. Don’t give up! Curses are meant to be broken.

Side note: The Boston Red Sox’s broke their curse in 2004.

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