Friday, August 30, 2019

The Green Steno Notebook 4

The picture above is the notebook I acquired on the first day of my new white collar job. I wrote notes during my job training. I wrote other notes, reminders, and knowledge thereafter. I share many of them. Here is the fourth blog.

*Apr 26, 2014. A gag gift idea. A rubber stamps which says "WHATEVER" in caps.

*Apr 26, 2014. Sometimes children make their parents angry to do something. Otherwise nothing gets done. Good choice? Bad choice? Time is the ultimate judge.

*Jun 30, 2014. Shop Amazon for cheaper prices on auto parts such as air filters, headlights, and cabin air filters.

*Jul 6, 2014. Going to a person's house for the first time such as a party or a formal event. Bring a food or a drink. Bring a house plant. For instance, a co-worker brought a cheese cake for a Fourth Of July party.

*Sep 22, 2014. The song "I Only Have Eyes For You" is sung by The Flamingos. One lyric is, "Are the stars out tonight."

*Sep 30, 2014. Denzel Washington's first movie break is Carbon Copy released in 1981.

*Oct 12, 2014. How We Got To Know author Steve Johnson wrote six innovations made the modern world. The six innovations are glass, cold, sound, clean, time, and light.

*Oct 20, 2014. Land Sea Air is an arcade game I played when I was in sixth grade. I played the video game in a bowling alley. The bowling alley was torn down for an outdoor retail strip mall.

*Oct 26, 2014. Finished playing Wargames video game app.

*Oct 27, 2014. I played Rampart arcade game. I reached a harder level. I shot a boat multiple times. The boat survived which was messed up.

*Nov 10, 2014. Apply deodorant on top of a waste basket when the deodorant stick is running low. The reason is if the stick breaks, then it falls into the waste basket.

*Jan 10, 2015. I brought doughnuts for my parents. My mom said doughnuts are bad for your health. I realized my mom usually says something bad every time I do something good.

*Jan 16, 2015. I began trimming off excess fat off meats before cooking. Also, I began removing surface moisture with paper towels. I heard some cooking experts says wax paper is preferred.

*Jan 25, 2015. Stop overthinking. Use intuition.

*Feb 1, 2015. I repeat stop overthinking. Use intuition. The Seattle Seahawks could have won Super Bowl XLIX defeating the New England Patriots if Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll didn't run the slant play. Carroll experienced analysis paralysis.

*Mar 21, 2015. If I'm going to mess up, then I mess up my way. I take responsibility. I learn from my mistakes. It's okay to be foolish.

*Mar 28, 2015. The best way to overcome fatigue is old school rest and old school eat good meals.

*Apr 18, 2015. Tips when I clean the house. Spread the cleaning two days or three days. No more cleaning the entire house in one day. Also, carry a white towel to wipe my sweat. And hang the vacuum cord on the stair rail when I vacuum the stairs.

*Apr 18, 2015. BNYN stands for Both None Yes No.

*May 21, 2015. I go back to drink Crystal Geyser bottle water.

*Jun 12, 2015. I turn on the water to rinse my razor only on shaving days. I save water.

*Jul 10, 2015. My old Sansa Fuze mp3 didn't play sound from my headphones. My initial guess was I needed new headphones. I was incorrect. The headphones worked on another media player. The mp3 sound output was the correct fault. Lesson learned. Do my research. Do my failure analysis. Do my testing.

*Jul 23, 2015. Removed Blink Feed on my cell phone.

*Dec 7, 2015. Mahjong tip. Make connections with your tiles. A friend made one of the cheapest 1,000 point hand in Japanese Mahjong or Riichi.

*Jan 23, 2016. Arrived at the gym at 6pm for a weekend workout. More people arrived at 7pm before the gym closed at 8pm.

*Feb 8, 2016. Played Set card game solo. Looking for set different patterns works. It was harder because my natural thinking is looking for set same patterns.

*Mar 22, 2016. First Amazon order arrived at the last date in date range expected delivery Mar 17-22. Expected delivery date was Mar 20. Actual delivery was Mar 22.

*Apr 1, 2016. Arcade game at Safeway grocery store next to Moon Patrol was M.A.C.H 3 when I was in third grade.

*Apr 25, 2016. Lift objects intelligently; in particular, mornings when I woke up because my muscles were tight. I lifted a plumber snake incorrectly. Minor lower back pain lasted for five days. I might have strained a muscle or pinched a nerve. I should have used a cart. I should have lifted the plumber snake with two hands and holding two of the three handles.

*May 12, 2016. I walked inside my gym's classroom for the first time since I became a member.

*Jun 8, 2016. I worked out at the gym after a haircut. Weight room was half full. There were more people at night time.

*Jun 20, 2016. It was the longest day of the calendar year. I realized it after I finished watching Dallas Buyers Club. There was sunlight after 9pm.

*Nov 27, 2016. 4.1 volts for the long batteries.

*Dec 14, 2016. I added back my name for my Twitter handle @inin61.

*Feb 11, 2017. America (My Country Tis Of Thee) is the complete song name for America.

*Mar 29, 2017. Blow air compressed air to remove the water from my Camelbak tube.

*Apr 30, 2017. Won 4 first place on Tenhou Japanese Mahjong online games in a row.

*May 7, 2017. Boil tap water instead of bottle water when I make Jell-O.

Update On A Past Blog

I dreamed last night a homeless cat in my neighborhood needed help. The dream is another example there are too many pets. The Price Is Right host Bob Baker ends the show saying control the pet population have your pets spay or neuter. The dream reminded me a bullet point from Instant Bullets Blog Aug 11, 2018 Pet Overpopulation. Too many pets is a foreshadow what may happen when there are too many humans.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Where Is The Intelligence?

Either I'm getting smarter or the people are getting dumber. The people in my life are regressing. I'm progressing. The people in my life become content. I'm not ready to settle. Or all of the above.

There is another possibility. My brain is transforming to become a genius. I'm one step closer to become a self-trained genius. I admit its scary. I also admit the people who know me should be concerned. To quote Steve Jobs, "Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact, and that is everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you, and you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use. Um, once you learn that, you’ll never be the same again."

Update On A Past Blog

I realize the opposite of You're Smarter Than You Think is true. There are people who realize they're not smart. A mistake is committed. A task is unsuccessful. The post-evaluation is ignorance. I'm not smart enough. Further, there are people I thought they're smart. I'm incorrect. They're not as smart as I thought they are. They may be regressing or losing intelligence. The definition of a smart person is subjective. I wrote the blog on Nov 7, 2018.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

I Missed The Discovery Day My Computer Desktops When I Was A Child

My dad worked at HP. He brought home desktop computers for my brother and I. I researched at the HP Computer Museum website the HP desktops I playfully wasted my time. Why playfully? Why wastefully? I played video games only. I did nothing on the desktops to learn. My dad never taught us how to use computers and why we use computers.

I thought my dad brought home outdated HP desktops. The HP Computer Museum website corrected me. The HP desktops were current. My first HP desktop was the HP-125 in 1982. The second HP desktop was the 150 Touchscreen 45611A in 1983. I might be incorrect on the model number because the 45611A has 3.5 inch disks. I remember using the 5.25 inch floppy disks. The third and four HP desktops were from the HP Vectra series. The third HP desktop was the Vectra 45945A in the late 1980s. I forgot the fourth HP desktop specific model. There were more HP desktops between the fourth HP desktop and the first desktop my dad custom made in Nov 2002.

A Commodore 64 Or An Apple II Instead Or A Macintosh Instead

What if my dad purchased a computer instead of bringing home HP desktops on loan? The Commodore and the Apple were household computer names in the early to mid 1980s. What if my dad taught my brother and I how to use the computer beyond turning on and off and inserting the floppy disk? What if my dad taught my brother and I why we should learn computers? I play the rational card. He worked at HP. HP allowed employees to borrow their computers for family use. Computers were expensive. My dad was a cheap person. Were the Commodore 64 or Apple computers better than HP? I honestly don't know. If my brother and I had a better computer, then could we have successful technology careers?

Moreover, what if I had a lucky childhood day when I connected the dots. The dots were computer programming, a better computer, someone telling me computers were the future, and someone introducing me a career in computer technology. The lucky childhood day never happened. There was no one moment to light the computer fire. There was no one moment to spark my computer desire.

Adult Responsibility Today

I was unlucky. I'm catching up what I missed. Two friends helped me purchase hardware for my first desktop PC in Oct-Nov 2008. My dad assisted me building my first gaming desktop PC in Dec 2008. I built my second non-gaming desktop PC in Mar 2015. I research new hardware for a third desktop PC anticipation date build Dec 2019 or Jan 2020. Another friend introduced me to Python. I'm learning Python focusing on Matplotlib, NumPy, SciPy, and Panda. I'm also learning Power BI. I self-taught myself Linux, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. I'm reviewing SQL and VBA. I forgive my dad for no interest teaching his sons. I can't change the past.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Name Five Qualities Which Make You Unique

1. I majored in Economics. I took three semesters of Physics.
2. I won one contest. I guessed the total weight of three pumpkins in sixth grade. I won $5.00.
3. I have an above average long term memory. I identify by month and year many past events.
4. Taking pictures of police cars is one of my top hobbies.
5. I dislike raisins.

Did the blog reader expect unique behavior qualities? Did the blog reader expect professional qualities?

Bonus Qualities Which Make Me Unique

6. We have different bodies. I don't drink eight glasses of water per day. My body requires fewer glasses of water. Also, I can't tread water. I have a buoyancy problem. And I maintain weight loss after my gallbladder surgery. Doctors said people regain their lost weight in time. I lost 25 pounds as of the blog entry.
7. I don’t drink coffee.

Update On A Past Blog

I have a better understanding on Chapter N: Playtime Is Over blog on May 18, 2012. The fun days are over. The no worry attitude is stopped. The ignored problems are recognized. I don't take life for granted. Be responsible for all actions. Be professional. Minimize eating processed foods. Workout at the gym consistently. My reading has been improving.

The process can be boring. The training is hard. The repetitions are gruesome. Mistakes must be learned. Frustrations stink. Practices must be completed. Never stop learning. Success is achieved. Goals are won. Time will tell when looking back to connect the dots all of the above is worth the time.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Roll The Dice When You Wake Up

Today's blog includes life cliques. Today's blog includes common life wisdom. I combine them for a life perspective. Every day there is a chance. Nothing is 100%. Nothing is 0%. There are many moments a 99.99% chance it happens. There are many moments a 00.01% chance it happens. We roll the dice when we wake up for the day. We roll the dice when we sleep. People die in their sleep peacefully.

Chances happen every second. Meeting new people, avoiding a car accident, winning a contest, creating the next business idea, getting sick, starting a bad habit, changing to be a different person, and breaking a toy are examples of chances happening. The future is unknown. We take a chance something good or something bad comes tomorrow. We hope we are at the right place at the right time. Timing and luck are in favor. We hope we're not at the wrong place at the wrong time. Timing and luck aren't in favor. Life is unfair.

We roll the dice for all our choices. Sports fans know there are chances the improbable happens. It's sports. It's life. Sports fans know players and coaches prepare multiple speeches for their post-game interviews. There are winners. There are losers.

We roll the dice hoping for consistent good rolls. The rolls result in a lucky break. Life momentum flows in favor. There are people who live lives with consistent bad rolls. Too many frustrations. Too many setbacks. Bad luck. Bad timing. Successful people must admit their lucky. There are other people who take over their successes; they didn't get the opportunity. People work hard intelligently increasing the odds for success. Unfortunately, life rewards some of these people.

Sometimes the dice rolls for something weird. Sometimes the dice rolls for something out of the ordinary. Never say never. Think of something weird. Think of anything oddball. The chances are it happens. There are no explanations--the unexplained.

There are lonely people. If you're an unlucky person living a lonely life, then I tell you you're not the only lonely person in the world. There are lonely people. It's life. Life somehow finds a way people are lonely. Life somehow finds a way anything and everything happens. Nobody has unique problems. Everyone has problems.

People succeed and people fail. People are born and people die. People are lucky and people are unlucky. People have opportunities to succeed. People have nothing to succeed. Everyone is different. There is irony in life. Some people are blessed with everything to be winners life finds a way to prohibit success. Some people are blessed with nothing life leads a path to enable success.

What are the odds? What are the chances? We control as much as we can to increase the odds. We can't control everything. Sometimes life decreases the odds. Roll the dice.

Update On A Past Blog

I want to mention Neon Genesis Evangelion or Eva which was one of my favorite anime series in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Eva didn't make my Top Ten My All Time Favorite Anime Series list I wrote on Sep 20, 2014. Many anime fans in my generation and today's generation misunderstand the plot. The plot isn't humans defending against angels. The plot isn't NERV being attacked from the Japanese government. The plot is about human relationships good and bad. NERV, angels, robots, and the Japanese government portray the plot. Eva is a classic anime series. I wonder if more of today's anime generation spend time watching classics emphasizing on intelligent writing, memorable characters, and mature themes.

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

A Change In The Family Dentist Almost 21 Years Later

I went to a new family dentist on Tue Aug 6, 2019. My parents and I agree the last family dentist professionalism became poor, prices went up, and service performed sub-standard. I went to the last family dentist from Jan 1998 to Dec 2018.

Changes happen daily for better and for worse. Changes happen daily whether the person controls the change or life controls the change. Unfortunately, change was the worse for the last dentist. I didn't know how the dentist change. Did his personality change? Did he need money to keep his practice running? Did he lose patients because of the high cost of living? Did he forget how he was a good dentist? I connect the dots backwards. Staff turnover was high. There was a period I saw new hygienists every two years. He offered an in-house insurance program which sounded shady. I saw fewer patients in the waiting room. The waiting room was full decades ago. He held a contest asking patients to post a Yelp review years ago. The prize was an Apple iPod. He demanded yearly X-rays for which I said no.

Update On A Past Blog

The family dentist change reminded me of the blog Change Says No To Raymond Mar on Oct 18, 2017. I blogged everything around my life is changing except me. My new family dentist first impressions are honest practice, affordable, and knowledgeable in the latest dental technology including a digital x-ray.

Change says yes to Raymond Mar. I realize I'm one step closer to be a self-trained genius. My reading comprehension, my reading speed, my learning comprehension, my physical health, my problem-solving, my thinking, and my intuition are getting stronger. New knowledge learned. New wisdom acquired. Strength is gained. No more dumbing down. No more being an asshole to myself. No more dragging myself down. Self-esteem is indestructible.

Another change is my dreams. I dream new dreams. I have an above average long-term memory. I'm confident I repeated my past dreams multiple times. Unfortunately, I dream more nightmares. Nightmares were rare.

Moreover, I'm going back to the past when I was happy. I'm going back to the past to remember my foundation. I'm getting back to the changes when I realized I must grow up on Sat Oct 4, 2008. For example, hiking, trying new foods, and visiting new places. New adventures big or small are welcomed. New experiences must be experienced. Everything worked in the past and everything working today are coming together.

There is no financial reward. There is no job. I have no freedom. Go with the flow. They are earned soon. Time is the ultimate judge.

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

My Birthday Is The Happiest Day Of 2019 To Date

I celebrated my birthday on Sat Aug 3 myself. There were no special activities. I didn't give myself a gift. I celebrated with no family and no friends. Sat Aug 3 was the first day I felt good in 2019. I felt optimistic. Life was good. The best days are coming soon. All my current problems are solved soon. New opportunities are coming soon with favorable outcomes. Nothing doesn't last forever.

However, there was a family activity planned weeks in advanced coincidently on Sat Aug 3. My dad, brother, nephew, niece, and I attend an Oakland A's vs. St. Louis Cardinals baseball game at the Oakland Coliseum. The baseball game was good. The A's defeated the Cardinals 8-3. Watching the game reminded me baseball is a favorite hobby. Baseball is a take a break from life temporarily relieving pain. Baseball is a distraction. Baseball is a social activity bringing people together. More people forget why baseball is a national pastime. The baseball game was good timing I watched on my birthday.

Full Disclosure Fri Aug 2

Fri Aug 2 was another day of bad luck, bad timing, and "are you kidding me" reactions. I have been experiencing bad luck, bad timing, and "are you kidding me" reactions too many times since May 2015. There have been fewer bad luck, bad timing, and "are you kidding me" reaction days in 2019 compared to 2018. The reason is I stay home more days. I have fewer reasons to leave the house.

What were the bad luck, bad timing, and "are you kidding me" reactions?

*Signaled intersections changed from green to red when I was close to the intersection making me break harder than normal.

*The parking lots were full. It took too long to find a parking spot. A car dropping off passengers in front of a store blocked a path which I waited minutes. A bicyclist crossed my path too slowly without yielding.

*I purchased an Oakland A's fitted baseball cap in a sports store. The employee was rude.

*I drove around a small office park to find its US Post Office. I made two wrong turns.

*There was confusion at the self-checkout in a supermarket. I didn't scan one of the items when I placed the item on the counter. I heard the beep. Maybe the self-checkout didn't register the item or I heard the beep from another self-checkout. I waited minutes for the grocery employee to reset my self-checkout because he assisted another customer ahead of me.

*My gym workout was incomplete. I arrived to the gym late because I was behind in other responsibilities.