Tuesday, August 20, 2019

I Missed The Discovery Day My Computer Desktops When I Was A Child

My dad worked at HP. He brought home desktop computers for my brother and I. I researched at the HP Computer Museum website the HP desktops I playfully wasted my time. Why playfully? Why wastefully? I played video games only. I did nothing on the desktops to learn. My dad never taught us how to use computers and why we use computers.

I thought my dad brought home outdated HP desktops. The HP Computer Museum website corrected me. The HP desktops were current. My first HP desktop was the HP-125 in 1982. The second HP desktop was the 150 Touchscreen 45611A in 1983. I might be incorrect on the model number because the 45611A has 3.5 inch disks. I remember using the 5.25 inch floppy disks. The third and four HP desktops were from the HP Vectra series. The third HP desktop was the Vectra 45945A in the late 1980s. I forgot the fourth HP desktop specific model. There were more HP desktops between the fourth HP desktop and the first desktop my dad custom made in Nov 2002.

A Commodore 64 Or An Apple II Instead Or A Macintosh Instead

What if my dad purchased a computer instead of bringing home HP desktops on loan? The Commodore and the Apple were household computer names in the early to mid 1980s. What if my dad taught my brother and I how to use the computer beyond turning on and off and inserting the floppy disk? What if my dad taught my brother and I why we should learn computers? I play the rational card. He worked at HP. HP allowed employees to borrow their computers for family use. Computers were expensive. My dad was a cheap person. Were the Commodore 64 or Apple computers better than HP? I honestly don't know. If my brother and I had a better computer, then could we have successful technology careers?

Moreover, what if I had a lucky childhood day when I connected the dots. The dots were computer programming, a better computer, someone telling me computers were the future, and someone introducing me a career in computer technology. The lucky childhood day never happened. There was no one moment to light the computer fire. There was no one moment to spark my computer desire.

Adult Responsibility Today

I was unlucky. I'm catching up what I missed. Two friends helped me purchase hardware for my first desktop PC in Oct-Nov 2008. My dad assisted me building my first gaming desktop PC in Dec 2008. I built my second non-gaming desktop PC in Mar 2015. I research new hardware for a third desktop PC anticipation date build Dec 2019 or Jan 2020. Another friend introduced me to Python. I'm learning Python focusing on Matplotlib, NumPy, SciPy, and Panda. I'm also learning Power BI. I self-taught myself Linux, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. I'm reviewing SQL and VBA. I forgive my dad for no interest teaching his sons. I can't change the past.

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