Monday, June 22, 2015

The Golden State Warriors Is The 2015 NBA World Champions

I share my thoughts the Warriors winning the NBA Finals in bullets points.

No experience necessary. The player roster included zero NBA Finals experience. Some of them have playoff experience. All of them have the basketball skills to play in the NBA Finals. I wish more companies' job openings follow the no experience necessary. The Warriors were hungry to win.

Steve Kerr was a rookie head coach. The no experience necessary applies to Kerr who won five NBA Championships as a player. Kerr hired assistant coaches with coaching experiencing. Kerr won 67 games in the regular season which is an NBA record for a rookie head coach. The Warriors won 16 games in a row which is a franchise record. The team never lost three games in a row during the regular season and the playoffs.

Ownership hired good consultants. Good decisions made. The owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber purchased the Warriors in Jul 2010. The consultants have the courage to tell ownership they were wrong; for example, they rejected Lacob to acquire Kevin Love in a trade and sign free agent Dwight Howard.

The consultants helped the owners make good decisions. Here's a timeline of some good decisions:

*Jun 2011: Mark Jackson was hired to be the head coach.
*Mar 2012: Monta Ellis was traded for Andrew Bogut.
*May 2014: Mark Jackson was fired.
*Sep 2014: Steve Kerr was hired to be the head coach.
*May 9-10, 2015: Kerr cancels practice after the Game 3 loss to the Memphis Grizzles. Coaching staff adjusted their defense in Game 4.
*Game 4-6 NBA Finals: Coaching staff made the decision to play small ball. NBA Finals MVP Andre Iguodala started the three games. He never started a game in the regular season.

Steve Jobs: You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. The timeline above is a good example of connecting the dots backwards. The Warriors trusted their decisions become success. The actions paid off positively later.

The stars aligned. Timing and luck followed them. The Warriors avoided playing the Los Angeles Clippers and the San Antonio Spurs in the playoffs. The Warriors avoided major injuries; on the other hand, their opponents suffered injuries to some of their key starters. The Warriors took advantage of their timing and luck. Champions take advantage of good fortunes.

The 3-point shooting worked. Common basketball knowledge says a team can't win the championship on 3-point shooting. The Warriors proved the knowledge wrong.

Family friendly, humble, and unselfish. The San Jose Mercury News described the NBA MVP Stephen Curry in their Sun Jun 21 Warriors newspaper special.

Sacrifice. Iguodala and David Lee accepted bench roles. They were starters in past seasons.

Save the champagne when the Warriors earned the championship. The Warriors saved the celebration for the big prize. Celebrating the smaller victories in the playoffs was unnecessary. I believe all basketball teams winning playoff series celebrate only when they win the NBA Finals.

Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors for winning the 2014-2015 NBA Finals.


Friday, June 19, 2015

Sleep Is Your World

Going to sleep is a nightly moment in heaven. Humans need to sleep. Long rest is required to live a good life. No living creatures are active 24 hours a day. It's the time to stop. Rest the body, mind, and soul. Create a seal to protect yourself from the world. Nothing penetrates the protective seal during sleep.

Humans dream a world the way they want to live. Live peacefully. Be strong. Be courageous. Be smart. It's a time to reflect the day. Maybe remember the past. Think about the better future. A great dream is a solution to a problem. A great dream is a winning thought to live a successful life. A great dream is an answer to a question. A great dream is thinking of an idea.

Sleep a long time tonight. There is no sleep deprivation tonight.


Sunday, June 14, 2015

What's A Risk I'm Taking?

I feel a sense of urgency. It's time to open up. It's time to be brave. My risk I'm taking is being aggressive when I interview for a job. I'm currently job searching. I interviewed for one job since May 1. I'm unsatisfied. It's time to sell myself. It's time to communicate my strengths, my goals, my sincerity, and my heart. My interview is a conversation instead of a Q&A. I take charge of the interview; however, I keep my composure and modestly. My next interview I feel different. I experience new feelings. If I'm going to mess up an interview, I mess up my way. I have nothing to lose performing my best. I should be performing my best at everything. It's a new performance.

What was holding me back? I was too modest. I was afraid saying the wrong answers. There are no right and wrong answers. The purpose of interviews is a match between the job candidate and the company. I'm a professional good worker; however, I'm not a match at company A, B, and C. On the other hand, I'm hired at company G.

My goal is find work. My goal is to start my life again. My life is on pause. I'm tired of pausing my life. I want my life to move forward indefinitely.


Thursday, June 11, 2015

My Manifesto Jun 11, 2015

I was inspired to write my manifesto when I read NBA MVP Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry tweeted in Nov 2009 he "promise to all the Warrior fans...we will figure this thing out....if it's the last thing we do we will figure it out". The Warriors are playing in the 2015 NBA Finals.

I date the manifesto Jun 11, 2015 because the manifesto is updated at a later date. Some of my promises are completed. Some of my promises are cancelled for any legitimate reason. There are new promises.

Some of these promises below I know what to do. The question is how I complete these promises. Some of these promises improve my life. Some of these promises I need to figure out what to do. It's okay. The completion timeline ranges from months to years. Here are my promises:

1. Get a job. I'm looking for a job. I accept a contractor job as long as it strengthens my resume. A permanent job is better.

2. New circles of friends. I must meet new people and make new friends. I'm going to attract people. My socializing skills never stop improving. One of the best places to meet new people is events matching my hobbies.

3. New adventures and new experiences. I said it many times. I say it again. There are new adventures to seek. There are new experiences to experience. For example, sky diving, visiting a European country, wine tasting, and hiking new hiking trails.

I include learning life skills part of new adventures and new experiences. I learn basic electricity such as amps and volts. I learn how to solder. I improve my cooking skills.

4. Learn new job skills. Job skills is a separate promise. I'm reviewing my Excel, Access, and SQL. I'm learning forecasting, standard deviation, and dashboards. There are new job skills to learn for my next long-term career.

5. Live independently. It's time to move out. It's time to make my own choices, control more of my life, live a good life consistency, and be more proactive for myself. I find my own residence. I want to organize my own gatherings. Gatherings are a good opportunity to meet new people. I want to organize Mahjong (Riichi) tournaments, board game nights, TV & movie marathons, social gatherings, and Chow Mein potluck.

6. Get married. I believe the ultimate happiness is being in love. I believe I find the woman of my life. Your parents met and got married. My parents met and got married. You and I find the love of our life.

7. No hoarding. An indefinite promise. No hoarding. Hoarding is a waste of time because time buying useless goods, waste of space in my residence, and a waste of money for which I could spend on more important goods or services.

8. Stay in shape. Another indefinite promise. Physical fitness is important for a good long life; in particular, a good sex life. Think with your penis.


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Past Caught Up With Me

I ignored some problems when I was younger. I denied some problems when I was younger. My parents raised me ignoring my problems and they went away. I thought they went away during my young adulthood. I'm living my middle years. Most of my problems I ignored, I denied, and my parents ignored are going against me today. The past problems I failed to solve caught up with me.

Steve Jobs lived his life ignoring problems. Ignore the problems and they go away. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. I think back to my past problems. A few of them went away. The biggest past problems are affecting me now. They are the following:

*Boring life. The short description describing my past life. The long description describing my past life: an inactive life, a limited life, taking life for granted, a conservative life, and a life inside a protective shell. I wasn't adventurous. I didn't want to experience new experiences. I gained nothing because I didn't venture out. I failed to innovate infinitely.

The boring life wasn't one of my biggest past problems. It was a poor lifestyle which caught up to me falling behind in life.

*Poor job skills. I worked in commercial real estate for 8.5 years after college. I also worked in telecommunications as a business analyst for 18 months. The skills and knowledge as a research analyst were parallel as a business analyst. I didn't learn anything new.

Fast forward to the present. My poor job skills caught up. My failure to learn new skills caught up. The job market is tough. My lack of job skills and my lack of job experience are hindering me applying for some jobs.

I'm happy living alone. I lived a content life living alone. I had a few friends throughout my 20s. I didn't make friends at San Jose State. Fortunately, I started making friends when I turned 30. Most of my friends naturally separated to follow their life desires.

I was wrong being happy living alone. I need more friends. I need more circle of friends. I'm seeking new friendships.

Living at home after college. I found my first job six months after I graduated. I didn't move out of the house. I never moved out.

I believe living with my parents is the bottom line to my biggest past problems. I live at home being sheltered. I couldn't bring friends over. I didn't seek new adventures. I didn't experience new experiences. I lived a conservative life. I took life for granted. I needed none of those new adventures, new experiences, new friends, and new job skills. I didn't have any interest broadening my life. I didn't experience and I didn't know the adult life living responsible, strong, independent, and to earn successes; moreover, learning from life experience failures and finding who I really am outside the house.

There Is Hope

I'm an example of a late bloomer. I'm not giving up to live an independent mature adult. I have goals to accomplish. The goals are finding a permanent job, move out of the house, find new friends, and learn new job skills indefinitely. I want to be stronger, smarter, kinder, and wiser. I'm not going to let life pass me by. I continue to catch up what I missed in my younger years. There are more adventures to seek. There are new experiences to experience. All present problems are dealt with. There is a sense of urgency. I want to live an active life. No sedentary life. I forgive myself ignoring my past problems.


Sunday, June 07, 2015

I Was Lost

I thought I knew everything. I took life for granted such that nothing bad happens to me. I was lucky nothing bad happened throughout most of my life. Nothing bad happened to me from the time I was born to Sep 2008. There were small bad moments easily solved. There was nothing tragic. No bad event changed my life permanently. What happened on Sep 2008? I was lost.

I didn't know what was going on. I was confused. I was weak. The world told me I knew nothing about living a mature adult life. I was ignorant. I was naive. Living a life free from big conflicts, major catastrophes, and tragedies gave me a false sense of security my life was easy.

My life changed forever on Sat Oct 4, 2008. I realized I must grow up. I began finding the real Raymond Mar. I started a new life catching up what I missed when I was young. I started a new life being a responsible, strong, smart, kind, and wise adult. I learned never take life for granted. I must earn my successes. I was a beginner again ready to learn what I should have learned when I was younger. I was a beginner again ready to experience new experiences and seek new adventures.

The changes were immediate. The new experiences happened immediately. The new adventures were sought immediately. Here is a sample:

*Changes: new clothes, upgraded my personal PC, and a new gym workout.
*Experiences: indoor wall climbing, read more fiction books such that I read 75% fiction and 25% nonfiction, and ballroom dancing.
*Adventures: unafraid to eat new foods, outdoor hiking, and watch fireworks during New Year's Eve.

There's still more work to continue finding Raymond Mar. Get better never ends. I never master Raymond Mar's life. There's more to learn.


Friday, June 05, 2015

Life Rule Number 9: Welcome A Roller Coaster Life

Blogger's note: Today's blog is posted at both Innovating Common Knowledge and Finding Raymond Mar blogs.

I discover life rule number 9 today. I combine my personal life puzzle success pieces together. Here are the puzzle pieces below:

*Fight the pain, the suffering, and the struggles to keep living.

*Never stop learning. Never stop innovating. Get better every day from head to toe. Exercise your body from head to toe. Get stronger, smarter, kinder, and wiser.

*Go with the flow.

*Have faith. Believe in myself.

*Trust what I'm doing now helps me succeed later.

*Control what I can control. Don't control what I can't control.

Life has many ups and downs like a roller coaster at an amusement park. It's life. People have up days, weeks, months, years, and seasons. People have down days, weeks, months, years, and seasons. Go with the flow. A person must continue getting better regardless whether a person is up or down. Never stop learning. Never stop innovating.

I control what I can control. I can't control what I can't control. Sometimes I can't control the bad events. My recent bad event is I'm unemployed. I'm looking for a job. I feel terrible being unemployed. I fight the pain and the suffering for each rejection. I struggle applying to jobs I quality knowingly there's someone better. I control my actions being unemployed. I exercise my body from head to toe. I work out at the gym to stay physically fit. I learn new job skills such as dashboards and simple linear regression. I refresh my existing job skills such as SQL and Excel. I trust what I'm doing now helps me find a job soon. I have faith I find a new job soon.

I believe my roller coaster currently going down is going up soon. I continue to get stronger, smarter, kinder, and wiser when my roller coaster starts going up again. I get better physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially every day in good times and bad times.

There are other moments which cause my roller coaster going down. I lose good people in my life. I'm involve in a car accident with injuries and/or losing my car. A natural disaster affects my family. I'm sick for an extended period. My health is affected with a long-term illness. I have financial problems. Somebody filed a lawsuit against me. Unemployment has caused my roller coaster going down the most since Oct 2008. I find long-term employment soon.

I introduce my daily life rule number 9 "Welcome a roller coaster life". The companies who terminated my contracts are welcomed into my life. The good people who said goodbye to my life are still welcomed in my life. I welcome the good people who are still part of my life. The lonely feelings yesterday and today are welcomed into my life. I welcome my leisure activities. My limits buying goods and services are welcomed into my life. My boring household is welcomed into my life. I welcome cooking and cleaning at home. My job rejections are welcomed into my life. I welcome the job searching seven days a week. My Gaming PC which broke in Dec 2014 I upgraded and renamed Raymond's PC is welcomed into my life. I welcome my gym workouts four days a week.

I took a picture of my roller coaster life since 2000 not in scale:

2000 started on a bad note with the dot com crash. Fast forward to March 2007 which began the longest roller coaster descent. 2007 overall was my worse year which continued to Sep 2008. The recovery began on Oct 4, 2008 when I realized I must grow up. I found a job in Nov 2013 and another job in Nov 2014 which ended those two years on a high note. Jun 2015 is going down because my Nov 2014 contract job was satisfied.

My life daily rules in its entirety below:

1. Don't criticize, condemn, and complain, and don't compare with others.
2. Don't act like a jerk or bitch.
3. Always speak calmly and be calm.
4. Don't daydream when driving.
5. Keep your head up high . . . look at their cute face when talking.
6. Breath with your nose and stand up straight.
7. Have faith. Believe in yourself.
8. Let me think. Be discrete.
9. Welcome a roller coaster life.


Thursday, June 04, 2015

What If I Have One Million Dollars?

My answer to the question is continuing faith in humanity. There are people who need help. Most of these people live honest lives. Most of these people live good lives. Most of these people are doing their best. Most of these people need a break. I want to help these people. I use all my million dollars to help people. Help an organization repair their transportation trucks. Give money to a street vendor trying to make ends meet. Tip 200% to a server down on his or her luck. Anonymous surprise donations. Buy groceries to needy families. We're human beings. I behave a good human being helping other people. There is faith in humanity. The faith keeps the good. The world continues without ending.

I'm happy living modestly. A reasonable size residence requiring one hour to vacuum, to dust, to clean the bathrooms, and to mop the floors. A reliable car with low maintenance costs. A decent set of clothes without breaking my bank account. No worries about too many material objects because I forbid hoarding. Most of my leisure life involves reduced costs.

I use my money to create action. I use my money to show appreciation to people helping me.

Side note: Watch the miracle on 6 train on YouTube. I want to be the giving person. No video recording me necessary. I give. I leave.


Tuesday, June 02, 2015

I Blog, You Comment Tue Jun 2, 2015

Please provide me with your comments, opinions, and feedback at

I wrote Tell Me You Games to help people socialize in a social setting and communicate in a professional setting. Some people need games to talk.

Good game ideas. I used some of your suggestions in corporate outings. I also used some of your suggestions to introduce a new employee to a new team. --Katie Bridges, Pensacola, FL

We play board games. I knew there's going to be a moment in time we're going to have to know each other outside the [dice], meeples, and workers. I suggested one of your ideas. Now we spend time socializing when we're not playing games. We go outside and do something else. --Lamar Morris, Billerica, MA

My circle of friends have been hangin out for 5 years. We played two of those games one night. Man, we opened up big time! --Jack Martin, Mesa, AZ

Good timing. We played Sports Interview. I someone improved my interviewing skills. I got an interview the next week. I got the job! Thanks for the blog sir. --Wallace Sparks, Campbell, CA

I received positive feedback from wives and old men on their sex lives. Think With Your Penis saved marriages and extended men's lifespan.

I showed my husband your blog. We have sex three times a week. My husband is 55. I'm 53. --Lisa Johnston, Ireland

I read your blog. Changes in my life were immediate. I felt more energy. Felt more happier. Saved money from buying beer. I lost 20 pounds on the treadmill. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm ready to date ladies very soon. This 60 year old stud is coming back. --Eric George, Chester, PA

Your penis blog saved us money. One, we spend more time in the bedroom. Two, we spend more time in the gym, meaning less time going out to eat and eating when we're bored. Three, no more blue pills. --Alexis Stevens, New Britain, CT

No more blue pill for my hubby. --Bonnie Joseph, Southampton, PA (and many more)

I started the read books again. Erotica. Nobody shouldn't have the excuse not to read books. Sexy books. --Jane Parker, Toronto, Canada

As a dentist taking care of my patients, I pay particular attention to the men and women who do a poor job taking care of their mouths. Poor mouths equal no oral sex. --Maurice Austin, Louisville, KY

Sex is a motivator. In all honestly, my husband takes care of himself. He looks like the man I married 20 years ago and 30 pounds lighter. I reward him with a b**w j*b --Linda Abbott, Rome, NY

There is a common saying "use it or lose it". We lose it when we stop doing it for a long time. I applied "use it or lose it" to my extended unemployment after college in 2011-2013. I lost most of my job skills such as Excel and most of my job strengths such as analysis. "Use it or lose it" applies to everything we must take nothing for granted. The feedback in Exercise Your Body From Head To Toe Inside And Outside confirms some people and I train everyday even as masters of their specialties.

I loved the way your wrote your blog. Basically, take nothing for granted. --Claire Wong, Appleton, WI

I'm a season ticket holder to the Bears, Cubs, and Bulls. I watch the athletes warm in during pre-game. I tell you they train everyday because their major league professions. They train everyday. They miss workouts and practice for an extended period, then they're out of a job. -- Franklin Martin

I think the world don't remember how to sleep and don't remember how to move their bodies. We're a bunch of lazy people sitting in front of our computers. Some of us believe we have lots of friends . . . online friends we never saw face to face. Sad world. I remember the old days we call each other on the telephone to spend days together. Most of the time it's outdoors moving around in a physical activity. --Joanne Watkins, East Meadow, NY

Sleep is my spiritual practice. Sleep was My Spirituality Discovery. If you don't have any spirituality, then join the sleep spiritual movement. It's your spiritual part of your life.

Kudos. Bravo. Having the knowledge, the conscious that sleep is my spiritual side of my life, I feel better when I wake up in the morning. --Sophia Armstrong, Grayslake, IL

I shared positives about my parents raising me when I was a child in My Parents Raised My Correctly.

I'm a regular reader of your blogs. I was waiting for some good news regarding your parents. --Ben Morton, Bergenfield, NJ

I thought my parents were the worse parents. I'm similar to you. I'm a late bloomer. I discovered many life lessons on my own. Like your parents, it was better I discovered myself. My parents would have taught me bad life lessons. --Bobby Flowers, Harrisonburg, VA

You parents are not bad parents. They were not abusive. Abusive, neglect, endangerment. Those are the worse parents. Period. Nothing else comes close to bad parents. --Celia Sanchez, Los Angeles, CA

As a social worker, you're parents are good parents. They did something right. You're not a criminal. You're not lazy. You're responsible. You have goals. I wish you the best! --Lindsay Adams

Your parents provided food on the table, shelter, and clothes. Good parents in my book. Just think of some children with at least one of those missing. --Stella Gross, Eugene, OR

Life changes daily. I shared some observations each day is a change in people's lives. Some changes are expected. Some changes happen suddenly. Some changes are triumph. Some changes are tragic. A Sample Of Changes Everyday mentions weather and beauty.

I think the best change in a person's life is wisdom. The wrinkles in my body are my life marks telling the world I changed for the best in my life. --Percy Burns, Clinton Township, MI

I remember in my 20s my life [wasn't] going to change. I liked the life then. I remember in my 30s my life [wasn't] going to change. It did and I didn't like the life then. I remember in my 40s my life [wasn't] going to change. It did and I didn't the life then. I'm in my 70s. Looking back, there was nothing I could do to avoid change. I hated my looks in my 40s. I hated my body. I hated the stress. I hated the extra responsibilities. I hated my life's twist and turns. I wised up in my late 60s. I welcomed changed. I welcomed the good and the bad in life, and the ugly. I should have smiled more. The lack of smile was my biggest life mistake. --Dianne Greer, New York, New York

Did you read "Who Moved My Cheese"? by Spencer Johnson --Jan McKinney, Apex, NC