Saturday, June 26, 2010

De Anza Week June 21, 2010

Mon June 21, 2010

Taking the Mon night class instead of the Wed night class was the best choice in Spring '10 quarter. I had lots of fun. The negative was the men having problems learning basics of the basics. The class stayed past 9:15 for the final. We learned another move for the Hustle. Then we reviewed all the dances we learned: Nite Club Two Step, Tango, East Coast Swing, and the Rumba. Five dances. Great class. It's unfortunate almost all of the couples were frustrated and had trouble learning. The key is rotating partners. On the other hand, most of the men having problems I don't blame the women not wanting to rotate.

The class was not full. I'm guessing some students dropped and some students didn't show up for the final. I heard one student had an excuse.

Tue June 22, 2010

The first day of finals. My first final is Acct 66 Cost Accounting. The last day of class the instructor told us what to expect for the final. We got the chapters, the questions asked, the questions guaranteed on the final, and the bonus problem which was the last chapter we didn't finish. Student should score high on the final when we do the homework for the problem section and read the chapter for the multiple choice. I studied the same way I prepared for the second mid-term. The final is the chapters after the second mid-term. It's not cumulative.

The students got the final. What the fuck! One of the multiple choice questions was from the second mid-term; fortunately it was easy. One of the problems was on the last chapter. The students protested. The instructor didn't remember saying the last chapter is the bonus question. I wrote the bonus question topic for the last chapter in my notes, and I studied it. Also, one of the multiple choice questions was from the last chapter. I'm lucky I knew the answer. I was wrong regarding the instructor who said he wrote the final weeks before finals. He did write the final because it contained questions from the last chapter. He must have a grudge against something and taking it out us students. And he's lazy he didn't change the final. He must have played the ignorance card.

The solution was the last chapter became a bonus question. That question was beyond what I studied. He adjusted the points to the five multiple choice questions and the two problems. How well did I do? I froze. It proves I'm human and I'm not perfect. I got all the multiple choice questions. One of the problems the numbers didn't add up. I'm confident I applied the formulas correctly. He said there is no answer with zero. I got two answers with zero. Oh, well. The grade doesn't count when I transfer to a four year college.

I don't remember a San Jose State professor giving a final that contained material the professor never lectured and not assigned as homework.

I learned a lesson today. Eat well on exam day. Today I failed to eat well. I ate a good breakfast. I ate a poor lunch. I should have been more active regarding lunch in the house. There were leftovers for lunch. I didn't like what my mom cooked last night. I ate a McDonalds. Bad move. My poor lunch was a factor for the Acct 66 final. My Acct 1C final is in the morning. A good breakfast take cares for Acct 1C. My Bus 18 is at 4pm. I take an active role to make sure I have a good lunch at home for the Bus 18 final.

Thur June 24, 2010

I talked to a friend who knew somebody who took Acct 1A with my Acct 66 instructor. She said he was terrible. If I took my Acct 66 instructor for my Acct 1A, I might have lost interested in getting an AA in accounting.

Today was my Acct 1C Managerial Accounting final. The final was 50% cumulative and 50% chapter 26. 50% of the final was multiple choice and true/false and 50% was problems. I didn't know the answers to two multiple choice and three true/false. I confident I got the problems. I know I got a passing grade. I got 100% on my Excel project. It looks great I'm getting an A.

I went out to lunch with a friend. We went to Potsticker King restaurant which is about 5 min drive from De Anza. The potstickers are huge. He was nice and treated me to lunch.

The last final is Bus 18. I spend time today and tomorrow studying. The final is at 4pm.

Fri June 25, 2010

My last final is Bus 18 Business Law. The final is actually mid-term #4. She starts the class with a 20 minute Q&A, a 5 minute break, and then the mid-term. I studied earlier today resulting in me arriving at 4:15pm. I missed the Q&A which was not a problem.

The final was easy in one way and hard in another way. It was easy because some questions the answers were obvious. It was also hard because there were lots of questions that required thinking. I know I earned a passing grade.

I went to the bookstore to sell my Bus 18 and Acct 66 textbooks. The De Anza bookstore and Premier bookstore were closed at 5pm. A friend told me to sell at Premier because they pay higher. I visit Premier tomorrow.


Spring '10 was the fastest quarter for me. The spring vacation helped me relax from a crazy Winter '10 quarter. Everyone was eager to start Spring '10 in contrast to Winter '10 when nobody wanted to attend class on the first day. Spring '10 started to get too routine after the Memorial Day weekend. The month of June went really fast! I wanted the quarter to end because I was getting bored.

The lesson I learned was timing is everything. Timing was in my favor and timing was not in my favor. Each quarter I have learned a life lesson or I reinforced a life lesson I learned in the past. I failed to learn these lessons at San Jose State.

I may be taking a summer class. The class is Excel. I'm currently wait listed. If I get Excel, then it's one less class to take in Fall '10. The self paced Excel class is easy. I'm unemployed and I have the time. The timing is perfect.

I hope Fall '10 I have no breaks. One of my pet peeves attending college is breaks between class. Spring '10 I had a 45 minute break between Bus 18 and Acct 66. That was okay because I didn't need to bring my laptop to pass the time. Winter '10 was worse.

The quarter is over. It's time to catch up and time to write Innovating Common Knowledge blogs.

I'm A Good Guy Growing Up Finding Raymond Mar

Friday, June 18, 2010

De Anza Week June 14, 2010

Mon June 14, 2010

Ballroom dancing is hard. Most of the students taking ballroom dancing thought it was an easy physical ed class. Wrong. Basketball is easier IMO. Bad timing my class has boys, I mean men, who have trouble. I write down what I learned after class at home. I reviewed my notes for Nite Club Two Step, Rumba, and Tango before class. My review took time. There are lots to learn and remember to be a good dancer. Ballroom dancing is hard. Anyone can dance. To dance well, you need time and practice.

We reviewed the Nite Club Two Step including the procedures how to enter and exit the stage. Then we danced the Rumba. The last 25 minutes we learned the Hustle. The Hustle is a faster dance. I remember the patterns from Fall '09. I know the patterns. My footwork needs improvement.

Last weekend and before dancing, I'm catching up on my classes. I read two chapters and completed the homework for Bus 18. I read one chapter and completed the homework for Acct 1C. I started studying three of the six chapters for the Acct 66 final. The Acct 66 final worries me. As of now, nobody knows what's going to be on the final. There are lots to know including the material.

Tue June 15, 2010

I didn't have an appetite for food. Eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner were boring. I'm happy Thur is the last day of lecture classes for me. I'm tired of the usual routine. I felt like eating fries. I ordered a burger combo at the cafeteria. I ate the fries and I was reminded why I don't eat food at the cafeteria anymore. I ate half of my fries. I'm tired eating Japanese food for my late lunch.

I felt a little confidence in Acct 66 after studying three chapters for the final. The last chapter in the green sheet is skipped. I'm tired yet upbeat for finals next week. The last mid-term is Acct 1C on Thur. Tonight I study Acct 1C and review the three chapters in Acct 66. Tomorrow, I study in full Acct 1C, study a new chapter in Acct 66, and start studying for Bus 18.

I helped a few students for the Excel project in Acct 1C. The project is due Thur. I finished the project last weekend. It was a huge relief to complete ahead of the due date. My group project for Acct 1B we finished minutes before class started.

Thur June 17, 2010

I rushed to school because my last mid-term was today. The Acct 1C mid-term was straightforward and I finished ten minutes early. There were two multiple choice questions I had no idea. I changed two multiple choice answers, and one of changes was the correct change. Common knowledge is never change multiple choice answers. I'm an exception.

The students turned in the Excel project after the mid-term and after class. Some students didn't finish the project because they didn’t know how to print the formulas. I say 33% of the class knows basic Excel. That's sad for business students. The instructor said printing the formulas were required.

I looked at my third mid-term for Bus 18. I got a 90% which is good because I crammed in two days. The questions I missed I had no idea the answers. One of my multiple choice answers I changed was the correct change. The second change I was wrong and I was wrong initially. The end of the class the instructor told everyone a brief bio how she became a lawyer and how she choose to teach. Her childhood was not a happy one. She worked her way through college, and she dropped twice. Her first job she worked in a bank.

I walked to the campus center after Bus 18 thinking what I want to eat for lunch. I choose to eat Chinese just outside the cafeteria. I didn't want to eat at the cafeteria. I didn't feel like driving to a restaurant. The campus center showed a movie in Spanish with English subtitles. It better not be a documentary. On Tues, there was a documentary about a gang in Central America that has over 5,000 members. The movie was about how Mexico smuggled drugs to the USA.

In Acct 66, we finished chapter 16. Time was going so fast the instructor had little time to review the chapter 17 homework. The class urged the instructor to exclude chapter 17 from the final. The bonus question is from chapter 17. The last ten minutes the instructor told the students what's on the final. The chapters included are 12, 13, 14, and 16. My observation told me the instructor was not happy today because he said, "I already written the final." I don't think he did.

I may be taking summer school. I talked to a classmate who's taking an Excel class over the summer. Excel is a required class for my AA degree. The class is waitlisted. I try to add on the first day. Excel is an easy class. Taking the class over the summer is perfect because I have one less class to worry about for Fall '10.

I was happy at 8pm lecture classes are over for me. The routine became too routine. This weekend is studying for finals.

I'm A Good Guy Growing Up Finding Raymond Mar

Friday, June 11, 2010

De Anza Week June 7, 2010

Mon June 7, 2010

The leaders are boys. Leaders are men, not boys. I'm disappointed most of the men in my dance class are slow learners. Bad timing. In Winter '10, most of the ladies had trouble learning. We reviewed the Nite Club Two Step. The next dance we learned was the Rumba. It was the first time I learned Rumba.

There were couples that didn't want to switch partners. I respect that. They must stay on the sides. Most don't stay on the sides. I might have never mentioned the following before: My class always had trouble forming dance lines. Unbelievable.

Tue June 8, 2010

If I wanted to skip a day of classes, today was the day. I was tired throughout the day. I had a headache. I didn't focus in Acct 1C. I thought my body automatically shut off my brain to conserve my brain power for the Bus 18 mid-term. I'm not the only one throughout campus tired and unfocused. Most students I observed were like me.

I successfully concentrated and focused taking the Bus 18 mid-term. I know I didn't get an A. I'm confident I passed. Bus 18 and Acct 66 are the classes I have the final to study. I have one more mid-term which is Acct 1C. Tomorrow, I start catching up with Acct 1C and start studying for the Acct 66 final. If I have time, I read the next chapter for Bus 18. And I continue working on the Acct 1C Excel project.

There was no lecture after the Bus 18 mid-term. I shopped at Target for after shave lotion and a Tide To Go stain remover. The prices at Target are much lower than drug stores. I shop at drug stores for sales; otherwise, I shop at Target for bare necessities. On second thought, I should shop at Target for most of my bare necessities. I shop at Costco if it carries my brands. I ate my late lunch at Baja Fresh. I ordered the Dos Monios burrito not on the menu. I must mention when I order the Dos Monios.

Acct 66 was another boring class. I have homework due on Thur.

Thur June 10, 2010

Yesterday started catching up with school work. Yesterday was also the day I catch up with my body. I started working on Acct 66 chapter 15 and then I felt sleepy. I slept throughout the afternoon. It was refreshing. I finished most of the homework and I read chapter 24 for Acct 1C. It was a good catch up. It could have been better if I slept less and started studying for Acct 66 final.

One of my classmates interviewed for an internship earlier in the week. He got it. Congrats! He gave me a copy of weight lifting workout videos. I share him my workout schedules.

I got a 90% on the third mid-term for Bus 18. I'm happy with the score because I crammed five chapters in two days. The final is three chapters. I printed the powerpoint lecture slides for the rest of the class meetings to assist in preparing for the final more efficiently. I write key points the instructor mentioned on the printouts.

Talk about making babies. I chatted with two of my classmates in my Acct 66 in the campus center. I ate my left over burrito from Tues. One of the classmates told us her teenage son is going to be a father. I told her I know people young and old who are going to have a baby.

It was another boring class in Acct 66. Fortunately, the time went by faster than Tuesday. It's possible we're not going to cover the last chapter for the final. I hope so. This weekend is major school catch up in all my classes.

I'm A Good Guy Growing Up Finding Raymond Mar

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Dos Monos

The burrito Dos Monos from Baja Fresh is not on the menu. You must order it off the menu. The burrito is huge.

Friday, June 04, 2010

De Anza Week May 31, 2010

Mon May 31, 2010

No school. Memorial Day weekend.

Tue June 1, 2010

We got our second mid-term scores. I arrived late. I entered the door and the instructor called my name to get my mid-term. Good timing, lol. The instructor was not happy. She was more angry than the first mid-term in Acct 1B. One person almost got a perfect. There were three students who scored above 88%. I was one of the three. I got a 90%.

Note to self: eat Milky Way candy bars cold.

I forgot to mention the second mid-term for Bus 18 the instructor added four points for the curve. There were two announcements. The first announcement was class on Thur June 10 is not cancelled. The second announcement is the third mid-term is delayed from Thur June 3 to Tue June 8. This weekend I'm cramming.

I got a 105% for the Acct 66 mid-term. The extra credit increased my score above 100%. The adjustments for studying the class paid off. Unbelievable! One question was difficult I actually answered most of it correctly.

Thur June 3, 2010

The last quiz for Acct 1C was taken. I got an 8 out of 10. Not too bad for me not reading chapter 24 and not doing the homework. The chapter is almost completed.

This weekend I'm cramming four chapters for Tue's mid-term in Bus 18. I have a homework assignment to help me study.

After Bus 18 I went home because I forgot to put the defrosted chicken in the refrigerator. I stopped at McDonalds for a 10 piece chicken mcnugget combo dinner. Throughout the day I have been eating out: breakfast, lunch, snacks. All the food I ate I purchased.

I arrived 15 minutes late for Acct 66C. The instructor jokingly asked "Why I was late?" I got caught off guard I had no response. I sarcastically sprinted to my seat. The class was boring again. I focused on the lecture and copying the homework from the projector.

This weekend is catch up on all schoolwork.

I'm A Good Guy Growing Up Finding Raymond Mar

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

De Anza Week May 24, 2010

Mon May 24, 2010

I arrive five minutes early for class and the class starts 20 minutes late. The assistant and most of the students arrived late. I chatted with my classmates while we waited. Less couples attended tonight's class. The couple that argued last week attended class and they continued fighting.

The first dance we reviewed and improved the Nite Club Two Step. I received one-on-one correction on my Two Step. Place my foot down more further away from me than I think for the basic. The tip worked. The next dance was the East Coast Swing. Some students hated the dance. I like it. East Coast is better than the West Coast in my opinion. The next dance we learned the Rumba. The Rumba is a first for me.

I chatted after class talking random stuff.

Tue May 25, 2010

Two mid-terms today. The first mid-term was Acct 1C. The multiple choice and true/false were straightforward. I can't believe there were two questions on the cost-volume-profit graphs. I hope I got the questions correct. The problems were tricky. I had to ask the instructor twice for clarification. The clarification helped. One of the problems was not from the homework. That's interesting because all of her mid-terms I took in the past were straight from the homework.

The second mid-term was Acct 66. I hope he curves the mid-term because one of the questions was not from the homework. The concept was from the homework. I found that problem hard to apply the concept. The rest of the problems were from the homework. One of the five multiple choice was from the first mid-term. What the hell. I hope I answered correctly. The mid-term was difficult.

Tonight and Wed I work on Bus 18.

Thur May 27, 2010

I forgot to mention after the second mid-term in Acct 1C the instructor told us the Excel class project. The project is five problems in Chap 23. My first impression is the project takes time to complete.

Another assignment in Acct 1C is the Student Learning Objective online quiz. We get two bonus points for completing the 30 minute online quiz. The quiz is assigned on Wed June 2.

I looked at my Bus 18 second mid-term. I misread two questions I should have answered correctly. The questions were straightforward. Everytime I proofread my multiple choice answers I found any error, correct it, and get the answer correct. I never proofread when I attended San Jose State. New rule: check your multiple choice answers. The probability is high I find an error, correct it, and earned the points.

Throughout the day everyone is thinking about the Memorial Day weekend. The instructors did a good job keeping the class going without slowing down. I'm thinking about Fanime Con the positives and any negatives I want to avoid or to minimize. I have no class on Mon May 31 because of Memorial Day.

I'm A Good Guy Growing Up Finding Raymond Mar