Saturday, December 31, 2016

Highlight And Favorite 2015 Tweets

Here are my 35 highlight Tweets and 5 favorite Favorites Tweets in 2015. My Twitter Account is @inin61 Enjoy!


Jan 10: A feral cat is a domesticated cat returned to the wild. In contrast, a stray cat is a pet cat lost or abandoned. #mynewwordoftheday

Jan 11: I'm not a spiritual expert. Part of my [spiritual] practice is rest and sleep. Rest the body. Rest the mind. Rest the heart. Rest the soul.

Feb 7: The play was simple. Give Lynch the ball. Needed one yard. Beast mode can do it.

Feb 7: The Seahawks last play resulting in the Patriots Super Bowl clinching interception was an example of analysis paralysis.

Feb 7: 30 seconds remaining. One timeout. Seahawks had complete control of the game.

Feb 12: Mentioning guests pay for their meals in an invitation is wrong etiquette. It's expected the host pays.

Feb 12: On the other hand, guests are expected to pay for their own meals in an organized event. Note the distinct words invite and organize.

Feb 17: Carbon monoxide is produced when fossil fuels burn incompletely due to insufficient oxygen. #mytriviaoftheday

Mar 4: What is your self-respect? How do you respect yourself? #somethingtothinkabout

Mar 4: Here are three simple behavioral techniques salespeople use. First, invoke social norming or social peer pressure.

Mar 4: The salesperson starts the statement saying, "Many people like you . . . "

Mar 4: Also, there's continuing reinforcement or leading the customer. "Most people choose B, but you can choose A or C.

Mar 4: Second, loss aversion. Avoid loss.

Mar 4: The salesperson starts the statement saying, "I wouldn't want you to miss out . . . "

Mar 4: Third, think positive.

Mar 4: The salesperson starts the statement saying, "We are so confident you stay with us you can cancel anytime . . . "

Mar 4: Finally, there's scarcity. We hear and read it everyday. "Limited time only." And "*insert number* at this price."

Mar 20: Author Terry Pratchett past away at 66. I read #Hogfather and #GoodOmens He announced suffering early Alzheimer's in Dec 2007.

Apr 5: I never picture myself eating out every day. For instance, too much sodium eating out.

Apr 20: Author Edward Jay Epstein who wrote "The Rise And Fall Of Diamonds" says the top USA possessions are televisions, diamonds, and children.

Apr 30: Write a letter to your 20 year old self and give advice from all you've learned.

Apr 30: My letter to 20 year old @inin61 is three advice. 1. Always meet new people. 2. Get a part-time job. 3. Don't take life for granted.

Apr 30: P.S. Stay hungry, stay foolish.

May 8: RT @DaminAltizer: 3-Stars, No ranking, No high major offers...soon to be MVP. YOU decide your future, your work ethic makes it happen!

Jun 6: Hoarding is hell.

Jun 17: Be modest because you may be wrong.

Jun 21: Pelicans + Grizzles + Rockets + Cavaliers = NBA Finals #dubnation #GSWarriors #nbafinals

Aug 15: I lost 10 pounds.

Sep 4: In Excel, Ctrl + Delete deletes text from the insertion point or blinking cursor in the active cell to the end of the cell contents.

Sep 7: Ctrl + Shift + " copies the value in the cell above the active cell in Excel.

Sep 9: Wash dishes at the sink using your non-dominate hand. You experience a different feeling. Be intelligent. Stainless steel, plastic,

Sep 9: metal, and styrofoam wash with your other hand. Nothing sharp, no glass, and no ceramic. Don't injure

Sep 9: The simple challenge. Do something different using your brain.

Sep 18: I hate to say it assholes. The good guys and good gals outnumber you on planet Earth. #human

Sep 18: Are you a good guy or good gal, or are you an asshole? Think carefully.

Favorite Favorites

May 27: @SportsCenter, Steph Curry made a promise in 2009... 2015, Warriors reach NBA Finals.

Dec 11: @inin61, Jobs also told the Mac team, "The journey is the reward". One future day everyone looked back thinking building the Mac was a great moment.

Dec 19: @HistoricalPics, This is why you should never give up

Dec 27: @awkwardgoogle, Never give up

Dec 28: @HistoricalPics, An audience of one is all you need, 1955.


Saturday, December 17, 2016

A Second Look At 2015

It's the time I look back at my 2015 blogs to give myself feedback. The goal is the same as past second looks: relearning from my mistakes, reinforcing my lessons, reminding myself my moments, refreshing acquired knowledge, rediscovering new wisdom, and correcting errant blogs. These blogs are also the 2015 best blogs.

There are 18 blogs for A Second Look 2015. There were 17 blogs for A Second Look 2014 and 11 blogs for A Second Look 2013. These 18 blogs are spread throughout the year. The breakdown: Jan has 3, Feb has 1, Mar has 3, Apr 1, Jun 2, Jul 3, Aug 1, Oct 3, and Nov has 1. I continue my second looks in Dec because I want a full year to think about my past year.

I provide the title and link to the original blog, date, summary, and my feedback. Enjoy!

Blog Title: 1. Exercise Your Body From Head To Toe Inside And Outside
Date: Tuesday January 6, 2015
Summary: Use it or lose it. Use your abilities physically, mentally, and emotionally. Otherwise, you lose them.
Feedback: The blog is another way to say maintain your body inside and outside.

Blog Title: 2. My Spirituality Discovery
Date: Sunday January 11, 2015
Summary: Reading my personal bible once a week and sleeping seven nights a week are my spiritual discoveries.
Feedback: The next job my spiritual practice sleeping is a weekday priority. I admit I haven't read my personal bible weekly for months. Ironically, I have been productive completing my responsibilities one at a time. No rushing. Minimize stress. I pace myself. Fortunately, I remember most of my personal bible I recite at times I need encouragement.

Blog Title: 3. Go Get My Life
Date: Saturday January 31, 2015
Summary: Getting a life requires working. A good life is not given on a silver platter. Be responsible. Don't take life for granted.
Feedback: I wonder if I wrote the blog in 2007, then I tell myself I'm full of shit. 2007 was the year I took all my successes and fortunes for granted. The blog above is I'm a man of my word today sincerely and truthfully. I continue learning new job skills. I workout at the gym. Moreover, I'm retired from anime. I say goodbye to anything and to anyone holding me back. I have more free time to earn a good life.

Although my past contract job ended up nowhere, I continue doing what I wrote. No wasting time. No jerking around. No taking my life for granted. Work and earn.

Blog Title: 4. A Sample Of Changes Everyday
Date: Friday February 27, 2015
Summary: I wrote four life changing samples humans experience. They were beauty, jobs, climate, and computer.
Feedback: Quoted for emphasis. Our looks change as we age. Many of us find another job. The weather patterns are changing. Technology innovates every day. Most changes are beyond our control.

Blog Title: 5. Work Sat Mar 7, 2015
Date: Saturday March 7, 2015
Summary: I drove on the carpool lane solo to work on Wed Feb 25 and Thur Feb 26 because there were two car accidents in those two day.
Feedback: I never drive on the carpool lane solo for the rest of my life regardless of time. I never drive on the carpool lane solo between the minutes before the carpool time starts and the minutes after the carpool time ends. Why? A police officer pulled over three solo drivers minutes before the carpool lane time ended on Thur Feb 26. I was lucky I merged out of the carpool lane.

Blog Title: 6. I Define Self-Respect
Date: Thursday March 12, 2015
Summary: My self-respect definition is live a good life. Take care of yourself. Be active. Avoid situations where you're uncomfortable.
Feedback: Here is another blog I wonder if I wrote the blog in 2007, then I tell myself I'm full of shit. To repeat, 2007 was the year I took all my successes and fortunes for granted. Self-respect is controlling more of your life. I want to control more of my life. I want to be in my driver's seat. Be professional. Avoid anything and anyone holding me back. Self-respect requires strength, courage, intelligence, and desire. Sometimes self-respect includes saying good-bye.

Blog Title: 7. My Girlfriend's Ultimatum Or Her French Black Dress
Date: Sunday March 15, 2015
Summary: The blog is from a dream. It tells me how to make my lover happy. Also, for the record, my lover must make me happy.
Feedback: Be the best. Never take my woman's love for granted. I want to be the person not to get the French Black Dress. Be strong. Be smart. Improve. Show the world the woman is happy being with me.

Blog Title: 8. Never Give Up Finding The Ultimate Happiness
Date: Saturday April 11, 2015
Summary: There is a human being meant to fall in love with another human being.
Feedback: The bullshit blog theme continues. I wonder if I wrote the blog in 2007, then I tell myself I'm full of shit. To repeat, 2007 was the year I took all my successes and fortunes for granted.

I believe it today. I'm always working on finding my ultimate happiness even when I'm unemployed and living with my parents. A lover makes happy life happier and sad life bearable. There is someone out there who's a match. There are an infinite amount of different people including geeks, boring people, introverts, book lovers, adventurers, wine lovers, and preppers.

Blog Title: 9. The Past Caught Up With Me
Date: Wednesday June 10, 2015
Summary: The problems I ignored in the past are affecting me in the present. Some of the problems included living a boring life and poor job skills.
Feedback: Checkpoint. How am I doing solving my past problems? They're a work in progress. I need more time. I'm optimistic my hard work catches me up what I missed pays off soon.

We live with problems. Nobody lives a life problem free. Carefree, worry free, and lazy people ignores problems. Eventually the problems come back in a negative way.

Blog Title: 10. My Manifesto Jun 11, 2015
Date: Thursday June 11, 2015
Summary: I wrote eight promises to live a good life. Some of the promises included get a job, live independently, and no hoarding.
Feedback: I need more time to accomplish the one shot goals. The indefinite promises are continuing accomplished.

Blog Title: 11. Top Ten Life Lessons From The Beatles
Date: Wednesday July 1, 2015
Summary: The ten life songs from The Beatles are Getting Better, You're Going To Lose That Girl, Here Comes The Sun, Something, Carry That Weight, We Can Work It Out, The Long And Winding Road, I've Got A Feeling, Get Back, and Let It Be.
Feedback: I repost to remind myself and my readers.

Blog Title: 12. Independence
Date: Friday July 3, 2015
Summary: The day I declare myself living independent is coming soon.
Feedback: Here is a 2015 bullshit blog. On the other hand, I wrote it on Independence Day weekend. Also, I have been repeating myself throughout 2015 my current life situation. In other words, duplicate blogs on how I'm getting better. Is it okay? I remind myself by repetition.

Blog Title: 13. Did I Make A Difference?
Date: Tuesday July 7, 2015
Summary: I recognize the people who helped me, taught me, and corrected me. I don't know how to pay back my debts for their assistance.
Feedback: I want to make a difference to other people. I have big debts to pay back. It's a question of when. I live my live in the driver seat. There are people who take a ride with me for which I make a different to all my passengers.

Blog Title: 14. Accept The Daily Adult Living
Date: Tuesday August 4, 2015
Summary: Strength, courage, flexibility, maturity, professionalism, and a grown-up behavior are required to live the adult life. No day is the same. Expect to be always behind in something. Be prepared for emergencies. Accept new challenges. Always meet new people. Stay active.
Feedback: Here is a good summary to live a good adult life; although, sometimes there are bad times. Nobody lives a 100% perfect easy life. Sometimes we must say no.

I see myself the life I described above as an adult. I hear stories and witnessed myself other people living the adult life above. Unfortunately, some of the adults do a poor job living the adult life. I live my adult life responsibility and intelligently.

Blog Title: 15. What I Learned Finishing CERT Academy Training?
Date: Wednesday October 7, 2015
Summary: One of the two concepts I learned was schools plant the seed. The responsibility to learn more and to become an expert is you. Don't take knowledge for granted. Never stop learning. Continue training. Continue refreshing. Innovate infinitely.
Feedback: Good parents encourage their children to infinitely learn. There's school vacation. There's no learning vacation. Continue learning something, anything. Likewise for adults. It's normal for a working adult to relax after a long day's work. Rest is required. No problem. Find some time in a calendar work week to learn something new. The learning can be job related or life related. The repetition is learning something new and reviewing something existing. Repeat infinitely.

In particular, the CERT 21 hour training planted the seed, started the motion what to learn and what to review, and continued learning. Similarly, I'm following the CERT self-learning attitude to learn Python, VBA, CSS, and JavaScript. There is so much to learn books and videos scratches the surfaces to become an expert. It takes time.

Blog Title: 16. Today I Want To Talk About Adventure
Date: Thursday October 8, 2015
Summary: Adventures are required to live a good life.
Feedback: Good adventures means a good life. Good stories attract good people or meet new people. Good stories mean a life without boredom. I have something to say. I don't have to stay something. Nobody wants to hear boring conversations.

Blog Title: 17. Yes Slow Down
Date: Friday October 9, 2015
Summary: Listen to your body. Get rest when you're tired.
Feedback: Eat your breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals daily. Never skip meals. I want to repeat. Sleep, take a breath, and pace yourself are all important.

Blog Title: 18. All The People In My Life
Date: Tuesday November 10, 2015
Summary: I ask myself the people I met in the past are doing better today. I want to be part of a group of people living a good life.
Feedback: I must make the blog true. My bullshit blogs end here. I don't take past people who helped me, shared their knowledge, and spent their time with me for granted. The next time these past people see me I'm a better Raymond Mar. I prove it to them. I prove it to the world. I nominated the blog for the blog of the year if there was an award.


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

My Dream Playing High School Basketball

I dreamed last night I played basketball in my high school basketball team. My PE teacher told me to join the team. I joined the team without tryouts. The coach said I'm in the team. The basketball team was co-ed.

The coach entered me in the game with five minutes remaining. The tallest player in the court was 5' 10". I was the tallest in my team on the court at 5' 8". The players for my team and the opposition team were short.

The score was close. Both teams struggled making baskets at the end. We scored the last basket down by two points. My long sleeve sweat jacket hindered my dribbling. I didn't know why I wore a sweat jacket over my jersey. I called timeout with 4.2 seconds. My team was in defense at the opposition side of the basket. Why did I call timeout? I didn't know. I called timeout. The coach drew up a play. The coach assigned me to stay at their basket for the opposition to inbound. Play resumed. The opposing player moved side-to-side keeping the ball without inbounding. I called timeout with 0.2 seconds remaining. The coach said I made a mistake. I said the opposition is holding the ball to run the clock out. The coach said each team has four seconds to inbound the ball. Really?!? I thought inbounding is five seconds, and 0.2 seconds is not enough time for a tap and shoot. My team lost the game.

I exited the gym. I saw the coach. I asked when's the next practice. He looked at me for three seconds. Then he walked away. I was puzzled. I asked a teammate the same question. She said we don't practice. We actually "hang out" somewhere. The somewhere was a comic book store and a pizza restaurant next to each other. The co-ed basketball team consisted of geeks, nerds, and sci-fi fans with average looks and weak bodies. We were not the typical high school cheerleader beauties and high school football players with big bodies. Then she taught me how to fill out the timecard for playing a high school sanctioned game. Four or five more teammates came to complete their timecards.

I was sad because the next basketball game was the final game of the season. I was a senior. I was the only senior in the team. I joked to the teammates I intentionally fail Physics to be a fifth year senior to play again. The teammates invited me to come to the next practice which was at the comic book store and pizza restaurant. A team chemistry was developed during my five minutes of playing time. Perhaps, a friendship chemistry, too. I make sure I get everyone's Facebook before I graduate.

What I got out of last night's dream for those who analyze dreams is we live only one life. I wished I played basketball with the co-ed team earlier. The best case scenario was at the beginning of my freshmen year. The minimum was at the beginning of the season as a senior. I make the best of the current situation which was make memories and make friendships for the game I played and the final game next week.


Sunday, December 11, 2016

Black Friday 2016

My Black Friday 2016 shopping was boring. My expectations were low for good deals. Many Black Friday sale goods were the same as 2015. There was no reason to wake up early.

My shopping started at 8:15am. The first store was Target. I purchased The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II on BD for $6 and The Wizard Of Oz on DVD for $4. I used a $5 Black Friday coupon discount for spending $10 or more. Bed Bath & Beyond was the second store using a 20% most purchases coupon given at the entrance. I purchased a 3-tier pole candy from Simple Solutions. I installed the pole in the shower to hold my shower necessities. I also purchased two 2-pack ice cube tray.

I used a $10 Black Friday coupon at Kohl's where I purchased a Nerf Alpha Trooper CS-6 blaster, blaster dart ammo, a pack of three bath sponges, and a back scrubber. Home Depot sold the Ryobi cordless jet fan blower 40W for $99. The regular price was $149. I have been waiting for a Black Friday sale to replace the cord fan blower which broke years ago. The last store was Rite-Aid. I purchased two Rite-Aid brand gift wrap tape for $2 and five 2-liter Coke for $4.

There was no online shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday 2016 reinforced my idea Black Friday's are great for buying bare necessities such as clothes. There were plenty of clothes at Kohl's. When I move to my own place living on my own, then Black Friday is a great opportunity to purchase home goods such as kitchen appliances and towels. There were plenty of televisions and BD players at Target and Kohl's.

Side note: I purchased a Sausage Biscuit breakfast combo at McDonalds at 10:20am.


Saturday, December 10, 2016

I Blog, You Comment Dec 10, 2016

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is going to have a good winter holiday. Your comments are below.

I wrote in my Top Ten I Was Correct When I Was Young nobody told me I was living part of my childhood correctly. I realized as an adult I was correct such as when I was born determined my success, daydreaming, and exercise.

I share the same feelings when I was a child. No parent involvement. I was good at drawing. My parents didn't reinforce my talents. Here I am today being a administrative assistant. --Viola Cohen, Cedar Rapids, IA

I run a daycare for grade school children. I continue to hear stories from my children they know little about their parents. It's like the children are dropped off here for me to babysit while the parents work too many hours making too much money. Why have sons and daughters? My children have many talents. I do my best to encourage them to continue learning more. --iluvcookies, via email

As a single parent, it's hard to raise my two children. My ex is nonsupportive. I'm too stressed to pay attention to my children. It's unfair to me and my children. --Estelle Roy, Groton, CT

People chimed in with different thoughts regarding the pie in The Size Of The Pie Is Still The Same. I wrote people want more piece of the pie when the pie size is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The pie is not the same. There are more opportunities in the world. People are taking advantage of new and expanded opportunities. --Ana Simmons, Webster, NY

My parents would teach me to expand my horizons. Expand my opportunities. Expand what I can do. Think big! --Wendy Wise, Cleveland, TN

There are more pies out there. You need to find your pie. --Zachary Richards, Clearwater, FL

How is the pie the same? Wealth is increasing. The world is generating more opportunities for more successes. --Rob B., Helotes, TX

Life rarely follows what we want. Life rarely follows our own plans. Your Life Map Is Full Of Colors, Scribbles, Eraser Marks elaborates.

I added and addendum when my children hear to follow their dreams. There are going to a moment in time something is going to change your dream. Something happens you must stop your dream and find another dream. It's reality. I want to prepare them for disappointment. The strength of the parents is to teach real reality. Not fake fairy tales. --Ken Wilson, Elmont, NY

Well written blog. I graduated with a mechanical engineer degree. I ended up being a programmer. My brother graded with an accounting degree. He's a project manager who has done zero journal entries in his company. --Lester Little, Richardson, TX

Thank you, thank you for writing the blog. I always thought I was a failure. I planned my college and my life after college. The plan failed. I'm doing other stuff. I'm somewhat happy. I'm [successful] in a different way. I feel better after reading your blog. Life gave me a different path. I now accept the different path. --Wilfried Hebrang, Germany

There were so many roadblocks it was like life hated me. I was supposed to be a loser. I'm still working hard. There are still roadblocks. It's either keep going or commit suicide. One of these days I tell my children my life map was and is full of scribbles and eraser marks. --Jodi Lloyd, Yuba City, CA

I've been laid off twice and fired once. I write those jobs with a red mark. I write a blue mark signaling a new opportunity. --Francis Pierce, Parkville, MD

The only thing that has gone my way was marrying my high school sweetheart. Everything else is secondary. I continue living life to the fullest despite my life going on too many tangents. --Tommie Smith, New Milford, CT

Everything is going to be okay I tell myself when something doesn't go my way which is a lot. For the most part, everything actually ended up all right. --Dominick Daniels, Derry, NH

I elaborated the importance of sleep when I experienced a week of poor sleep in Today I Want To Talk About Sleep.

I study sleep for 20 years. One fact some people don't know is sleep slows down the body. It slows the aging process. People who want to stay young, spend more time sleeping instead of popping pills and applying expensive creams. --Mike Bush, Nashville, TN

I blogged the late genius Steve Jobs' life quotes in Top Ten Steve Jobs Quotes.

Love the blog. I copied the blog to my phone to remind myself his successes and to cheer me up when I'm depressed. --Carla Patton, Danville, VA

Steve Jobs should be called our modern day Albert Einstein. --Xian Yu, Hong Kong

You need to write another top ten Steve Jobs quotes. Continue [sharing] and remembering his legacy. --Ginger Reed, Boston, MA

I counted my blessings on Sat Aug 14, 2016. I also counted my lucky stars from the comments I received in Be Grateful Day.

You're one lucky son of a bitch. I would do anything to trade lives. --Ervin Scott, Hudsonville, MI

Consider yourself lucky. I'm in poverty. Too many misfortunes led me to my current life struggling financially. --Jonathon Sherman

I have a Ph.D., in credit card debt, and working 2 jobs. My wife is also working 2 jobs. You're lucky you have no financial problems. --Frank Chapman, Pleasanton, CA

I want your lucky life. You're in good health. You have no debt. You have the time to learn. I don't. --Guadalupe Armstrong, Apple Valley, CA

I like your attitude. Make the best of your current situation. Unemployed suck. I'm going to start learning new skills. --Anne Gonzalez, Atlanta, GA