Sunday, December 11, 2016

Black Friday 2016

My Black Friday 2016 shopping was boring. My expectations were low for good deals. Many Black Friday sale goods were the same as 2015. There was no reason to wake up early.

My shopping started at 8:15am. The first store was Target. I purchased The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II on BD for $6 and The Wizard Of Oz on DVD for $4. I used a $5 Black Friday coupon discount for spending $10 or more. Bed Bath & Beyond was the second store using a 20% most purchases coupon given at the entrance. I purchased a 3-tier pole candy from Simple Solutions. I installed the pole in the shower to hold my shower necessities. I also purchased two 2-pack ice cube tray.

I used a $10 Black Friday coupon at Kohl's where I purchased a Nerf Alpha Trooper CS-6 blaster, blaster dart ammo, a pack of three bath sponges, and a back scrubber. Home Depot sold the Ryobi cordless jet fan blower 40W for $99. The regular price was $149. I have been waiting for a Black Friday sale to replace the cord fan blower which broke years ago. The last store was Rite-Aid. I purchased two Rite-Aid brand gift wrap tape for $2 and five 2-liter Coke for $4.

There was no online shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday 2016 reinforced my idea Black Friday's are great for buying bare necessities such as clothes. There were plenty of clothes at Kohl's. When I move to my own place living on my own, then Black Friday is a great opportunity to purchase home goods such as kitchen appliances and towels. There were plenty of televisions and BD players at Target and Kohl's.

Side note: I purchased a Sausage Biscuit breakfast combo at McDonalds at 10:20am.


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