Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Timeout Good Raymond Mar II

My first Timeout Good Raymond Mar happened on Tue Jul 14-Sun Jul 19, 2015. The last time I took a vacation was Sep 2016 at Zion National Park in Utah. The last time I took a staycation which was unplanned because I had Acute Gallstone Pancreatitis was Apr 2017. One moment lead to another moment. One event lead to another event. The moments and events resulted in another unplanned staycation Sat Apr 6-Sun Apr 21, 2019. Daily changes happened after Apr 2017. Daily changes happened after Apr 2019. Here is what happened during Timeout Good Raymond Mar II.

*Wake up at 8am. The early bird gets the worm. I'm more productive during daylight hours. I sleep before midnight. The 8am wake up and midnight go to bed schedule is seven days a week.

*New gym schedule. Going to the gym 30 minutes earlier than my normal workout time allows me to sleep earlier. Also, I began a third weight lifting plan.

*Apply Shout spray to smelly gym shirts and gym shorts before washing.

*First responsibility after breakfast is job searching. I stopped job searching in the afternoons. Also, I job search on Saturday mornings instead of Sunday mornings.

*All outstanding personal projects were completed which included updating my webpage Innovate Infinitely and reading outstanding articles.

*Windshield cracked. The Union City, CA Safelite repaired the crack on my windshield. I visited Half Price Books in Fremont, CA afterwards. The last time I shopped at Half Price Books was in Mar 2013.

*Replaced my expensive winter windshield wipers for my cheap summer windshield wipers. It's a new experiment to extend the life for my expensive windshield wipers.

*Another car related event was replacing my car's license plates due to mutilation. I was lucky to get a favorable appointment at the DMV.

*I purchased an emergency shovel for my car. I took advantage of a Spring promo coupon texting from Lowe's.

*Headlight Restoration. I applied a new headlight coating on my car. I discovered the coating must be applied every 4-5 months depending on the season because of the number of daylight hours.

*I watched the following movies: Dodgeball, Cinderella Liberty, John Wick Chapter 2, Iron Man 2, The Jerk, and The Birdcage. I rewatched Iron Man and Jurassic Park III.

*I assisted my dad helping a family friend with home repairs and gardening.

*Riichi Mahjong. I played Mahjong at a parlor for the first time. Also and unfortunately speaking, my Tenhou Rank decreased. I'm still a 2 Don.

*I ate a ramen burger and Miss Vickie's Sea Salt kettle cooked potato chips for the first time. I ate at Capers Restaurant for the first time.

*I cooked pancakes on Easter.

*I purchased a Town & Country Living Passages kitchen fatigue comfort mat.

*Pandemic app on Android. Google Play sold Pandemic on sale. I won my first game on my third time.

*Reinstalled Ubuntu 18.04 Linux on my desktop.

*Updated my financial information.

*A good security protection on paper is write additional numbers, words, and false information to disguise sensitive information. For example, if there are numbers on a paper, add more numbers, create a math problem, and write false items related to the numbers.

*A self-discovery. I can't explain why it took me decades to realize if something doesn't make sense, then don't waste time to solve the problem reasonably. If it doesn't make sense, it doesn't make sense. Let it be.

*I dropped my phone for the first time since I got the phone on March 2016.

Timeout Good Raymond Mar II was an example of old school vacation. Old school vacation is full relax, full recovery, full leisure, full rest, full take a deep breath, and discover new perspectives. Almost everyone on vacation today brings their work. The new vacation people bring their work must end. The vacation serves no purpose when people bring their work. People who bring their work might as well not have a vacation.

Update On A Past Blog

Here is a new perspective. I blogged Win A Few, Lose A Lot on Apr 27, 2019. My life has been experiencing too many losses and too few wins. Timeout Raymond Mar II experienced bad lucks and many bad timings. I mentioned the bad luck playing Mahjong on Tehou my rank decreased. Another bad luck was no new burger restaurants excluding common household name restaurants such as McDonalds and Jack-In-The-Box in Union City, CA and Fremont, CA on the day my windshield was repaired. And updating my financial information took additional days because of banker misinformation.

Numbers can be misleading. Counts can be misleading. For example, one quarter is worth more than 14 pennies. The values of the few wins are greater than the values of the many losses. Lemonade was made from the lemons. Can the many losses become wins in the future? Sometimes it's better to have something than nothing. Time will tell. Time is the ultimate judge.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Win A Few, Lose A Lot

Many successful people say a common life saying, "win a few, lose a few." Successful people win more than they lose. There are people on the contrary. Some people win a few, lose a lot. If everyone wins a few and loses a few, then the average successful percentage is around 50%. There is a balance. The 50% average is false. There are people who win a lot and lose a few. It's life. Life is a zero-sum game.

There are more win a few, lose a lot people than the reader believes. We hear the successful win a lot, lose a few people in the media. We rarely hear the struggling win a few, lose a lot people in the media. Don't take life for granted. If the reader won something, then other people lost. Moreover, world population is increasing. There are a limited number of opportunities to succeed. More people are going to lose.

Here is a sports perspective. There are thousands of people playing sports professionally. In particular, there are 1,696 NFL players or 32 teams multiplied by 53 players per team, 750 MLB players or 30 teams multiplied by 25 active roster players per team, 360 NBA players or 30 teams multiplied by 12 active roster players per team, and 620 NHL players or 31 teams multiplied by 20 active roster players per team. These four major North American professional sports teams also have rosters consisting of inactive players. Most professional sports players never make it to their shows. The percentages a player makes it to their major leagues are low. For instance, in baseball, if a baseball player averages one extra hit a week in a season, then the baseball player is an all-star and potential career hall of famer. Most players never get the average one extra hit a week.

We watch professional sports on television giving the impression hard work and talent are required to play in the major leagues. Hard work and talent are part of the requirements to play in the major leagues. We hear the professional sports players' success stories. We don't hear about the professional sports players who failed to make it to the majors. Many loses, few wins.

There is a movie which depicts win a few, lose a lot. Watch Out Of Africa starring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford.

Monday, April 22, 2019

G Television

Television is entertainment. Television is informative good or bad. The accuracy is another conversation. There are deeper reasons. Television is a distraction. Television is a forget something else activity. Television is a do something different activity. Television turns off the brain. Television is a time waster for better or for worse.

Television is positive occasionally. It's a good time out from today's information age daily grind. Television can bring people together such as a good conversation starter or discussing a series. Sometimes we need a distraction. There are television programs aired once a year in sports, entertainment, and holidays.

Television is negative watched daily. Too much television is bad. Intelligence drops. No physical activity. There are better time outs. The eyes watch too much screens. We look at monitors and smart phone screens daily. In my opinion, many television shows today are terrible. There are too many. There are many shows a person becomes dumb.

There is another reason reading books is one of my favorite hobbies. My eyes look at paper instead of screens. My brain is active picturing what I'm reading. My brain thinks what the author is saying.

Trouble Falling Asleep

I remember two particular nights I had trouble falling asleep. The first movie I watched was Snakes On A Plane. I watched selected movies and their scenes thereafter. Watching selected scenes is my Home Drive-Thru Movies where a person can watch favorite scenes to pass the time; moreover, I can watch selected scenes on YouTube if I don't have the DVDs. Another choice is play old video games on my desktop or play game apps on my phone. If I use my phone to fall asleep, then priority goes to podcasts and music. Ultimately, 90% of the time I can't fall asleep the reason is a warm room. I open the window to cool down the room and bring in fresh air.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

I Wasn't A Dumb Child After All

One of my weaknesses is poor short-term memory. I forget names when I meet new people. I forget directions when somebody tells me where to go. I forget numbers. I forget instructions when somebody teaches me something new. I forget new information communicated to me. Almost everything which requires remembering and forgetting short-term I forget immediately. Also, almost everything which requires remembering long-term I forget immediately. I must repeat what I acquire. I must practice anything important--practice, sets, and repetitions. I must write down everything told. The probability I forget without assistance is high. Additional assistances are taking pictures, recording audio, and asking another person to remember.

I connect my poor short-term memory and my poor school performance in grade school. I forgot most ideas, concepts, and material immediately after the teacher teaches the students. I re-read some sentences two or three times. The re-reading wasn't bad reading skills. I read the words. I understood the words. I re-read because I forgot what I read. I needed to read again and again to remember. Poor reading comprehension itself wasn't my learning disability. Specialists diagnosed my reading problem as poor reading comprehension itself. I forgot what I comprehended.

My grades improved in junior high school. I maintained a 3.0+ GPA in high school. I required additional studying time. I devoted more time studying resulting in less time doing normal teenager activities.

The poor short-term memory applied in college. I was a slow note taker because I forgot what the professor lectured. I required additional time to remember what the professor said. Sometimes I remembered. Sometimes I forgot. The additional time going back resulted in missing additional material as the professor continued lecturing. Sometimes I wrote too fast I couldn't read my handwriting. Fortunately, most classes the professor lectured off the textbook. I found missing information reading the textbook.

I have been re-reading sentences less today. I can't explain it. On the other hand, my poor short-term memory continues outside the books. I continue writing notes, taking pictures, and recording audio to remember anything short-term or long-term. No problem. Nobody is perfect. I learn new job skills. I learn new life skills. I repeat learning new job skills. I repeat learning new life skills. Practice. Sets. Repetitions.

Finally, in contrast, my long-term memory is above average. I date many life events to the month and year. For instance, my first car was purchased in May 2007. My braces were removed in Aug 2009. I attended a Paul McCartney concert in July 2010. My first kiss was in Mar or Apr 1989.

Update On A Past Blog

I add another successful lesson from My Parents Raised My Correctly blog on Feb 15, 2015. Gardening is one of my least favorite activities. On the other hand, gardening is one of my parents top favorite activities. My parents removed weeds old-school pulling, digging, and using a weed wacker. No chemicals. Judgments are awarded to defendants accusing the company making Round Up caused cancer. I follow my parents' old-school if I remove weeds.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Global Fatigue

Blogger's note: Today's blog is posted at Innovating Common Knowledge and at Finding Raymond Mar. Finding Raymond Mar contains a personal blog entry.

We’re tired because there is too much to do. There is too much everything. There is too much same routines. Welcome to today's information age internet life. Life is too complex. Life requires more resources, more time, most costs--perhaps, too much resources, too much time, and too much costs. A rising tide raises all boats.

It's time to set limits. There is no more Superman. There is no more Superwoman. It's time for infinite delays. It's time for final endings. We need more retirements. We need to close more chapters. We need to find someone, something, anyone, anything . . . more people, more places, more responsibilities to set free. People are too busy. People are too tired. People must deactivate their automatic reactions. People need to take a breath. Regardless, time is the same. There are still 24 hours a day. There are still seven days a week.

Monday, April 08, 2019

The Homeless People Rolled Too Many Snake Eyes

The number of dice two or greater is not a factor. These homeless people rolled too many ones instead of too many sixes. The homeless population increases every day. There are more good people becoming homeless. I remember when I was a child I thought all homeless people were losers such as alcoholics, criminals, and drug addicts. I remember when I was a child I thought some homeless people faked being homeless begging for money without working.

The two statements are false. I see more groups of homeless people including people earing little income and can't afford rent, families, mental illness, family conflicts, and the government failing to take care of its veterans. No judgments. Some homeless are down on their luck. Some homeless made bad choices. Some homeless have physical health problems they are stuck in their present city. Some homeless experienced a life catastrophe. Some homeless are college students. Some homeless escaped from toxic people.

Today's blog is another reminder life is unfair. Today's blog is another reminder don't take life for granted. Life is a circle. Be grateful people with a roof, bathroom, and a bed. Times are tough. Times are tougher going forward.

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Monday, April 01, 2019

Smorgasbord Or Mishmash August 2018

I looked up the spelling for "smorgasbord" because today is the first time I typed the word. Information, comedy, first time discoveries, first time experiences, and growth.

Update On A Past Blog

I blogged my staycation titled Timeout Good Raymond Mar on Jul 23, 2015. My staycation was from Tue Jul 14, 2015 to Sun Jul 19, 2015. I started taking a partial timeout on Mon Mar 25, 2019 when unanticipated tasks required my attention. The timeout became full on Wed Mar 27 for which there was little relaxation. Some tasks happened beyond my control. The short answer is I went with the flow completing lower priority tasks last week because the daily flow disrupted.

The week of Mon Apr 1 continues my timeout. The timeout is partial. Also, many schools are closed for spring break. I continue learning new job skills and reviewing existing job skills in the morning. The afternoon is relaxation. Regularly scheduled job searching and working out at the gym are completed.

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