Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Timeout Good Raymond Mar II

My first Timeout Good Raymond Mar happened on Tue Jul 14-Sun Jul 19, 2015. The last time I took a vacation was Sep 2016 at Zion National Park in Utah. The last time I took a staycation which was unplanned because I had Acute Gallstone Pancreatitis was Apr 2017. One moment lead to another moment. One event lead to another event. The moments and events resulted in another unplanned staycation Sat Apr 6-Sun Apr 21, 2019. Daily changes happened after Apr 2017. Daily changes happened after Apr 2019. Here is what happened during Timeout Good Raymond Mar II.

*Wake up at 8am. The early bird gets the worm. I'm more productive during daylight hours. I sleep before midnight. The 8am wake up and midnight go to bed schedule is seven days a week.

*New gym schedule. Going to the gym 30 minutes earlier than my normal workout time allows me to sleep earlier. Also, I began a third weight lifting plan.

*Apply Shout spray to smelly gym shirts and gym shorts before washing.

*First responsibility after breakfast is job searching. I stopped job searching in the afternoons. Also, I job search on Saturday mornings instead of Sunday mornings.

*All outstanding personal projects were completed which included updating my webpage Innovate Infinitely and reading outstanding articles.

*Windshield cracked. The Union City, CA Safelite repaired the crack on my windshield. I visited Half Price Books in Fremont, CA afterwards. The last time I shopped at Half Price Books was in Mar 2013.

*Replaced my expensive winter windshield wipers for my cheap summer windshield wipers. It's a new experiment to extend the life for my expensive windshield wipers.

*Another car related event was replacing my car's license plates due to mutilation. I was lucky to get a favorable appointment at the DMV.

*I purchased an emergency shovel for my car. I took advantage of a Spring promo coupon texting from Lowe's.

*Headlight Restoration. I applied a new headlight coating on my car. I discovered the coating must be applied every 4-5 months depending on the season because of the number of daylight hours.

*I watched the following movies: Dodgeball, Cinderella Liberty, John Wick Chapter 2, Iron Man 2, The Jerk, and The Birdcage. I rewatched Iron Man and Jurassic Park III.

*I assisted my dad helping a family friend with home repairs and gardening.

*Riichi Mahjong. I played Mahjong at a parlor for the first time. Also and unfortunately speaking, my Tenhou Rank decreased. I'm still a 2 Don.

*I ate a ramen burger and Miss Vickie's Sea Salt kettle cooked potato chips for the first time. I ate at Capers Restaurant for the first time.

*I cooked pancakes on Easter.

*I purchased a Town & Country Living Passages kitchen fatigue comfort mat.

*Pandemic app on Android. Google Play sold Pandemic on sale. I won my first game on my third time.

*Reinstalled Ubuntu 18.04 Linux on my desktop.

*Updated my financial information.

*A good security protection on paper is write additional numbers, words, and false information to disguise sensitive information. For example, if there are numbers on a paper, add more numbers, create a math problem, and write false items related to the numbers.

*A self-discovery. I can't explain why it took me decades to realize if something doesn't make sense, then don't waste time to solve the problem reasonably. If it doesn't make sense, it doesn't make sense. Let it be.

*I dropped my phone for the first time since I got the phone on March 2016.

Timeout Good Raymond Mar II was an example of old school vacation. Old school vacation is full relax, full recovery, full leisure, full rest, full take a deep breath, and discover new perspectives. Almost everyone on vacation today brings their work. The new vacation people bring their work must end. The vacation serves no purpose when people bring their work. People who bring their work might as well not have a vacation.

Update On A Past Blog

Here is a new perspective. I blogged Win A Few, Lose A Lot on Apr 27, 2019. My life has been experiencing too many losses and too few wins. Timeout Raymond Mar II experienced bad lucks and many bad timings. I mentioned the bad luck playing Mahjong on Tehou my rank decreased. Another bad luck was no new burger restaurants excluding common household name restaurants such as McDonalds and Jack-In-The-Box in Union City, CA and Fremont, CA on the day my windshield was repaired. And updating my financial information took additional days because of banker misinformation.

Numbers can be misleading. Counts can be misleading. For example, one quarter is worth more than 14 pennies. The values of the few wins are greater than the values of the many losses. Lemonade was made from the lemons. Can the many losses become wins in the future? Sometimes it's better to have something than nothing. Time will tell. Time is the ultimate judge.

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