Monday, April 01, 2019

Smorgasbord Or Mishmash August 2018

I looked up the spelling for "smorgasbord" because today is the first time I typed the word. Information, comedy, first time discoveries, first time experiences, and growth.

Update On A Past Blog

I blogged my staycation titled Timeout Good Raymond Mar on Jul 23, 2015. My staycation was from Tue Jul 14, 2015 to Sun Jul 19, 2015. I started taking a partial timeout on Mon Mar 25, 2019 when unanticipated tasks required my attention. The timeout became full on Wed Mar 27 for which there was little relaxation. Some tasks happened beyond my control. The short answer is I went with the flow completing lower priority tasks last week because the daily flow disrupted.

The week of Mon Apr 1 continues my timeout. The timeout is partial. Also, many schools are closed for spring break. I continue learning new job skills and reviewing existing job skills in the morning. The afternoon is relaxation. Regularly scheduled job searching and working out at the gym are completed.


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