Monday, June 27, 2011

Board Games Bring People Together

One of my all time favorite hobbies is playing board games. I mean board games in a very general sense including gambling games such as poker and craps and card games such as old maid and gin rummy. I don’t have a personal definition of board games in general. Here is Wikipedia’s definition.

Being with people is the number one reason I like board games. I spend time with my friends and I have opportunities to meet new people. Having fun and winning are not as important as being with family, friends, and acquaintances. Board games bring people together. We play, talk, laugh, and keep up with each other. Food and drinks are a must. Players concentrate better and there are more laughs. If someone brings food and drink another person never ate and drank before, then it’s an opportunity to try something new.

I don’t have a particular board game genre. My collection consists of child games such as Candy Land; party games such as Apples to Apples; trivia; casino; Eurogames such as The Settlers of Catan and Pandemic; mainstream such as Monopoly; card games such as Fluxx; non mainstream or gamer enthusiasms games such as Betrayal House On The Hill and Family Business; classic games such as chess; family games such as Sorry and Life; strategy games such as Axis & Allies; and foreign games such as Mah Jong (Riichi). My wish list is Ticket To Ride, Dixit, and cribbage. I play any board game especially new games I play for the first time.

Be social and play board games. I rarely win board games. That’s okay because the more I play, the more I learn. And I’m spending time with people.

Side note: I recommend Board Game Geek as the number one source for game board enthusiasts.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mixed Foods

I want to share my favorite mixed foods. I’m confident these mixed foods are rare and very few people eat together in contrast to the common peanut butter & jelly and BLT sandwiches. We should experiment and mix foods together once in a while. They may bring a unique taste for your personal enjoyment. Some of the mixed foods were discovered unconsciously. I never thought saying beforehand, “Let’s try eating these two foods together.” Here are my favorites:

Orange juice or the orange fruit and bread. I eat for breakfast sometimes or an afternoon snack. The orange adds sweetness to the bread.

Cashews and white rice. I remembered eating plain and no taste chicken. I wanted to add something for flavor. I looked in the kitchen and thought of the Chinese dish cashew chicken. I intended to eat the chicken and cashews together. I ate cashews and rice together accidentally. Good combination.

Vanilla ice cream and Cheerios. I was a kid who ate lots of ice cream. I saw commercials kids adding decorations. I wanted to add something. There was a box of Cheerios. Vanilla ice cream plus Cheerios equals a bowl of Cheerios with ice cream instead of milk.

Vanilla ice cream and 7-Up. I disliked root beer when I was a kid. I wanted ice cream and soda. I looked around for another soda. I saw 7-Up. Lemon, lime, and vanilla combined tastes awesome.

Grapes and saltine crackers or Ritz. I forgot how I discovered intentionally or by accident.

Hot dogs and white sandwich bread. A good substitute to eat hot dogs with a slice of bread.

Bonus: Make helicopters with Cheerios. I did lots of that when I was a child because I loved helicopters.

The Personal Side Of Me Finding Raymond Mar

Thursday, June 23, 2011

De Anza Week June 20, 2011

Mon June 20

More changes and announcements regarding the final. The professor had emergency surgery to remove his cyst last Thursday after his routine checkup last Wednesday. However, the substitute instructor proctors the final. The professor’s second daughter has a routine checkup and he’s driving her to the doctor. The professor uploads the essay questions tonight. I study the essay questions tomorrow.

The professor told the class his cyst has been giving him pain for the last five weeks. He took Tylenol to combat the pain. He was prescribed Vicodin which he never took. The pain from the cyst might explain why his lectures have been boring and significantly off the mark after Memorial Day weekend. I blogged his lectures were the worse ever, and I factored his Intermediate Accounting classes.

I’m looking forward to studying the essay questions because essay questions are easier to earn high scores. I believe essay questions a student is rewarded with points for what they know. The professor grades essays for what a student knows. On the other hand, multiple choice exams are graded on what the student missed and don’t know.

Final is on Thursday. Lots of luck.

Thur June 23

The final was easier than the mid-term. There were less theoretical questions and there were two essay questions. The professor must have changed the final from three essay questions to two. I completed the essay portion first because if I ran out of time, I read and answer unanswered multiple choice questions quickly. I finished the final with 30 minutes remaining. My brain was fatigued and I lost my train of thought. I submitted my final without double checking my answers.

That’s it. I’m done with De Anza. I wait for my diploma with an AA degree in Accounting.

I choose to use my end of quarter review I have been doing in past quarters to review my entire experiences at De Anza. The all De Anza review blog is coming soon. In the meantime, I write blogs about other topics. I want to take a break writing De Anza blogs.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

De Anza Week June 13, 2011

Mon June 13

The shortest class lecture throughout my time at De Anza. I arrived ten minutes late. The students were in front of the door. I guessed the professor was late. A classmate told me the professor was finding the keys to the classroom. The class before Auditing was cancelled and the room was locked.

We entered the classroom after waiting a total of 20 minutes from the time lecture begins. The professor informed the students the lecture is short because he needed to tend to her daughter who has chronic sickness. In addition, there were major announcements for the final. One, there is a substitute proctor because the professor has surgery the day after the final. Two, there are essay questions on the final. The professor emails the questions to the students. Three, all extra credit assignments can be submitted on final’s day.

Wed June 15

The professor announced the essay questions are going to be revised. We receive the updated essay questions on Monday. The professor lectured chapter 11. The final is chapters 5, 6, 7 and 11. The professor skipped chapter 12. I have eight days to study for the final. I need lots of luck because I start studying chapter 5 tonight.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

De Anza Week June 6, 2011

Mon June 6

Today’s lecture was worse than Wed June 1 when everyone got back from the Memorial Day weekend. The positive side was I didn’t fall asleep. The negative side was the lecture was boring, boring, and boring.

The professor finished lecturing chapter 6 and began chapter 7. Some students asked for a delay on the chapter 7 homework due Friday. I looked at the homework. There are so many questions. The concepts are getting drier and I’m having trouble comprehending. Also, I can use the delay because I have to catch up on my personal life.

I’m going to be honest. I’m losing interest in the class.

Wed June 8

It’s survival mode. I just care about passing the class. My grade can be A, B, or C. I can’t take for granted being lazy and the professor handing out passing grades on a silver platter. Maybe I apply to transfer to a four year college in the future. If I get a bad grade in Auditing, then it may affect my chances I'm accepted. On the other hand, knowing the professor, attending all classes, submitting all homework, submitting most extra credit, I should pass as long as I don’t bomb the final.

I remember taking Computer Science 46A at San Jose State University in Fall Semester ’93. I failed the final, but the professor gave me a C- grade. I was saved because the professor knew my name, attended all classes, and submitted al homework. Another reason was my classmate knew C++ and was a programmer in the US Marines. To repeat, I’m not taking for granted I pass the class.

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Thursday, June 02, 2011

De Anza Week May 30, 2011

Mon May 30

Memorial Day weekend. No school.

Wed June 1

Today was the last day I arrive late. I was fatigued from Memorial Day weekend. The professor reviewed auditing from chapters 1-4. Next, the professor told everyone final’s day which is Thur June 23. Time’s flying fast. We have three weeks of classes. I must devote time daily studying.

My fatigue got the best of me as I fell asleep during the lecture. I can’t help it, and the professor’s lecture was boring. The classmate who sits on my right said today’s lecture felt like it was the longest class session.

My priority is finishing chapter 6 reading and homework. Then I read chapter 7.

The Personal Side Of Me Finding Raymond Mar