Thursday, June 23, 2011

De Anza Week June 20, 2011

Mon June 20

More changes and announcements regarding the final. The professor had emergency surgery to remove his cyst last Thursday after his routine checkup last Wednesday. However, the substitute instructor proctors the final. The professor’s second daughter has a routine checkup and he’s driving her to the doctor. The professor uploads the essay questions tonight. I study the essay questions tomorrow.

The professor told the class his cyst has been giving him pain for the last five weeks. He took Tylenol to combat the pain. He was prescribed Vicodin which he never took. The pain from the cyst might explain why his lectures have been boring and significantly off the mark after Memorial Day weekend. I blogged his lectures were the worse ever, and I factored his Intermediate Accounting classes.

I’m looking forward to studying the essay questions because essay questions are easier to earn high scores. I believe essay questions a student is rewarded with points for what they know. The professor grades essays for what a student knows. On the other hand, multiple choice exams are graded on what the student missed and don’t know.

Final is on Thursday. Lots of luck.

Thur June 23

The final was easier than the mid-term. There were less theoretical questions and there were two essay questions. The professor must have changed the final from three essay questions to two. I completed the essay portion first because if I ran out of time, I read and answer unanswered multiple choice questions quickly. I finished the final with 30 minutes remaining. My brain was fatigued and I lost my train of thought. I submitted my final without double checking my answers.

That’s it. I’m done with De Anza. I wait for my diploma with an AA degree in Accounting.

I choose to use my end of quarter review I have been doing in past quarters to review my entire experiences at De Anza. The all De Anza review blog is coming soon. In the meantime, I write blogs about other topics. I want to take a break writing De Anza blogs.

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