Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cisco One Year Belated Anniversary

March 19, 2008 was my one year anniversary at Cisco Systems, Inc. Life has been much better. Working at Cisco gives me new experiences and knowledge I never experience at my last jobs. I keep in touch with a few coworkers from my last company. The dumbass co-worker is working at a competitor. He was about to be fired around July 2007 for screwing up the quarterly statistics. He was lucky. My company lost additional staff at the local offices and at the corporate offices. I must have started the trend, LOL At least two brokers left the office I worked at. One broker went to a competitor and another broker started an internet start-up. The broker who started the internet start-up his Dad was the first broker hired. And one broker assistant her husband opened a restaurant.

My co-workers in various departments have commercial real estate roots. One co-worker who does webpages and graphics worked at a competitor in Silicon Valley. Two co-workers and friends working in the corporate building John Chambers resides worked in my office. And my contractor company on-site manager worked at a competitor in the Oakland market.

I don’t know if Cisco is my career future. I don’t know if I find another position. I don’t know if I earn a promotion. Time will tell.

The Big Goals

I evaluated my 2007-2008 goals on Monday August 4. I evaluate my goals once a year around my birthday. I learned goals must be evaluated more than once a year -__- I started the yearly goals in August 2004. One major piece missing in my life was goals. I never had goals 2003 and earlier including during college. Fail :<

I admit most of my goals have been small. The big ones I accomplished are finding a new job, meeting new people, and buying a used car. My goals are located at my webpage The goals are listed in the middle of the page and down to the bottom.

I have two concerns regarding my goals. The first concern is my 2008-2009 goals. I have four goals only as of today. The four goals are learn mahjong, read three books, consistent exercise schedule, and build a new PC which all are easy. In particular, build a new PC is easy because I have my family and friends to assist me and I anticipate great deals on PC hardware during Christmas shopping.

The 2008-2009 goals lead me to my second concern. My second concern is I have no big goals now and I can’t think of any. I don’t know who, what, and where I want to be years later and how to accomplish. If I can’t think who, what, and where I want to be years later and how to accomplish, then I have no big goals, and vice versa. In the meantime, I continue to live my life and learn how to live better—innovate my life.

If you’re living life without goals, set a goal to create personal goals. I believe everyone must have goals big or small regardless of living including a freestyle life or a structured life. Goals give focus to you. Freestyle life has focus when one thinks about ;)

10 Hour Therapy

Wednesday night August 13, 2008 I slept for 10 hours. What happened? Since Monday July 28 I felt empty. I neither felt happy nor sad. My attitude was “I’m living life. So what else is new.” I showed up for work, exercised, played Team Fortress 2, and replied to emails work and personal. Whoopiedoo =\ My life was uncommon, or perhaps too common such as go to work, exercise three days a week, and sleep. The days were plain with no joy. I had too many thoughts including the recession and “What If” questions such as what if my contract is terminated and what if I never buy a house. (Yes, the US economy is in a recession.) I was myself and I was not myself.

On Thursday August 14, I felt much better. I was myself again. Wednesday night was my 10 hour free and self-help therapy session ^_^ My mood was happy. My attitude was I’m living life and what’s new. My life was common . . . a positive attitude, looking forward to new adventures, and seeking new opportunities. The day was joy. I continued with too many thoughts positive and negative; however, the negative thoughts were conquered with the positive thoughts. I was ready to finish anything I needed to get done.

Feeling down, feeling depressed, feeling tired, feeling not yourself? Try sleeping 10 hours. Delay your night plans and activities. Go to bed (-,-) I learned sleep is more than resting your body. Sleep also rests your brain and your soul =D

Side note: The week of Monday August 11 I didn’t go to the gym. Physically I felt good. Attitude wise I felt bad. I remember when I have the “I don’t want to workout” feeling tells me I’m tired and I must devote extra hours to sleep. Fortunately, I skipped gym for the week or else I might have been sick >.>