Thursday, October 28, 2010

De Anza Week Oct 25, 2010

Mon Oct 25

I have a better understanding why most students eat out more than they want. The reasons are saving time from cooking and saving money (arguably, eating out is cheaper than eating at home). I ate out for lunch and ate lots of candy bars more often than I want in Spring ’10. The food at home was boring. I was in survival mode especially after Memorial Day weekend. I was one step closer to survival mode today because I have a mid-term on Thur and two mid-terms next week.

Fall ’10 quarter sets how I handle Winter ’11 and Spring ’11. If everything goes well, I earn my AA degree in Accounting at the end of Spring ‘11. I plan to take two classes in Winter and Spring ’11 quarters. I shouldn’t take three classes because I need time for family. I’m more involved in daily routines at home than I should be including cooking and washing dishes. The more time I spend with family, the less time I have for school work. I’m spoiled because I don’t have to take GE classes since I have a bachelors; on the other hand, I can’t attend San Jose State because I already have a bachelors. San Jose State prohibits students who want a second bachelors because of the bad economy and overcrowding. I have no rush graduating De Anza with a AA given my current family situation, no job, and the prolonged recession.

Tue Oct 26

Intermediate Acct and Integrated Computer Acct. classes are behind schedule. What else is new in life? I believe everyone is behind on something. The irony is students who submit their homework and projects late are penalized. Teachers grading homework and mid-terms late and are behind schedule in the syllabus are not penalized. Similarly, sons and daughters who are late doing something are penalized by their parents—at least strict parents; however, if parents are late with something, sons and daughters don’t penalized their parents.

In the real world, sometimes work, projects, and commitments are completed late. There are no repercussions most of the time. I received late commitments at Grubb & Ellis, Colliers, and even Cisco. We do our best to meet our deadlines and commitments. Sometimes we can’t. Fall’10 is the quarter I submitted homework late. I do my best meeting homework deadlines. I have other activities and responsibilities outside school I must complete.

I thought students were lazy submitting assignments late while I was at San Jose State. Now that I think about it, many of those students submitting assignments late were not lazy. They have other commitments such as working and taking care of their family. There is so much we do in today’s information age way of living. The honest people complete their responsibilities and commitments the best and the earliest we can.

Wed Oct 27

Read the textbook, do the homework, and study hard are keys to earn high grades. Another key to earn high grades teachers and counselors fail to advise their students is eat well. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are meals unavoidable. No junk food. No cookies and chips while doing your math. If you need to skip a meal, skip lunch. Breakfast is the most important meal.

I concentrate better when I eat three meals a day. I concentrate in classes when I eat breakfast. I’m in a good mood when I’m not hungry. I have energy throughout the day in classes and when I study at home.

Eating good meals are important for me. I make efforts I eat well. I perform better in the long run taking time to grocery shop, cook, and eating healthy instead of eating unhealthy fast food and getting my food much quicker.

Thur Oct 28

Timing and luck are part of success. If you’re at the right place at the right time, life is good. My first accounting class in Fall ’09 obviously was Financial Acct I. I never knew the basic accounting classes are three quarters. Timing and luck were in my favor. I took Financial Acct I in Fall ’09, Financial Acct II in Winter ’10, and Managerial Acct in Spring ’10. I completed the basic courses in one year while retaining what I learned carrying forward to the next class without worrying about summer vacation forgetting the concepts.

Cost Acct was another class timing and luck were somewhat in my favor. The timing was in my favor because I learned similar concepts in Managerial Acct and Cost Acct. Luck was not in my favor because the instructor was terrible. Fall ’10 is the best example timing and luck. The three classes interconnect. I learn a concept in one class I apply in another class. I review another concept in one class helps me complete an assignment in another class. For example, I took a mid-term in Excel. The worksheet was completing a trial balance and creating an income statement and balance sheet under a periodic inventory system. I learned periodic inventory system in Integrated Computer Acct. Timing and luck were in my favor.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

De Anza Week Oct 18, 2010

Mon Oct 18

The harsh days of college life spread throughout campus. I overheard many students saying they’re getting less sleep. Many students were doing homework and studying whenever they have free time. I saw students studying everywhere including the campus center and outside the library.

There was a get-together for Integrated Computer Acct at 10:30am inside the campus center. Everyone was late. I arrived at 10:45am without eating breakfast. I had trouble waking up. We looked at our Hilton project. Everything looked good. Some of us have minor mistakes easily correctable. One of us didn’t show up. We agreed the project was not difficult. The problem was the project took too long to complete and we had to learn the periodic inventory system. Most of us are taking Intermediate Acct. We agreed priority goes to Intermediate Acct.

I walked together with my Intermediate Acct classmates. We talked about the Chapter 4 being long and difficult. We sat down in our seats. A representative from a CPA test preparation company talked about their services. After the presentation, I talked to another classmate about the CPA test. Then our conversation went to our last jobs. I found out he has an aerospace engineering degree from San Jose State. His contract was terminated when his company didn’t get a government renewal. I told him about my Cisco job. He wants to be a CPA.

Today’s lecture was long and difficult to understand. I barely understood the key points. Reading Chapter 5 during the lectured helped me barely understood. The professor said Chapter 5 is the hardest so far. I agree. Tonight I start reading Chapter 5.

The dancing assistant taught tonight’s dance class. The instructor rehearsed her performance in Downtown San Jose taking place on Thur and Fri night. The assistant tried her best reviewing the Rumba and the East Coast Swing. There was no connection between her and the students. Most of the students were frustrated. I was in and out myself. Tonight’s class was a class to forget. We pick it up next week.

Tue Oct 19

The fatigue continued in the morning. I forced myself up at 8am and I successfully ate breakfast. I was five minutes late to Excel that was an improvement from last week. I wanted to attend class to hear special announcements for future assignments and the mid-term. I finished the homework due Thur.

Integrated Computer Acct class was cancelled. Almost everyone was prepared to submit the Hilton project. One student went to her office after 20 minutes. She was not there. Another student went to her office after 25 minutes. She was still not there. A third student went to the business department office. He came back and told everyone another faculty tells us with information. At the 45th minute, my Intermediate Acct professor told everyone the worrisome news: nobody knows where she is. The professor called her cell phone twice. He left two voice messages. The students were concerned because she’s very detailed and it’s strange she failed to inform anyone if she was sick. We see what happens on Thur. Fortunately the students who didn’t finish the Hilton project have two more days.

Wed Oct 20

Speaking of cancelled classes, my Intermediate Acct class was let out early. The instructor had a family emergency. The timing was bad because Chapter 5 is challenging. I don’t understand the chapter. Today’s partial lecture helped a little. I talked to two students after class. We talked about the Integrated Computer Acct instructor. We learned she didn’t come to campus today. And we learned about her personal life including a divorce two years ago.

Thur Oct 21

The instructor discussed the mid-term Thur Oct 28. There were a few students worrying about the mid-term. The instructor assured us if we did well on the homework, we do well on the mid-term. The rest of the class we reviewed the homework due today. My last homework score I misunderstood two questions and I got a lower score.

I worked on next week’s homework assignment in the computer lab after class. The assignment looked tough because it involved depreciation. I learned depreciation in Acct 1B. I brought my Acct 1A textbook. I said to myself, “Let’s do as much as I can.” I almost finished it to my surprise. I used the internet to review my depreciation concepts. I finish the homework assignment next Tue.

I received information the Integrated Computer instructor is holding class today. We turned in our Hilton project and Chap 4 homework. The instructor delayed Comprehensive Problem I to Tue. She admitted she made a mistake on the course assignment sheet. Some of us think that was her only mistake in the quarter. Tuesday’s homework due is Chap 5 and Comprehensive Problem I.

My studying plans this weekend is Intermediate Chap 5. I finish Integrated Chap 5 Mon night and the Excel homework Tues morning. I have one class to worry about this weekend; however, I have other activities I do outside school.

The DVD movie for the weekend is Vertigo starring James Stewart and Kim Novak.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Life Is Different

We know many short sentences talking about life: Life is good, life is short, life is hard, life is all about timing, life is living the moment, and I have no life so get a life. There are many more short life quotes and beliefs.

I never heard anyone saying, “Life is different.” I’m the first person to say it to myself. I believe variety is the spice of life—life is different. I want to live life differently every day. I remember working at Cisco my life was the same for most working days and many weekends. I failed to add differences, add varieties, add something new. I started working at Cisco in March 2007 that was good. Ironically, 2007 was the worse year in my life. Life remained the same for most of 2008. I continued failing to add differences, add varieties, add something new. On Oct 4, 2008, I made significant changes in my life. It was time for a change. It was time for differences.

Life is good when it’s different. I create small differences such as driving home different streets from school, eating new foods, eating left handed, and listening to different music when I study. I seek new hobbies to spend my time; for example, I started to hike in 2009 and I’m taking ice skating lessons. I eat different foods for breakfast. I used to eat the same cereal everyday. Boring. Meet new people and make new friends. Spend time with different groups of friends.

Every day I find something different. Sometimes I succeed. Sometimes I don’t succeed. Keep thinking and doing different activities, tasks, and routines. You have a life full of variety.

The Personal Side Of Me Finding Raymond Mar

Sunday, October 17, 2010

De Anza Week Oct 11, 2010

Mon Oct 11

Today’s Intermediate Acct lecture was the best lecture. I planned to read Chap 4 while the professor lectured. He said many good concepts and a few stories I had to listen. I read ten pages. I looked ahead at Chap 4. It’s very long.

The professor passed back Chap 1 and Chap 2 quizzes. He checked off everyone’s work. Everyone got credit. I set myself where I have ten pages remaining in Chap 4 to finish reading on Wed’s class meeting.

We learned the East Coast Swing in dance class. There was no Rumba lesson. I was surprised. We learned the basic with double hand hold instead of the traditional basic frame and the cuddle. I chatted with a few students after class.

Tue Oct 12

I slept for five hours last night continuing the Hilton project in Integrated Acct. I got a matching trial balance. That’s good news. I ate a bowl of cereal only and rush out of the house.

I arrived late in Excel class. I missed nothing. I already completed the homework due Thur. I went to the computer lab after Excel to continue working on the Hilton project. I started adding the adjusting entries.

Most of the time in Integrated Acct. was spent asking questions on the Hilton project. There were lots of good questions I realized I made errors. I compared my trial balance with another student. I noted the student’s trial balance number. I attempted to match the number when I continued working at home.

I remembered that we’re all human minutes before class ended. Almost everyone in the class struggled with the Hilton project. Nobody’s perfect. Nobody’s has God like intelligence. Everyone has priorities outside college. Many of us truly do the best we can. We don’t want to fail. There were students who didn’t start on the project yet. The reasons are legitimate: work, other classes, family to take care of, etc. We do our best in what we do. Missing a homework assignment or getting a B on a mid-term is not the end of the world. This was a lesson I failed to learn at San Jose State.

I re-journalized my mistakes in the Hilton project at home. My trial balance was $1,500 below the other student’s trial balance. I stopped there because I have my Intermediate Acct class and I needed to cook dinner. A few students and I meet Thur after class to compare our Hilton project numbers.

Wed Oct 13

The Flint Center parking garage has been beneficial for me. There is more parking spaces, easier to exit the campus, and closer to the computer lab. I parked at Flint because I needed to print my Integrated Acct. homework after Intermediate Acct.

Today was another good day in Intermediate such that I didn’t finish reading Chap 4. We had a short quiz that was actually like a mid-term. The questions were long. A student and I talked about the quiz saying the quiz gave us an idea what the first mid-term is going to be. All of the students who didn’t finish Chapter 3 and 4 couldn’t finish the quiz which was almost all the students. The professor reviewed the entire quiz. He said the quiz was a “wake up call.” It was a wake up call. I’m behind in the reading and the homework. There is lots of material.

I printed my Integrated Acct. homework after Intermediate Acct. I also emailed my Excel homework and downloaded the latest PowerPoint files from Intermediate Acct. The PowerPoint slides have been useless for me.

Dance class was another surprise. We reviewed the Cha Cha Cha. I corrected a technique mistake. I improved my leading techniques using my right hand on the follower’s shoulder blade and my left hand to push forward to signal my partner to move. After Cha Cha Cha, we learned Salsa. Salsa?!? Salsa is my worse dance. The reason we learned Salsa is Mikey the Salsa instructor is guest teaching next week. I have no concern because today was the last Wed I attend. I may attend a future Wed if I have time.

Thur Oct 14

There was a smaller turnout in Excel class. That was a mistake for those who missed. The instructor discussed the first project and the mid-term. We reviewed the homework from last week and previewed next week’s homework.

The instructor lectured in periodic inventory system in Integrated Computer Acct. I believed the lecture helped most of the students. It helped me big time for the Hilton project.

I worked with three classmates on the Hilton project after class. We checked the journal entries and adjusting entries. The key was 100% accuracy on the journal entries and adjusting entries. The rest is arithmetic and writing financial statements. We worked in the library; unfortunately, we got kicked out because we were talking softly. Talking softly was okay. The library didn’t want continuous talking softly. We walked out and choose to work in the Campus Center.

It took us one hour to check our journal entries. One of us had to leave to work. The three of us stayed for another hour. I needed to eat lunch. I wanted to eat Chinese because I hated the cafeteria. The Chinese stand was closed. I had no choice. I walked to the grill to order burger and fries. I was impressed. De Anza cafeteria improved their burgers. It was a big burger, not a slim patty. I got less fries and paid more compared to last quarter. That was okay. The burger tasted better and filled me up. My two classmates checked their adjusted entries while I ate.

We walked to the computer lab to check the unadjusted trial balance. I corrected my journal entries and recalculated the unadjusted trial balance and adjustments in Excel. We compared both numbers to another student. Our numbers matched. Excellent! Today was the first time I met that student. I never had an accounting class with her in the past. I was told she is a very smart person.

BTW, the Hilton project is all handwritten work. There is no Excel. I’m cheating. I calculate on Excel and write the journals, ledgers, trial balances, and financial statements in hand afterwards.

My weekend movie is One Few Over the Cuckkoo’s Nest starring Jack Nicholson.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Another Lesson I Learned From My Grandparents

My grandparents on both parent’s side lived a simple life. There were no complications. They gardened, cooked, made sure their homes were cleaned and tight, and watched television. They rarely traveled. They took good care of themselves up to the point where health problems took a toll.

My grandfathers and grandmothers are deceased. I realized recently there was another commonality. They had very few friends. Almost all of the time they spent with other people was with family. I don’t recall seeing my grandparents having friends visit their homes. I don’t remember pictures of my grandparents with their friends in their photo albums. I’m sure they had a few people outside family. I don’t recall them socializing outside family events.

I want to live my old years with friends. I don’t want to be 100% dependent on family. People with friends live longer. I can’t imagine my old years living alone. I want to spend that time with friends. I want to one of those old people who travel in groups to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, or to movie theaters.

Those who read my blogs continuously, and they’re very few out there, one of my themes is always meet new people and make new friends. My grandparents failed to meet new people and make new friends even in their old age. People come and go in our lives. It’s important to be surrounded with people.

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Saturday, October 09, 2010

De Anza Week Oct 4, 2010

Mon Oct 4

Intermediate Acct was cancelled today. The professor attended a conference in UCLA. I took the time to catch up on personal errands. I received a call from my family dentist telling me I have a dentist appointment tomorrow at 10am. Obviously I can’t make it because I have Excel class. I made the mistake misreading the appointment card. I thought it was Oct 15, not Oct 5. Fortunately, there was an opening later in the day. I took advantage and visited the dentist. No cavities. I went to Costco afterwards to buy groceries.

I arrived home running late for my dance class. I ate a small snack before leaving to dance. The dance class was calmer. I think I was the biggest factor as I, too, calmed down. We continued learning the Rumba adding more moves to the chorography. It was fun tonight. The instructor made successful changes from past classes how she teaches the class including free for all switching partners because there are a few who don’t want to switch partners. Those who don’t switch partners are dancing poorly or have no interest. Overall, everyone seems to learn at a faster rate compared to past classes.

Tue Oct 5

I parked at the Stelling parking garage for the first time this quarter. Yay! There were a few spots available just before 9:30am on the second floor. It must be fall quarter since new incoming freshmen from high school begins their college. I park at the open spot when I see it instead of finding a space closer to the exits.

The Excel class we talked about the second homework assignment. I made errors on the first homework assignment. I took the entire class time to fix the errors. After class, I went to the computer lab to work on the second homework assignment. The assignment was bank reconciliation. I was rusty at financial accounting I needed to finish at home. I struggled. I saw one student bring a financial accounting textbook. Great idea. I bring my textbook on Thur.

Today was the last day I bring my laptop. My routine started to settle in. I complete my Excel homework at the computer lab after Excel. I have two hours between Excel and Integrated Acct. Every Tues and Thur I bring my Excel, Integrated Acct, and financial acct textbook.

We were almost finished with reviewing financial acct in Integrated Acct. We were assigned the first class project. The project is doing journal entries, posting to ledgers, and completing trial balances the old fashion way using a pencil.

Wed Oct 6

I continued to settle my routine. In Integrated Acct, we reviewed the take home Chap 2 quiz. The professor continued to lecture off topic. Sometimes it’s interesting and sometimes it’s not interesting. I multi-task listening to the professor lecture and read the textbook. It’s the only way to be productive. I looked at my notes. There was little worth taking my time to study for the first mid-term.

I’m thinking Intermediate Acct parallels my Macroeconomic and Microeconomic analysis classes at San Jose State. The analysis classes were not challenging. Most of the material was the same from Macroeconomic and Microeconomic classes. The difference was the analysis classes expanded the concepts. The three weeks in Intermediate Acct, it 90% review from Financial Acct. Regardless, I don’t take Intermediate Acct for granted thinking it’s a walk in the park. Students told me Intermediate Acct is hard. My attitude taking the class is hard.

I shopped at Kohl’s after class. Today was the last day to use my 30% coupon. I needed new clothes. I had to shop at two Kohl’s. I purchased a new white dress shirt and a pair of pajamas. I wait for the next sale to buy more clothes. Lesson learned, never shop at the last day of a 30% coupon sale. It was the first time I shopped on the last day and purchased some of what I needed instead of everything I needed.

Unfortunately, I was hungry during my shopping. In the future, I must eat something after class when I don’t go home immediately after class. Snacks are okay.

I arrived home with a good amount of time to cook dinner. Time flew fast. I had 30 minutes to eat dinner after cooking. I arrived 15 minutes late to dance class. We finished learning the Cha Cha Cha for the dance demonstration. I was surprised. The Cha Cha Cha chorography routine was simple—maybe for me because I danced the Cha Cha Cha the most. Almost everyone in class got the routine. We need more practice and more refining.

I told some of the students I know personally I’m going to stop attending Wed very soon because the homework is piling up. I try to attend next Wed’s class.

Thur Oct 7

Fatigue was in me last night and the morning. I rushed my breakfast and rushed out of the house. I parked at the Flint Center parking garage because it’s closer to my Excel class and closer to the library to check out a DVD for my weekend movie. I didn’t bring my laptop.

Excel class was boring. Almost everyone was tired in class. A few students started working on the next homework assignment. I went to the computer lab after class to work on the next homework assignment. I brought my financial acct textbook that helped. I finished the homework assignment; although, I’m not confident I get a perfect score because one question I failed to understand completely.

I made an error regarding my Excel instructor is from Boston. She’s actually from New York. I have problems listening to a Boston accent and a New York accent. I might have failed to mention my Excel instructor was my Peachtree instructor. I took Peachtree in Winter ’10.

The instructor assigned the first homework assignment in Integrated Acct. I complete the homework and start on the project this weekend. I make a photocopy of the project and the textbook questions at Kinko’s tomorrow. The instructor wants our questions hand written from the textbook.

I checked out The French Connection starring Gene Hackman at the library.

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Friday, October 08, 2010

Bruce Lee Is The Man

There is a vendor who sells a variety of goods that appeal to the young adults including jewelry and posters at De Anza College. One of the posters was Bruce Lee that has one of his famous quotes. The poster stated, "Defeat is a state of mind; no one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality."'

I googled Bruce Lee quotes on Google. There are a few quotes that match my top 30 blogs. Here are some that closely matched my top 30 blogs:

Bruce Lee: “The “moment” has no yesterday or tomorrow. It is not the result of thought and therefore has no time.”
#26: Live the present. Live the moment.

Bruce Lee: Even today, I dare not say that I have reached a state of achievement. I'm still learning, for learning is boundless.
#04: Continue to live life finding what you want to do.

Bruce Lee: Make at least one definite move daily toward your goal.
#18: Be patient. Never rush.

Bruce Lee: Emptiness the starting point: In order to taste my cup of water you must first empty your cup. My friend, drop all your preconceived and fixed ideas and be neutral. Do you know why this cup is useful? Because it is empty.
#5: [Observe people who they are and not what we think they are.]

Bruce Lee: Don't fear failure: Not failure, but low aim, is the crime. In great attempts it is glorious even to fail.
#6: Remember to learn from you failures as well as your successes.

Bruce Lee:To grow, to discover, we need involvement which is something I experience everyday, sometimes good, sometimes frustrating.
#23: Fight the pain, the suffering, and the struggles to keep living.

Bruce Lee: Real living is living for others.
#21: Do something to receive something.

Side note: To view my top 30 blogs, click here.

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Friday, October 01, 2010

De Anza Week Sept 27, 2010

Mon Sep 27

I went to bed at 2am last night. There was so much fun stuff and little things to do. I woke up at 9:30am, very late to get a good parking spot. I arrived at 10:40am. There were plenty of parking spaces on the top floor. I purchased Pop Tarts for breakfast at the bookstore. I want that to be the first and only time for the quarter. I ate outside and I heard the terrible singing student. A couple of student walked passed me saying he has a Facebook fan page. I'm not surprised; however, how did they know about him? They might have saw a flyer or he wore a sign saying he has a Facebook.

It appears Intermediate Acct. may not be as hard as I initially thought; however, I'm not taking it for granted thinking it’s a walk in the park. Today's lecture was continuing Chapter 1. The green sheet says we start on Chapter 2. The professor says he anticipated being behind and was "overzealous" creating the weekly assignments. I read Chapter 2 tonight.

The professor makes an effort to arrive on time. His office hours end at 12:30pm, the start of the class. He announced he change his office hours to give time to arrive on time and to eat lunch. I believe it when I see it. Class ended 15 minutes early.

I got my book for Computer Accounting Systems. I purchased the book from I have all my textbooks.

There were less students in dance class compared to last Mon. We continued learning the Rumba. The men are pretty good this quarter compared to Spring '10. A few people, including myself, were too enthusiastic dancing. The next class meeting I calm down. Laughing too loud and being too enthusiastic are personal concerns I continue to work out controlling. Just calm down.

Tue Sep 28

OK, I want TODAY to be the last time I purchase Pop Tarts for breakfast! I finished reading Chapter 2 and downloaded the homework and lecture notes last night for Intermediate Acct. I tried to wake up at 7:30am getting five hours of sleep that was not enough. I woke up at 8:30am, skipped breakfast, and arrived at De Anza at 9:15am for Excel.

It appears Excel may be easier than I thought; however, I’m not taking it for granted thinking it's actually a walk in the park. The instructor lectured for 15 minutes, then the rest of the class we worked on the homework. I'm 95% done with the homework due Thur. I finished the homework at home because I needed to review my financial accounting books. I ate my Pop Tart after class.

I went to the computer lab to finish the Excel homework. I balanced the balance sheet financial statement. Later, I read my financial acct. books to check my answers. I emailed the completed homework tonight. The Quickbook class came to the computer lab. I choose to catch up on emails at the library as a courtesy.

In Computer Accounting Systems, we continued reviewing financial acct. I was rusty at journal entries and posting to the ledger. A classmate shared a story her friend took Intermediate Acct last year. Her friend walked up to the instructor to ask a question. She walked back to her seat and her book was missing. Someone stole her book. The textbook costs $220 at the bookstore. That's messed up.

I learned there are international editions for my Intermediate Acct and Computer Accounting Systems. Those textbooks are significantly cheaper than the American version. The publishers know how to take advantage the American way.

Wed Sep 29

I arrived at 10am. There were a few parking spots on the third floor at the Flint Center Parking Garage. The fourth floor is the top. I got out of the car, open the trunk, and removed my laptop bag. I felt a heat source on my right. There was a car whose engine was idle. The driver was on his laptop doing something. That's messed up. I don't want to stay there for an extended period of time.

Inside the library I saw a friend who was heading to his class. We chatted briefly. He was taking a class unrelated to his transfer courses because he needed the class to maintain full time status. I was catching up on emails.

We finished Chap 1 in Intermediate Acct. The instructor talked about mafias, lol. We have two take home quizzes due Wed Oct 6. There is no class on Mon Oct 4.

I went to the Wed night dance class. We learned more of the Cha Cha Cha routine. I forgot most of my Cha Cha Cha. I forgot about the pivot turn. Good review. A few students and I chatted after class.

Thur Sep 30

I got a 23 out of 20 for my first Excel homework. I got three points bonus for doing the extra credit problems. The entire class meeting we reviewed the homework and quickly talked about the next homework assignment. I started doing the homework assignment in the computer lab after class. What the hell?!? I almost finished the homework despite being rusty on merchandise financial statements. The balance sheet number matched the book answer. I finish the homework looking up the merchandise chapter in my financial accounting textbook to verify my answers later today.

I purchased another Pop Tart before Computer Accounting class. The reason was I got a stomach ache last night. I ate two pieces of bread for breakfast. The Pop Tart was both my breakfast and early lunch. The line at the convenience store was long. The cashier was slow. I was ten minutes late to class. The good news was I missed nothing. The bad news was someone took my seat. We continued reviewing financial accounting.

I checked out a DVD at the library before going home. I choose The Midnight Cowboy starring Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman. Looking ahead, Sat night is free and the homework is minimal.

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