Sunday, October 24, 2010

Life Is Different

We know many short sentences talking about life: Life is good, life is short, life is hard, life is all about timing, life is living the moment, and I have no life so get a life. There are many more short life quotes and beliefs.

I never heard anyone saying, “Life is different.” I’m the first person to say it to myself. I believe variety is the spice of life—life is different. I want to live life differently every day. I remember working at Cisco my life was the same for most working days and many weekends. I failed to add differences, add varieties, add something new. I started working at Cisco in March 2007 that was good. Ironically, 2007 was the worse year in my life. Life remained the same for most of 2008. I continued failing to add differences, add varieties, add something new. On Oct 4, 2008, I made significant changes in my life. It was time for a change. It was time for differences.

Life is good when it’s different. I create small differences such as driving home different streets from school, eating new foods, eating left handed, and listening to different music when I study. I seek new hobbies to spend my time; for example, I started to hike in 2009 and I’m taking ice skating lessons. I eat different foods for breakfast. I used to eat the same cereal everyday. Boring. Meet new people and make new friends. Spend time with different groups of friends.

Every day I find something different. Sometimes I succeed. Sometimes I don’t succeed. Keep thinking and doing different activities, tasks, and routines. You have a life full of variety.

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