Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Winning Can Solve Problems

Winning is good. The winning feeling is happiness. The two sentences are the clearest definition when a person or a group of people win. I elaborate more on winning. Redemption is winning. Earn successes are winning. Problems can be solved winning. We see winning. Winning clears the mind. Forgiveness can happen. The picture becomes clear. The problem is solved. The connections are established or connecting-the-dots are connected. Winning is powerful. Winning is motivating. Winning is a reminder live the present moment. Time will tell when the winning stops. The winning eventually stops. No problem. Life is not perfect. Take a breath. Reset. Begin a new path to win again.

Winning opens opportunities. Winning is earned correcting past mistakes. Winning can justify sacrifices. The naysayers and the critics are silenced. Winning lets bygones be bygones. Hope for good luck, favorable timing, courageous chances, and many opportunities. The next winner may be you.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Top Ten Wisdom Acquired In 2006 I Failed To Follow

2006 was a good year. 2007 was one of my two worst years. The 2007 highlights working at Cisco and buying my first car overshadowed the many lowlights. What if I followed through my 2006 wisdom acquired in 2007? There could have been fewer lowlights.

I reacquired, relearned, and rediscovered my 2006 wisdom years later. They started on the day I realized I must grow up on Sat Oct 4, 2008. I never forget these top ten wisdom. I practice them daily. Today's top ten is another reminder how I live a good life.

I blogged one dream titled Philosophy 98: Innovating Life on Mar 12, 2006. I dreamed I taught a philosophy class at a junior college. Students were required to read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Rich Dad Poor Dad teaches how the rich people become rich. How to Win Friends and Influence People teaches human relations skills. I dreamed Philosophy 98: Innovating Life for the second time replacing How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie with Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. Outliers argues timing and luck are the reasons why some people succeed. I approved my second dream using Rich Dad Poor Dad and Outliers as the required reading.

Here are the top ten wisdom acquired in 2006 I failed to follow. I followed them years later.

10. Life Sucks? Why Live? on Mar 16, 2006 and I Wonder on Aug 24, 2006. Timing is everything. I remind myself the two blogs. I'm alone, unemployed, and without money. I continue fighting the struggles. Doing nothing solves no problems. I might as well keep going. The I Wonder blog said maybe the next big break comes tomorrow, next week, or next month. I keep going hoping for the next big break.

9. Whoever Though Of The Word “Rush” Lived A Short Life on Jun 11, 2006. Don't rush success. Take it slow. Increment.

8. Do You Want To Be My Friend? on Apr 15, 2006. The last paragraph is the wisdom acquired. There are some people I don't get along with. There are some people I don't have a connection. I don't waste my time with these people. I stay away from these people.

7. Nothing Lasts Forever Which Includes Curses and Bad Luck on Jan 2, 2006. Nothing lasts forever. Curses are meant to be broken. Hope for the best. On the other hand, some people live life with many bad breaks and bad timing. It's life. Some people have lots of good luck. Some people have lots of bad luck.

6. Find The Misinformation and Misunderstandings First on Sep 27, 2006. Don't stress out on the person with the misinformation. Don't get angry over a misunderstanding. Misinformation happens. Misunderstandings happen. Seek first to understand. Correct the source. I'm angry when people don't correct the problem.

5. Second Blog Entry: Going With The Flow On A Bad Work Day on Jan 7, 2006. Go with the flow. I rediscovered the wisdom during Winter Quarter 2010 at De Anza College.

4. Full Circle on Mar 6, 2006. Life goes full circle. Whatever you do today affects you tomorrow. Life finds a way to reward you tomorrow when doing something good today. Life finds a way to punish you tomorrow when doing something bad today. For example, I failed to refresh my job skills during my down time at one of my contract jobs. I watched YouTube videos. Life punishes me today being unemployed taking additional self-training time refreshing my skills instead of learning new skills. Job searching is a full-time job. I learn new skills such as Python and Power BI. I refresh my existing skills such as Excel and SQL.

3. Keep Fun In Check on Feb 26, 2006. Something bad happens when I have too much fun. I lose my sense of awareness. I lose my clear thinking. Control everything as much as possible work, rest, and play.

2. Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day on May 17, 2006. What if I ate a proper breakfast in 2007 and before Sat Oct 4, 2008 daily? The obvious answers are more focused, learned more, less chances getting sick, more gym workouts, and never unemployed.

1. Time Will Tell on Jan 28, 2006. The late Steve Jobs said it best, "You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something--your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life."

In my words, time is the ultimate judge.


10. Keep fighting the struggles. There's nothing else to do.
9. Take your time. Increment.
8. Spend time with good people. Avoid bad people.
7. Nothing lasts forever.
6. Focus on correcting misinformation and misunderstandings themselves.
5. Go with the flow.
4. Life goes full circle. What you do today affects you tomorrow.
3. Keep fun in check. Stay focus even while having fun.
2. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
1. Trust what you do today is good tomorrow. Time is the ultimate judge.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Relax, Trust Intuition, Stay In Context

There are too many overprotective people. There are too many people worrying too much. There are too many people too anxious. There are too many people too stressed. Most of the stress is unnecessary. More people must relax. We must go back to trust our intuition.

Why overprotective? We may blame too many lawsuits on even small mistakes. We may blame overpopulation or overcrowding. We may blame people refusing additional personal responsibility. We may blame political correctness on people misinterpretations. Communications are taking out of context. In particular, I have a better understanding why more parents are overprotecting their children. Overprotecting their children is easier parenting in today's complex information age. It was acceptable children visit neighbors' homes for cookies and milk on the fly decades ago. We may blame the media overhyping crimes such as random kidnappings and missing children.

I dreamed I was superintendent of a public school. I was elected because the district wanted someone with an out of the box thinking. The district wanted a superintendent without an education background. A parent called me out being gender discriminate during a public school board meeting. I responded with a general statement to the entire room. I said stop interpreting my communications out of context. I'm not racist. There is no bigotry. I don't discriminate. I'm tough. I'm fair. I treat everyone equally. I'm open. I'm a good listener. Anyone being the political correctness police get a life. I reset the timer for the parent to restart her speech to the board.

Finally, I interviewed for an undefined length data analyst contract with a networking company in Campbell, CA. There was a phone interviewed. I passed. There was a person-to-person interview with a co-worker and the hiring manager. I passed. The hiring manager gave me an Excel test. I passed. The contractor agency conducted reference checks. I was the only candidate. Days passed. I saw the same position at the company's website. The company choose to hire the contractor internally. A too conservative higher-up manager must override the hiring manager's decision to hire me. The job candidate must have all the requirements for which I didn't have. A waste of time. A waste of effort.

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Open And Close Retail Stores

Sometimes stories are meant to be taken lightly except mattress buying stories. A supermarket closed and a hardware store closed. A retail store opens for storing bags. A restaurant cantina opens. I saw deer in a city. Bowling alleys are found in towns. Maybe James Bond is the owner of a restaurant by the Pacific Ocean.

Monday, November 04, 2019

Bruce Lee Was The Man Revisited

I watched the movie Enter The Dragon in its entirety for the first time. Good movie. I watched the ending scenes only when I was a child. Watching the movie made me remember a past blog titled Bruce Lee Is The Man on Oct 8, 2010. I admit I made a grammar error. Bruce Lee died on July 20, 1973. The correct title is Bruce Lee Was The Man. Today's blog is an update on a past blog.

Update On A Past Blog

I share more Bruce Lee wisdom. I posted a past blog matching Lee's wisdom Bruce Lee [Was] The Man on Oct 8, 2010 and my wisdom from my top 30 blogs 300 written on Dec 7, 2008. The addition wisdom comes from the movie Enter The Dragon where Bruce Lee played the character Lee.

Old Man: . . . What is the highest technique you hope to achieve?
Lee: To have no technique.
Old Man: Very good. What are your thoughts when facing an opponent?
Lee: There is no opponent.
Old Man: And why is that?
Lee: Because the word "I" does not exist.
Old Man: So, continue . . .
Lee: A good fight should be like a small play, but played seriously. A good martial artist does not become tense, but ready. Not thinking, yet not dreaming. Ready for whatever may come. When the opponent expands, I contract. When he contracts, I expand. And when there is an opportunity, I do not hit. It hits all by itself.
Old Man: Now, you must remember: the enemy has only images and illusions behind which he hides his true motives. Destroy the image and you will break the enemy. The "it" that you refer to is a powerful weapon easily misused by the martial artist who deserts his vows. For centuries now, the code of the Shaolin Temple has been preserved. Remember, the honor of our brotherhood has been held true. Tell me now the Shaolin Commandment number 13.
Lee: A martial artist has to take responsibility for himself and accept the consequences of his own doing.

Lee: [Lao approaches Lee; both bow] Kick me.
[Lao looks confused]
Lee: Kick me.
[Lao attempts kick]
Lee: What was that? An Exhibition? We need emotional content. Now try again.
[Lao tries again]
Lee: I said "emotional content." Not anger. Now try again.
[Lao tries again and succeeds]
Lee: That's it. How did it feel?
Lao: Let me think . . .
[Lee smacks his head]
Lee: Don't think. FEEL! It's like a finger pointing away to the moon.
[Lee looks at Lao, who is looking at the finger; Lee smacks him again]
Lee: Do not concentrate on the finger, or you will miss all of the heavenly glory!

[Oharra throws a board in the air and smashes it with his fist]
Lee: [smiles] Boards don't hit back.

Old Man: [voiceover] Remember: the enemy has only images and illusions behind which he hides his true motives. Destroy the image and you will break the enemy.

Parsons: What's your style?
Lee: My style? You can call it the art of fighting without fighting.
Parsons: The art of fighting without fighting? Show me some of it.
Lee: Later.
. . .
*Lee tricks Parsons to board a small boat to be towed by the bigger boat.*

Roper: Like you said, there's a point I won't go beyond.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Physical Appearance

The late Steve Jobs said we do judge a book by its cover. A person must never trick the world with poor physical appearance. Good people. Strong people. Honest people. They never walk out of their residences with poor physical appearances. Their appearances match their good, strong, and honest personalities. Their physical appearances match their intelligence, wisdom, and interests. The minimum is practice good hygiene both body and oral, good grooming, decent clothes, and proper etiquette. Also, they eat healthy, minimized alcohol consumption, and devote time for physical activity. Be honest on self-image. Don't have a loser self-image. Don't be a show-off.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Top Ten Favorite Books I Read

Reading books is one of my favorite hobbies. My reading speed and my reading comprehension have been improving since 2018. I can't explain why. I can't explain how. I experienced reading problems when I was a child. I started reading more fiction books in 2008. I learn more about life reading fiction books than nonfiction books. Fiction books give me wisdom. Nonfiction books give me intelligence. I read 75% fiction and 25% nonfiction. There are more books I must read. The Harry Potter universe by J.K. Rowling is not on the list because I'm reading volume three of seven. I anticipate updated top ten favorite books lists soon.

Here are my top ten favorite books I read:

10. Forever… by Judy Blume. All teenagers and all parents must read the young adult classic book The sex scenes and growing up lessons are relevant today.

9. Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. How do people become rich? Kiyosaki answers the question how. The answer is not a college degree, an MBA, or working a six-figure income.

8. How To Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Readers adapt 20% of his suggestions increases his or her likelihood to meet more new people and create more circle of friends.

7. The Princess Bride by William Goldman. I read the book first. I watched the movie second. I love them both.

6. The Invention Of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick. I purchased a European edition book. The author wrote the story and drew the illustrations. The main character had courage I wished I had when I was a child.

5. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. The illiterate main character stole books during World War II in Nazi Germany. Read World War II from innocent Germans point of view. Comedy, sorrow, and anger are some of the feelings the reader experiences.

4. The Old Man And The Sea by Ernest Hemingway. I loved Hemingway's writing style. Short. To the point. No wasted words.

3. To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Atticus Finch is strong. Atticus Finch is a model for a man.

2. Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. Gladwell wrote luck and opportunity are the reasons why some people succeed.

Honorable mentions. City Of Thieves by David Benioff, All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, Coraline by Neil Gaiman, Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer, Carpe Jugulum by Terry Pratchett, and The Martian by Andy Weir.

1. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. Jobs was a genius. Jobs was an artist. Part of Jobs's life influence how I live today for better or for worse.

Side note: I read #9 Rich Dad, Poor Dad, #8 How To Win Friends & Influence People, #6 The Invention Of Hugo Cabret, #4 The Old Man And The Sea, #3 To Kill A Mockingbird, #2 Outliers, and #1 Steve Jobs books twice.

Monday, October 21, 2019


I read an obituary a former high school classmate named Ian pass away in Jan 2019 due to a liver disease. He was diagnosed in our senior year. Maybe that was why I never saw him in our senior year. We were classmates who knew each other's name only.

I met Ian in Algebra I in our sophomore year. He was a weird student acting childish weird. Students and teachers teased him like Samuel "Screech" Powers from Saved By The Bell. All the teasing and joking were friendly. There was no malice. If Ian was in trouble, then the students and teachers saved him. He was an average student grade-wise. Ian was a nerd. He enjoyed Star Wars, Star Trek, and Dungeon and Dragons. He was a devoted Christian. His outside nerd activities included swimming, soccer, and performing magic tricks.

Ian lived his best with his chronic liver problems in his adult years. He lived with joy. He lived with determination. He attended De Anza College and Sierra College. He received a fellowship at The Family Church in Roseville.

I hope Ian lives a fulfill life in heaven. He seeks new adventures. He finds new experiences. He tries new hobbies. He meets new people. RIP Ian.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Top Ten Old School

Back in time and front and present is rule #10 in my daily life rules. Sometimes the old ways work such as duct tape and WD-40. Sometimes the new ways work such as today's car technology and laptops. I share my top ten old school habits good today and good decades ago.

10. Pen And Paper. I have poor short-term memory. I write everything down. I rarely use my phone to write reminders and note appointments on my calendar.

9. Work At Work. I prefer working at my company's location. My work is completed on my cubicle. No telecommuting; however, there are exceptions such as being sick, family, and emergencies. If I'm sick, then I should focus on recovering. If there is a family priority, then the family priority takes precedence. If there is an emergency, then I must focus on the emergency.

8. Books, Newspapers And Magazines. I prefer printed books. I prefer printed newspapers. I prefer printed magazines. Online articles are okay as long as they're brief.

7. Get Out Of The House. I shop for groceries. I eat at restaurants. I fill up my gas at gas stations. There is no Amazon Fresh, Safeway delivery, gas delivery, and food delivery.

6. Old School Hobbies. I play board games, hike outdoors, ballroom dance, and cook. I'm retired watching anime and playing video games; however, both can be old school anime and old school video games.

5. Oral Hygiene. I brush my teeth manually. I use dental floss, Water-Pix, and mouthwash.

4. Gym. Another old school hobby. Another get out of the house. I workout at the gym four days a week. Two days of cardio. Two days of weights. Nothing complicated. Nothing simple.

3. No Cable TV. No Dish TV. I watch a little TV on a television. I spend minimal time watching TV and watching movies online. No Netflix. I have four movies on Google Play TV & Movies.

2. Three Meals A Day. I learned proper nutrition when I was a child. I continue my diet habits as an adult. I eat three healthy meals a day. No skipping. I minimize eating processed foods. I avoid protein bars, zero calorie sodas, and fat free foods.

1. Eight Hours Of Sleep. It's not a secret. The most successful people follow a basic habit. Rest is important. The human needs sleep to recovery mind, body, and spirit.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

More People Must Get Physical

A peaceful person controls his or her physical, mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual statuses. The spiritual status may refer to sleep. More people are under emphasizing the physical status. More people are over emphasizing the mental status. Military, first responders, and sports require physical training. All occupations must have a physical training regimen. I can say more people must get more sleep. I see too many shortcuts and phony miracles to stay in shape, to stay in focus, and to avoid health problems. Get up and do something, anything physical honestly and sincerely.

Sunday, October 06, 2019

Instant Bullets Blog Oct 6, 2019

*Add To The List Of Required Kitchen Staples. Red cups. You never know when you host a last-minute party.

*$1 Sincerely. I'm unemployed. Spending is limited. I put $1 in the tip cup for the sandwich maker. It's the correct call. $1 for a little sincerely.

*A Math Fraction Lesson I Finally Realized. The 8ths fractions: 1/8, 2/8, 3/8, 4/8, 5/8, 6/8, 7/8, and 8/8. The eventh numerator fractions are reduced. The oddth numerator fractions are not reduced. 2/8=1/4, 4/8=1/2, 6/8=3/4, 8/8=1.

*Don't Do These Sex Porn Techniques In Real Life. askmen.com published an article Porn Positions & Moves You Should Never Try IRL. Improve your sex life not doing these positions and moves.

*Kevin Durant Truth Is Revealed. Time reveals the truth. Kevin Durant tells the truth regarding his decision to leave the Golden State Warriors. He wanted to leave at the start of the 2018-2019 season. Beforehand, all rumors, heresy, and speculations were a waste of time. Conversations? Yes. Good conversations? No.

Sources: Kevin Durant on if the Warriors mishandled his calf injury: 'Hell, no', KD on Leaving Warriors: 'I Started to Realize I'm Just Different From the Rest of the Guys', Kevin Durant: 'If I was leaving Warriors, it was always going to be for Nets', and Kevin Durant Reportedly Stopped Talking to Warriors Teammates During Season.

*$121,082.40. OnePoll and Simple.com conducted a study polling 2,000 Americans. The average date costs $168.17 a month. The average date is higher at $185.65 for a married couple. The average lifetime date costs $121.082.40. Source: Here’s how much money the average American spends on dating.

*Five Minute Parent And Child Lesson. Don't Be Lazy To Save Five Minutes. Reddit screenshot Now This is Commitment taken on Fri Aug 16, 2019.

*How Many Losses To Stop Being Loved? Alfred Lord Tennyson said a common quote, "Tis better to have loved and lost, / Than never to have loved at all" from his poem "In Memoriam A.H.H." There are people who lost many times not being loved.

*No Risk It, No Biscuit, said Bruce Arians, Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach.

*What Are The Movies A Person Must Watch To Die Happy? Tough choices. Many choices. Infinite opinions. Here is my quick thinking picks in no particular order: Saving Private Ryan, Good Will Hunting, The Shawshank Redemption, The Godfather I & II, Star Wars IV-VI, Casablanca, Mary Poppins, The Dark Knight, and Titanic.

*California Independent Contractor Classification Law. Governor Gavin Newson signed Assembly Bill 5 to law on Wed Sep 18, 2019. The law sets rules whether a worker is an employee or an independent contractor. The law starts on Jan 1, 2020.

*NFL All-Star Wide Receiver Antonio Brown. Sports analyst Ray Ratto from 95.7FM The Game summed up his dilemma, "A cry for justice, and a cry for help."

*A One-Up Children Over Adults. Children are the best lie detectors. They have a natural intuition. It's tough lying to children.

*College Students An Easy A Grade. Take a class on public speaking. My class consisted of two quizzes, simple reading assignments, five speeches for which four are graded, class attendance is mandatory because almost all class meetings are listening to speeches, and an optional final.

*Over-protective, Cowardice, Weak, And Fatigue. What's going to with today's parents? There are too many over-protective, minimal risk taking, losing strength, and tired parents. I saw parents being excited raising children when I was a child. My parents are an exception.

*Single People Approaching Middle Age. Some single people approaching middle age or are middle age play the desperate card. They need a lover. They want a lover. They must be in a relationship regardless of a partial match, partial connection, and partial compatibility. They are impatient finding the best match. They lack the courage being alone.

*Playtime Is Over When The Marriage Begins. I'm not a marriage counselor expert. A key to a successful marriage is stop the playtime. Any two people can get married. Is the marriage successful? Is the marriage strong? Is the marriage everlasting? If the marriage becomes a chore, an obligation, and a duty, then changes are required. Begin the tough conversations. It's time to be brutally honest. It's okay to get professional help.

Update On A Past Blog

I blogged I hate painting being a Sort Of Professional Painter on Feb 17, 2019. Regardless, I behave professionally getting the paint job done earnestly. I'm not a professional painter painting fast, efficient, and minimizing mistakes. I'm a slow painter. I'm an amateur. Amateurs are slower, less knowledgeable, and commit more mistakes. I'm terrible at home improvements which explains why I ate painting.

Friday, October 04, 2019

Golden State Warriors Final Games At Oracle And Bad Good Advice

Coffee, basketball, good economic headline, bad economic headline, false faulty information, informative information, good luck and bad luck at chance games, Seinfeld trivia, and Lucy's advice on bad good advice.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Sibling Role Reversal

I'm the oldest among my siblings. I felt one disadvantage being the oldest when we were children and teenagers. I was the first to make mistakes. My siblings learned from my mistakes growing up. I was the first child my parents raised me. My parents learned from their mistakes raising me. My siblings didn't repeat my mistakes. My parents corrected their mistakes raising my siblings. My siblings were smart students with lots of friends. My parents encouraged my siblings to study hard. I was the opposite. I was an average student with little friends. I felt jealous. I felt weak. I felt my family abandoned me. I felt life betrayed me.

We are adults today. My siblings are making mistakes today. I'm learning from their mistakes which includes raising a family and dating people. I have the desire to avoid repeating their mistakes. I have the desire to get smarter. I don't know why my siblings are regressing? Is it family stress? Is it work stress? Do my siblings stop learning? Do my siblings take life for granted? Do my siblings loss the desire to continue improving? Do my siblings accept their life as good as it gets and can't get better? The answer or answers is yes to more than one question.

Further, I experienced the most problems when we were children. My problems were poor physical fitness except my running speed, mental average intelligence, emotional worrying, emotional cowardness, and social being a loner for some school years. Today my siblings have the most problems. My adult problems are George Constanza problems unemployed and live with my parents. The two problems are nothing compared to my siblings.

One last question which is personal. Am I evil observing and learning from my siblings' mistakes? I forgive my parents for their poor job raising me. I'm an adult. I'm responsible for my successes and for my failures.

Desire Is More Important Than Knowledge

People expected my siblings to work at high paying jobs. Their jobs are typical middle class white collar jobs. I wonder why almost all smart students in high school and college aren't millionaires. Research concludes many millionaires are average C students or dropouts. Do these average C students or dropouts have the desire to learn to become millionaires? Likely yes. Do these average C students or dropouts know what to learn and what not to learn? Likely yes. I'm making a connection between my smart siblings when they were young not becoming millionaires and the millionaires who were average students. Do my siblings (and people like my siblings) lose the desire to continue their education or do they accept their current life not working to improve their lives?

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

He’s More Than Charming Or She’s More Than A Sweetheart

Single people finding love with one expectation is naive. He just needs to be polite. She just needs to keep the bed warm. He just needs to write love letters. She just needs to cook comfort food on a bad day. He just needs to say "bless you" when I sneeze. She just needs to tell me there's a problem with her car. There are success stories accepting the one expectation because of good chance, good timing, and good luck the couple meets. I was a person finding love with one expectation naively; fortunately, I was a senior in high school. My future wife just needs to be a sweetheart.

Times have changed. Decades ago married couples with one expectation each was valid. He's a nice guy. She's a good cook. The expectations are raised today. He must be more than a nice guy. She must be more than a good cook. Human relationships have evolved with more knowledge. We accept more knowledge to increase our chances of finding lasting relationships.

I have high expectations decades later. My high expectations are not impossible. I have deal breakers such as avoids driving freeways, eats too much junk food, smokes, and hates board games. I have must haves such as enjoys outdoor activities, reads books, financial discipline, and good self-esteem. I'm fortunate I tell a story the woman I'm seeking. A story is powerful. A story is better than the common one liners such as beautiful, intelligent, good smile, *insert hobby one*, *insert hobby two*, and no drugs.

There are single men. There are single women. There is a match for a man. There is a match for a woman. There is chemistry. There is compatibility. There is compromise or give and take. It's supposed to be hard finding love because marriages last till death do us part. A marriage is a one-shot opportunity.

Here's My Story

I'm looking for a woman who is still new in life. She's fresh. She's behind in life. I missed many experiences when I was younger. I'm catching up. I want a woman to join me catching up. We seek new adventures. We experience new experiences. Our bucket lists have too many unchecked boxes. For example, I haven't visited a foreign country outside North America. Canada doesn't count as visiting a foreign country. Another example is playing a song from a jukebox. Get up and do something, anything.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Follow The Money

Deep Throat from the movie All The President's Men told Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein to follow the money trail to solve the Watergate scandal. The follow the money thinking applies to careers.

Many of today's career challenges are skills, knowledge, education, and experience. We live in the information age. More careers require advance skills, technical training, indefinite education or self-training, longer hours, and more experience.
More industries are complex, complicated, and difficult. Reference materials, books, notes, YouTube, and Google are required to research, to look up information, and to refresh our skills. Companies pay high salaries to workers who are strong, gritty, intelligent, motivated, and devoted to long hours. Companies pay high salaries to workers with highly demanded experience, best trained, and strong skills.

Some of the most common industries with high salaries include engineers, programmers, medical, scientists, and business. The five industries are changing rapidly. The best way to monitor the changes is job searching. Job postings inform the latest skills and experience. Job postings are up-to-date compared to college career centers and career counselors. Follow the money to learn the education, skills, and experience required in today's evolving industries.

There are some industries salaries have stayed the same. The reason salaries have stayed the same is because nothing changed. The skills are the mostly the same yesterday and today. No technical training or little technical training is required. There is no need for additional education. The hours are the same. Little past experience is necessary. Almost all retail jobs the pay is low. Retail jobs haven't evolved. Post office, waiting tables, cleaning, and bus drivers their pay is low.

College Majors Lower Chances For High Salaries

I don't know how students majoring in humanities, fine-arts, art, music, education, and social science earn high salaries. However, these students can think of ideas earning additional income related to their majors. Podcasting? YouTube? Streaming? Blogging? Write books? Earn an advanced degree? Double major selecting a second major in a technical field or a business field? Generations ago college students can make a living in any major. Today's generation the high salaries goes to people with the latest and greatest skills and experience--the latest and greatest everything.

The workforce is not dumb. The industries are hard.

Update On A Past Blog

I forgot to mention to do something, anything new for which I'm uncomfortable in Get Back To The Basics When In A Jam on Sep 11, 2019. My life is moving forward too slow. It's time to take action. The best way is go back to the past when my life moved forward faster. I'm uncomfortable safely. I'm uncomfortable intelligently.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Money And Life

Money buys life. There are costs to live. The minimum life payments are the basics. The bare necessities costs increase as we age and as time moves forward. I explain differently. The bare necessities costs increase because of inflation, overcrowding, and complexity. More costs are required to live in today's information age. More costs are required to maintain life. More costs are required to improve life.

There is no avoidance. Costs are mandatory. Costs are required. Payments are due daily to live a good life. Costs are another example life is X's and O's. Life is connected how life is lived daily with the X's. Life goes full circle with the O's. Life upgrades are inevitable. Life replacements are required. Goods break. Services are needed. Soap, towels, mattresses, food, taxes, transportation, phone, light bulbs, leisure, health including dental and medical, and utilities are examples. Similarly, raising children requires money. Money and life and raising children are another blog subject.

How about the systems? Medical, phone, insurance, rent or mortgage, and taxes. The systems are outdated. The systems are broken. The systems are stressed. The systems are overcrowded. The systems are another blog subject.

Update On A Past Blog

I said 2018 was a momentum year for 2019 in 2018 Year In Review. Three Consecutive Bad Years For The First Time in My Life. blog on Mar 9, 2019. Past momentum years or set-up years preceded good years except 2003 which was a no set-up year for a good 2004. 2018 was a set-up for a good 2019. 2019 is uneventful year-to-date. It's possible the 2018 set-up is incomplete. It's possible I need more set-up time. 2019 continues 2018. Perhaps, life is telling me I'm not ready for a good year. Perhaps, life is telling me the greatest year is coming soon. Continue the present path. Be patient.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Get Back To The Basics When In A Jam

The time is now to get back. My life has been on pause too many times. The minimum moving forward is slow play. It's better to play on slow compared to pause. I have been experiencing fewer bad luck moments in 2019 compared to past years. The top reason is I'm inactive more days in 2019 compared to past years. There have been fewer opportunities in 2019 compared to past years.

The time is now to get back. Get up and do something, anything. I get back to hiking. I hiked the Montara Mountain trail at San Pedro Valley Park in Pacific, CA for the first time on Sat Aug 31, 2019. I brought back the movie of the week when I was a student at De Anza College renting a DVD from the library for the weekend. I'm motivated to try new foods. I'm motivated to eat at new restaurants. However, I minimize eating processed foods weekly. I job search six days a week like I did when I was recently unemployed. I learn new job skills and review existing job skills six days a week like I did two years ago learning Salesforce. However, learning Microsoft Power BI is better than learning Salesforce. Some past job interviews the hiring manager offered to train me in Salesforce. I continue writing blogs, working out at the gym, sleeping eight hours a night, and reading books.

Today's blog is not a reset blog. Today's blog is not a bullshit blog. Today's blog is a reminder go back to the basics when life is in front of a brick wall. Today's blog is a reminder go back to the basics during happy times. There are people moving ahead in their goals. There are people earning achievements. I'm not moving ahead significantly. I'm not earning the big achievements. I'm making changes to get back hoping something, anything happens. I accept the small achievements. I accept the small changes. Unfortunately, I add the small achievements and small changes they don't equal big achievements and big changes.

Sunday, September 08, 2019

Going Up Or Getting Better Am I?

I wrote a blog at my Finding Raymond Mar titled Going Up Or Getting Better Am I? on Jul 13, 2019. I choose to share the blog at Innovating Common Knowledge. Here it is.

I question my life. I'm getting smarter learning new job skills, reading books, and writing blogs. My health is good working out at the gym four days a week. I haven't been sick in 2019. I minimized eating processed foods. I rarely watch TV. I watch one or two movies a week. I sleep eight hours a night.

On the other hand, I'm unemployed long-term. My social skills are regressing. My relationships are diverging. It's the natural growing apart from my family and my friends.

Is my life getting better or getting worse? Is my life going up or going down? Honestly speaking, I'm one step closer to become a genius.

Update On A Past Blog

One sign a person has poor self-esteem is laughing too loud, laughing too much, talking too much, and behaving too enthusiastic. I'm fortunate I no longer all of the above. It's okay to behave those emotions when achieving a big goal, experiencing a big moment, or you’re the highlight of an event. Keep them in check. Be discrete. Stay in control. I refer to be discrete and stay in control from the two blogs "Let Me Think", A New Social Problem I Must Fix on Oct 26, 2013 and Innovating My Enthusiasm on Mar 5, 2007.

Saturday, September 07, 2019

The Gendo Smile From Reddit

I created my second meme and posted my first meme on Reddit "The Gendo Smile Because You Got This." The "You Did It" and "Because Its Game Over" memes are posted on my blog only. I created a bonus third meme comparing the experience required for selected activities. All screenshots are below.

Friday, August 30, 2019

The Green Steno Notebook 4

The picture above is the notebook I acquired on the first day of my new white collar job. I wrote notes during my job training. I wrote other notes, reminders, and knowledge thereafter. I share many of them. Here is the fourth blog.

*Apr 26, 2014. A gag gift idea. A rubber stamps which says "WHATEVER" in caps.

*Apr 26, 2014. Sometimes children make their parents angry to do something. Otherwise nothing gets done. Good choice? Bad choice? Time is the ultimate judge.

*Jun 30, 2014. Shop Amazon for cheaper prices on auto parts such as air filters, headlights, and cabin air filters.

*Jul 6, 2014. Going to a person's house for the first time such as a party or a formal event. Bring a food or a drink. Bring a house plant. For instance, a co-worker brought a cheese cake for a Fourth Of July party.

*Sep 22, 2014. The song "I Only Have Eyes For You" is sung by The Flamingos. One lyric is, "Are the stars out tonight."

*Sep 30, 2014. Denzel Washington's first movie break is Carbon Copy released in 1981.

*Oct 12, 2014. How We Got To Know author Steve Johnson wrote six innovations made the modern world. The six innovations are glass, cold, sound, clean, time, and light.

*Oct 20, 2014. Land Sea Air is an arcade game I played when I was in sixth grade. I played the video game in a bowling alley. The bowling alley was torn down for an outdoor retail strip mall.

*Oct 26, 2014. Finished playing Wargames video game app.

*Oct 27, 2014. I played Rampart arcade game. I reached a harder level. I shot a boat multiple times. The boat survived which was messed up.

*Nov 10, 2014. Apply deodorant on top of a waste basket when the deodorant stick is running low. The reason is if the stick breaks, then it falls into the waste basket.

*Jan 10, 2015. I brought doughnuts for my parents. My mom said doughnuts are bad for your health. I realized my mom usually says something bad every time I do something good.

*Jan 16, 2015. I began trimming off excess fat off meats before cooking. Also, I began removing surface moisture with paper towels. I heard some cooking experts says wax paper is preferred.

*Jan 25, 2015. Stop overthinking. Use intuition.

*Feb 1, 2015. I repeat stop overthinking. Use intuition. The Seattle Seahawks could have won Super Bowl XLIX defeating the New England Patriots if Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll didn't run the slant play. Carroll experienced analysis paralysis.

*Mar 21, 2015. If I'm going to mess up, then I mess up my way. I take responsibility. I learn from my mistakes. It's okay to be foolish.

*Mar 28, 2015. The best way to overcome fatigue is old school rest and old school eat good meals.

*Apr 18, 2015. Tips when I clean the house. Spread the cleaning two days or three days. No more cleaning the entire house in one day. Also, carry a white towel to wipe my sweat. And hang the vacuum cord on the stair rail when I vacuum the stairs.

*Apr 18, 2015. BNYN stands for Both None Yes No.

*May 21, 2015. I go back to drink Crystal Geyser bottle water.

*Jun 12, 2015. I turn on the water to rinse my razor only on shaving days. I save water.

*Jul 10, 2015. My old Sansa Fuze mp3 didn't play sound from my headphones. My initial guess was I needed new headphones. I was incorrect. The headphones worked on another media player. The mp3 sound output was the correct fault. Lesson learned. Do my research. Do my failure analysis. Do my testing.

*Jul 23, 2015. Removed Blink Feed on my cell phone.

*Dec 7, 2015. Mahjong tip. Make connections with your tiles. A friend made one of the cheapest 1,000 point hand in Japanese Mahjong or Riichi.

*Jan 23, 2016. Arrived at the gym at 6pm for a weekend workout. More people arrived at 7pm before the gym closed at 8pm.

*Feb 8, 2016. Played Set card game solo. Looking for set different patterns works. It was harder because my natural thinking is looking for set same patterns.

*Mar 22, 2016. First Amazon order arrived at the last date in date range expected delivery Mar 17-22. Expected delivery date was Mar 20. Actual delivery was Mar 22.

*Apr 1, 2016. Arcade game at Safeway grocery store next to Moon Patrol was M.A.C.H 3 when I was in third grade.

*Apr 25, 2016. Lift objects intelligently; in particular, mornings when I woke up because my muscles were tight. I lifted a plumber snake incorrectly. Minor lower back pain lasted for five days. I might have strained a muscle or pinched a nerve. I should have used a cart. I should have lifted the plumber snake with two hands and holding two of the three handles.

*May 12, 2016. I walked inside my gym's classroom for the first time since I became a member.

*Jun 8, 2016. I worked out at the gym after a haircut. Weight room was half full. There were more people at night time.

*Jun 20, 2016. It was the longest day of the calendar year. I realized it after I finished watching Dallas Buyers Club. There was sunlight after 9pm.

*Nov 27, 2016. 4.1 volts for the long batteries.

*Dec 14, 2016. I added back my name for my Twitter handle @inin61.

*Feb 11, 2017. America (My Country Tis Of Thee) is the complete song name for America.

*Mar 29, 2017. Blow air compressed air to remove the water from my Camelbak tube.

*Apr 30, 2017. Won 4 first place on Tenhou Japanese Mahjong online games in a row.

*May 7, 2017. Boil tap water instead of bottle water when I make Jell-O.

Update On A Past Blog

I dreamed last night a homeless cat in my neighborhood needed help. The dream is another example there are too many pets. The Price Is Right host Bob Baker ends the show saying control the pet population have your pets spay or neuter. The dream reminded me a bullet point from Instant Bullets Blog Aug 11, 2018 Pet Overpopulation. Too many pets is a foreshadow what may happen when there are too many humans.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Where Is The Intelligence?

Either I'm getting smarter or the people are getting dumber. The people in my life are regressing. I'm progressing. The people in my life become content. I'm not ready to settle. Or all of the above.

There is another possibility. My brain is transforming to become a genius. I'm one step closer to become a self-trained genius. I admit its scary. I also admit the people who know me should be concerned. To quote Steve Jobs, "Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact, and that is everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you, and you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use. Um, once you learn that, you’ll never be the same again."

Update On A Past Blog

I realize the opposite of You're Smarter Than You Think is true. There are people who realize they're not smart. A mistake is committed. A task is unsuccessful. The post-evaluation is ignorance. I'm not smart enough. Further, there are people I thought they're smart. I'm incorrect. They're not as smart as I thought they are. They may be regressing or losing intelligence. The definition of a smart person is subjective. I wrote the blog on Nov 7, 2018.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

I Missed The Discovery Day My Computer Desktops When I Was A Child

My dad worked at HP. He brought home desktop computers for my brother and I. I researched at the HP Computer Museum website the HP desktops I playfully wasted my time. Why playfully? Why wastefully? I played video games only. I did nothing on the desktops to learn. My dad never taught us how to use computers and why we use computers.

I thought my dad brought home outdated HP desktops. The HP Computer Museum website corrected me. The HP desktops were current. My first HP desktop was the HP-125 in 1982. The second HP desktop was the 150 Touchscreen 45611A in 1983. I might be incorrect on the model number because the 45611A has 3.5 inch disks. I remember using the 5.25 inch floppy disks. The third and four HP desktops were from the HP Vectra series. The third HP desktop was the Vectra 45945A in the late 1980s. I forgot the fourth HP desktop specific model. There were more HP desktops between the fourth HP desktop and the first desktop my dad custom made in Nov 2002.

A Commodore 64 Or An Apple II Instead Or A Macintosh Instead

What if my dad purchased a computer instead of bringing home HP desktops on loan? The Commodore and the Apple were household computer names in the early to mid 1980s. What if my dad taught my brother and I how to use the computer beyond turning on and off and inserting the floppy disk? What if my dad taught my brother and I why we should learn computers? I play the rational card. He worked at HP. HP allowed employees to borrow their computers for family use. Computers were expensive. My dad was a cheap person. Were the Commodore 64 or Apple computers better than HP? I honestly don't know. If my brother and I had a better computer, then could we have successful technology careers?

Moreover, what if I had a lucky childhood day when I connected the dots. The dots were computer programming, a better computer, someone telling me computers were the future, and someone introducing me a career in computer technology. The lucky childhood day never happened. There was no one moment to light the computer fire. There was no one moment to spark my computer desire.

Adult Responsibility Today

I was unlucky. I'm catching up what I missed. Two friends helped me purchase hardware for my first desktop PC in Oct-Nov 2008. My dad assisted me building my first gaming desktop PC in Dec 2008. I built my second non-gaming desktop PC in Mar 2015. I research new hardware for a third desktop PC anticipation date build Dec 2019 or Jan 2020. Another friend introduced me to Python. I'm learning Python focusing on Matplotlib, NumPy, SciPy, and Panda. I'm also learning Power BI. I self-taught myself Linux, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. I'm reviewing SQL and VBA. I forgive my dad for no interest teaching his sons. I can't change the past.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Name Five Qualities Which Make You Unique

1. I majored in Economics. I took three semesters of Physics.
2. I won one contest. I guessed the total weight of three pumpkins in sixth grade. I won $5.00.
3. I have an above average long term memory. I identify by month and year many past events.
4. Taking pictures of police cars is one of my top hobbies.
5. I dislike raisins.

Did the blog reader expect unique behavior qualities? Did the blog reader expect professional qualities?

Bonus Qualities Which Make Me Unique

6. We have different bodies. I don't drink eight glasses of water per day. My body requires fewer glasses of water. Also, I can't tread water. I have a buoyancy problem. And I maintain weight loss after my gallbladder surgery. Doctors said people regain their lost weight in time. I lost 25 pounds as of the blog entry.
7. I don’t drink coffee.

Update On A Past Blog

I have a better understanding on Chapter N: Playtime Is Over blog on May 18, 2012. The fun days are over. The no worry attitude is stopped. The ignored problems are recognized. I don't take life for granted. Be responsible for all actions. Be professional. Minimize eating processed foods. Workout at the gym consistently. My reading has been improving.

The process can be boring. The training is hard. The repetitions are gruesome. Mistakes must be learned. Frustrations stink. Practices must be completed. Never stop learning. Success is achieved. Goals are won. Time will tell when looking back to connect the dots all of the above is worth the time.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Roll The Dice When You Wake Up

Today's blog includes life cliques. Today's blog includes common life wisdom. I combine them for a life perspective. Every day there is a chance. Nothing is 100%. Nothing is 0%. There are many moments a 99.99% chance it happens. There are many moments a 00.01% chance it happens. We roll the dice when we wake up for the day. We roll the dice when we sleep. People die in their sleep peacefully.

Chances happen every second. Meeting new people, avoiding a car accident, winning a contest, creating the next business idea, getting sick, starting a bad habit, changing to be a different person, and breaking a toy are examples of chances happening. The future is unknown. We take a chance something good or something bad comes tomorrow. We hope we are at the right place at the right time. Timing and luck are in favor. We hope we're not at the wrong place at the wrong time. Timing and luck aren't in favor. Life is unfair.

We roll the dice for all our choices. Sports fans know there are chances the improbable happens. It's sports. It's life. Sports fans know players and coaches prepare multiple speeches for their post-game interviews. There are winners. There are losers.

We roll the dice hoping for consistent good rolls. The rolls result in a lucky break. Life momentum flows in favor. There are people who live lives with consistent bad rolls. Too many frustrations. Too many setbacks. Bad luck. Bad timing. Successful people must admit their lucky. There are other people who take over their successes; they didn't get the opportunity. People work hard intelligently increasing the odds for success. Unfortunately, life rewards some of these people.

Sometimes the dice rolls for something weird. Sometimes the dice rolls for something out of the ordinary. Never say never. Think of something weird. Think of anything oddball. The chances are it happens. There are no explanations--the unexplained.

There are lonely people. If you're an unlucky person living a lonely life, then I tell you you're not the only lonely person in the world. There are lonely people. It's life. Life somehow finds a way people are lonely. Life somehow finds a way anything and everything happens. Nobody has unique problems. Everyone has problems.

People succeed and people fail. People are born and people die. People are lucky and people are unlucky. People have opportunities to succeed. People have nothing to succeed. Everyone is different. There is irony in life. Some people are blessed with everything to be winners life finds a way to prohibit success. Some people are blessed with nothing life leads a path to enable success.

What are the odds? What are the chances? We control as much as we can to increase the odds. We can't control everything. Sometimes life decreases the odds. Roll the dice.

Update On A Past Blog

I want to mention Neon Genesis Evangelion or Eva which was one of my favorite anime series in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Eva didn't make my Top Ten My All Time Favorite Anime Series list I wrote on Sep 20, 2014. Many anime fans in my generation and today's generation misunderstand the plot. The plot isn't humans defending against angels. The plot isn't NERV being attacked from the Japanese government. The plot is about human relationships good and bad. NERV, angels, robots, and the Japanese government portray the plot. Eva is a classic anime series. I wonder if more of today's anime generation spend time watching classics emphasizing on intelligent writing, memorable characters, and mature themes.

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

A Change In The Family Dentist Almost 21 Years Later

I went to a new family dentist on Tue Aug 6, 2019. My parents and I agree the last family dentist professionalism became poor, prices went up, and service performed sub-standard. I went to the last family dentist from Jan 1998 to Dec 2018.

Changes happen daily for better and for worse. Changes happen daily whether the person controls the change or life controls the change. Unfortunately, change was the worse for the last dentist. I didn't know how the dentist change. Did his personality change? Did he need money to keep his practice running? Did he lose patients because of the high cost of living? Did he forget how he was a good dentist? I connect the dots backwards. Staff turnover was high. There was a period I saw new hygienists every two years. He offered an in-house insurance program which sounded shady. I saw fewer patients in the waiting room. The waiting room was full decades ago. He held a contest asking patients to post a Yelp review years ago. The prize was an Apple iPod. He demanded yearly X-rays for which I said no.

Update On A Past Blog

The family dentist change reminded me of the blog Change Says No To Raymond Mar on Oct 18, 2017. I blogged everything around my life is changing except me. My new family dentist first impressions are honest practice, affordable, and knowledgeable in the latest dental technology including a digital x-ray.

Change says yes to Raymond Mar. I realize I'm one step closer to be a self-trained genius. My reading comprehension, my reading speed, my learning comprehension, my physical health, my problem-solving, my thinking, and my intuition are getting stronger. New knowledge learned. New wisdom acquired. Strength is gained. No more dumbing down. No more being an asshole to myself. No more dragging myself down. Self-esteem is indestructible.

Another change is my dreams. I dream new dreams. I have an above average long-term memory. I'm confident I repeated my past dreams multiple times. Unfortunately, I dream more nightmares. Nightmares were rare.

Moreover, I'm going back to the past when I was happy. I'm going back to the past to remember my foundation. I'm getting back to the changes when I realized I must grow up on Sat Oct 4, 2008. For example, hiking, trying new foods, and visiting new places. New adventures big or small are welcomed. New experiences must be experienced. Everything worked in the past and everything working today are coming together.

There is no financial reward. There is no job. I have no freedom. Go with the flow. They are earned soon. Time is the ultimate judge.

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

My Birthday Is The Happiest Day Of 2019 To Date

I celebrated my birthday on Sat Aug 3 myself. There were no special activities. I didn't give myself a gift. I celebrated with no family and no friends. Sat Aug 3 was the first day I felt good in 2019. I felt optimistic. Life was good. The best days are coming soon. All my current problems are solved soon. New opportunities are coming soon with favorable outcomes. Nothing doesn't last forever.

However, there was a family activity planned weeks in advanced coincidently on Sat Aug 3. My dad, brother, nephew, niece, and I attend an Oakland A's vs. St. Louis Cardinals baseball game at the Oakland Coliseum. The baseball game was good. The A's defeated the Cardinals 8-3. Watching the game reminded me baseball is a favorite hobby. Baseball is a take a break from life temporarily relieving pain. Baseball is a distraction. Baseball is a social activity bringing people together. More people forget why baseball is a national pastime. The baseball game was good timing I watched on my birthday.

Full Disclosure Fri Aug 2

Fri Aug 2 was another day of bad luck, bad timing, and "are you kidding me" reactions. I have been experiencing bad luck, bad timing, and "are you kidding me" reactions too many times since May 2015. There have been fewer bad luck, bad timing, and "are you kidding me" reaction days in 2019 compared to 2018. The reason is I stay home more days. I have fewer reasons to leave the house.

What were the bad luck, bad timing, and "are you kidding me" reactions?

*Signaled intersections changed from green to red when I was close to the intersection making me break harder than normal.

*The parking lots were full. It took too long to find a parking spot. A car dropping off passengers in front of a store blocked a path which I waited minutes. A bicyclist crossed my path too slowly without yielding.

*I purchased an Oakland A's fitted baseball cap in a sports store. The employee was rude.

*I drove around a small office park to find its US Post Office. I made two wrong turns.

*There was confusion at the self-checkout in a supermarket. I didn't scan one of the items when I placed the item on the counter. I heard the beep. Maybe the self-checkout didn't register the item or I heard the beep from another self-checkout. I waited minutes for the grocery employee to reset my self-checkout because he assisted another customer ahead of me.

*My gym workout was incomplete. I arrived to the gym late because I was behind in other responsibilities.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

A Dream On Practice

I dreamed last night my high school French teacher taught Calculus III college course. Today was a test. The class was located inside an arcade at the back room on a hill in the south side of San Jose, CA. The classroom consisted of long tables stretched horizontally parallel to the black colored chalkboard. The questions were on a 5X8 index card with various colors. Each color index card included different questions. All formulas were written on the chalkboard. One formula I partially remembered was = A + ___ + Be___e

One student said goodbye to the entire classroom before the test. He dropped out. He couldn't handle the commute driving on the Bay Bridge on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. He moved back home to Taiwan.

The teacher passed out the test index cards. I blanked out waiting for my card. Why did I blank out? I didn't over-study. There was no information overload. The answer was I studied too little. The more accurate reason was I practiced too little. It was like I played professional sports. Too little practice. Too few repetitions or reps.

It took me too many adult years to realize studying was practicing. Practicing might be a better verb than studying. I have been practicing five days a week job training. I learn by repetition. I make mistakes. I make corrections. I discover the "oh, I get it now." Practicing. Training. Studying. Schooling. Educating. These words are synonyms. Today's blog all of the words is practicing.

Side note: There was a scene in my dream actor Jackie Chan did stunts with Oreo cookies and the carpool sign at the Highway 85-17 junction. He was on the ramp from Northbound 85 to Northbound 17.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Instant Bullets Blog Jul 19, 2019

*People Adopt In Social Groups. Ars Technica published an article people adopt their behaviors in all social groups to belong. Here is the article People adopt made-up social rules to be part of a group.

*Sometimes you must know the answer before you understand the question. Agree or disagree?

*You Are Learning. Young Caine doesn't take the pebble from Master Kan from Kung Fu. YouTube video.

*You Are Leaving. Adult Caine does take the pebble from Master Kan from Kung Fu. YouTube video.

*Desperate Recruiter. A job recruiter called me at 8:00pm my time zone.

*Perfect NCAA Men's Basketball Sweet 16. A person predicted all 16 teams for the first time in the 2019 March Madness. The person predicted #12 Oregon and #13 UC Irvine which defeated #4 Kansas State advanced to the Sweet 16. Here is the article Perfect Sweet 16.

*NBA Is An Example Everyone Is Human. NBA analysis, journalists, and insiders make mistakes. They predicted the Los Angeles Lakers play in the playoffs. LeBron James didn't play in the 2019 NBA postseason for the Lakers. James played in the last eight NBA Finals for the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers.

Moreover, the Lakers missed the playoffs for the sixth straight season. The Lakers finished the 2018-2019 season 37-45 which is the worse regular season record in a James' team. James' injuries caused him to miss the most regular season games including the last five weeks with a groin injury in his career.

*NBA Is An Example Life Is A Crapshoot. Past performance doesn't guarantee future outcomes good or bad. Present potential doesn't guarantee future success. The NBA Draft is an example. NBA teams drafting players roll the dice. The NBA is human. Opinions vary. The following web links below are examples:

The biggest NBA Draft blunders of all time

Biggest draft busts since the 1980 NBA Draft

On the other hand,

All-time NBA draft: Best player picked at every slot, from 1-30, in league history

25 of the best NBA Draft picks ever

NBA Draft: 30 greatest draft picks in league history

*Rules are good. Rules and exceptions are great.

*If I get a job today or tomorrow, then it's a miracle.

*Whoopi Goldberg Looney Tunes Disclaimer. Goldberg said it best. Stop being politically correct. Relax. History is history. Remember the good. Remember the bad. Here is the disclaimer Opening Commentary by Whoopi Goldberg on the "Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 3" on DVD.

*Today's music is garbage. Today's youth must find time to listen 1990s music and 1980s music. They can listen to 1960s music. Today's contemporary music station plays music in the 1990s such as Alanis Morissette, Mariah Carey, No Doubt, Nirvana, Backstreet Boys, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. There are fewer legitimate music artists today compared to the past.

I listened to an adult contemporary music station one day. I was angry listening to a mix of crap songs. I changed stations to all 1980s. I relaxed. Moreover, light music radio stations play mostly 1980s-2000s music.

*Tight Rental Market From A Landlord's Perspective. Most cities experience rental shortages. One reason is landlords make finding housing affordable. On the other hand, landlords say the tight rental market makes finding responsible tenants difficult.

*Household Cleaning Is Part Of Bare Necessities. Walk at the household cleaning aisle in hardware, grocery, and drug stores. There are more choices to clean a residence compared to decades ago. Today's cleaning technology is impressive including chemicals, brushes, buckets, and mops.

*One Sign Poor Self-Esteem. A person has poor self-esteem when he or she has too much time on their hands. He or she has too much free time.

*The Borrow Time Clock Stopped. The San Jose Sharks lost to the St. Louis Blues 4-2 in the 2019 NHL Western Conference Finals. The Sharks should have lost the first round playoffs against the Las Vegas Golden Knights due to injuries and fatigue. Here is the article Sharks' resilience unable to fend off borrowed time in NHL playoffs.

"My disappointment isn't thinking about next year, mine is about the group that we had this year," Sharks coach Peter DeBoer said, "and the adversity we faced ... and the number of times they were written for dead and buried, and the number of times they kept getting off the mat. ... That's the disappointing stuff for me. That's stuff you don't see [that] should get rewarded ... but it's a harsh league, and it's a hard trophy to win. So, my disappointment's there."

*Windows 7 Support Ends. January 14, 2020 is the last day Microsoft supports Windows 7.

*The Pursuit Of Happyness Quotes. Two quotes from the movie starring Will Smith below:

It was right then that I started thinking about Thomas Jefferson on the Declaration of Independence and the part about our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And I remember thinking how did he know to put the pursuit part in there? That maybe happiness is something that we can only pursue and maybe we can actually never have it. No matter what. How did he know that?

Thomas Jefferson mentions happiness a couple times in the Declaration of Independence. It may seem like a strange word to be in that document, but he was sort of . . . he was an artist. He thought that English is the disturbers of our harmony, and I remember standing there that day thinking about the disturbers of mine. Questions I had whether all this was good. Whether I had make it.

*Dear Abby Advice No Thank Yous. A grandmother sends a birthday card forgetting the money. Read the advice in full dated May 26, 2019 Woman in Love Longs to Hear Three Little Words From Beau. It's the third advice.

*Gentlemen Mature Behavior. Gentlemen must think, act, and behave with our brains and our hearts. We must trust our intuition, too. All three takes priority before we think, act, and behave with our crouches.

*I'm Not Dumbing Down. Never dumb down your life. Don't be an asshole for yourself. Some people leave your life. New people enter your life. Nobody holds you back.

*We Learn More About Human Beings. Yet, common problems exist today. Relationship problems. Health problems. Financial problems. Communication problems. Honesty or lack of honestly. We still have these problems given how we learn human relations as time goes by. These problems exist today. These problems existed yesterday. These problems existed in our parent's generation and grandparent's generations. These problems existed decades ago. There is little change for better and for worse.

*Edited Resumes Submitted. I fail to understand why job staffing agencies submit edited resumes removing all contact information to their clients. The contact information includes web links such as LinkedIn, personal webpages, and online portfolios. Job candidates want the hiring manager to see who we are beyond the resume. Job candidates being interviewed must submit a complete resume to all interviewers. Communicate to the interviewers the complete you.

*New Parents. One common goal is don't repeat the mistakes from their parents when they raised the couple. Noble. New parents must remember to take care of themselves. Be aware there are new mistakes. Solve them. Learn from them. Honestly speaking, I'm not a parent. I'm not parental worthy. I have seen and I have heard new parents fail to get along after making vows to be better parents.

The worse parents in modern history is depicted from the documentary Abducted In Plain Sight. A neighbor slept with one of their daughters for five years including two abductions. The neighbor committed suicide before going to prison on a related, yet unrelated crime. Reference links: IMDB, Wikipedia, Oxygen, and YouTube Trailer.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Does Everything Happen For A Reason?

Blogger's note: Today's blog is posted at Innovating Common Knowledge and at Finding Raymond Mar.

A common life statement is, "everything happens for a reason." I question does everything happen for a reason. I have been unemployed since May 2015. Companies submit my application for permanent or contract positions. I had interviews. No offers.

Why am I unemployed? Is there a reason? I may find the reason after I begin working. I may find the reason after I achieve mature adult freedom. Why "may?" I may die tomorrow. I may never find a job. Its life. I may lack intelligence to find the answer. I may find the answer with dumb luck.

On the other hand, if my present life is my future life, then I rather close my eyes, stop breathing, and be somewhere else. There is no point living as a loser. There are no rewards being a loser. Life is unfair.

The People Are Lucky

I can give up life easily. How? I watch TV and play video games. I work at a dead-end retail job. Maybe I work as a manager for the extra money. Nobody cares in retail. I weigh at least 200 pounds eating too much processed foods. I avoid exercise. My clothes are tattered because I spend more money on sci-fi goods and less money on quality clothes. I have body odor because I exchange time taking care of my body for time playing more video games. People are lucky I avoid the loser life.


My intuition tells me the people of the world believes I’m still the Raymond Mar between Oct 2008 and Sep 2014. I retired from anime in Sep 2014. No more anime conventions. No more wearing costumes. No more video games; however, I play a video game app on occasion. Watching television is minimized. No more Family Guy. Gym workouts are consisted. Eating processed foods and eating at restaurants are minimized. The world believes I'm the opposite of these.

I said good-bye to people holding me back. I learn new hiking and backpacking knowledge. My writing skills are improved. My reading speed is faster. I'm gaining strength. Intelligence is expanding. Wisdom is acquired daily. I'm one step closer to become a genius. I'm hungry for new adventures and new experiences.

There are different kinds of loneliness. My loneliness is misunderstanding. I have zero confidence people accept my corrections. I have zero confidence people want to understand. I don't trust the people with my feelings. The people are weak, unwise, and ignorant to hear me. The people reject the present Raymond Mar. They don't listen. Their minds are closed. They can't handle my truth.

I Do My Best

I motivate myself. Boredom is a life killer. I job search five days a week applying to contract positions and full time positions I qualify at least 50% of the requirements. I learn new job skills such as Python. I review existing job skills such as Excel and SQL. I learn JavaScript and CSS which I applied on my webpage Innovate Infinitely. I complete my responsibilities maintaining my household including cooking, cleaning, and washing clothes.

I'm doing my best. I really am. Honestly. Nothing is working out today. I'm not doing enough. Maybe something works out tomorrow. Maybe I find strong, wise, and smart people who handle my truth. Time is the ultimate judge. The future answers the question what I'm doing now is correct.

Update On A Past Blog

There are more reasons why people are quiet from Another Perspective On Quiet People on Feb 20, 2019. People have nothing to contribute. They are being a good listener. They are polite. They may be learning something new. Moreover, other people shouldn't take it personally people are quiet. We're currently nothing. We're currently nobodies. If the conversation is something we contribute, then maybe we speak. The quietness is small stuff. Let the quietness pass.

I repeat the quote from Plato, "Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools talk because they have to say something."

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Past Comic Strips Posted Jul 2019

I photocopied comic strips I read at work or read at home decades ago, or downloaded from the comic strip's website. Here are some of my favorite comic strips I took a picture on my camera. I post more later. Enjoy!

Credits: Dilbert by Scott Adams, Foxtrot by Bill Amend, Luann by Greg Evans, The Lockhorns by Bill Hoest, and Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Gauntlet II Secret Room Screenshots

Gauntlet II is my all-time favorite arcade game. I played the game everyone Saturdays at the local arcade with my brother when we were in junior high. Everyone plays Elf because of the character's speed. Speed is the best defense against all the morphed monsters from Gauntlet I. The screenshots below are what happens when a player successfully exits the Secret Room. The player mails a code to receive a t-shirt. The code is generated on how the player enters his or her name.

Update On A Past Blog

I blogged Read Books For Your Life to keep your brain active on Oct 16, 2011. There is another reason why I read books. I need a distraction. The book's world can be a better place. The book's world can be better than my world. The book's world is not a permanent substitute. There are times I need to forget now. I resume normal life activities afterwards. Some of my distractions include Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, a Terry Pratchett Discworld book, or a book which gives me intelligence.