Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Top Ten Old School

Back in time and front and present is rule #10 in my daily life rules. Sometimes the old ways work such as duct tape and WD-40. Sometimes the new ways work such as today's car technology and laptops. I share my top ten old school habits good today and good decades ago.

10. Pen And Paper. I have poor short-term memory. I write everything down. I rarely use my phone to write reminders and note appointments on my calendar.

9. Work At Work. I prefer working at my company's location. My work is completed on my cubicle. No telecommuting; however, there are exceptions such as being sick, family, and emergencies. If I'm sick, then I should focus on recovering. If there is a family priority, then the family priority takes precedence. If there is an emergency, then I must focus on the emergency.

8. Books, Newspapers And Magazines. I prefer printed books. I prefer printed newspapers. I prefer printed magazines. Online articles are okay as long as they're brief.

7. Get Out Of The House. I shop for groceries. I eat at restaurants. I fill up my gas at gas stations. There is no Amazon Fresh, Safeway delivery, gas delivery, and food delivery.

6. Old School Hobbies. I play board games, hike outdoors, ballroom dance, and cook. I'm retired watching anime and playing video games; however, both can be old school anime and old school video games.

5. Oral Hygiene. I brush my teeth manually. I use dental floss, Water-Pix, and mouthwash.

4. Gym. Another old school hobby. Another get out of the house. I workout at the gym four days a week. Two days of cardio. Two days of weights. Nothing complicated. Nothing simple.

3. No Cable TV. No Dish TV. I watch a little TV on a television. I spend minimal time watching TV and watching movies online. No Netflix. I have four movies on Google Play TV & Movies.

2. Three Meals A Day. I learned proper nutrition when I was a child. I continue my diet habits as an adult. I eat three healthy meals a day. No skipping. I minimize eating processed foods. I avoid protein bars, zero calorie sodas, and fat free foods.

1. Eight Hours Of Sleep. It's not a secret. The most successful people follow a basic habit. Rest is important. The human needs sleep to recovery mind, body, and spirit.

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