Sunday, April 30, 2006

Innovating The Typical Routine

Blog Writer’s Note: If the reader likes routine days, routine weeks, live a routine life, and are happy, please don’t read the Blog entry.

I like to share my typical weekday: wake up at 7:00 A.M. and get ready for work, arrive at work at 8:30 A.M., eat lunch for an hour watching two episodes of anime on my laptop, leave work at 5:30 P.M., arrive home at 5:50 P.M., do household chores which is usually kitchen work, cook, eat dinner, read books and read articles, and go to sleep. On Thursdays nights and Fridays nights, I work out at the gym.

At work, I do the same assignments and responsibilities I have been doing since I started: create statistics and reports, input closed transactions, research properties, and . . . and . . . and . . . , that’s really it.

On Saturdays and Sundays, I finish my Things To Do list for the week. I go shopping, usually in the mornings. I start or finish any personal big projects I never had time to do during the weeknights. Saturday evenings is family night. Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon I do my favorite hobbies.

Typical routine :-< I hate it. Now it’s time to innovate it. In 2006, my typical routine is not typical. Check them out `__* *I have been going to Fanime Con Forum gatherings and I’m having lots of fun and meeting new people and making new friends!!!
*I learned Crystal Reports, a database report software, by taking two days of training. With Crystal Reports knowledge for work, I innovate the Research Department completing reports faster and creating new reports and statistics. I plan to review and practice during the weeknights with my home PC.
*I took a Business Plan night class at a junior college during Winter Quarter 2006 where I met a ton of new people. I’m going to start a part-time business. I’m currently reading a business plan book to supplement what I learned. Yes, I’m writing a business plan now. *Whoo, hoo*
*Currently, during my lunch hour, I’m updating my webpage instead of watching anime. Do I still find time to watch anime outside work? Gee, I hope so :-))
*I attended and cosplayed at the Cherry Blossom Festival for the first time last week and I attended the Learning Annex two day wealth seminar in March 2006 where I met new people, too.
*I visited San Francisco fives times already, shopped at Oakridge mall, went to a picnic, went bowling, and visited Serramonte mall 15 minutes south of San Francisco.
*I joined forum and forum.

Am I behind in watching anime, playing video games, researching stocks, learning technology, updating my webpage, playing poker, and writing new Blogs? Absolutely yes. I’m even behind at work 8-) Who is not behind in life? The point is I’m always busy, staying active, meeting new people, and trying something new.

Nobody is going to know life gets better without trying new activities and thinking new ideas. Never stop innovating . . . Innovate Infinitely.


Resume? I don't need a resume. Here is my resume: Innovator. I'm available to innovate for hire.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Give First To Receive Later . . . Wrong

If you want to receive later in life, then you must give first. Give first, receive later. Give something to receive something. Correct choice of attitude, wrong choice of words.

Do something to receive something is the better phase. Substitute give with do. The word do is a stronger word because it makes the person do it. It’s like Nike’s phase “Just Do It.” If you want to receive something, just do it. Do first, receive later--not give first, receive later.

If you have the give first, receive later attitude, then you may be indecisive to give something. For instance, there is a group of new people you want to impress. You want to give something to prove your sincerity and friendliness. Perhaps, you offer your place to hang out, provide additional food or drinks in a gathering, help drive people around, suggest other people you know to network, or whatever action you give. By giving, you have to choose whether to give, and sometimes you are going to second guess which can lead you to not give. You say “I’m not sure I want to give.” On the other hand, by doing, you are actually doing it. You say, “I’m going to do it.”

Nike’s slogan “Just Do It” doesn’t mean to go out and exercise. The slogan also means to be a better person, and to be a better person, just do it to receive something later in life. Just innovate it, and the rewards are earned later on *__* Good luck!


Resume? I don't need a resume. Here is my resume: Innovator. I'm available to innovate for hire.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Do You Want To Be My Friend?

It's Friday evening. You're free. Rough week at school or rough week at work. It's time to have fun. You should always find time to have fun and relax. The problems are not going away next week. Don't try to solve your problems. You may cause more problems than solve them with your fatigued mind.

Here's the dilemma: Do you want to spend Friday night alone or hang around with friends you don't like. (Been there done that on the latter.) What do you do? You don't want to be alone, yet you do whatever it takes to hang out with people you don't brag to your family. What do you do?

Everyone is different. Those who know who they are and can take care of themselves, chances are being alone is the choice. Those who don't like to be lonely and want to be with people, just any human being to just recognize their presence, chances are being with other people they don't like is the choice. For me, I choose to be alone. Nobody can be alone forever.

There are going to be opportunities to meet new people, and take advantage of those opportunities to make new friends. Admittedly, and I'm speaking for some who tends to be lonely, I take advantage of as many opportunities to meet new people and hoping to meet new friends. I need to expand my circle of friends. I say to myself and to others like me there is a 98% chance you are going to meet new people and a 2% chance to make new friends. When you hit the 2% jackpot, the 98% chance to make time and to find opportunities to meet people is worth it.

Furthermore, I don't want to hang around with people I don't like. There are co-workers I don't like. If I hang around with them outside work, I go insane. Why put up with people who make me irritable. It’s not worth it. I can take care of myself. I can keep myself busy. And I find as many opportunities to meet new people. There are a lot of people out there that wants to meet new people. Who knows? Someone out there is your next friend.


Resume? I don't need a resume. Here is my resume: Innovator. I'm available to innovate for hire.

Monday, April 10, 2006

6 For The Price Of 1

The barcode on goods in a supermarket is used to scan the items on a cash register for fast and accurate check out for the customer. Very rarely, the scanned item charges the wrong price for the customer. I have not been incorrectly charged for me or against me to the best of my knowledge . . . so far $-)

Yesterday, I purchased a six pack of carbonated water. I was charged the price of one bottle. It wasn’t the wrong price. The price and barcode were correct on the display. What happened? The cashier scanned the wrong bar code by accident. I confirmed it on my receipt. I was charged the price of one drink for the six pack—6 for the price of 1. Wow!

There are two barcodes on the six pack. The first barcode is on the bottom of the six pack packaging. The second barcode is on the individual bottles. The packaging has an opening on the sides for the customer to look at the bottle including the nutrition information. Somehow, one of the individual bottle’s barcode pointed outwards from the sides of the packaging and the cashier scanned the individual bottle’s barcode.

Here is a tip. If the individual contents in the package have its own barcode and can be seen and can be moved or turned, move or turn the individual contents’ barcode. With the individual contents’ barcode showing, there is a chance the cashier scans the wrong barcode since the cashier easily sees the individual contents’ barcode. Don’t overdo the showing barcodes. If it’s a four pack or more, show one of the individual barcodes on each side of the package. Give it a try `__*


Resume? I don't need a resume. Here is my resume: Innovator. I'm available to innovate for hire.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Using $$$$$ To Help People, Create Action, Show Appreciation

*In my Dad's company, the company matched dollar for dollar up to a maximum (I forgot the maximum) to help the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts in September 2005. All donations for Hurricane Katrina regardless of taxable income are tax deductible for the 2005 tax year.

*In a Florida high school, a junior purchased 500 roses for his classmates on Valentine's Day. The junior saved his money since December and paid $900. Unfortunately, he was 100 roses short :-<

*A long time ago, Donald Trump was in Los Angeles to attend a function. His limo broke down. He was able to get a ride from a couple heading towards the function. Trump arrived at the function on time. In appreciation, Trump paid the couple's mortgage in full.

*Antonio Esfandiari, one of the youngest professional poker players gave $400,000 to his parents after winning his first million dollar championship poker event. Before playing poker, Esfandiari was a professional magician at private parties.

*A pregnant waitress in Virginia received a $973.65 tip from a couple they paid $1,000 for a $26.35 meal. The widow left the tip because she “didn’t need it.” The waitress was crying with excitement.

The above examples demonstrate there are people who know how to use $$$$$ to help people, create action, and show appreciation. I really mean it!!! These people really know how to use money $-))

I don't make enough money to live on my own. I live in Silicon Valley where it's very expensive to live. I use my $$$$$ to help people, create action, and show appreciation regardless of my income as a full time employee and living in Silicon Valley 0:-) I give sincere appreciation, appeal to the noble motive, and dramatize my ideas. Those three characteristics are one of the best ways to impress others, to win friends, and to establish who you are.

For the anime fans, in the series Rurouni Kenshin, Kenshin carries a reverse blade sword. The reverse blade sword reminds him to use the sword to protect and not to kill. Perhaps, we should think about Kenshin when it comes to $$$$$ to help people, create action, and show appreciation just like Kenshin and his reverse bladed sword to protect and not to kill.


Resume? I don't need a resume. Here is my resume: Innovator. I'm available to innovate for hire.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hire 2.5s, Not 4.0s

Hiring managers or workers with authority to hire new employees, hire people who have a 2.5 Grade Point Average (GPA). Why? The 2.5 workers are more likely to stay in the company and to perform the same job functions for a long time—sometimes to the point of retirement; in other words, lower turnover rate. In today’s workplace and economic conditions, workers are working beyond their retirement. 2.5 workers earned a 2.5 GPA because they do terrible in school is a fallacy in my opinion.

4.0 workers are more likely to leave the company when the job becomes boring, management does nothing, the company goes no where, and/or the workers realize there is more to their careers than working in dead end jobs. These workers are more likely to complain, to take action not warranted by anyone, and to arrive at work late. When entering the building, they are someone else such that they do little work, and it’s not because they are lazy, it’s because they don’t care. Keep 4.0 workers happy and constantly rise the workplace ladder, they are likely to stay and to outperform 2.5 workers.

For companies who want to take a risk and really keep turnover low, hire workers with a high school degree only. Workers with high school degrees are most likely to stay at the company for a long time and may have the self-motivation to innovate the position, department, and the entire company. Bill Gates and Michael Dell have high school degrees only. They are household names.


Resume? I don't need a resume. Here is my resume: Innovator. I'm available to innovate for hire.