Monday, June 30, 2008

Last Week Was Faster Than The Flash

The week of June 23 was the fastest week ever in my life as I recall. One blink of an eye and the day was Friday--already ready for the weekend. I was thinking of the picnic in Treasure Island on Saturday June 21. Last week was supersonic fast!!! (I remember October 2007 being my fastest month ever.)

The work week was meh or all right. Nothing too stressful. My department has a new manager and two teams have new management. I completed a few assignments and completed my weekly responsibilities. The past three weeks I’ve been waiting for management to tell everyone the new responsibilities, new goals, and new procedures. I remember one Dilbert comic said there could be weeks of confusion with no work at all when new management works in a department. I’m experience the no work at all--mostly. Furthermore, about 10 workers from my department went to the new department the old manager is in charge. One of the workers has not given me the data I need to complete a report due two weeks ago >__<

Outside work, I played Team Fortress 2 on Monday night. It’s been a long time since my friends and I played Monday Night Team Fortress 2. I call it MNTF2 similar to Monday Night Football (MNF), LOL. There is a good chance I play tonight. On Tuesday, I was super tired after dinner I went to sleep. I slept for 9 hours. *shakes fist* Must be TF2 =P Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I went to the gym.

The week of June 30 is going to be fast, too. Friday is 4th of July holiday. I have no plans for the three day weekend. I think of something.

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Good Guys And The Bad Guys

Who are the good guys? Who are the bad guys? Are good guys nice? Are bad guys immature? Are good guys boring? Are bad guys wild? Are good guys smart? Are bad guys dumb? Can good guys be dumb? Can bad guys become good guys and vice versa? Can good guys become criminals? Are bad guys criminals? Is there a grey area between good guys and bad guys? Yes. Everyone has a different definition of a good guy and bad guy.

A good guy is a nice, strong, charming, dependable, and courageous individual. The good guy seeks new adventures, learns new skills, gains knowledge, and meets new people. If there are any conflicts, then the good guy has courage to step up and resolve any conflicts. Everyone is comfortable next to the good guy because the good guy makes sure everyone feels good and avoids judging. The good guy is a “there he/she is” person. Please, thank you, your opinion, and sorry are few of the good guy’s favorite vocabulary words.

A bad guy is rude, weak, undependable, and a coward individual. The bad guy seeks living life on the edge. The bad guy begins conflicts for their personal reasons. Almost nobody is comfortable next to the bad guy. Bad guys can be a cheap, passing trill. The bad guy has a negative attitude, negative behavior, and negative influence towards others. Please, thank you, your opinion, and sorry are vocabulary words the bad guy fails to say.

People tell me I’m a nice guy. The common notion nice guys are boring, quiet, and unsocial. I’m more than a nice guy. I’m a good guy. I say to the person who calls me a nice guy politely, “Nah, I’m just a good guy XD”

There are no pure good guys. Nobody is perfect. Thus, every good guy has a bad guy side. Sadly, every good guy has the potential to harm others. On the other hand, every bad guy has a good guy side? We personally define ourselves who is a good guy and who is a bad guy; for example, if a person wants to climb a mountain, then is the person a good guy such that the person is seeking a new experience or a bad guy such that the person is risking death?

Thanks to Punkbuster who contributed to the Blog.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Boston Celtics Wins the 2008-2009 NBA Finals If They Can Do The Following

The Boston Celtics defeated the Los Angeles Lakers 131 to 92 in Game 6 on Tuesday June 17 to win the 2007-2008 NBA Finals 4-2. The Celtics dominated Game 6 shooting 49.4 percent and success with screen/rolls and screen/pops offensive the Lakers’ defense failed to contain. Game 6 showed why the Celtics earned the championship.

One can say the Celtics won the championship 5-1 because the Lakers won Game 5 with all luck. In Game 5, the Lakers’ made fewer mistakes than the Celtics. The Celtics missed 10 layups, Ray Allen made 4 out of his 16 shots and fouled out, and Kevin Garnett missed three critical free throws. Both teams played horrible. The bottom line was the Lakers won Game 5. If the Lakers wanted to win the championship, then they must learn their mistakes in Game 5, they must realize the process to win Game 5 was unchampionship like, which they failed. The Celtics corrected their mistakes and made adjustments for the clinching Game 6 win. Congratulations to Paul Pierce for NBA Finals MVP.

The Celtics’ championship process was deserved and earned. Every player made contributions including the Game 6 blowout. Offense, defense, smart plays, key clutch scores, everything a champion team must do to win the Celtics accomplished. The players trusted each other. The Big Three dropped their egos and played as a team. Teamwork and chemistry are keys to win championships. The coaches make great players great and great players make great coaches great. Both sides must work together. The Celtics were 24-58 last year. The turnaround was absolutely fantastic.

I saw no championship desire in the Lakers. There were no defense adjustments, the bench contributed little offensive, and turnovers were costly. NBA MVP Kobe Bryant had no support. Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, and Derik Fisher were garbage. The team needs support players desperately. Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson each had support for their championships.

How can the Celtics win the 2008-2009 NBA Finals? The answer is to innovate. The team must look at their championship process. What were the mistakes? Learn from the mistakes. What was good? Take the good and make it better. Just because they won the championship doesn’t mean the team relaxes and take the championship for granted such as having the attitude, “We won. We are invincible. Let’s party.” While the Celtics may have the false championship attitude, the rest of the NBA teams including the Lakers are figuring out how to beat the Celtics the next NBA season. Innovate their offense, defense, players’ skills, and coaching strategy and the Celtics have a great chance to win next year. The bottom line is the Celtics won the championship. Never evaluate a season on the bottom line. Evaluate the season on the process.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Parents, Matchmaking Insults Your Children

What are the fundamentals to raise children? Read books, no spanking, teach patience, teach honestly, teach communication, and explain the who, what, where, why, and how of life. What are the fundamentals for adult children? There are none. Children are adults and must make their own choices. Good adults come from good families :)

I repeat. There are no fundamentals to raise adult children because the children are adults. The no fundamentals include no matchmaking. Parents being matchmakers are unnecessary. Mom and Dads must avoid finding someone special for their children. If the parents become matchmakers, the parents are telling their children they have no ability to find a date or find a boyfriend or girlfriend. The grown up children choose how to live their life including their marital status. The parents can encourage their adult children to find someone special if the adult children are making no effort or can support their adult children to never give up finding their long-term companion after many failures. It depends on the situation. Avoid finding singles with a name and a face only, and introducing the lack of information single person to their adult children.

Give the adult children plenty of time to find a husband or wife. There is trial and error. There is gaining experience, making mistakes, and learning from the mistakes. Parents taught their children patience after all. Some adult children want to remain single because they are still finding who they are and who they are looking for in a spouse. Some young adult children want to remain single because they want to spend their young years being single and free and have goals to accomplish. Any reason the adult children want to remain single, it’s their choice. Parents, stay out of the adult children’s choice of lifestyle.

What if the children are ready to date, ready to go out and tell everyone I’m available? What are the rules to meet people, flirt, and date? I can answer the question. What are the rules? The rules are there are no rules. However, the no rules rules are no excuse for poor personal grooming, hygiene, and personality. For example, gentlemen, ladies avoid men who smell bad and fake their personalities. Ladies have the sense to spot phoniness. Ladies, gentlemen avoid women wearing inappropriate clothing and communicate poorly. Gentlemen must understand the communication straightforward without any doubt to avoid misunderstandings. Good luck!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Am I Becoming A Wally?

Going off topic first. There was one accident on Wednesday June 4 and Thursday June 5 driving to work. The accidents were my first accidents on San Tomas Expressway since I started driving there in December 2007. The fire alarm went off in my building on Wednesday. There is a scheduled drill on Tuesday June 10. I received unconfirmed information the alarm was a drill. I find out on Tuesday.

Going on topic ^__^ The past month I have been experiencing the Wally Syndrome. I name the syndrome after Wally, the lazy, carefree engineer from the comic strip Dilbert. The past month I have been lazy. There were many working days I completed no work for hours and hours. The days I worked I completed the assignments and the reports so efficiently and so quickly I gained more free time. There were approximately three or four days I was slammed I never browsed the web, never checked my personal emails, and never pinged anyone.

I’m currently waiting for two co-workers to submit their portions for my department’s quarterly report and the latest monthly report. The last two months my division experienced personnel changes some assignments have been delayed indefinitely. Another co-worker came back to work on Monday June 9 after going on maternity leave since April. The return gives me more free time, LOL as she resumes her responsibilities I have been doing. And on Monday June 9, my department’s new manager starts. I have a meeting with her Monday morning.

If my new manager requests new reports and assignments on a daily basis, then my Wally Syndrome is suppressed. If I receive the final information needed for the quarterly report and the latest monthly report anytime, then I complete each report, finalize it, and email to appropriate people in about two hours. Then I have free time from the time I submitted the reports to the end of June XD Then the Wally Syndrome comes back. Oh, when I have an assignment due days later, sometimes I complete half in one day, become lazy, and complete the second half another day rather than complete the assignment on the same day.

Is my Wally Syndrome continuing? It’s going to take my new manager months to understand the department and what everyone does. I anticipate few assignments from my new manager in the short-term. The daily requests and assignments take me either minutes or hours to complete. I’m really efficient ^__^

The cure to the Wally Syndrome is quitting. The current Economic conditions and the strength of the economy worldwide are questioning whether I still have a job in December. Many companies are nickeling and diming every department to save a buck. Being lazy at home and lazy at work are different.