Monday, August 14, 2017

Be Patient, I Rescue My Loneliness And Other People's Loneliness

Some people say the world is lonely. I agree. Where are the good people in my life? Many lonely people ask the same question, too. I'm looking to create new circle of friends. My top priority is independence. The new circles of friends follow. I rescue myself and I rescue other people from loneliness when I achieve independence. I can be rescued before independence.

I want long-term good friends. I accept short-term, too. I appreciate social networks such as Facebook to keep in touch with people. Age is just a number. My definitions of good friends include being mature adults. Good friends are sociable. We converse intelligently. There is an attitude doing something new. Get up and do something, anything. We seek new experiences. We welcome new adventures. We support each other. We are tactfully open people with honestly. We laugh at our jokes. Each of us calls out others when we're wrong with discretion. Our learning never stops. Growing continues indefinitely.

I see myself living at my own residence when I achieve independence. I attract people to spend time with me. People ask me to spend time with them. All of our circles of friends enlarge. I share my hobbies, knowledge, and experiences. I hope my friends share their hobbies, knowledge, and experiences. I eliminate one lonely person one person at a time. I rescue loneliness both myself and others. They happen in my neighborhood, my apartment complex, social gatherings, my workplace, and being outdoors randomly meeting people.

Where are the lonely, unemployed, living with their parents people similar to George Costanza from Seinfeld? There are people in my situation. I'm not the only unique person. I can't find them. I welcome people with weak self-esteem if they're motivated to strengthen their self-esteem. Nobody lives a happy life being lonely.


Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Hate Yourself Today Only

Be negative. Be hateful. Dislike yourself. Hate your life. Do these today only. A common saying is be positive. The common cliques are like yourself, be true to yourself, and be who you are. Find something to like yourself. Find more to like yourself. Your good attributes defines your good character. Good things happen when you like yourself. Smile. You are you.

How come we don't talk about what we hate about ourselves with full honestly? Is the reason we say the easy solutions like yourself, be true to yourself, be who you are, etc., is we want to falsely convince ourselves nothing is wrong. We ignore our personal problems. Ignoring problems rarely work. How can we fix what's broken in ourselves when we can't honestly find what we hate about ourselves? It's ironic hating yourself can improve your life. How? You're a terrible person to yourself today. Criticize yourself today. I believe we can fix ourselves. A fix for one person may not work for another person. Each fix is different for each person.

What do you hate about you? Your looks? There's so much you can do. God gave your face. Control what you can control. New hair style. Improve your grooming or learn new grooming techniques. Try new makeup. Minimize eating processed foods. Exercise. Working out at the gym consistently slows aging. Relax. Stress speeds up aging. Change your appearance. Wear new clothes. Wear new glasses. Dress for success. Dress to attract people.

What else do you hate? Your job? If the answer is yes, then it's your responsibility to change hating your job to liking your job. Search for a new job. Find a new beginning at another company. Learn new job skills to start a new career. Seek support from co-workers. Take action to like your job. Start now.

I hope you understand the point of today's blog. Find what you need to improve your life by hating yourself. Make changes. I hate being overweight. Eat healthy. Get exercise. I hate being lonely. Learn new hobbies to find people with common interests. I hate being stupid. Learn new skills. Motivation and desire are more important than intelligence and high IQ. I hate being stressful. Get more sleep. Reduce responsibilities. I hate having too much work. Work intelligently. Create ways to complete responsibilities faster.

What do I hate today? I hate being unemployed. I job search two times a day every weekday. I'm learning new job skills which are currently Python and JavaScript. I'm reviewing existing job skills which are currently Excel, PowerPoint, and SQL. I hate being lonely most of the week. I'm preparing myself to move out to be independent. I invite people to my apartment for social activities. Moreover, I have more time to take care of myself living on my own. I have more time to seek new adventures. I have more time to experience new experiences. The adventures and experiences create new opportunities to meet new people and make new friends. My leisure activities prevent me from being a boring person. Nobody wants to be with a boring person. I workout at the gym, read books, cook, play board games, listen to music, watch movies, and write blogs. I want to share some of my hobbies with people.

Learning from failures and becoming successful learning from mistakes must be self-discovered. They can't be taught. Do the best you can. I'm doing the best I can to like myself tomorrow.


Saturday, August 05, 2017

Anything Better Than Duct Tape?

We have been looking for the next big idea every day. Getting better is good. Innovating infinitely is good. However, we must look for the next big idea intelligently. I believe we have been looking for the next big idea exhaustively. We're tired being informed someone invented a new idea. Is the new idea really new? Is the new idea going to change lives? Or is the new idea all marketing or all hype?

The next big idea mindset is with us all the time. We are over-inventing. It's like we're dumb we can't think of anything new today. We waste time finding something better all the time. If it isn't broken, then don't fix it. Does it need to be improved? Do you want to improve it? Fill in the question with similar adjectives such as improve, innovate, or change. Is the new idea a disguise over the existing idea? It's a judgment call.

If I'm a hiring manager interviewing for a job opening and the job candidate says he or she always improves daily, then I'm not hiring the job candidate. I don't want over-thinkers. I don't want analysis paralysis. I do want people who trust their intuition.

Sometimes old school is the best. Sometimes the old ways are the best. Go back in time to the core essentials. Go back in time to the early successes. Go back in time to the classics. They may be still the best today. Think back in time and front and present. Think is the old way still the best way and think is the old way needs a new way. It's a judgment call.


Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Life Gives People Lemons They Make Lemonade. Life Gives People Roses Yet Roses Have Thorns.

I dreamed briefly I was homeless. I respond to today's blog title in two parts. The reader takes anything from any or all parts.

1. I'm doing the best I can. (I'm aware I'm blogging another doing the best I can blog entry.) How do I know? I know tomorrow, next month, next six months, or next year. I continue moving forward. Something comes up. I don't sit around waiting patiently doing nothing. Can I do more? Yes. How do I know? I hope for self-discovery I do better.

2. Life today is life today. Most of life is out of our control. We do our best to control as much as we can. Sometimes we chuckle. Sometimes we laugh. Sometimes we smile. Sometimes we cry. Sometimes we shout angrily. Sometimes we sigh with frustration. We pause for a moment to express our feelings. We move forward thereafter. Don't take life too serious. Don't take life too lightly. Embrace everything good and bad.


Monday, July 31, 2017

Throwback Blog: Something New To Me

Blogger’s Note: Throwback blogs are blogs from my past. I start posting past blogs reflecting what I wrote. It's like my "A Second Look" blogs for which I give myself feedback.

Today's throwback blog is titled Something New To Me in Aug 2007. I shared a new experience unfortunately I'm still new today. People have been helping me become a better person. They share their experiences. They teach me new knowledge. They correct my mistakes. I'm having difficulty paying back or paying it forward. The best is utilizing the experiences and knowledge daily as if I remember the people by doing them; in other words, I don't waste their efforts they spent their time for me.

Also, I continue feeling uncomfortable when people thank me for my help. Perhaps one reason is I rarely help other people. I have little experience when people show appreciation for me.

I hope times change my life when I achieve independence. Independence is a sign I'm strong, smart, kind, and wise. I want to share my experiences, to teach new knowledge, and to correct mistakes to people who were in my situation as an adult catching up what I missed in my 20s and early 30s. I hope to receive appreciation sincerely.

Since 2006, something new has been happening to me. It's a new experience I continue to understand and to learn. It's a new experience some people acquired at a younger age. It's a new experience I sometimes forget how to respond, how to follow, and how to model from those who do it naturally. The experience is being thanked by others and appreciated by others for who I am and what I do.

My family has been helping me out. They pay me back for food and groceries. They rarely paid me in the past, and, honestly, I never expected them since we're family. I always say forget about paying me. Recently, my family has been consistent in paying me back. Also, my parents have been letting me go out more often. My family had lots of family events and I participated in them in the past. There have been fewer family events today so it's good timing. My family has been opening up trying new ideas and ventures. Maybe they are taking my example of living more active and trying something new attitude *hee, hee* And my family seems to be talking to me more. It's mostly small talk. It's just that they are saying more. I think my family is appreciating what I have done with appropriate action.

My friends welcome my presence and they thank me for being part of their lives. I receive appreciation in the form of constant and sincere thanks. I receive items such as CDs with mp3. I receive information I use at a future date. I receive answers for my questions, even when I think my questions are dumb. I receive money to help me buy food and items for special events. I receive welcomes when I hang out with my friends. By being with my friends, I become a better person. They share their experience, share their adventures, and share their friendship with me. And I become a better person. I'm learning a lot from them and my life has become less dull XD Yeah, my life is still dull . . . yet I see bright and happy days ahead. I really thank my friends for being a part of me, a part of a better me.

Before 2006, I thanked others and I appreciated others for helping me be who I am today, for being my friend, and for being someone who welcomed my presence and my friendship. Before 2006, I performed the extra effort, helped out a little more, and extended my assistance to my family and friends. Many times, I received no clear appreciation such that I ask myself, "Am I important to my circle of friends?" Or "Am I really helping my family?" Furthermore, I never received clear cut signals from my family and friends I'm welcomed, I'm appreciated, and I'm part of their lives. My confidence was low when I met new people, hung out with my limited friends, and participated in family activities. I felt unimportant. Was I a good person to be with or a pain in the ass?

To repeat, I continue to understand and to learn how to behave when I'm being thanked and I'm being appreciated for my actions, my attitude, my knowledge, and my friendship to my family and my friends. All the experiences are making be a better person. I'm innovating myself. By being with my family, my friends, and meeting new people, I want to learn who they are and I want them to learn who I am. I'm not used to being on the receiving end. I have always given my thanks and appreciation.

Make sure you show your appreciation to you family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, strangers, anyone who took their time, spent their money, shared their experience, and/or give information such as referrals, tips, and street directions to you. Never assume the person is appreciated. Tell them, show them your appreciation. Do some action. Say "Thank You" with sincerity. Return the favor at a later time. Treat the person or persons out for a meal. Offer something the person or persons might be interested. Do something, do some action to recognize and appreciate their assistance appropriately.


Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Green Steno Notebook 1

The picture above is the notebook I acquired on the first day of my new white collar job. I wrote notes during my job training. I wrote other notes, reminders, and knowledge thereafter. I share many of them. Here is the first blog.

*Jan 2009. Be patient buying clothes because I shop for the best deal. Also, buy new clothes on vacation. Create a memory and an emotional attachment.

*Mar 2009. 60 Minutes interviewed Harry Markopolos who informed the Securities and Exchange Commission about Bernard Madoff The Man Who Knew

*May 2009. Shopped at REI's Anniversary sale for the first time. I purchased a new daytime backpack, hiking clothes, and hiking boots.

*June 2009. I bench pressed 200lbs.

*July 2009. Ninja III: The Domination movie is the about a woman became possessed by a evil ninja. Sho Kosugi is the lead actor. Ninja Domination 3 - Scene 1

Purchased family's first Dyson vacuum cleaner.

I heard a Katy Perry song for the first time. It was "Hot N Cold."

Syndicate is a MS-DOS game created in 1993. Wiki link

Land's End Trail in San Francisco, CA. I have not hiked the trail as of the blog post.

*Aug 2009. Cadillac Ranch - Bruce Springsteen - Paris 85


Monday, July 10, 2017

There Is Always A Cost

Some people underestimate the cost for their actions. Everything we do. Everything we say. Everything we react. Everything. There is a cost. There can be a sacrifice. Something is given up. There can be an exchange. Sometimes an exchange is unequal. For instance, I'm giving up my social life saying goodbye to many people for independence. We hope our actions the costs pay off at the end resulting in success. Also, success is achieved with good luck, fortunate timing, strength to endure pain, courage to accept suffering, wisdom to learn from mistakes, and working hard intelligently.

Nothing is free. There is always a cost.


Saturday, July 08, 2017

A Praise For Small Cities

I was in a small city on Mon Jul 3, 2017. The city prepared for their Fourth Of July parade. Temporary no parking signs were placed on the parade route. Homes decorated their exteriors with the USA pride red, white, and blue. I ate Chinese for lunch at a hole in the wall ma and pa restaurant.

The experience gave me a better understanding some people prefer to live in small cities or small towns. There is a closeness. There is a togetherness. The city is a family. The small population is content paying more for goods and services. Small businesses are a yes. Big box retails are a no. Peace, quiet, and clean air are a yes. Loud noises, crime, and urban crowds are a no.


Friday, July 07, 2017

Instant Bullets Blog Jul 7, 2017

*The pursuit of happiness or the pursuit of dreams. Be prepared for pain and sorrow. Also, be prepared for sacrifice. They're part of achieving many life goals including a new job, marriage, independence, and a championship. People are going to be screwed. People are going to be hurt.

*Back in time and front and present. Some people are thinking of the next great ideas. Great! However, sometimes the old school way or the old approach is still the best today. Ask the questions, "is the time worth improving something? Or is improving something just to improve something?" It's a judgment call. If it still works today, then maybe there is no need for a change.

I may consider "back in time and front out present." I believe the answer is no.

*Breyers Thin Mints ice cream. People who need a Girl Scouts Thin Mints fix eat the Breyers ice cream Thin Mints flavor. Strong mint flavor.

*Blue Earth to green and red. Mother Earth with the blue oceans is changing colors to ugly green and bad red. The green color represents money. More people are thinking money mindset. More people are greedy. The red color represents stress. More people are stressing out in today's fast pace green and red planet. Are more people getting greedy? Moreover, I've seen family and friends change for the worse such as physical appearance, emotional fatigue, and financial struggles.

*Have you donated, sold, and/or gave away for free CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays? If the answer is yes, then you have changed. You have grown up, wise up, changed tastes, and developed new interests. Also, you prevented hoarding. We live in the information age more people are listening to music digitally or on the internet.

For instance, I donated all my Family Guy DVD box sets. I also sold anime DVDs I either watched once or never opened because I didn't have time to watch.

*Cursive handwriting. When was the last time you wrote cursive? I'm sad some school districts eliminated cursive handwriting in their grade school curriculum. I'm going back in time writing in my cursive handwriting.

*Exercise benefits a human's outside such as physical appearance and delayed aging. Exercise also benefits a human's inside such as the heart, lungs, and brain. Watch the video on the benefits of the brain WHY Exercise is so Underrated (Brain Power & Movement Link).

*Costco is my first pharmacy. I purchased two bottles of eye drops to relieve my dry eyes at Target. I have thought Costco sold eye care liquid products for contact lenses only. I'm wrong. Costco sells eye drops for dry eyes. I can pay a few dollars more for four bottles of eye drops. Costco is my first choice to purchase over the counter drugs.

*What is worse? Being unloved or being lost in the woods? The last bullet is from the classic Peanuts comic printed on Sun Jul 2, 2017.


Sunday, July 02, 2017

Past Comic Strips Posted Jul 2017

I photocopied comic strips I read at work or read at home decades ago, or downloaded from the comic strip's website. Here are some of my favorite comic strips I took a picture on my camera. I post more later. Enjoy!

Credits: Dilbert by Scott Adams, Foxtrot by Bill Amend, Garfield by Jim Davis, Luann by Greg Evans, and The Duplex by Glenn McCoy.


Saturday, July 01, 2017

I Blog, You Comment Jul 1, 2017

Happy Fourth Of July. Take advantage of the extended weekend to take a deep breath. Find time to take a deep breath during your time off for those who work during the extended weekend. Relax!

Many people praised my Top Ten Men Truths. Some boys never become men because they ignore the truths to be strong male human beings. Some adult males continue living without motivation to become men. They're big boys or big babies.

Number 3 (timing and luck) is my favorite. Some people live a successful life in part because life went their way. --Matt Davis, Rockville, MD

I showed my husband and my two high school sons your top ten truths. I hope the three of them learned something from them. Thanks! --Patsy Hawkins, Fort Walton Beach, FL

I see pictures on all my social media the 20s men are not men. They're naive living beings walking around with no care. I'm sad to say there are middle school aged boys with more maturity. --Clifford Peterson, Royersford, PA

I'm 51. Your top ten truths should be printed on every school textbook to teach the life realities. BTW, I my first kissing a girl I was 12. --Leroy Griffin, Jamaica Plain, MA

Enough with the political correctness. Let's get back to old school teachings. Tell the truth. Speak it straight. No cuteness. Life doesn't care about being nice. Life rewards those who live their lives to the fullness. --Jacky Smith, Encino, CA

Teachers, neighbors, and my fellow mom friends teach their children and students the inside is more important than the outside. Media the same. However, I agree with your number 2 inside and outside are equally important. I'm teaching my children a one up. Inside is important. So is outside. --Lois Franklin, Collegeville, PA

The losers have no motivation at all. They don't care about life. These men are not men. They are boys. Overgrown, overweight boys. They live life the wrong way being patient hoping life goes in their way ignoring their problems. They complain and take it out on others. I bet a million dollars these boys never kissed a woman. --Frances Tate, Baltimore, MD

I compared access to technology when I was a child and access to technology for today's children. I didn't have internet, cell phones, and a tablet when I was a child. Reflecting And Connecting Both Technology And My Childhood explains.

Many people, children and adults, are not using today's technology correctly. It seems, and it's my opinion, people are using technology to escape from today's stressful life. --Kelly Cole, South El Monte, CA

Technology is working. We can look up information quickly instead of going to the library. We're meeting new people outside our cities, states, and even countries. I'm embracing technology. Today's children have it made living the best life. Better than my life in the 1970s. --Mable Byrd, Lake In The Hills, IL

I agree technology is not connecting us closer. Technology is an escape. People are using technology to ignore their problems. They're not solving their own problems. --Ling Su, Onalaska, WI

When I was a child, I call my friends in the neighborhood. We socialize with each other making a mess in the backward, spraying our bodies with the water hose on hot days, and eating lots of cookies. What are today's children doing? Video games, YouTube, email. I have friends says my son. Have they visit our us. Na, that's okay, we're connecting with our phones and tablets. *shakes head* --Sonja Watkins, Conway, SC

I understood a life lesson some people disagree. I used to believe knowledge is more important than desire. I wrote Motivated To Do What I'm Doing motivation is more important than knowledge or "I will" is more important than "I know".

I'm a high school math teacher. Most of my classes I'm assigned are remedial. I see my students' faces during the beginning of the new school year they're dumb they don't know math. I have a poster saying willpower is more important than knowledge. I remind them routinely. At the end of the school year, some students' math knowledge improved the next year they're take normal math classes. How do these students graduate to normal math classes? Do they become smart? Yes, in a way. The correct answer is motivation. They were motivated to learn. It's hard initially. It's easier as the school year continued. --Sonja Watkins, Conway, SC

Many business owners we're not smart people. They had the desire to succeed. They were not smart in school. Their desire was the reason they're business owners, and that's smart people. --Eula George, Wilmington, MA

Book knowledge. Who gives a s**t! Anyone can learn something from a book. If you have the motivation to fill in the gaps what's missing in your life, then you're smarter than the 4.0 student. --Viola Torres, Japan
Yeah, I was like you in college. Motivation didn't help me study and score high exam scores. I needed the knowledge to study. Or I feel dumb taking the test. It seemed my bosses and executives were not smart. How did they become such high ranking people? One reason is common. Promote the least effective employee to do the least damage to a department for daily operations. The truth is my bosses and executives are motivated to learn, and the motivation impresses the high ups to promote them to managers and executives. Knowledge is a factor. Motivation is a higher factor. --Lee Fowler, New York, NY

People submitted feedback expressing sympathy when I became anti-social for the first time in my life. Much appreciated! I shared what happen in Anti-Social For The First Time.

Anti-social is temporary. I experience it many times. --iluvcookies, via email

My husband and I accept each of us wanting to be lonely. Anti-social. Leave me alone. Nobody bother me. One may think wives want alone time. Not for us. --Billie Knight, Staten Island, NY

Everything is going to be okay. I'm a regular reader. You're working hard for success. --Orville Bishop, Hammonton, NJ

Your blogs have recently a common theme: independence, finding a job, learning new skills, exercising. The anti-social feeling is telling you to stop for now. Get away. Do something different. --Jon Reyes, Fairhope, AL

If you have to take drugs for depression, then I worry about you. The anti-depression drugs [are] full of crap. It's the drugs companies profiting from people's sorrows. --Esther Davidson, Springboro, OH

It's all in the brain. Perhaps there's something in the brain causing anti-social. But since it's the first time in your life, no worries. If it happens many times, see a doctor.--Holly Harper, Ontario, CA

Don't worry. Everyone experiences some sort of emotional problems. Depression, anti-social, loneliness, fatigue. We're all humans. Take it easy.--Leo Copeland, Minneapolis, MN


Friday, June 30, 2017

Throwback Blog: Never Give Up Finding The Ultimate Happiness

Blogger’s Note: Throwback blogs are blogs from my past. I start posting past blogs reflecting what I wrote. It's like my "A Second Look" blogs for which I give myself feedback.

Today's throwback blog is titled Never Give Up Finding The Ultimate Happiness in Apr 2015. The ultimate happiness is being married to the love of your life. It's hard to find love. There are parts of finding love you can't control. Trust life whether it's fate, destiny, karma, good timing, and good luck you succeed. Take a chance. It's worth the potential happiness and joy. It's worth potential pain and suffering.

Finally, watch the movie La La Land.

I believe the ultimate happiness is being in love with another person. There is no substitute for another human sharing a bed every night. Goods, material objects, any experiences, and a live non-human are not substitutes. A lover is flesh and blood with a human body, an independent thinker, and an individual soul. He or she has a heart to soothe, arms to hug, ears to listen, mouth to communicate, eyes to see, tongue for sex, and an entire body for warmth. A couple laughs, experience new experiences, find new adventures, create memories, converse about everything life, share different thoughts to learn, and grow old. A couple is victorious in good times and challenged in bad times. Courage, strength, dedication, and openness are required for a long term relationship to last indefinitely.

The difficulty finding love is as it should because choosing to spend the rest of your life with another person is an important choice. Almost all of us experience break-ups before finding our lover. It's part of finding love. Devoting time, making mistakes, and improving oneself are also part of finding love. Couples must earn their respect, appreciation, and trust.

Two potential lovers make eye contact with timing and luck being at the right place at the right time. One of them takes the initiative for the first greeting. Never lose hope. There are lots of people in the world. Don't quit finding love. Don't remove yourself from the world. One person is a match for another person. Continue living life to the fullest single people. Do something, anything to be a better person. The better person shares more stories and experiences. Attract people. Get smarter, stronger, kinder, and wiser indefinitely.

We have one opportunity to obtain the ultimate happiness. Work on it. Don't take the ultimate happiness for granted.


Saturday, June 24, 2017

My Thoughts On The Golden State Warriors Won The 2017 NBA Finals

Here are some facts the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers entering the championship series:

*It was the third straight Warriors vs. Cavaliers finals. Both teams were healthy. No significant injuries.
*The Warriors won 12 consecutive postseason wins sweeping first round, Western Conference Semifinals, and Western Conference Finals.
*Warriors and Cavaliers won all of their postseason road games.
*Seven NBA All-Stars played which ties the NBA record.
*LeBron James needed five more points to become the first player to achieve 6,000 career playoff points.

The Warriors defeated the Cavaliers 4-1 to finish with an NBA postseason record best 16-1. Redemption, forgiving, forgetting, eliminating curses, silencing criticisms, ending negative discussions are some of the results of winning. Sometimes winning can ignore problems, hide conflicts, mask grudges, and false solutions; however, it's another conversation.

The Warriors 73 win disappointing 2015-2016 season is forgotten. Redemption is achieved. The Warriors responded with action after losing the 2016 NBA Finals to the Cavaliers. There were problems which must be solved. Draymond Green's 2016 NBA Finals Game 5 suspension arguably the turning point for the Cavaliers down 3-1 comeback win is forgiven. Kevin Durant leaving Oklahoma City Thunder or jumping ship to the Warriors criticism is over.

Winning opens the thought process what the late Steve Jobs said, "connecting the dots backwards." What happened yesterday which results in winning today. Here is a timeline:

*Jun 2009. Stephen Curry was drafted number 7. The Warriors considered trading the 7th pick for veteran all-star Amare Stoudemire.
*Nov 2010. Joe Lacob and Peter Guber were the new owners. Success starts at the top of any organization.
*Apr 2011. Bob Myers was hired as the Assistant General Manager. He was promoted to General Manager in Apr 2012.
*Jun 2011. Klay Thompson was drafted number 11. The Splash Brothers were born.
*Jun 2012. Draymond Green was drafted number 35.
*Summer 2013. Andre Iguodala was acquired from the Denver Nuggets in a sign-and-trade deal. He accepted a bench role as the sixth man. He won the 2015 NBA Finals MVP.
*Sep 2014. Steve Kerr was hired as the Head Coach.
*Jul 2016. Curry, Thompson, Green, and Iguodala recruited Durant at The Hamptons. The five are known as The Hamptons 5. Kerr and Myers participated in the recruitment.

The Warriors plays basketball their way. There are no egos. Superstardom is shared. The basketball is spread. There is sacrifice. The team plays unselfishly. They are family friendly. Professional. Humble. Transparent. Relax.

Finally, LeBron James is still the best basketball player on the planet.


Sunday, June 18, 2017

Control What You Can Control And Trust Life What You Can't Control

Blogger’s Note: I wrote two versions for today's blog. I rejected my first version because it was another daily activities or recent events blog my regular readers know. However, I choose to post the first version in Finding Raymond Mar because I express my frustrations and I share a life lesson. Click Control What You Can Control And Trust Life What You Can't Control FRM to read the first version.

We live our present today for our future tomorrow. We make choices today which affects tomorrow. However, we can't control everything in our lives. We can't control accidents, weather, economy, diseases, the end of life for a microwave, products obsolete, car battery died, a basketball shot hits the rim, and getting caught for a traffic violation. Anything "Act Of God" no human being controls. It's normal to express frustration and anger for something negative which happens beyond your control. Trust destiny, fate, karma, and chance life flows in favor for the part of life we can't control. Trust good luck, good timing, and good fortunes come soon.

Live life accepting control what you can control. Live life accepting don't control what you can't control. Let life choose what happens today and what happens tomorrow. Hope for the best. Pray for the worse.


Saturday, June 17, 2017

What Is Believe?

A common life advice is believe in yourself and you can do anything you want. Why do I have to believe in myself? I want to do something. I'm going to do it. I don't need believe to motivate me. I'm going to make mistakes. I expect setbacks. I get better learning from failure.

Believe was not a factor while I was a student from grade school to college. I attended classes, listened to my instructors, completed my homework, and studied for my exams. I had to be a good student. I had to pass my classes to graduate anyways.

Currently, I'm looking for a job. I'm working to earn my independence. I have been believing a company hires me. No job offers. I have been believing I live my life my way. I still live at home with my parents. I have been learning new job skills such as Python and JavaScript. I have been reviewing my existing job skills such as Excel and VBA. My full time job is searching, learning, and reviewing; moreover, learning and reviewing improve my resume. I have to succeed anyways. I'm not living at home for the rest of my life. I have to do them anyways. I'm not watching TV and playing video games eight hours a day. There is no stopping. There is no quitting. I keep going. Where is the believe in my current life situation?


Thursday, June 08, 2017

Have I Ever Chased Something Or Someone?

I asked myself the chase question last night. Was I successful chasing? Or was I successful getting what I want? I worked to achieve a goal. Earning a college degree doesn't count. Daily errands are too small to be considered. Winning a casino jackpot is silly. Watching a television series from episode one to the end of the series is ridiculous. Almost all of my friends I have met we share a common hobby at a common place. These instances involve no challenge. There are little frustrations. Mistakes made are minimal. Anyone can graduate with a college degree. Students attend classes, study, take exams, and pass.

I'm chasing plenty for the first time in my life. The chase, seek, or working hard and working intelligently is, in brief, independence. Say them whatever with different words. I want to live a good life consistently, to make my own choices, be proactive, and to control more of my life. I'm chasing the best job I have ever worked. No more data entry. No more short-term contracts. I continue learning new job skills such as Python and Tableau. I'm chasing new circle of friends. I'm looking for mature good people. I'm chasing independence. I'm chasing intelligence. I'm chasing new adventures and new experiences. I'm pursuing happiness. I succeed passing the finish line.

An exception is meeting people. Be attractive. Attract people to meet new people, make new friends, and find love.


Sunday, June 04, 2017

Addicting To Learn Programming

One of my personal projects is learning Python. I hope knowing how to program creates job interviews. I have been learning new job skills while job searching.

Project Euler is a website asking math questions to help people learn programming. For example, problem 1 is find the sum of all multiples of 3 or 5 below 1000. People write a program to solve the problem. Some people use C. Some people use JavaScript. Some people use Python. The best way to learn programming is write programs.

I wrote a program for problem 3 Largest Prime Factor on Fri Jun 2. The program I wrote was successful. It calculated the largest prime factor for 10, 100, 1000, and 13195. However, my Ubuntu didn't have enough memory to calculate the largest prime factor for 600851475143. I spent hours figuring out how to write my Python code requiring less memory. I was laser focus like the late Steve Jobs. I became forgetful. I ignored all my surroundings. I lost my sense of time. I was stressed unnecessarily. There was no deadline. I wanted to complete the problem desperately. I could have waited next week to continue. I solved problem 3 at 2am on Sat Jun 3. Was it worth the extra hours staying up? My answer is no. My addiction to learn programming was like being addicted to binge watch Breaking Bad or an all-nighter playing video games decades ago.

No more learning programming addiction. I gather my strength and my courage to take a timeout when I reach the stress point solving programming problems. Timeout rests my brain. There is a chance my timeout helps me solve my problem with a rested brain. Moreover, there are easier, non-mathematical learning websites for programming students to solve problems; for example, Practice Python. Google "Python programming problems" to find more Python problems websites.


Thursday, June 01, 2017

Throwback Blog: I Got Published, Sort Of ^^

Blogger’s Note: Throwback blogs are blogs from my past. I start posting past blogs reflecting what I wrote. It's like my "A Second Look" blogs for which I give myself feedback.

Today's throwback blog is titled I Got Published, Sort Of ^^ in Feb 2009. The San Jose Mercury News asked readers to share what they recently discovered. I submitted a life lesson never take anything for granted. The life lesson was one of the first lessons I learned when I realized I must grow up on Sat Oct 4, 2008. Also, a good interview question is asking the job candidate, "Tell me something you discovered recently." The point of the question is test the job candidate's self-awareness or self-discovery. The answer can be I discovered normal blood pressure is 120/80 or I discovered learning Python is a new hobby to learn programming.

On Sun Nov 9, 2008, I wrote a 50 word paragraph what I recently discovered to the San Jose Mercury News. My discovery was I took everything and everyone in my life for granted. I learned to take nothing in life for granted. Scanned newspaper is below :3


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

For Your Information And For My Information

Blogger’s Note: May is pic month. I’m catching up posting pics from my smart phone. Enjoy!

There are new discoveries: visiting new stores, learning life lessons, interesting trivia, and tasting new food. There is everyday information regarding the human body. There is current event informing record rainfall. There are reminders changing is part of life.


Thursday, May 25, 2017

10 Pics In Three Feb 2017 Days

Blogger’s Note: May is pic month. I’m catching up posting pics from my smart phone. Enjoy!

There were adventures on Feb 16, 17, and 19, 2017. My local mall has been renovating to the latest and greatest. The mall must be competitive in the retail business online and offline. Good food is part of good life.


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Wisdom And A/C Drain Continuation

Blogger’s Note: May is pic month. I’m catching up posting pics from my smart phone. Enjoy!

I complete the everyday adult wisdom pics. I continue fixing my A/C drain leaking inside my front and reare passenger side compartments. Hiring managers, recruiters, and executives, there are qualified people who can do the job no prior experience necessary.


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Nine Wisdom Pics

Blogger’s Note: May is pic month. I’m catching up posting pics from my smart phone. Enjoy!

Elementary students share their New Year’s Resolutions for which some are adult wisdom. These kids are growing up faster than when I was in elementary school. There is more wisdom from The Mercury News pic for which it’s a teaser. Wait for the next pic blog.