Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Never Say Never Or Always Be Open Minded

I have been playing Japanese Mahjong or Riichi since Oct 2009. Mon Nov 6, 2017 was the first day I played Riichi online with players around the world. The free Japanese site is Tenhou. There is no English site. Reading Japanese is unnecessary. There are websites with English screenshots and English documentation to learn the commands. Here are some websites: Reach Mahjong Of New York translation, Saki Wiki Tenhou instructions, and Arcturus complete translation wiki. Here is a Youtube video from DdRMaSTeRDan.

I know Tenhou months after I started playing Riichi. I stayed away from playing online because I wanted to play with people and I minimize playing video games especially since I retired from anime in Sep 2014. It has been difficult finding people locally to play with me. Also, I have higher priorities. Tenhou is a low priority leisure activity. I play Tenhou on weekends when I have free time; however, there is no substitution playing with people to socialize. Playing Tenhou on the weekday Mon Nov 6 was an introduction day.

Always be open to anything. I associate playing Riichi at Tenhou a personal instance of never say never.


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