Thursday, December 30, 2010

Get back to where I once belong. I'm bringing back drinking more water, eating bananas, sit-ups, and modified workouts from years ago.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Review My Five, No, Six Daily Life Rules

I review my five daily rules occasionally in my head. I forgot I have six rules. The last time I reviewed my rules in my blog was in May 2010. It’s time to review. Here we go:

1. Don't criticize, condemn, and complain, and don't compare with others.
2. Don't act like a jerk or bitch.
3. Always speak calmly and be calm.
4. Don't daydream when driving.
5. Keep your head up high . . . look at the cute face when talking.
6. Breath with your nose and stand up straight.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Life

I imaged my adult life working as a design engineer or architect when I was in junior high. I drove a Ford Escort hatchback. I lived in an apartment along a major street. I spent $5 everyday at the arcade after work. My lunch and dinner were Swanson Hungary Man frozen meals. I had no friends. I was a loner. What a pathetic life?

Today, I have no interest in being an engineer. Ford Escort cars don’t exist. The apartment complex is still there (and I may be living there soon). Arcades are hard to find because of console and PC games. I know how to cook so no need to eat frozen food. I have friends I spend time with. I’m not a loner because I continue to make new friends.

I ask the question again: Is the life I pictured myself in junior high pathetic? Some say yes and some say no. There is no one correct way of living. The typical life getting married and having kids is not for everyone. There are many people happy with the way they live. Some people are happy living alone. I recognize that.

I continue to learn how I live a happy life. I’m finding out how to live my life happy. I observe and note other people’s way of living and what, why, and how they live a happy life. What do they do? How do they do it? Why? Who helps them? Loners, married people, partnerships, a household full of guys, and families are examples I want to know how they live a happy life. I keep my mind open when I interact with people. Once I find my happy life, I continue to observe and note. I always change, innovate, and improve my happy life.

Happy life is for everyone. Happy life must be earned and worked on. Happy life never comes to you and me on a sliver platter. Go out and get happy—a happy life.

The Personal Side Of Me Finding Raymond Mar

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

De Anza Week Dec 6, 2010

Mon Dec 6

Excel and Integrated Computer Acct classes were completed last week. I had one more class which was Intermediate Acct. One more final. I devoted all my studying time. No worries. I was wrong. I had trouble concentrating since Wed Dec 1. I studied one chapter from Thur Dec 2 to Sat Dec 4. I didn’t study on Sun Dec 5. My mind was exhausted studying and comprehending. The worst was completing missing homework assignments I failed to complete after the first mid-term. I choose to wait for Mon’s lecture and final review to narrow down what I need to study and what I need to avoid.

Mon’s lecture class everybody showed up. All the seats were full. The instructor passed out the practice final. He said, “The final is very similar.” Everyone was worried about the final. Everyone was wide awake during the review. This final was the first time I was scared. I was never scared of any finals before Intermediate Acct and throughout my years at San Jose State. The final is multiple choice and short answer.

My only break between now and the final on Wed Dec 8 was dance class. We reviewed all the dances we learned and danced our dance demonstration Rumba. The class was not full. And some students walked out about 30 minutes into our dances. Those people are not coming back next quarter.

Wed Dec 8

I reviewed everything I needed to know using the practice final as a guide and I studied additional concepts at least three times. I did everything I could. My mind was a sponge full of water ready to be squeezed afterwards. The final was passed out. Multiple choice only. No short answer. You got to be kidding. The final was actually very similar to the practice final. I never had a class where the instructor passed out the sample final that was very similar to the instructor’s practice final. Those classes the practice final and the actual final were different.

Most of the questions in the actual final were from the practice final. The professor changed the numbers and/or changed what was asked on some questions. The concepts were the same. There were some questions from the first mid-term which was expected. I know I passed the final. The question now is what is my final grade.

I promised a few students from the dance demonstration I attend the Wed’s class. I attended and quickly learned their dance routines and their dance demonstration Cha Cha Cha. It was great seeing some people from past dance classes taking the Wed’s class.


Fall ’10 quarter was a bad quarter that was the fastest ever—faster than Spring ‘10. The main reason was I had trouble concentrating. I ask myself why. Perhaps I had too much fun. Perhaps I took the quarter for granted such that I got excellent grades in past classes especially my fundamental acct classes my attitude I pass Intermediate Acct easily was false. Perhaps I attended school four days a week instead of two days. Perhaps it was all my classes failing to stimulate my mind; for instance, the Intermediate and Integrated instructors always arrived late and the Excel instructor was lazy. Perhaps it was the San Francisco Giants winning the World Series. It was all of the above.

The De Anza lessons I learned (outside class) saved me from complete unfocus:

*Fall ’09 lesson was everyone is human: Knowing people and making new friends helps lower the stress and the burden of homework, projects, and exams. We’re human. We want to be with people. We don’t want to be alone. And we make mistakes and we learn from them.

*Winter’10 lesson was go with the flow: I think back and Fall ’10 really wasn’t stressful. I went with the present moment. I completed assignments when needed. I adjusted my schedule when needed. I delayed non important errands and assignments when needed. For instance, I delayed my Intermediate Acct homework and studying for the final to prepare for the Integrated Computer Acct. group project. Do whatever I needed to do now. Do everything one at a time.

*Spring ’10 lesson was timing is everything: The past classes I took helped me this quarter. Acct 1B and 1C helped me in Excel. Payroll Acct. helped me in Integrated Computer Acct. Integrated Computer Acct. first 3 weeks of financial acct review helped me review the basics for Intermediate Acct.

Luck was also in my favor. The group presentation in Integrated Computer Acct is the best example. Our group was considered the best because everyone did their part and our oral presentation was considered among the classmates as the best. We were the first picked so we relaxed the rest of the other group presentations.

The classes I completed set me up for Winter ’11 and Spring ’11. If everything goes well, I earn my AA degree after Spring ’11.

*Fall ’10 lesson was use it or lose it: I took Intermediate Acct. even though I have to attend classes four days a week fearing there is no Intermediate Acct. in Winter ’11. The choice was correct. There is an Intermediate Acct. class in Winter ’11. The bad part is the instructor is terrible. Also Intermediate Computer Acct. is a night class in Winter ’11.

I met the most new people and made new friends compared to past quarters. I also checked out classic movies from the library. The movies I watched were The Midnight Cowboy, The French Connection, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Vertigo, Yankee Doodle Dandy, Some Like It Hot, The Manchurian Candidate, and Rosemary’s Baby. The only boring moments were the lectures.

I attend classes two days a week for Winter ’11. It’s great not going to school four days a week. On days I don’t attend classes, I focus on five activities: ice skating, cooking, working out at the gym, making another costume with my mom, and reading books. Going back to De Anza is a second chance for me going to college. I failed to learn skills and experience new experiences outside the classroom when I attended San Jose State. I’m not making the same mistake twice.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Backup Your Files

On Thur Dec 9, my laptop froze and crashed. I want to stress it’s important to backup your files. Very important! I use USB sticks, external hard drives, SD cards, and DVDs to backup. Never take your computer for granted. My Gaming PC crashed in July. All my files were backed up. It was worth the extra minute to backup. Image what if your computer crashed and you have no backups. You spend much more time recreating files than taking a minute or two to backup before you shut down.

Blogger’s note: My final Fall ’10 De Anza blog is coming soon. I have much to say for the epilogue and highlights.

The Personal Side Of Me Finding Raymond Mar

Friday, December 03, 2010

De Anza Week Nov 29, 2010

Mon Nov 29

My Thanksgiving was productive. There was something to do from schoolwork to homework (that is, home working and chores) and just having fun. This week is the last full week of classes. Crunch time begins one week early before finals.

The effects of the Thanksgiving weekend affected me today. I worked on the formal paper for my group project in Integrated Computer Acct. I was so close finishing it was worth attending Intermediate Acct. class. The instructor was always late so I know I miss a few concepts. His lectures are terrible anyways.

Crunch time week so far in my favor. I arrived 30 minutes late. There was a guest speaker from Becker, a company that prepares students taking the CPA exam. Lucky! The instructor didn’t pass out the attendance checklist. Lucky!

I stayed in campus after Intermediate because my group practiced our oral presentation. We met in front of the library at 4pm. I brought my laptop to simulate the Powerpoint slide presentation. We checked out a room inside the library. The practice session was successful. We’re ready to go. We want to be the first group to present.

Dance class was the lowest attendance. The class was tired. We had enough strength to practice the Rumba, our Dance Demonstration dance on Wed Dec 1. We learned the Hustle afterwards.

Tue Nov 30

I experienced fatigue during early crunch time week. I cut my Excel class and skipped breakfast at home. I purchased donuts and shopped at Staples to purchase a cover folder for the Integrated Computer Acct. formal paper. I arrived at the computer lab to print out the last homework assignment for Integrated Computer Acct. I talked to the Excel instructor regarding the household project and final. I have the option to present the project one-on-one on Wed and take the final on the last class meeting on Thurs.

Lucky! My group drew the short end of the straw to present first in Integrated Computer Acct. The presentation went well. There were no problems. What a relief. Our group is officially finished with Integrated Computer Acct. There is no final in the class. Crunch time continues tomorrow.

Wed Dec 1

Crunch time continued today while fatigue continued last night. I didn’t read chapter 10 for Intermediate Acct. I dozed off last night. Today’s lecture started with the professor announcing part of Chap 10 is on the final. He finishes Chapter 10 in Intermediate Acct Part II in Winter ’11.

Moreover, I should be eating donuts on days of mid-terms and finals instead of oatmeal. My Excel project must be presented one-on-one to the instructor. I earned a 100% score. I ate donuts between presenting my Excel project and Intermediate Acct. I didn’t eat breakfast at home.

Tonight was the Dance Demonstration. The social dance portion of the demo event Rumba and Cha Cha Cha were great. There was a minor problem in the Rumba as 25% of the class failed to attend. We managed. I helped out the Cha Cha Cha routine by being a substitute leader because fewer leaders showed up. In class meetings, there were more leaders than followers. It seemed some leaders chickened out performing the demo. I was asked to come to Wed’s class, the Cha Cha Cha class, on finals week. I plan to attend.

Thur Dec 2

Crap! I realized I forgot to complete the multiple choice CPA sample questions in the weekly homework assignments in Integrated Acct. The rest of the night I complete them and turn them in. It’s better late and not being turned in.

Excel and Integrated Computer Acct. are officially finished. I took the final in Excel. It was simple true/false and multiple choice. All the groups finished their presentations in Integrated. We got our extra credit exams back. I scored a 29 out of 35 extra credit points. Not too bad. Both classes look good earning an A grade.

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