Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Need A Nap

Today is the last day of Jan 2013. The month ends on a fast note. The first week was slow. The second week started to accelerate. The days and the rest of the month went faster and faster thereafter. 2013 starts fast. It's going to get faster and faster as we're tuned in, stimulated, and connected living in the information age.

I had to take a nap on Tue Jan 28. My body was fatigued. My body told me to take a break in the middle of the day. No stressing out. Everyone, listen to your bodies. Take a nap. Don't overdue yourself. You may get sick if you continue stressing out.

We live a life prioritizing and re-prioritizing. Taking a nap should take priority. You feel refresh, refocus, and re-energize. You're less likely to make mistakes. Take a time out. Your body thanks you afterwards.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Life Is Good With Chicken Fried Rice And Broccoli Beef

I ate a midnight snack late night on Sun Jan 27. I felt tired, desponded, and unfocused. There was a moment when I looked at my Chinese leftovers. I was reminded life is really not that bad.

I'm going to break one of my daily life rules for today's blog. The rule is, "Don't compare myself with others". I never compare myself with others. I don't compare myself on being rich or poor, smart or stupid, fat or skinny, beautiful or ugly, big collection or small collection of DVDs, healthy or sick, single or married, glamour or ordinary, etc. I look at myself and I find ways to be better physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. I compare myself today with myself yesterday. I do my best to change and to improve for the better.

Anyways, comparing myself with others, my life is really good. I'm unemployed and live with my parents. On other hand, I live rent free in a house. I spend my weekdays job searching and taking online classes. I don't sit around and do nothing. It's easy for me to do nothing such as play video games, watch television, and neglect cooking and household chores. I have an active life being with friends and working out at the gym. I seek new adventures and experience new experiences. There is always something to do every minute in my life. I don't have to worry about raising a family since I don't have an income to support a family. I earned a Bachelors of Science and an Associates of Art college degrees. I continue to learn and re-learn job skills and knowledge.

Life could be worse being unemployed, in poverty, and dependent on government assistance. Life could be worse being chronically sick, have a lack of education, and no computer. Life could be worse without a car, without friends, without family, and without cooking skills. Life can be better. Life is going to be better. I live in my own residence, make new friends, play more board games, read more books, and visit new places. I compare myself in the future with today. Time will tell what I do today makes a difference tomorrow, and the future tells me what I do today is the correct choice.

Looking at the chicken fried rice and broccoli beef reminded me to continue with my life. Continue searching for a job. Continue learning and re-learning for my next job and my future career. Continue to be a better person. Learn more about living life. Improve my social skills. Get stronger, smarter, and wiser. My frustrations, mistakes, and struggles are part of living. If I stopped continuing, moving, and doing, then I should stop living.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Saturday, January 26, 2013

An Extremely Great And Terrible Week

I want to blog the week of Jan 21 to remind me how my life went and to remind me to expect more similar weeks in the future. The active week was extremely great and extremely terrible. There were no activities, moments, and accomplishments in between. I share in bullet format. Here they are,

*I continued taking online classes to learn new job knowledge and refresh my job skills. The classes are Business Analysis and Excel. I completed one or two class daily.

*The week was productive because I cooked once this week on Sat Jan 26. I cooked enough food on Sun Jan 20 good for two days. That allowed me more time away from the kitchen.

*The downside was terrible tasting food. My mom cooked in the laziness and easiest way possible. Her opinion on cooking is "food is food". There were many days we ate leftovers because she cooked too much food. The food I cooked on Sun Jan 20 still had decent taste.

*The workouts this week were subpar. I went to the gym on Mon Jan 21, Thur Jan 24, and Sat Jan 26. I could have been disappointed if I went to the gym for two days. Two of the three days my workouts were incomplete; for example, I ran on the treadmill and biked on the stationary bike a total of 45 minutes for which my normal workout was 60 minutes.

*I accomplished all my errands on Tue Jan 22. The places included going to the bank and shopping for groceries.

*I like cold weather. The week's nighttime temperatures ranged from the low 30s to upper 40s. I had trouble sleeping because of the inconsistent temperatures. Also, my parents kept the heater on throughout the night between Mon Jan 21 and Wed Jan 23 because my dad continues to recover from the flu.

*All my emails were caught up.

*My parents continue to lecture me about getting a job. In particular, my mom pestered me about applying at Ross.

*Speaking of jobs, I sent zero resumes to contracting and consulting firms. On the other hand, I sent five resumes to permanent jobs directly at the company's career website.

*We have too many oranges in the house. I ate more oranges this week to avoid throwing them away due to spoilage. My tongue was sore because I have minor sensitivity to citrus fruit. I can't eat too much cirrus fruit in too short amount of time. I skipped eating all fruits on Wed Jan 23 and Thur Jan 24.

*I successfully registered for Fanime Con on Thur Jan 24. The website was bombarded with many people registering. I spent more than the required time to register for a convention.

*Computers generate heat. I should stop my online classes and turn off my computer at 7pm to lower my room's temperatures when I go to sleep.

*I finished watching Breaking Bad Season 1 because I didn't get enough sleep to workout at the gym on Thurs Jan 24.

*The next TV show I watch is Burn Notice Season 1. I'm currently on episode 4.

*I had a phone interview for a position I applied last week on Fri Jan 25.

*The guys and I ate at Dairy Queen. I believe I ate at Dairy Queen when I was a kid. I believe one of the guys didn't want to eat at Dairy Queen. I make a note the next time we choose where to eat.

*The afternoon of Sat Jan 26 was all business. I edited my cover letter because of the Business Analysis online classes. The concepts and knowledge gave me new input. The next activity was browsing software. I plan to start taking their free online introductions next week.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Number One Reason I Brush My Teeth

Good hygiene is equally important for a healthy person. Some of us neglect our mouth, teeth, and tongue. Some of us minimally brush our teeth once a day to satisfy cleaning our mouth. There is no flossing. Mouth washing itself is ineffective. Bad hygiene leads to long term health problems for your mouth and teeth. I want to have my teeth when I'm old age to continue eating good foods without pain.

One reason I brush my teeth after breakfast and before I go to sleep is to avoid getting sick from a dirty mouth. The toothpaste I use contains baking soda. I use another toothbrush to brush the gum line below my teeth. I floss using a thick dental floss. I dislike the cheap, generic, thin floss. And I scrape my tongue using a tongue cleaner.

The number one reason I take care of my mouth is sex. Think about it. Nobody wants to kiss another person with bad breath, bad teeth, bad gums, and bad lips. Google image "bad teeth" or "bad mouth". You probably want to start brushing again immediately. That's a reality check.

The mouth is important for sex: lips, good breath, healthy gums, and the tongue. Nobody wants sores and bleeding gums inside their mouth. The mouth and tongue are free of nasty bumps and fluids. Take care of the mouth just like taking a shower for the body. Partners want to be clean from head to toe, and that includes the mouth.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Concern That Requires My Attention

I have been searching for a job since I graduated with an AA degree in Accounting. One of my strengths was the ability to explain a concept, an assignment, an idea, and a task clearly and concise. I had the ability to teach my co-workers skills and knowledge such that it was easy to understand. I could summarize the highlights in good writing. My analytical thinking was a personal asset. I was good telling people from point A to point B. I was detailed and I broke down the information. I could rephrase and reword to better understand for others.

I'm losing the strengths above each day I don't work. I realized my ability to explain and to analyze has been getting weaker when I took my first online class. The topic was Introduction to Business Analysis. Explaining, analyzing, and summarizing are key skills for a Business Analyst. Each day I stay home, away from the daily grind of work, no interacting with co-workers, no work assignments . . . just not being in a work environment 40 hours a week makes me mundane. My weekly routine is at home; it should be at the company building. Each work day I'm on the computer job searching and sending resumes and cover letters.

I do my best keeping my skills and knowledge as sharp as possible. I take online class, I read books, and I watch videos on job knowledge such as Excel and Crystal Reports. I write blogs to keep my writing skills in check. I chat, email, and socialize to maintain my communication skills. I practice interviews including writing down good answers I think from the back of my mind. Physical fitness is important, too. I work out 3-4 days a week at the gym.

I know I find a job with a little luck, timing in my favor, and a company somewhere out there going to give me an opportunity. Stay focus and stay active.

Side note: job recruiters, employers, companies may want to ignore the blog if you feel I communicate weakness.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Reason I'm Never Bored Is People

It's difficult for me to be bored. There is always something to occupy my time. The only time I lie down on my bed staring at the ceiling is when I'm sick or I need a nap. I check email, log on to my social networks, job search, and read the latest news online. I cook, vacuum, do laundry, or clean the dishes for my house work. Errands, going to the gym, hiking, and grocery shopping are the best examples when I'm outside the house. My indoor leisure activities include reading, listening to music, and playing video games.

It's people occupying my time when I'm not doing something. I'm with people when I'm offline, completed my housework, and taking a break from my solo activities. I have people in my life because I want to avoid being bored. I spend at least three days a week going out, socializing, and doing activities. I believe a good life is being by yourself and being with people. There are times you want a few hours by yourself and there are times you want a few hours with people. We must devote time ourselves with or without people to achieve, at the minimum, an 80% and 20% or 20% and 80% balance, respectively. I live at home. I communicate with my parents. I see my girlfriend and friends when I'm going out. There are times my family and I visit other relatives or do a family activity outdoors.

We're humans. We need human connections. We need to communicate. I must live life with noise, talking, and listening while other people are talking. When I hear people say they're bored, I think they need to meet new people.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Update Your Profiles

We all have online profiles. Email, social networking, professional networking, YouTube, banks, financial investing, grocery stores, online stores, Netflix, blogs, job searching, etc. We spend hours and hours on the web most of us ignore updating our profiles on a consistent basis.

My dentist is consistent asking questions about my phone number, home address, insurance, and health conditions. It can be redundant to some of his patients; however, I believe it's a good idea to ask the same questions every regular checkup. It takes a couple minutes. My dentist, and everyone else, wants accurate and up-to-date information. I want my dentist to contact me if there are any questions or emergencies.

Take time to update your online profiles. Online businesses need accurate personal information to serve you. I like my bank to have my email and phone number in case of emergencies. Networking needs accurate information on you to portray yourself honestly. I want my friends to know what I do and where I currently live. Job searching websites looking for workers need accurate information on skills and past experiences. I continue to learn new skills as I search for a job. I want my online job profile to indicate my new knowledge.

I update my profiles two or three times a year. I update my job profiles at least four times a year. If you haven't updated you profiles in a long time, start today. It's the start of the new year. Start fresh by updating your profiles.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Easing Into 2013

The holiday season is officially over. Today is the first Monday for 2013. I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year's Day. It was a long season in terms of the number of days. Thanksgiving started early on Nov 22, 2012. It felt like a long holiday to me.

It's time to get back to job searching. I'm happy I was interviewed seven times last year. Not too bad in the tough job market. I'm considering taking classes in software programs. I research the skills I learn the quickest, how relevant to my current job skills, and the cheapest.

I want to tell everyone to take it easy and slowly get back into the daily life of working, studying, taking care of the house for those raising children, and/or job searching. Avoid feeling you must get back to life before the holidays in 24 hours. Don't rush--haste makes waste. Settle in gradually. Make good choices, use timing to your advantage, relax, and have the state of mind to start fresh on the first Monday of the new year. It's like the beginning of the new season in sports such that everyone is 0-0. Everything is going to be okay.