Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Concern That Requires My Attention

I have been searching for a job since I graduated with an AA degree in Accounting. One of my strengths was the ability to explain a concept, an assignment, an idea, and a task clearly and concise. I had the ability to teach my co-workers skills and knowledge such that it was easy to understand. I could summarize the highlights in good writing. My analytical thinking was a personal asset. I was good telling people from point A to point B. I was detailed and I broke down the information. I could rephrase and reword to better understand for others.

I'm losing the strengths above each day I don't work. I realized my ability to explain and to analyze has been getting weaker when I took my first online class. The topic was Introduction to Business Analysis. Explaining, analyzing, and summarizing are key skills for a Business Analyst. Each day I stay home, away from the daily grind of work, no interacting with co-workers, no work assignments . . . just not being in a work environment 40 hours a week makes me mundane. My weekly routine is at home; it should be at the company building. Each work day I'm on the computer job searching and sending resumes and cover letters.

I do my best keeping my skills and knowledge as sharp as possible. I take online class, I read books, and I watch videos on job knowledge such as Excel and Crystal Reports. I write blogs to keep my writing skills in check. I chat, email, and socialize to maintain my communication skills. I practice interviews including writing down good answers I think from the back of my mind. Physical fitness is important, too. I work out 3-4 days a week at the gym.

I know I find a job with a little luck, timing in my favor, and a company somewhere out there going to give me an opportunity. Stay focus and stay active.

Side note: job recruiters, employers, companies may want to ignore the blog if you feel I communicate weakness.

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