Thursday, January 10, 2013

Update Your Profiles

We all have online profiles. Email, social networking, professional networking, YouTube, banks, financial investing, grocery stores, online stores, Netflix, blogs, job searching, etc. We spend hours and hours on the web most of us ignore updating our profiles on a consistent basis.

My dentist is consistent asking questions about my phone number, home address, insurance, and health conditions. It can be redundant to some of his patients; however, I believe it's a good idea to ask the same questions every regular checkup. It takes a couple minutes. My dentist, and everyone else, wants accurate and up-to-date information. I want my dentist to contact me if there are any questions or emergencies.

Take time to update your online profiles. Online businesses need accurate personal information to serve you. I like my bank to have my email and phone number in case of emergencies. Networking needs accurate information on you to portray yourself honestly. I want my friends to know what I do and where I currently live. Job searching websites looking for workers need accurate information on skills and past experiences. I continue to learn new skills as I search for a job. I want my online job profile to indicate my new knowledge.

I update my profiles two or three times a year. I update my job profiles at least four times a year. If you haven't updated you profiles in a long time, start today. It's the start of the new year. Start fresh by updating your profiles.

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