Saturday, January 28, 2006

Time Will Tell

Blogger’s Note: My writing style never uses the word, “Will.” In today’s Blog, I’m going to break the rule and use the word, “Will.” Thank you.

I’m taking a class at De Anza College. The class is how to write a business plan. Time will tell whether taking the class pays off. In March 2006, I’m taking a two day seminar on Real Estate Investments. Time will tell whether taking the seminar pays off. I started to get into books in late 2002 starting with Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, a book recommended by an ex-coworker. Time will tell whether reading books pay off. My webpage,, reminds me to never stop innovating. Time will tell whether my webpage pays off. Each week, I exercise two times a day at the gym. Time will tell whether working out pays off.

My current personal short-term goals are to revise my resume again and upload to major job search websites. Time will tell whether revising my resume again and again and again pays off. I also want to update my Blog more often to share my thoughts and daily happenings. Time will tell whether my Blog pay off.

Today’s current events and happenings time will tell whether leaders, managers, executives, and families pay off for their benefit of themselves and everyone else affected. President Bush’s war in Iraq, the Federal Reserve raising interest rates, the CEO making the critical moves in their company, the mom and dad doing what’s best for their children, an investor choosing which stock to buy and which stock to sell, the high school graduate choosing college or working full time, and the list goes on and on.

Everything we do in the present, right now, at this moment, and anything done today for the future time will tell. We are given the moments in the present and must be proactive in the moments to make the best choices. The ultimate judge is time. Time choose whether our actions today affects tomorrow in our favor, against our favor, or nobody’s favor.

Side Note: Recommended books to read are One Up On Wall Street by Peter Lynch, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, Moneyball by Michael Lewis, and Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive by Harvey MacKay.


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Thursday, January 26, 2006

I Want A Tiger, And Tigger Is Not A Choice

My Chinese Horoscope animal is the tiger. To me, tigers are the jack-of-all-trades. Tigers are smart, quick, strong, intuitive, keen, and always aware of their surroundings. Tigers think one step ahead for future scenarios and situations. And tigers know when to use their strengths and not use their strengths . . . being kind when the situation says so.

Regrettably, I don't have a stuffed tiger. In 2006, I'm going to casually look for a stuffed tiger. Tigger from Winnie The Pooh doesn’t count T.T My tiger has to be the usual orange color with black stripes :-)


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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Fun and Free Facts and Tips

Here are some facts and tips to use. Enjoy! XD

*Eat Healthier. Reduce eating foods and drinks with High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). If the product contains 9 or more grams of sugars and HFCS, try to avoid it.

*Hate The Boss Or Co-Worker? Rather than leaving the company, have the boss or co-worker leave the company. How? Call a head-hunter and say good things about the boss or co-worker. That way, if another company chooses to hire the boss or co-worker, you're going to have better working days ahead.

*Lies and Eyes. A simple way to tell if someone is telling the truth or lying is the eyes. For a right handed person, if the eyes go up and to the left, the person is telling the truth, and if the eyes up go up and to the right, the person is lying. For a left handed person, if the eyes go up and to the right, the person is telling the truth and if the eyes go up and to the left, the person is lying.

*Nonviolent "Get Back At You" (Sort Of). Is there someone who annoys the heck out of you? If yes and you know the person’s email address, then sign him or her up for free porn. Make sure the email address is a personal email such as Hotmail or Yahoo. Don't submit a work email address which is going too far -__-


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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

$100.00 Lesson

I purchased a new cell phone earlier January. The plan is a pay-as-you-go plan using a calling card from a no-name cell phone provider. The provider uses the Sprint network. The cell phone is free with a $100.00 rebate. The lesson is when I receive a rebate form or any form regarding paying or receiving, read the entire terms and conditions as soon as possible—even read it two or three times to understand.

What happened was I read the highlighted box which said phones must be purchased between December 1, 2005 and January 31, 2006. Rebates must be postmarked before February 15, 2006. I never read the terms and conditions in fine print :-( Yesterday, I read the terms and conditions. The information said I must mail my rebate form 14 days after I purchase the phone; not postmarked before February 15, 2006. That’s confusing, man! I mailed the rebate form 15 days after I purchased the phone.

I recognize I screwed up and I should read the entire rebate form immediately after I got my phone. However, I don’t know what my provider was thinking when creating a rebate form with the misleading highlighted box. Did the provider intentionally want the highlighted box to mislead their customers so the provider pays less $100.00 rebates? Did the provider intentionally want the highlighted box because they want smart customers to submit their rebates and dumb customers who didn’t read the terms and conditions fail to submit their rebates? Smart companies create easy-to-read rebate forms because smart companies know customers have different intelligence and different ways of thinking. Smart companies accommodate many types of customers because the more happy customers, the more revenues the companies make.


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Sunday, January 22, 2006

All Right Seattle!

Yesterday and today, I spent eight hours playing Command & Conquer: Generals China Stage 7. The level was very hard I did everything I could to defeat the enemy. The end result was I kept losing. I played up to 3:00 A.M. on Sunday morning. I was so tired I was not concentrating thinking of the winning strategy (-,-)

At 3:15 A.M., I browsed the web to find the solution. I found the answer which was to keep China’s funds below $5,000 so the enemy didn’t fire their missiles. The enemy needed five minutes to power their missiles. During the five minutes, I built a nuclear missile silo. The missile silo costs $5,000. When the missile silo was completed, the game was practically over.

Just like the Seattle Seahawks defeated the Carolina Panthers. The game was practically over during the 3rd Quarter. Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks, the 2005-2006 NFC Champions. I visited Seattle in August 2005. Great city to visit. Thanks Steve for arranging the Seattle visit :-) When I was in high school, I dreamed I live in Seattle 0:-)

Moreover, it’s nice to have a west coast city participate in the Super Bowl. The last time a west coast city participated in the Super Bowl was the 2002-2003 Oakland Raiders. I’m rooting for the Seahawks!


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Saturday, January 21, 2006

You Need The Correct Attitude

Is there someone potentially special you met or have known? Want to ask him or her out on a date? Afraid he or she says “No?” You’re not alone.

One common solution for people afraid of asking another person out on a date is the following, “What’s the worst that can happen--he or she says No.” Unfortunately, that’s the wrong attitude because chances are the attitude doesn’t help the person actually go and ask him or her out. Furthermore, if the person asking for the date receives the answer “No,” the attitude is not going to make the person asking for the date feel better after the rejection.

Continuing the prior Blog entry on living life to the fullest each day, the correct attitude is never think about the negative consequences; in other words, the statement, “What’s the worst that can happen--he or she says No” should have never been in the asker’s mind. Rather, the asker should have the attitude of “Go for it all the way” or “It’s a potential moment of the lifetime . . . the guy or gal can be the love of my life.” Having negative thoughts prevents moving forward—prevents the asker from creating courage to ask the person out.

If the person with the correct attitude of living life to the fullest or living life today receives the answer “No”, the correct attitude keeps the calm in the asker because the asker made the attempt, had the courage to ask the person out on a date. The person goes for it all the way; unfortunately, no “Yes” answer. Tomorrow is another day and another potential day to find someone potentially special. The asker lives tomorrow and the next days and weeks keeping an eye for the special someone. Good luck, everyone!


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Friday, January 20, 2006

X-Men Powers

Many of us know who the X-Men are. The X-Men are comic book heroes with mutant powers created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Well known X-Men includes Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, Rogue, Gambit, Colossus, Professor X, Apocalypse, and Magneto. I consider myself a very casual X-Men fan. I never read any of the comics. My X-Men involvement was I watched the Animated Series on Saturday mornings, played X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom video games, played X-Men six player arcade game, and played the X-Men board games released in the early 1990s.

If you are an X-Men, who do you want to be? My answer is I want to be Storm. Storm can manipulate weather. She is both offensive such that she can fire lighting bolts and defensive such that she can create tornados and gusty winds. And she has the ability to fly. The downside is she not physically durable like Colossus and Wolverine. The durable X-Men characters can take punches and attacks. Storm is someone who gets knocked out after a couple of punches.

I started reading The Art of War by Sun Tzu. One factor in winning wars is to know the terrain or knowing the environment. Storm can manipulate the terrain and the environment to her team’s advantage. Woohoo!


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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Depressed And You Are A Great Person? Daydream You Are On 60 Minutes

Some people say people who daydream are weird people. I don’t think so. I think daydreaming is wonderful. One reason is it’s a great stress reliever. The brain has a chance to relax. Ahhhhh! Another reason is to feel better when feeling depressed ;__;

If you feel depressed, then daydream you are on CBS’s 60 Minutes interviewed by Mike Wallace. Only great people are interviewed on 60 Minutes. You are great. Have Wallace ask you questions that make you feel important, feel great, and feel special. And be sincere and honest when Wallace asks you the questions and you answer faithfully and true to you.

Here is a sample portion :)

Wallace: How did you invent the term “Innovate Infinitely?”

Mar: I was driving to Japantown in San Jose, CA. At a stop light, I said the words “Innovate” and “Infinitely” together. Then I said to myself, “That’s my webpage theme.” I was thinking about a webpage theme because my friends’ webpages have a theme. My theme was to serve as a reminder to never stop improving . . . there is always a better way every time.

[Begin daydreaming part]

Wallace: Today, you are hired for *beep* corporation as a consultant? How did the company find you?

Mar: I was selling at the flea market Sunday morning. The customer who came to my booth was a senior executive who had problems. We talked about the problems and solutions. The exec was impressed with not necessarily my knowledge, but with my attitude towards the problems. I was offered an interview.

I went to the interview and was hired on the spot. I was given a contract and my primary responsibility was to solve problems—or at least, get their workers to solve problems.

Wallace: How many other companies are after you?

Mar: I get a dozen calls and emails a day. One company offered a huge signing bonus.

[End daydreaming part]

You can do whatever you want on the interview. Just remember to make the daydream interview creditable and filled with happiness.


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Monday, January 16, 2006

Think Of Future Consequences And There Is No Future

University of Southern California Reggie Bush and LenDale White and Texas Vince Young entered the 2006 NFL Draft. These college players and many more who didn't finished college are entering the draft not because of the money. It's more than just money. Of course the three players and other top prospects are going to get multi-million dollar contracts and signing bonuses; however, I think they are going to play in the NFL because they believe their future is in the NFL.

Some people say they should not drop out of college. They should set a good example for the kids and finish college. Education is important. Education is the future. Education is the key to success. Education is a guarantee for the future. Get a good education and make lots of money. It's the safe way to make money. What happens if they get a career ending injury and they don't have education as a safety net?

My response to the above paragraph is education is neither all of the above. Anyone who thinks education is the right way to live life is not seeing the value of life. Bill Gates and Michael Dell are examples of people who dropped out of college. Sir Richard Branson dropped out of high school.

Live the present. Live the moment. For some of us, one moment in time—the present time—is going to last a lifetime and brings us to a higher level in life never dreamed of before. Don't think about the future consequences. Think about future consequences and nobody is going to move on. Create memories today . . . create a ton of memories today for the future. Use the present today, right now, for a bright future. Cherish the present days. Don't waste today.

Nobody knows the future. Nobody. Everyone knows the present. Today, we live the present and know what's going on at this time. If nobody knows the future, why worry about it? It could be good or bad. Never worry about tomorrow. Live today . . . live right now to the fullest. Life is more value when lived today with full mighty.

For Bush, White, and Young, they are entering the draft because they are living in the present. They are going for it all the way. They want the challenge. They want new experiences. They want to meet new people. They are ready to take what life gave them and move upward and forward. They don't think about future consequences; otherwise, they are not going to live life to the fullest—their lives to the fullest.


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Sunday, January 15, 2006

*Pop* All Bubbles Burst

In March 2000, the stock market dot-com bubble burst. Many investors lost money. Me included $-( The best investors make money during the ups and downs on the stock market. True, in the long run, the stock market goes up and non full-time investors buy and hold their stocks; in other words, the buy and hold method. Well, the buy and hold method works under the assumption the stock market always goes up. The stock market does not always go up. I repeat, the stock market does not always go up.

When I started investing, I believed in the buy and hold method that stocks always go up. I failed to understand that the buy and hold method works under the assumption the stock market always go up. It does not. I lost a lot of money during the dot-com bust because I believed in the buy and hold method. I screwed up.

Since learning the expensive and valuable lesson, I keep my winners and sell my losers. I have a second chance to create a winning portfolio. I admit I'm not going to have a 100% success rate on picking winning stocks; however, I'm a 100% better stock investor $__$ Good luck on your stock investments everyone


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Saturday, January 14, 2006

My Friday The 13ths Are Not Bad Luck

Trivia Question: What is the first day of the month for a Friday the 13th? The answer is Sunday. If the beginning of the month starts on a Sunday, there is a Friday the 13th.

As far as I remember, my Friday the 13ths are not bad luck. Yesterday, I strategically talked myself out of a meeting on Monday in another office—at least for now. The boss chooses who to go Monday morning. For the record, my attendance is going to be ineffective because the meeting agenda doesn’t apply to my duties.

Enough talk about work :-# Since my days in college and days after college, my Friday the 13ths have mostly been mellow. Nothing too exciting to remember. I take mellow over bad luck any Friday the 13th.

It’s Saturday after midnight. Time to catch up on email. Later today, it’s mostly anything goes. I promise more good stuff comes soon. Thank you everyone for visiting my Blog.


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Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Full Week

How is everyone doing? I’m doing O.K. Hmmm. The week is busy at work and at home. Work is work. Enough said :-#

On Tuesday, I prepared to go back to school. I’m taking a business class at De Anza College. The class meets on Wednesday night. I used an old notebook computer bag and packed myself with notebooks, pens, pencils, bottle water, and snacks.

On Wednesday, I arrived at De Anza. I was lucky to get a parking space. I was surprised to see a lot of cars for night classes. When I attended SJSU, parking for night classes were never a problem. I got suggestions where to park the next time I come to De Anza. I’m going to take a day off next week to complete some administrative paperwork.

The instructor is a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and is going to provide all materials. No textbook. It appears the instructor is going to teach outside the box—not 100% sure though. On the first day of class, the instruction told a few stories, took attendance, and released the students.

Today and tomorrow I’m going to the gym.


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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Third Blog Entry: Breaking Rule Number 1

In Dale Carnegie's book How To Win Friends and Influence People, rule number one is Don't Criticize, Condemn, or Complain. The third blog entry, however, I'm going to break the rule and rant. Rant, complain, let my stress out, let my anger out. It doesn't matter to me. I need to vent frustration regardless whether the reader thinks I'm complaining or not complaining. More important, the following is going to be unedited; in other words, [sic] or verbatim.

Like many jobs that suck, my job sucks. What makes my job suck? I work in the Research Department. The department has two workers: me and my co-worker. The department supports 70+ brokers in the local office and 10+ brokers in a satellite office north. 80+ brokers. Two people in the department. Hello, senior management. The department needs additional help. No need to research the facts. Furthermore, I'm not going to be working in the company forever.

My co-worker is an idiot. Should have been fired a long time ago. Somehow, when he fucks up, he gets away with it. Nothing lasts forever. One day you are going to mess up big and you are going to be fucked!!! What has he done and got away with? Start the list:

*In 1997, the server crashed and he didn't back up the research data.
*In 2002, he calculated absorption wrong for 12 years. I found the error in five minutes 0:-) Any national real estate firm needing a researcher with new ideas? I'm available for hire >.<
*I taught him how to calculate weighted averages. He never knew what a weighted average; moreover, he never calculated rents. Come on, researchers must know basic math.
*He is still using an 80s system to calculate statistics in the 21st century. One step further, he's an obsolete 80s robot because he acts like a robot.
*He makes careless mistakes, and it's getting worst.

Lesson: if it acts like a duck, walks like a duck, talks like a duck, thinks like a duck, it's probably a duck {:V

Also, the managing partner in charge of the office is not a managing partner; rather a major pain. The guy has shit in his brains. I have been working in the company for seven years. Man, that's too long to work there. I can't think of one incident where he has taken an active role in, well, anything. Come to think of it, he's done nothing to the company to make it a better place to work. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Jack shit. The chances of him leaving the company are next to nothing because the position requires a brokers or sales license to sign off completed deals.

As for me, personally, what are my feelings? My feelings are I'm lonely. When I started the company, there was nobody to be my mentor. Heck, I never had a mentor in my life. There was nobody to show me around. I learned almost everything about the company myself (which was really nothing to learn come to think of it). I can't trust anyone because nobody in the company earned my respect, my trust, my credibility. Respect, trust, and credibility must be earned whether he or she is the janitor, engineer, director, or senior vice president; likewise for parents . . . if you want sons and daughters to learn, to love, to be good sons and daughters, you must earn their trust, their love, and their bond; otherwise, they are not going to believe what you say to them. Perhaps, that's one reason why runaway kids leave their parents. Trust, love, bond, etc. are not automatic just because Mom and Dad are parents. All must be earned and demonstrated sincerely and without deception. The same goes with co-workers, management, and executives. Earn them (respect, trust, credibility, sincerity) or lose them (co-workers).

It's out in the air. I'm lonely. I should tell somebody. Problem number two is I trust nobody. Nobody has proven to me, nobody has earned my trust, nobody earned the right to know me, to listen to me sincerity. Nobody has my credibility if anyone wants to give me advice. As far as I'm concern, anyone who tells me anything is full of crap. Why should I believe you? Who are you? I don't know who the people are and people don't know who I am, and even if I tell them who I am, they probably don't give a shit. Been there, done that.

When I started in 1999, the research department was pathetic. Terrible. An embarrassment. In one year, I provide new reports, accepted new responsibilities, increase turn-over rate to less than one business day for most requests, new ideas, etc. I proved that I can do a whole shit load for the company. What has the company proved to me? Nothing. It's the same company since 1999. No improvements, nothing new, nothing the latest and greatest (except computers of course), no innovating. Heck, my company doesn't have a CEO and a CFO. The CEO fucked up and the CFO resigned.

When I go to work, the real me doesn't enter the building ;__; It's a stranger even I'm not comfortable being. Outside work, I'm very cheerful and always busy doing stuff like reading books, playing video games, watching anime, listening to CDs, going to the gym, cooking, researching stocks, and just being myself. That's the real me. The guy who never stop innovating and wants to meet more people XD

I feel much better now and I'm going to get a good night's sleep (-,-)

Side note: there were four people I don't respect specifically. Two of them are no longer in my office. The first person was eliminated in August 2002. Officially, the position was eliminated. Unofficially, she was laid-off. The second person was transferred to the corporate office in January 2006. Her replacement started in January 2006. We shall see how the replacement does, and I'm going to have high expectations because she was promoted in my office.

Side note 2: there are a selected few co-workers I'm comfortable in a conversation; however, it's as far as the communication goes—casual conversation.


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Second Blog Entry: Going With The Flow On A Bad Work Day

Friday's work day was the worst work day I ever remember :-( Typically, January is a busy month for staff because many brokers are preparing presentations for the 2005 market review and 2006 year projections, and setting up for 2006 potential clients. January 2006 is an exception. I have never seen many broker requests before. Never! The requests are easy to complete—it's just there are too much at a given time and little time to complete the requests. To repeat, the requests are easy to complete, it's just too many to do in one work day.

Also, after lunch, there was a short meeting with the Managing Partner and my co-worker. The meeting was full of shit! The topic was the map which pinpoints real estate market conditions printed on the local newspaper monthly was wrong. A few city boundaries were clearly incorrect. My co-worker who is in change of the assignment should have recognized the error because he updates real estate availables daily. Grrrr!!!

And I received an email from the same co-worker telling me I need to enter completed deals in the database ASAP for starting rent statistics; in addition, management and senior brokers were CCed. No fuckin shit :-\ I know the completed deals are important and I'm really busy. If the completed deals are important to you, enter them yourself. You're a ten year plus researcher. You're not a dummy. Enter the deals. Or are you a dummy??!!??

Every worker is going to have a bad day. 99% of the bad days something happened beyond your control. It doesn't matter which industry, which position, and which company good or bad. There are going to be good days and there are going to be bad days. When it's a bad day and it's out of your control such as the last two paragraphs above describing my bad day, admit it's a bad day, and go with the flow. Don't fight a bad day and don't turn the bad day to a good day. It's not worth the stress and the strength. Use the strength to admit it's a bad day and complete as much as you can on a bad day. Salvage the bad day and be productive as best as you can.

During the late afternoon when I admitted to myself today is a bad day, I felt relaxed, and I completed as much as I could. Fortunately, the assignments and duties I completed were little stuff. No biggies. I have two big requests to be completed on Monday. And I didn't touch the completed deals pile *Ha, ha, ha* Laughs are good when stressed *Hee, hee, hee* I laughed again! XD

For a bad situation or bad day, always find something good. And usually there is something good. There were a few good events for the week. First, I sold a book on Second, I learned that a Priority Mail Flat Rate Box is $7.70 and not $3.85 which is the price of a Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope. Third, I watched the Orange Bowl and the Rose Bowl games. Fourth, I gave away my rollerblades for free using And fifth, I'm almost done reading Moneyball by Michael Lewis.


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Triple Shot Blog Entry

Good late, late evening. It's after midnight on Saturday. Hope everyone is doing well? I have a Triple Shot Blog Entry. The first is The Rose Bowl. The second is Going With The Flow On A Bad Work Day. The third is Breaking Rule Number 1. The second and third Blogs are separated.

Before I start, there are probably very few people who visit my Blog frequently. I know at least two personally. I like to thank the very few people and the people I know who visit. I hope everyone takes something with them from my Blogs ;-))

First Blog Entry: The Rose Bowl. On Wednesday, I controlled myself from watching all or most of the Rose Bowl. I watched the 4th Quarter at the 12 minute mark. Very entertaining game and lots of excitement. Both teams played great. I was not disappointed. Congratulations to the Texas Longhorns for defeating the University of Southern California Trojans. The game is a definite classic for ESPN Classics. Vince Young was great, and please play in Texas for one more year to develop your skills further. There is always something new to learn XD

After the game, I read more Moneyball by Michael Lewis. I could not put the book down. I read almost the last third of the book. The last third of the book baked the cake and put icing on the cake. The Epilogue and Afterword are the two chapters remaining. I expect something great reading the last two chapters. Hopefully, thereafter, I want to say Moneyball is going to be an all-time favorite. Anyone who wants an idea what the book is about, it's about ignorance.


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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Yesterday, I watched the Penn State and Florida Orange Bowl game starting in the 3rd Quarter when Penn State was up by one point. I thought to myself, “O.K. It’s 8:15 P.M. I could watch some of the game and I read later.” I’m a casual college football fan, and watching 45 minutes should not screw up my night time activities. I was thinking 3rd ranked Penn State should kick 22nd ranked Florida’s butt soon such that the game becomes a blowout and I could turn off the TV. (Honestly, of course, anything can happen in a close game.)

I was wrong about the blowout ^^^ The game turned into a classic which I hope ESPN Classics rebroadcast at a later date so I feel the time I watched the game was worth it. Missed field goals, missed extra points, a safety, two head coaches who are best friends and ranked one and two in all time college wins, drama all the way to the end and throughout the overtime . . . triple overtime!!!

I like to let everyone know I watched the game—at least most of it *Hee, hee* Congratulations to the Penn State Nittany Lions for the win over the Florida State Seminoles 26-23 in 3OT. Both teams played so hard.

Now I have to make the choice whether I watch the USC and Texas game at the Rose Bowl later today. Choices, choices, choices. At a minimum, though, I watch the 4th Quarter :)


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Monday, January 02, 2006

Nothing Lasts Forever Which Includes Curses and Bad Luck

The Boston Red Sox won the 2004 World Series and the Chicago White Sox won the 2005 World Series. Chicago Cubs, you are next!! *Bah, hah, hah, hah, hah*

The Red Sox and White Sox are two examples of teams that earned their championships. Pitching, hitting, defense, and critical manager choices are the reasons baseball teams win World Series. The Red Sox's win in 2004 was clear cut the team dominated the St. Louis Cardinals in their four game sweep. The White Sox's win in 2005 was won by, in additional to pitching and the key hits, taking advantage of mistakes and botched calls in their favor.

Nothing lasts forever good and bad. The Red Sox and White Sox wiped out a total of 174 years of curses and bad luck. Teams that play as a team are champions, and they win championships. If I am an all-star baseball player, I rather have world championships in my baseball career resume instead of any individuals awards. I want people to remember me as a World Series champion, not a home run hitter.

The harder you work at something, the luckier you get XD

Side Note: Read the book Moneyball by Michael Lewis for a different perspective on winning baseball games =)


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