Friday, August 28, 2009

The First Day Of College

The last blog "I Saw A Pinto And The First Day Of School" inspired me for this blog entry. I mentioned times have changed in school including students responsible for school supplies and seeing parents supporting their kids through action by being with them shopping for school supplies.

Thur Aug 27 Dear Abby column talked about college students living in dorms or living at home. I attended San Jose State University (SJSU). SJSU was and is considered a commuter school. Most students arrive SJSU, attend classes, and leave SJSU. I lived 20 minutes away driving on streets and traffic-less freeway. I was spoiled in terms of low cost college tuition.

One response mentioned commuter students can experience loneliness and depression because they're detached from campus life. I was one of them. I was one of the best examples of commuter students. I drove to SJSU, attended classes, and took off home. I didn't make new friends on campus. I don't even have any SJSU friends I keep in touch today. I participated in the Student California Teachers' Association. There was even an anime club during my final semesters. Why didn't I join? I just didn't.

After the teachers association, I worked part time as a tutor and at Blockbuster Video during my second half at SJSU. I did something outside my classes throughout SJSU. However, I could have used my free time more wisely such as doing something, anything that really interested me on campus to meet new people. Unfortunately, being a slow learner hindered most of my free time. I could have been more focused if I exercised properly and ate breakfast.

Anyway, going to college to earn your degree is important. I believe meeting new people, seeking new interests, finding who you are, and experiencing new experiences are more important than the piece of paper. I'm attending De Anza college in Fall'09, a junior college and a commuter college. There's not much campus life in the small campus; however, I correct the mistake of failing to meet new people. Good luck to all the students from kindergarten to college for a successful 2009-2010 school year!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Saw A Pinto And The First Day Of School

First, the first day of school. On Mon Aug 24, I went shopping. Two stores I visited were Office Depot and Office Max to buy school supplies. Both office supply stores were busy with back to school customers. The children held the syllabuses telling their parents what they needed for their classes. The cashier lines were long. Seeing parents coming home from work (or their unemployed) and shopping with their children for school supplies was great action showing the parents support their children. I also saw the children seeing their classmates and being friendly. That's great!

My elementary school days my parents didn't shop for school supplies including clothes and shoes for the new school year during most of my K-12 years. I remember I went school shopping for clothes for my 8th grade. I never went shopping in my earlier school years. I must have worn old, out of styled clothes, lol. My first backpack was in sixth grade. Man, what were my parents doing?!?

Schools provided pencils, pens, paper—all school supplies and stationary and everything during the old times. The schools paid for everything the teacher needed. I think I was in sixth grade when my parents and I shopped for school supplies including the backpack. I remember my first binder I was in 4th grade that was the Trapper Keeper ^^ The times have changed. Schools provide no school supplies to their students. Teachers must provide their own supplies and teaching materials. I talked to a teacher a while back. She received an allowance from her school district. She still had to pay for supplies out of pocket because the allowance was small.

School supplies are getting expensive. Want-to-be-parents, remember to include school supplies when factoring the cost of raising children (or as Dr. Phil say, "raising adults"). Remember to shop around. Fry's Electronics were selling one subject spiral notebooks and 8 pack of pens for $.15 $-) In today's economy, no need to get fancy, spiral-less notebooks.

OK, here's the Pinto. I took the pic while I shopped. Ford build the compact car in the 1970s. More information: Wiki Ford Pinto

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Accutane Day 196

I went to my routine appointment Tue morning. I had been taking Accutane every other day. Since Sat Aug 15, I stopped temporarily because my eczema acted up again.

The dermatologist said I must take Accutane once a day. My feeling is I need to speed up the treatment. If eczema is on my face, then I take Accutane every other day. I apply Cordran for the eczema on my face and Cutivate for the eczema on my neck once a day. My dermatitis on my hands is under control, yet I apply the ointment once a day to avoid outbreaks. I apply Vanicream on my face and hands throughout the day.

No Accutane for the week because my face needs to heal from the eczema. I take Accutane every other day starting next week. If everything is good, then I take Accutane once a day.

My next appointment is six weeks from Tue because I have a 40 day supply. The 40 day supply is the pills I didn't take when I had eczema and when I was on vacation. The six week appointment is within the Accutane routine appointments guidelines.

I'm growing up Finding Raymond Mar

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beethoven Practiced Eight Hours A Day

I attended the San Jose Jazz Festival on Sat Aug 8. The 20th annual festival took place in Downtown San Jose Fri Aug 7 to Sun Aug 9. It was my first time attending a jazz festival.

The headliner was rock 'n roll hall of famer Allen Toussaint. I watched him played the piano. He was amazing! His piano playing reminded me of playing piano when I was a child. My Mom made my brother, my sister, and I play the piano. I started playing when I was 11 years old. I continued playing throughout high school and most of college. I quit when I was 22 years old.

Many people think I should be good at piano. I played for 11 years. Unfortunately, I'm not good. Why? One reason was my parents. Those who read my blogs (the very few who do, thanks!) know my parents were not the best parents. They start something and never finish. They rarely encouraged us to do our best, little nurturing, and taught us little about life. Their parenting was incomplete. I forgive them because I'm growing up and I'm catching up in life. Relating to my bad piano, my parents didn't encourage me to play the piano and play my best. There was no motivation, no reason why I must play the piano. Actually, my Dad did nothing. It was my Mom who always said, "Go practice your piano." And I did.

The second reason was me. I never liked playing the piano. I played the piano with minimal effort. I just played because I was told to. I didn't have fun playing. I hated practicing my piano and going to class once a week. It was terrible. I rather played video games. Could my parents convince me, teach me life by practicing the piano? Could my parents promote the fun playing the piano? Whatever the answers were doesn't matter today.

Allen Toussaint was amazing because he practiced, he was motivated, he had the desire to be a great singer, composer, producer, and writer. Beethoven was great because he practiced eight hours a day. It's a no brainier. To be great, you must work hard and practice. I didn't practice my piano hard. I could have learned a valuable lesson playing the piano. I failed to learn when I was younger. Today, I realize the lesson playing piano. Hard work, practice, dedication, learning from your mistakes, and practice are keys to success, keys to be great. And when you're good, then get better and better. Never stop innovating. Innovate infinitely.

I'm growing up Finding Raymond Mar

Monday, August 10, 2009

An Example I'm Growing Up

Blogger's Note: The blog applies to both Innovating Common Knowledge and Finding Raymond Mar blogs.

Mon August 3 was my birthday. I celebrated my birthday with my family and my friends. My family and I celebrated at my brother's house. We ate pizza, corn on the cob, and an ice cream cake. The pizza was something different. We always ate at a restaurant. And my friends and I went out for Thai food and we hung out afterwards eating Beard Papa's eclairs.

I forgot the last time I celebrated my birthday with anyone. My past birthdays were sad I didn't celebrate it. Some people believe birthdays are just another day. I believed that during my college years and thereafter. I realized I was wrong after I began to grow up. Birthdays are like a personal holiday. Birthdays are the day you choose what and how to have fun. You choose the people to share your personal holiday.

Birthdays are not just another day. I was a child my family came to celebrate another Raymond Mar's fun year of living. I received gifts and toys, ate a big dinner, and ate birthday cake. Birthdays are happy days, especially getting the GI JOE and Transformers I wanted.

I'm growing up now. I corrected the mistake birthdays are just another day. Birthdays are special days I celebrate. People who wish you a happy birthday think about you and remember who you are. Gifts are optional since my house has lots of stuff, lol ;) My birthday I do something different. I take a break from my everyday life and do something special. I forget my worries and my problems. I'm unemployed so my specials were minimal. And I take a moment to reflect what I did from my birthday and my last birthday. What did I do wrong and how do I correct? What did I do correct and how do I improve or innovate? What adventures I did and what new adventures do I want?

The idea, the concept of birthdays as a kid is the same as an adult. The day is your special day. People celebrate your birthday with you. They have fun with you. They laugh with you. They remind you that life is really not that bad.

I'm growing up Finding Raymond Mar

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Accutane Day 179

First, a follow up from the Day 158 update. The dermatitis breakout on my hands on Tue June 30 was severe my dermatologist prescribed me an ointment and, for precautionary reason, an antibiotic. The dermatitis is under control and my hands look much better. Cultivate was not powerful enough.

Sun Aug 2 night I experienced my worst eczema. Liquid bubbles came out and the eczema burned when I applied Vanicream on my face. No liquid bubble and no pain from the eczema on my neck. I have no information and no experience what to do with the liquid bubbles and the burn feeling. I call my dermatologist Mon morning for an emergency appointment. I took pictures of my face for reference.

My Mon appointment was at 1:30pm. I explained what happened Sun night and showed pictures from my digital camera. The dermatologist said nothing major to worry. Eczema is a common side effect; however, the eczema was too severe and action must be taken. First, the dermatologist did a test to see if my eczema was infected. He scraped skin off my face to conduct the test. No infection. The dermatologist instructed me to stop taking Accutane for seven days for my face to heal. My face looked better today compared to Sun night. The dermatologist gave me samples of Cordran. I apply Cordran on my face once a day. Cultivate is too strong on my face. I use Cultivate on my neck. I apply Vanicream moisturizer on my face daily.

Second, the dermatologist prescribed me an antibiotic just in case. I got the prescription after my appointment. I must apply sunscreen when I'm doing activities outdoors. He suggested Coppertone Babies Pure & Simple SPF 50. Tonight, I purchase Vanicream moisturizer lotion online. The drug stores don't sell Vanicream.

I included a side pic of the liquid bubbles. Two acne appeared on my back around Thur July 30 and Fri July 31.

I'm growing up Finding Raymond Mar