Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Saw A Pinto And The First Day Of School

First, the first day of school. On Mon Aug 24, I went shopping. Two stores I visited were Office Depot and Office Max to buy school supplies. Both office supply stores were busy with back to school customers. The children held the syllabuses telling their parents what they needed for their classes. The cashier lines were long. Seeing parents coming home from work (or their unemployed) and shopping with their children for school supplies was great action showing the parents support their children. I also saw the children seeing their classmates and being friendly. That's great!

My elementary school days my parents didn't shop for school supplies including clothes and shoes for the new school year during most of my K-12 years. I remember I went school shopping for clothes for my 8th grade. I never went shopping in my earlier school years. I must have worn old, out of styled clothes, lol. My first backpack was in sixth grade. Man, what were my parents doing?!?

Schools provided pencils, pens, paper—all school supplies and stationary and everything during the old times. The schools paid for everything the teacher needed. I think I was in sixth grade when my parents and I shopped for school supplies including the backpack. I remember my first binder I was in 4th grade that was the Trapper Keeper ^^ The times have changed. Schools provide no school supplies to their students. Teachers must provide their own supplies and teaching materials. I talked to a teacher a while back. She received an allowance from her school district. She still had to pay for supplies out of pocket because the allowance was small.

School supplies are getting expensive. Want-to-be-parents, remember to include school supplies when factoring the cost of raising children (or as Dr. Phil say, "raising adults"). Remember to shop around. Fry's Electronics were selling one subject spiral notebooks and 8 pack of pens for $.15 $-) In today's economy, no need to get fancy, spiral-less notebooks.

OK, here's the Pinto. I took the pic while I shopped. Ford build the compact car in the 1970s. More information: Wiki Ford Pinto

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