Thursday, January 26, 2023

The Devil Is Persistent Collecting The Bills

People make deals with the devil. The devil logs all deals in the ledger. Nothing is missed. Expect the devil to collect when the bill is due. Some bills may be past due. The devil allows leeway sometimes.

How can people pay the devil back? Most people can. Few people can't. Some people took the deals for granted. Some people took too much for what the deal is worth. If you want X, Y, and Z, then people should pay back X, Y, and Z equally. People don't blame themselves something bad happens sometimes. There may be circumstances the payment is unavailable. Bad timing? Bad luck? Maybe bad timing and bad luck are either the warnings or the penalties.

Regardless, follow the deal. Complete the contract no more. Complete the contract no less. Don't do more than stated.

Update On A Past Blog

I reminder myself and my readers Most Things Don't Work. I wrote the blog on Feb 26, 2020. Be honest. There is failure. Each person counting their own failures throughout life is infinite. How many failures become successes? The answer is a few. How many failures become absolute fails? The answer is many.

Saturday, January 21, 2023

A Robot Does The Job Or Artificial Intelligence Does The Job

I learn in my economic classes at San Jose State University new industries, new products, and new inventions benefits humankind. New incomes. Standard of living improves. New opportunities. New jobs. Prosperity grows globally. The airplane, the personal computer, and the internet are examples.

Boston Dynamics released an updated advanced humanoid robot named Atlas on Thur Jan 19, 2023. Atlas can move with legs and pick items with claws as hands. Atlas can jump, run, grab, throw, and flip. Watch the YouTube video Atlas Gets a Grip | Boston Dynamics.

Never stop innovating. Innovate infinitely. Yet, there must be a limit. There must be an ending. Robots reduce incomes. Standard of living worsens when incomes decline. Fewer opportunities. Fewer jobs. The fight for prosperity intensifies globally. People must be concern with robots replacing human labor. I joke robots take over the world. I should say specifically robots take over many jobs around the world; moreover, no need to worry about negative birth rates. People must be concern with artificial intelligence (AI) replacing human decisions. Many business executives consider using AI with 98% accuracy as cheaper labor.

Visit the company ChatGPT AI's named OpenAI at OpenAI Login. Create a user account to use OpenAI. I haven't tried OpenAI as of the blog entry.

Friday, January 20, 2023

Written Blogs By The Numbers

Here are some blogs I wrote by the numbers. The blogs are presented in descending order latest to earliest.

*My Six Guarantees (Dec 11, 2021). Everyone is weird, everyone changes, everyone has problems, and there are 24 hours in a day. Benjamin Franklin said " . . . nothing is certain except death and taxes" rounds up my six guarantees.

*High School R.O.T.C. Leadership Lesson Another Viewpoint By Rank (Oct 24, 2020). I blogged the four leadership attributes communication, ability to deal with others, professional knowledge, and physical fitness. I blogged the nine leadership skills motivation, integrity, self-discipline, self-confidence, courage, responsibility, enthusiasm, emotional stability, and knowledge.

*My Four Mount Rushmore Greatest Moments In My Life (Aug 9, 2020). The four moments are cosplaying, growing up, job training, and the movie The Shawshank Redemption.

*Be Strong, Be Useful, Strong Self-Esteem All Relationships (Jul 27, 2020) and My Two Question Marriage Is He Or She My Spouse Till Death Do Us Part (Dec 1, 2019). These two blogs explain what I look for in a spouse. They're be strong, be useful, have strong self-esteem, ask the question "Do you trust your spouse to take of you if you're the weaker person?", and ask the second question "Is the couple motivated to work hard on their marriage?"

A side blog is He's More Than Charming Or She's More Than A Sweetheart written on Sep 25, 2019. I have high expectations. I have deal breakers.

*Review My Daily Life Rules (Mar, 3, 2018). My ten minus one equals nine current daily rules of life updated as of today:

1. Don't criticize, condemn, and complain, and don't compare with others.
2. Don't act like a jerk or bitch.
3. Always speak calmly and be calm.
4. Don't daydream when driving.
5. Keep your head up high . . . look at their cute face when talking.
6. Breath with your nose and stand up straight. Shoulders back.
7. Have faith. Believe in yourself.
8. Let me think. Be discrete.
9. Welcome a roller coaster life.
10. Back in time and front and present.

*Two Personal Vows (Apr 12, 2017). I vow to control my money. I borrow the late Steve Jobs on money, "I saw it through people at Apple how money changed them, and a lot of people thought they had to start being rich, so they bought big homes, and their wives got plastic surgery, and I saw these nice simple people turn into these bizarro people. And I made a promise to myself that I'm not going to let this money ruin my life."

I vow to control my stress. It's ironic work is required to minimize stress. I follow the basics which are eat healthy foods, physical workouts, and sleep for eight hours.

*My All De Anza Review Blog (Dec 9, 2012). The four lessons I learned going back to school are everyone is human, go with the flow, timing is everything, and use it or lose it.

*300 (Dec 7, 2008). My top 30 blogs. 300 Revisited written on Feb 4, 2009 summarizes the wisdom from my first 300 blogs for the second time.

1. Never take anything and anyone for granted.
2. Trust my gut feeling.
3. I updated my daily top five rules for living. [Update 02/04/09: See 02/03/09 Blog for new and updated top five rules.]
4. Continue to live life finding what you want to do.
5. Never judge a person by their appearance.
6. Remember to learn from you failures as well as your successes.
7. It takes patience to learn who a person is for long-term family, friend, business, and romantic relationships.
8. Do something else to take your mind off something you hate.
9. Meet new people and make new friends continuously.
10. It's OK to be alone.
11.You must earn what you want in life.
12. You are responsible for yourself.
13. Schools have summer vacations; life doesn't have summer vacations.
14. Age is just a number.
15. Have courage to say goodbye to anything precious.
16. First years, first impressions, first go-around, and first successes are equally important as second years, second impressions, second go-around, and second successes.
17. Everyone has the right to find happiness.
18. Be patient. Never rush.
19. Take life one day at a time. Have fun, learn, and enjoy.
20. If you talk the talk, you must stand by your talk.
21. Do something to receive something.
22. Money is a way to help people, create action, and show appreciation.
23. Fight the pain, the suffering, and the struggles to keep living.
24. Use your mind to see.
25. Time is the ultimate judge.
26. Live the present. Live the moment.
27. Wait 24 hours for goods or services less than $100 and 48 hours for greater than $100 to avoid the urge to splurge.
28. Do the little things and they add up in time.
29. Life is a marathon, not a sprint.
30. When you in a jam, go back to the basics. Go remind yourself the basics which is what I'm doing :D :D :D

*The Best 100 Blogs (May 14, 2006). My 101st blog is the best blogs from my first 100. Some of the best blogs are Washington Canada Trip Part 1 of 7, 24/48 Rule, A U Is Worst Than An F, What Is The Best Day To Take One Day Off From Work?, and Using $$$$$ To Help People, Create Action, Show Appreciation.

Update On A Past Blog

I connect two blogs about brushing my teeth. I wrote I Brush My Teeth To Save Ten Thousand Dollars on Aug 23, 2022. I remembered I wrote another reason to brush my teeth. The other reason is sex The Number One Reason I Brush My Teeth written on Jan 22, 2013. Sex and money are the motivators to brush, floss, and, if necessary, rinse with mouthwash and/or use the Waterpik.

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Are We Doing Too Much?

Time is unchanged since time was discovered. There are 60 minutes in one hour. There are 24 hours in one day. There are seven days a week. What is changed? We do more per day. There is more to do. There is too much to do.

Add everything up. We see the results. We experience the results. We witness other people's results. Stress. Overwhelm. Frustration. Mental health is affected such as memory problems and confusion. Physical health is affected such as fatigue and increased sickness. Emotional health is affected such as impatience, more haste, and rudeness. Spiritual health is affected such as less sleep. Financial health is affected spending more money to solve more problems which could have been prevented.

Welcome to today's Information Age life. We are expected to do more with less. We must complete responsibility one. We must complete responsibility two. We must complete responsibility three. We must complete responsibility n. There is a fear of missing out. There is a fear of falling back. There is a fear of being behind. There is a fear of missed opportunities.

There is no right or wrong. Be prepared to accept the sacrifices doing too much. Be prepared to reject the alternatives doing too much. More people are doing too much the bad way. Few people are doing too much the good way.

A Reminder

We forget maintenance. We forget personal checkups. We forget self-care. We forget priorities for which some responsibilities assigned a priority is not a priority. We forget ourselves.

Here is a reminder for those who forgot. Sleep. Eat healthy--avoid the processed foods. Read a book. Breath. Clean the residence. Listen to music. There is no need to accomplish these every day except meals, breath, and sleep. These reminders are old school which still works.

Update On A Past Blog

Everyone did everything correctly. Dot the i's. Cross the t's. Triple checked. Support staff proofread. Passed the trials. Unsuccessful at the end. The 2021 Los Angeles Dodgers did everything correctly. The 2021 San Francisco Giants did everything correctly. The start of the second half of the 2021 Major League Baseball season the Dodgers were one game behind the Giants for first place in the National League West Division. The second place Dodgers went 48-21 (.696). The first place San Francisco Giants went 49-22 (.690). The Dodgers gained zero games against the Giants. The Giants prevented the Dodgers from being tied or becoming the second place team winning one more game than the Dodgers. The Dodgers were 100% successful. The Giants were 100% successful. I could switch the order mentioning the Giants first and the Dodgers second. The switch or the reverse is logically correct. I elaborate the teams on Oct 16, 2021 in the blog The 2021 San Francisco Giants 107 Wins Plus 2 Equals 109 Wins. I also mention a counterintuitive decision Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts started a weaker pitcher instead of a stronger pitcher for Game 5 in the National League Division Series because if the Dodgers gave up runs to the Giants, then it's better to give up runs earlier in the game instead of later in the game. There are more innings for the Dodgers to catch up.

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Kick The Can Down The Road

There are problems in government. Local government. State government. Federal government. Problems are nothing new. There were problems yesterday. There are problems today. There are problems tomorrow. There are economic problems. There is too much cash in the world economy. Feel free to criticize. All concerns of a global recession or a global inflation are valid. Is the economy in a recession or is the economy in an inflation presently speaking? The question is debatable.

The feelings many of today's leaders are the following: not my problem, move along, not now, do it another day, and live the present. They're concern for themselves now. They're concern for themselves today. Earn the easy wins. Ignore the hard problems. Hope the hard problems solve themselves. Sometimes ignoring works. Sometimes ignoring doesn't work. The late Steve Jobs ignored his health problems. The costs were his life.

Be careful criticizing and complaining other people kicking the can down the road. You may be kicking your cans down multiple roads. Are you ignoring your problems? I ignored my problems decades ago. I'm paying the price today. Don't overstress. Solve personal problems one at a time.

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Power Outage For 14 Hours

A power outage started on Tue Jan 10, 2023 at 2:30am in the West San Jose area. Power was restored in my neighborhood at 4:30pm totaling 14 hours. The bomb cyclone-driven rains driven by multiple atmospheric rivers arrived in CA since Fri Dec 30, 2022.

I didn't get mad there was no electricity for most of the day. I was glad. I was upbeat. No electricity. No internet. No computer. No TV. I could have used my cell phone to access the internet. I used the cell phone to access PG&E's power outage map only. Otherwise, my cell phone was for emergency use only. The household listened to the emergency radio for the first time in a weather related emergency and the second time overall. Both uses were power outage related. The radio was off most of the day. The news was the same throughout the day including power outage locations, traffic accidents, weather updates, property damages, and injuries.

I read Orange Is The New Black by Piper Kerman book. I practiced rope knots as a life skill. I ate a granola bar, a nut bar, cereal, and a Belvita. The household kept the refrigerator closed throughout the day. I remained calm. I minimized expending my calories. My parents spent the day not involving computers and TVs.

I went back to my normal daily routine after 4:30pm. The refrigerator kept all foods cold. I reset clocks plugged in to the electricity outlets. I job searched. I ate an early dinner. I trained in Python which was today's job skill. I wrote today's blog. The weather forecast is more atmospheric rivers continuing to next week.

14 hours is the longest power outage I experienced. The last time a multiple hour power outage related to heavy rains and strong winds I was in second grade in my grandparent's house.

Sunday, January 08, 2023

Life Wisdom From A Laptop Key Replacement Mistake

I made a mistake. I purchased the wrong Page Up key which is the pg up key for my HP Spectre x360 15 laptop. Replacing a broken laptop key is like replacing an air filter, a battery, an oil filter, spark plugs, windshield wipers, and breaks for an automobile. Different automobiles. Different parts. Different laptops. Different parts. In particular, different parts for different Camrys even though Camrys are made by Toyota.

I found out there are different models for the HP Spectre x360 15s. Different parts for different models. Different replacement keys. I thought the HP Spectre x360 brand the keys are the same. Incorrect. Not all keys are the same type. The mistake cost me $9.83. I remember the lesson learned at a cheap price. I remember one of the first questions asked for parts is, "Are there different parts for different models?"

There are online vendors selling laptop replacement keys. There are three websites: Replacement Laptop Keys, QuickFix Laptop Keys, and Laptop Key.