Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Allergies And Coughs November 2018

I got sick a third time in 2018. Frustrating again. The first time I got sick was Jan 2018 Allergies And Coughs January 2018. The second time I got sick was Apr 2018 Allergies And Coughs April 2018. I blog how I treated myself and the likely causes because I want to reference my treatment the next time I get sick. I didn't panic. Obvious symptoms. Minimal pain. Quick recovery. Today's blog is minimally edited.

Sat Nov 24, 2018. Sore throat began late night. I confirmed after drinking water the pain was sore throat pain instead of dry throat pain. I began thinking about the causes for my upcoming sickness. I felt warm to cold in a warm room. I felt eating.

Sun Nov 25. My body wanted a double breakfast. I took an afternoon nap. It was too early to tell how to treat my upcoming sickness. I hoped my sickness was a sore throat only. My ears popped open at night when I opened my mouth.

Mon Nov 26. Sore throat improved. Runny nose at night. White color mucus. No nap.

Tue Nov 27. I woke up with a stuffy nose. Phlegm ran down my throat. If I coughed, then bad news because there was sickness. No yogurt. No medications. No drugs. I drank Coke. Ate wisely. Took naps. White color phlegm. I coughed once at Staples. I coughed once before lunch. I took a 2.5 hour afternoon nap. Sore throat disappeared at night. I slept with a Breathe Right strip.

Wed Nov 28. One long coughed. If I long coughed a few times, then I took Mucinex DM. I wore my Breathe Right strip all day. Recovery was faster as long as I sleep well. My past sicknesses recovery was slow when I coughed while I fall asleep. White phlegm color. I took a one hour nap. I coughed. Phlegm down my throat. Yellow phlegm color. I took Mucinex DM at 10pm. Weather temperatures normal for Nov and autumn season.

Thur Nov 29. No problems sleeping last night. I continue drinking Coke for lunch and dinner. I took a Mucinex DM at 10:15am. Ears popped when I opened my mouth. I had diarrhea after breakfast. I watched my liquid intake. My causes for diarrhea were either too much liquid in my body or Mucinex DM. Coughs were dry and few throughout the day. I worked out at the gym lifting weights on machines minimal workout. No coughing at the gym. I took a Mucinex DM at 11:30pm drinking a few sips of water instead of a full glass. No diarrhea. I wore a Breathe Right strip when I slept.

Fri Nov 30. I slept 10+ hours last night. The heater was accidentally on throughout the night woke me up at 6:45am. My throat felt dry fearing another sore throat. I drank three sips of water. I went back to bed after turning off the heater. I woke up at 11am. No coughing. I took a Mucinex DM at 11:30am. White phlegm color. I worked out at the gym free weights minimal workout. I took a Mucinex DM at midnight.

Sat Dec 1. Good sleep last night. I took a Mucinex DM at 12:10pm. I had diarrhea three times. My body must be rejecting Mucinex DM. I stopped taking Mucinex DM.

Sun Dec 2. One diarrhea in the morning. Last day I drank Coke.

Tue Dec 4. Cardio workout 20 minutes on the cycle and 20 minutes on the treadmill.

Wed Dec 5. Cardio workout 20 minutes on the cycle and 20 minutes on the treadmill.

How Did I Get Sick

My brother's family. All of them had the flu the week before they visited for Thanksgiving holiday. They showed no symptoms when they visited. Probability: 20%.

In the air. It's flu season. It's Black Friday where people shopped at stores. Probability: 40%.

Poor lunch. I ate a poor lunch when we came home for Black Friday to rest. There was more shopping in the afternoon. Probability: 33%.

Mom's leftover bad chicken. I was the only person eating my mom's leftover bad chicken to make homemade fried rice in the microwave. Probability: 25%.

Frozen shrimp. The family ate frozen shrimp the day after Thanksgiving. I ate cold frozen shrimp. I initially thought it got cold after being on the serving plate. Maybe my shrimp was not fully cooked. Food allergy was my sickness. Probability: 70%.

Poor body hygiene. I didn't wash my hair in four days. Probability: 10%.


Sunday, December 09, 2018

First Time I Saw A Restaurant Close On Tuesdays

Blogger's note: I initially wrote the blog for my personal blog Finding Raymond Mar. An event which happened on Tue Dec 4 changed my mind. I choose to post today's blog at Innovating Common Knowledge titled First Time I Saw A Restaurant Close On Tuesdays and at Finding Raymond Mar titled Is This My Life? Today's blog is minimally edited for grammar.

2018 is over. I wanted to try a restaurant in another city for the first time. I was in the area on Tue Dec 4. The restaurant is closed on Tuesdays. Are you serious? The event summed my recent life. Bad luck. Bad timing. Misfortunes. Missed chances. Missed opportunities. Slipped through the cracks. Just one away. Every good moment there is an asterisk or fine print ruining the good moment; in other words, there is a "but" ruining the good. The world didn't come to an end when I get a sore throat, lose my computer data, minor back pain, miss a sale, or don't get the job. My life can't get worse spiritually speaking. I have shelter, I'm in good health, I have a desktop with internet access, and I live with minimal expenses. On the other hand, my life can get worse such as a car accident, cancer, a devastating earthquake, or being lost in the woods. I'm done with 2018. I'm frustrated what I can't control. Bad results happen. I'm frustrated what I can control I receive small rewards. I'm done controlling everything I can control. Life is unfair. I'm the unfortunate more bad moments than good moments.

2018 is the same as 2016 and 2017. All three are dull years. Ironically, 2018 is the fastest year. 2016 and 2017 were fast years, too. 2014 and 2015 were slower years for which they were better than 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Life itself takes over in 2019. I respond what life gives me. I go with the flow. I'm going back to the past when life controlled me. I follow life, destiny, fate, karma, and Act of God. I maintain being a good person--the same life I have been living hoping for the best. I continue self-responsibility. I experienced more good calendar years than bad calendar years when life controlled me. I have done everything I can do in my control. I have done everything life given me. I react. I try to be proactive if the situation calls. It's a judgment call.

It's not bullshit. It's the truth. It's reality. I receive feedback I'm not doing enough. I'm open to opinions. I receive any communication I'm not doing enough, I'm not focus, I'm not working hard enough, and/or I'm making bad choices. I'm past the clique advice. I'm past the common knowledge. I continue to be open. Tell me something new. I welcome new ideas. I ignore communications making the other person feel better taking advantage of my current depressed life.

2018 is the same as 2016 and 2017. I'm 99.99% confident there are other people living my similar life situation.

Living Solo Is Temporary

I take my chances living alone compared to being with people to avoid loneliness. Most of the people I said goodbye in past years dragged me down. There was no joy. There was no happiness. I felt routine being with these people. I was the lowest common denominator. One goal after I earned freedom is create new circle of friends to share life. We help each other live better lives. We help each other keep our life fresh.


Saturday, December 08, 2018

There Are Losers For Every Winner

You don't need to be a sports fan to know there is one Super Bowl winner in football, one World Series winner in baseball, one NBA Finals winner in basketball, and one Stanley Cup finals winner in hockey. The rest of the teams lost; moreover, there are teams finishing a season with a losing record. Every team doesn't win their championship. Every team doesn't win 100% of their games. There are exceptions such as the 1972 Miami Dolphins going 17-0 including their Super Bowl championship.

The sports analogy applies to life in general. There are winners. There are losers. We are told in our young years we can do anything we want. Success comes with hard work. We are not told in our young years success is not guaranteed. Most parents don't teach their children "life is not fair" seriously. There are people doing their best without successful outcomes. There are no rewards. There are people unblessed. There are people with misfortunes. There are people who made a mistake they never recovered. Sometimes an Act Of God is responsible for the loss outcomes. Sometimes an Act Of God is responsible for a handicap.

Good people think optimistically. Be positive. Good things happen to those who wait. Successful people work hard focusing on their goals. Never give up. These phases are common when we earn our desires. However, we should prepare for losses. The plaintiff and the defendant both don't win in a court. One person wins in a boxing match. One person wins in a poker tournament. One person wins an Oscar in a category. One student wins in a spelling bee. Losing stinks. There are people who lose more than win. Losing too many times feels like there's no reason to live life. There are people who live many unfortunate moments they die in unfortunate causes. It's life.

How Many Rejections Does A Person Take?

In particular, how many job rejections does an unemployed person take? The job market continues to be tough despite good economic news and low unemployment rate. There are many job applicants for a job opening. Some unemployed quit job searching. They admit loss. They believe nobody gives them an opportunity. They can't compete in today's job market requiring complex skills and advanced knowledge. The job hiring system rewards job candidates with both recent experience and relevant knowledge. Most unemployed learning new skills are denied job offers because they don't have recent experience or there are gaps in their employment history. The unemployed who stop looking for a job are excluded from the unemployment rate.

The world is zero-sum. People who win more than lose there are people who lose more than win. How does God console the people who lose more than win?


Friday, November 30, 2018

Throwback Blog: 1996

Blogger’s Note: Throwback blogs are blogs from my past. I start posting past blogs reflecting what I wrote. It's like my "A Second Look" blogs for which I give myself feedback.

Today's throwback blog is titled 1996 in Dec 2013. It's good timing to remind myself life flows my way. The stars are aligned. The wind blows at my back. I have good luck. I have good timing. There are fortunate events. New experiences. New hobbies. All of the above happened in 1996 except for my Modern Geometry class. Life is not perfect. The next time I experience a 1996 like year I promise I take nothing for granted. I always have the never stop acquiring wisdom and knowledge attitude.

The year was 1996. It was a good year. I was a junior at San Jose State University. I changed majors from Mathematics to Economics in the Fall Semester 1995. On the one hand, the change of major started my rise to the best semesters and best life as a college student. On the other hand, I failed to realize I was learning life lessons outside the textbooks and outside the classrooms. I continued to act like a sixteen year old high school student. The lessons were there. The experiences were there. I failed to learn from them.

The good life was given to me on a silver platter. I took everything for granted. What could I have done? I was naive. I still had the wisdom of a high school student.

Let's take a look at my top moments with feedback. Today's blog is an example to learn from the past to prevent repeating the mistakes for the future.

I started the Spring Semester in a good and bad way. One of my required Economic classes was cancelled last minute. I added Mathematical Methods for Economics to replace the cancelled class on the first day of instruction. I just found the class that worked with my class schedule. The class involved calculus which I learned from my lower division math classes. I earned an easy A.

The three other classes I enrolled were Religion In America, Economic Statistics, and Modern Geometry. My moment in Religion In America was I crammed on the day of the final. The final was during the evening. I woke up early, drove to school, and crammed everything in the library. My final grade was a B+. I called that final "The Miracle Final". The professor who taught Economic Statistics was a good professor. I heard rumors he was a terrible professor. My grade proved otherwise which was an A-.

The best life lesson I failed to learn happened in my Modern Geometry class. The class was the first time I experienced a person after high school who disliked me. The person was the professor. He had a conflict against me. The professor didn't hate me. He wasn't out to get me. It was a relationship where there was no connection. It was minimal respect, at best, between a professor and a student. Nothing more. Nothing special. The lesson I should had learned was some people can't get along with others. There were people who don't like me for whatever reason.

For instance, all students gave a 15 minute presentation. My presentation was one of the best. I knew my material and I communicated well. My presentation grade was a C. There were some students who did worse than me. They earned higher grades. My final grade was a C+.

The semester was my final semester as a math tutor. All of the tutors moved furniture around the old Mathematics & Computer Science office which was the new location for math tutoring. The department office moved upstairs. The pay was a little bit above minimal wage. It was easy money because very few students asked for help.

My summer was very active. I started working at Blockbuster Video. It was my first retail job. I got the job because the store manager went to my high school. Working in retail was a great experience for better and for worse. I learned a lot about human relations I didn't learn in school from a customer and from a coworker points of view. I also learned there are many types of people observing all the customers. Some customers were friendly. Some customers were understanding. Some customers were rude. Some customers were irrational. And there were a few with short tempers. I always thought I never experience weird, crazy, and moronic people. I was wrong. I encountered many different types of people.

My Blockbuster Video store was pro-employee. If an employee had a problem, then management fixed it quickly. On the contrary, I heard stories from my friends today their management didn't care in their retail jobs. My friends were surprised when I tell them my positive retail stories. My retail experience was rare. Employees were treated terrible and management didn't care in most retail stores.

Furthermore, all Blockbuster Video stores were managed differently. One might think all the stores were the same such as New Releases at the back of the store and food in front of the cashier. Every store I substituted when shorthanded was managed differently; for example, closing procedures, cash drops, and priorities when helping customers.

I was introduced to new hobbies during the summer. I became a Japanese anime fan. I was hooked on Sailor Moon. I woke up hearing Sailor Moon on TV in the afternoon because I had a closing shift the night before. And I started rollerblading. I purchased a pair of rollerblades, wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads at Big 5. I wore my bike helmet.

Japanese anime and rollerblading were my new hobbies and interests throughout the 1990s. (Gym was the third hobby that happened in 1999.) Board games, reading fiction books, hiking, ballroom dancing, and much more new interests and hobbies started happening in the late 2000s. I failed to learn that living a good life involved seeking new adventures and experiencing new experiences. Japanese anime and rollerblading were two great examples.

I quit my Blockbuster Video summer job to focus on my Fall Semester. Best semester ever. My classes were Macroeconomic Analysis, Writing Workshop for Economists, Human Sexuality, and Environmental Economic & Policy. All four classes were taken continuously on Tues and Thurs. There were no breaks. I had a natural four day weekend. Thanksgiving holiday was the best since I had no school on Wed before Thanksgiving and the following Mon.

I called the professor who taught Macroeconomic Analysis "The Marine". He was a person with a strong upper body, buzz cut haircut, and a firm voice. Open book and open note exams graded on a curve. My Writing Workshop for Economists professor taught me how to write. All my English professors failed to teach me. Human Sexuality class was kickback easy. We finished early for some classes. I used the free time to play the shooting video game Area 51 with an art major in the Student Union arcade. It was a miracle I stayed awake during Environmental Economic & Policy class. I earned a B+ on Macroeconomic Analysis and an A- on the other three classes.

I should have introduced myself with the art major. We could have been friends. Another lesson I failed to learn. Always meet new people and make new friends.

I went back to Blockbuster Video after Halloween because I needed income. The store manager agreed to my requested part-time schedule since I was a full time student. Blockbuster was more fun during the Christmas holiday compared to the summer. One reason was I met new coworkers who were more sociable. We were on the same level working in retail providing customer service to every type of behavior from friendly to rude. We watched each other's back well. Another reason was great movies to rent from the summer blockbusters including Independence Day, Mission: Impossible, Twister, and The Rock.

Other events that happened include my first Animerica anime magazine purchase; I attended Slug-A-Thon, my first gaming convention; visited Japantown in San Jose for the first time; and purchased Ranma 1/2 VHS tapes on clearance at a closing comic book store. These events were more examples of experiencing new experiences which was a lesson I failed to learn.


Saturday, November 24, 2018

Common Knowledge Is Not Common

If there is a book on all of the knowledge in the world, the length and width are bigger than China and Russia and the height breaks the atmosphere. There are also volumes in the millions--perhaps, billions. Does everyone know how to perform medical surgery? Does everyone know how to change a car's tire? Does everyone know how to fly an airplane? Does everyone know ancient history in the BC years?

We react shockingly when someone doesn't know common knowledge such as Tom Hanks is an actor, LeBron James is a professional basketball player, oxygen is in water, CPU stands for computer processing unit in a computer, paper comes from trees, the north-east-south-west directions, and Thomas Jefferson was never a President naturally. Call it trivia. Call it knowledge. Call it professional skills. Nobody knows everything. Common knowledge may be common from one person's perspective. Common knowledge may not be common from another person's perspective. It's a judgment call. We should never be shocked when someone doesn't know Easter holiday celebrates the return of Jesus from the dead, Lima is the capital of Peru, and zero is an even number. We're really not stupid. There is too much knowledge.

Update On A Past Blog

I listen to podcasts. Car Talk is one of my four first podcasts. I started listening on Mon Feb 23, 2015 at my workplace Work Sat Mar 7, 2015. I'm retiring Car Talk. Car Talk has been airing reruns. I'm listening to reruns I listened in the past. I assure the reader I'm listening to reruns for the second time because I have an above average long-term memory. Thank you Car Talk!

The three of my four first podcasts are Sex With Emily, Awesome Etiquette, and Freakonomics. I started listening to Awesome Etiquette on episode one.


Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Too Much Stimuli Or Too Much Screen Time

I'm going back in time to my grade school years. There were books, magazines, television, radios, board games, and arcades. There were video games such as the Atari and Pong, personal computers such as the Apple II and Commodore 64, and any games played on a table such as role-playing games and dominos. The term "tabletop gaming" wasn't said in my past. People socialized face-to-face and with the telephone. People communicated paper and pen writing letters and notes.

Books, magazines, television, radios, board games or tabletop games exist today. Video games exist today. There's no need to leave the house to play video games at arcades; although, arcades still exist in fewer numbers. Personal computers can be laptops. People continue to socialize face-to-face and with the telephone. People continue paper and pen writing letters and notes.

There is little change between my grade school years and today. What is the little change? A screen--rather, more screens. Everything above is completed on a screen. The screen comes from a desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. The four technology hardware gives us more choices to read books and magazines, watch television, listen to the radio, play video games, play tabletop games, and communicate such as email, text, and social networking. Today's information age technology gives us more choices.

There have been a few new changes doing everything on a screen. One can say the changes are many. One can say the changes are huge. I stand by my simple opinion. There isn't too much stimuli. There is too much screen time. Everything I mentioned above still exists today. Shopping existed in my past. The change is shopping at home using the internet. Workers must work to earn an income. The change is some workers work remotely anywhere. We have been writing letters. The change is emailing. Podcasts are like 60 Minutes on TV. YouTube video tutorials are like borrowing a how-to video at the library. People can invest such as stocks and bonds on the internet without a financial advisor. People share opinions writing blogs instead of writing to a newspaper opinion column. Everything is done on a screen. One negative factor with too much screen time is too much isolation. Social isolation is another conversation.


Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Reward Failure In Schools

I remember my school years teachers rewarded students who answer questions correctly. Teachers penalized students who answer questions incorrectly. Maybe I slipped through the cracks nobody taught me to learn from failure. I'm fortunate I self-discovered learning from failure years later.

I defend my past teachers. I defend most teachers today. How do teachers teach failure is good? Maybe the answer is impossible. Learn from failure is a self-discover life lesson. Disregard the high grades. Disregard earning big points. Focus on the concepts. The better way to learn is make mistakes. Wisdom is acquired making the last mistake. Intelligence is acquired doing something and doing anything to eliminate wrong solutions. Life experience is acquired by trial and error.

Side note: The number 40 in WD-40 means the inventor failed making WD-40 39 times. They discovered WD-40 on their 40th attempt.