Saturday, October 21, 2017

Top Ten Daily Changes After O'Connor Hospital

I was an impatient in a hospital on Apr 2017 for the first time in my life. I was diagnosed with Acute Gallstone Pancreatitis. I needed two surgeries. The first surgery removed gallstones or Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio Pancreatography (ERCP). The second surgery removed my gallbladder or Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. I stayed in O'Connor Hospital for five days and four nights.

Taking time away from daily routines can be good. Examples of taking time away are a vacation, a sabbatical, a temporary assignment or task, and being an inpatient in a hospital. Sometimes taking time away changes daily routines. There are new routines. There are routines no longer needed. There are existing routines improved. There is a new outlook on routines big and small. New wisdom, stronger, smarter, and growth can happen.

Here are the top ten daily changes after O'Connor Hospital. The daily changes also happened during my recovery period at home.

10. Drink Less Water. Common knowledge says humans should drink eight glasses of water a day. It doesn't apply to my body.

9. Browse Less Online. No more checking Amazon's Deal Of The Day. No more checking Kickstarter.

8. Read Personal Email Daily. I read all email once a day instead of reading all my lower priority emails once a week.

7. New Jobs Search Schedule. I continue job searching two times every weekday. I switch job searching some websites from the afternoon to the evening and vice versa. I started applying for Business Systems Analyst as long as I qualify for 50% of the job requirements. I brought back the Sun morning job search.

6. New Dental Care. Good hygiene prevents health problems. I change my cup once a week instead of once every two weeks when I brush my teeth. I use a Waterpix. I brought back proxabrushes.

I have a heighten importance to practice good dental care when my welcome inpatient basket included mouthwash, toothbrush, and toothpaste. O'Connor Hospital knows dental care is important to prevent spreading bacteria. I brushed my teeth two times a day. I rinsed my mouth with mouthwash when my mouth felt dirty.

5. Spend Extra Money Eating Out. There are times I must eat out. There is no spending limit when I eat at restaurants. Health, energy, and focus are priority when I'm out of the house. I avoid getting sick due to fatigue.

4. I have a new respect for medical personnel which includes doctors, nurses, and technicians. I already have a respect for first responders and engineers.

3. New Podcast Schedule. Podcasts are off when I job search. I listen to podcasts driving, cooking, and cleaning the house.

2. R-E-L-A-X. Take it easy on weekends. Everyone needs a break. I stopped my sense of urgency getting a job. Take it slow. Take small steps. Increment. Add all the little things something big happens.

No more personal projects on weekends. Weekend gym workouts are allowed if I missed a weekday gym day. The Sun job search is brief.

1. Understand Personal Responsibility. The inpatient or outpatient has a responsibility to help medical personnel do their jobs. In other words, help the medical personnel to help me. Make it easier for them to take care of me. Keep them informed any changes. I take care of myself when I can take care of myself. Patient responsibility is an example of personal responsibility.


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Change Says No To Raymond Mar

I drove by two elementary schools I attended in my childhood earlier today because I was in the neighborhood completing errands. The first school is Serra Elementary School in Sunnyvale, CA. I attended Serra in kindergarten and first grade. Serra closed at the end of the 1988-1989 school year according to the California Department Of Education. Serra is a Montessori school today. The second school is R.I. Meyerholz Elementary School or Meyerholz in San Jose, CA. I attended Meyerholz in second grade and third grade. Seeing the two schools inspired me to write today's blog. There are two parts. Part I is my thoughts on change. Part II is my life on change.

Part I: There Is A Change Every Second

Nobody lives the same life. Life finds a way to change you. Life finds a way to change your surroundings. Every day you go outside there is a change. Every day indoors something changes even beyond your control; for example, a new refrigerator to replace a broken refrigerator or upgrading windows. Life finds a way to change anything. Life changes everything. You can control some changes. You can't control some changes.

One example of change is a married couple. Life changes the partners in time. I'm single for which I guarantee life changes the partners in time. The couple hopes with good luck and good fortune the change flows favorably the couple changes together they are married their entire lives. I hear stories couples divorce after being married for at least 20 years.

I saw Serra and Meyerholz schools changed. There are more classroom buildings. There are more parking spaces. The playgrounds shrank. The grass fields shrank because more fields are paved with asphalt. The height of the perimeter fences is lowered. However, the original buildings remain with new paint color. I'm guessing the schools were built in the 1950s.

Part II: When's My Next Change?

My first change was on Sat Oct 4, 2008. It was the day I realized I must grow up. I stopped taking life for granted. I became responsible. I must earn my successes. My life changed forever living life as a mature adult.

There is no change number two yet. My second change is freedom. My freedom includes working full time, living at my own residence, and in love with a woman. I work hard daily to earn my freedom. Life is telling me no change today. It's like I submit a request to life I want a change to live in freedom. Life rejects my request. Reapply tomorrow. The rejections are piling up. The losing streak continues.

There have been small changes. These small changes are too small for the big change. Some of the small changes are retiring from anime, reading more fiction books than nonfiction books, new gym workouts, and saying goodbye to people who held me back. Change number two is a big change.

The bottom line is I can't quit. If I stop applying for change number two life, then I guarantee no change. I have no freedom. I earn my second change life approves my request eventually.

Side note: I heard the song "Changes" by the late David Bowie in front of Meyerholz.


Sunday, October 08, 2017

Staying Busy Hoping For The Best

I make gains every day. It's a small gain or a big gain. I learn something new such as Python, JavaScript, and CSS. I review something existing such as SQL and Excel. I drill myself such as repeat learning Python and working out at the gym. There are the everyday tasks such as job searching, reading books, eating healthy, and sleeping eight hours a night. The gains can be generalized getting better, getting stronger, being braver, getting smarter, and acquiring wisdom.

I continue either moving forward or moving upwards; each practically means the same. I describe with any adjective or adverb. I work hard intelligently I earn my good outcomes. I live life continuing--no quitting. If I quit, then there's no hope for the best. The people, the friends, the good luck, the opportunities, the money, and the fortunes are coming soon. They come to me. Life flows with me.

I never complain about my current life. I focus on my life joys. I have no time being dreadful wasting my life. I'm happy. There is more happiness in my future.


Monday, October 02, 2017

Some Of My Favorite Movie Scenes

One YouTube positive everyone agrees is watching favorite scenes from movies. Here are some of my favorite movie scenes.

Good Will Hunting. Chuckie is brutally honest with Will he owes Chuckie to not waste his genius talents or else Chuckie kills Will.

Lean On Me. Dr. Frank Napier tells Principal Joe Clark he is the H.N.I.C.

The Patriot. Benjamin Martin and two of his sons ambush the British to rescue the eldest son. Violent movie scene.

Predator Part I and Predator Part II. Guerrilla base attack scene one and scene two. Violent movie scenes.

Rocky IV. Rocky Balboa trains in U.S.S.R. to fight Drago.

Moneyball. Billy Beane meets with the scouts to discuss replacing Oakland A's ballplayers lost via free agency.

Dead Poet's Society. Various scenes John Keating interacting with his students. The scene where Keating tells his students to stand on the teacher's desk is included.

Stand By Me. Chris Chambers teaches Gordie Lachance grown-up wisdom don't let anyone "drag you down."

Traffic. Seth Abrahms teaches Robert Wakefield drug economics.

A Few Good Men. "You can't handle the truth" courtroom scene.

Here are two good opening scenes.

Deadpool. The opening song is Angel Of The Morning by Juice Newton.

Hell Or High Water. Brothers Toby and Tanner Howard rob two banks in the morning.


Sunday, October 01, 2017

Turn Back The Clock On Anime

I saw a tweet showing a smartphone with No Face as its wallpaper from the anime movie Spirited Away. The tweet inspired me to turn back the clock to one of my longest hobbies Japanese Anime. I retired from anime in Sep 2014.

My turn back the clock was watching episodes from selected anime series. These classic anime series have good plot, good character, originality, rely less on graphics, and rely more on good story. Some of these anime series are classics from my generation. Here is the timeline below:

Thur Sep 14: No Face was my temporary smartphone’s wallpaper. I included the original No Face and my smartphone wallpaper No Face above. I watched Ranma 1/2 volume 1 episode 15 and volume 2 episodes 1 and 2 Viz Video USA release.

Fri Sep 15: I watched Cowboy Bebop episodes 1 and 5. I watched Card Captor Sakura episode 21.

Sat Sep 16. I watched Sailor Moon episodes 37 and 39.

Sun Sep 17: I watched Spirited Away and Card Captor Sakura episode 3.

Mon Sep 18: I listened to Card Captor Sakura Character Songbook CD. I watched Tenchi Muyo TV series episodes 1 and 2.

Tue Sep 19: I watched Sailor Moon Stars episodes 187 and 188.

Sat Sep 23: I watched Maho Tsukai Tai OVA episode 3. I watched Hime-Chan No Ribbon episodes 22 and 39.

The turn back the clock was supposed to be seven days. I added bonus episodes after watching Maho Tsukai Tai OVA episode 3 because I needed to watch the last two episodes. Also, I didn’t watch any Sailor Moon Super episodes.

Mon Sep 25: I watched Sailor Moon Super episode 114.

Wed Sep 27: I watched Sailor Moon Super episode 115.

Sat Sep 30: I watched Maho Tsukai Tai OVA episodes 5 and 6.


Saturday, September 30, 2017

Throwback Blog: SOMT: Kodak Declares Bankruptcy

Blogger’s Note: Throwback blogs are blogs from my past. I start posting past blogs reflecting what I wrote. It's like my "A Second Look" blogs for which I give myself feedback.

Today's throwback blog is titled SOMT: Kodak Declares Bankruptcy in Jan 2012. Toys R Us declared bankruptcy on Sep 19, 2017. There is truth the better companies Amazon and Wal-Mart ruined Toys R Us. The deeper truth is mismanagement. I know somebody who knew a manager who worked at Borders. The manger told her the top reason Borders went bankrupt was mismanagement. The economy changes. Business practices change. Time changes anything. Companies stay in business as long as they can. Companies don't last forever. Good management keeps companies in business as long as they can.

Blogger’s Note: SOMT stands for Sign Of My Times, an occasional blog sharing my thoughts how time changes life from when I was young to today.

CNBC reported the 131 year old company Eastman Kodak declared bankruptcy. The company has no cash to continue operations, and bankruptcy provides the company with protection to survive. Kodak is shifting their business plan to printers for home and commercial use.

My dad was a good amateur photographer. He took family pictures when my siblings and I were young. He developed and printed black & white pictures from college to his young parenting years. I remember shopping at LZ Premiums, a local ma & pa discount photo store that sells photography equipment, film, development services, and photo developing equipment. LZ Premiums expanded their store selling televisions and renting VHS movies in the mid 1980s. I’m guessing the store expanded because of competition from bigger stores selling photography equipment and services such as Circuit City and a small chain of camera and video stores known today as Wolf Camera. LZ Premiums went out of business.

I took black & white photography in 1991 while I in 11th grade. I used one of my dad’s Nikon cameras to take pictures for my assignments. I purchased my first film camera in Dec 2002. Digital cameras were too expensive for me. The first time I held a digital camera was on July 2000. A friend owned a Casio digital camera that used 3.5 inch floppy disks.

I purchased my first digital camera in July 2003. The first pics I took with my Olympus were our family vacation in Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon. I purchased my second digital camera in May 2004. It was the Canon Powershot A75. The A75 was a rock I dropped it so many times. I took many pictures at anime conventions and my vacations in 2004-2005.

Digital cameras and photography are everywhere. Cell phones can take pictures. People can take as many pictures as they want—even an ant on the sidewalk. There is no need to be picky taking pictures with film. I started my digital photography with point & shoot cameras. I use a SLR today. I consider myself an amateur below my dad’s skills. Regardless, anyone can take good pictures with today’s digital cameras.

Stubborn Is Another Bad S Word

Going back to Kodak, the company was stubborn to enter the digital market. It stayed in the film business years after digital photography started becoming mainstream. Kodak lost money staying in the film photography. They were too late entering the digital market.

George Eastman founded Kodak from his photography hobby. He found ways to make photography easy for common people including the photography paper and easily transporting camera film. Eastman debuted Kodachrome film in 1935.


Saturday, September 23, 2017

Life Goes On

My dad and I got last minute tickets for Thursday Night Football San Francisco 49ers vs. Los Angeles Rams on Thur Sep 21, 2017. We rode public transportation to avoid parking at Levi's Stadium. Today's blog is inspired on our way to the football game.

All variants of today's blog title are true. Life moves forward. The sun rises the next day. There is a future. Tomorrow is another day. Anything that happens today good and bad anything happens tomorrow good and bad.

The 49ers are one of worse teams entering the 2017 NFL season. The 49ers must play football even though football analysts project a losing record. 49ers fans watched the football game in the less than half occupied stadium. There were stadium workers, football players, coaches, security, TV personnel, and sponsors. Incomes were earned. Revenues were generated. The football game is in the schedule. The game must be played regardless of how many people attended the stadium, how many people watched the game on TV, and how many people listened to the game on radio. The 49ers are 0-3 as of today's blog.

Good moments, good events, bad moments, and bad events happen every day, every hour, and every minute. The recent natural disasters Hurricane Harvey in Texas, Hurricane Irma in Florida, Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands, and the earthquake in Mexico. There is trash talk between President Donald Trump and North Korea Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un. There are newsworthy successes such as a business going public, a sports team winning a championship, and a hero rescue. Everyone has personal problems. Every common human being has problems. Medical problems. Relationship problems. Professional problems. Unemployment. Car accidents. Everyone has personal happy moments. Marriages. Buying a car. Buying a home. Job promotion. Graduation. Learning new skills. Vacations. Freedom.

I thought about life goes on while the light rail train transports my dad and I to Levi's Stadium. I see the tech buildings, manufacturing factories, and apartments along the way. Life is unfair. Life goes on. We continue living. Perhaps living life is a strength itself. Never give up. We do our best to live. We hope to get the big break. We hope to discover the one moment to change our lives. We have grit. Life goes on whether life is good and life is bad.