Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Gauntlet II Secret Room Screenshots

Gauntlet II is my all-time favorite arcade game. I played the game everyone Saturdays at the local arcade with my brother when we were in junior high. Everyone plays Elf because of the character's speed. Speed is the best defense against all the morphed monsters from Gauntlet I. The screenshots below are what happens when a player successfully exits the Secret Room. The player mails a code to receive a t-shirt. The code is generated on how the player enters his or her name.

Update On A Past Blog

I blogged Read Books For Your Life to keep your brain active on Oct 16, 2011. There is another reason why I read books. I need a distraction. The book's world can be a better place. The book's world can be better than my world. The book's world is not a permanent substitute. There are times I need to forget now. I resume normal life activities afterwards. Some of my distractions include Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, a Terry Pratchett Discworld book, or a book which gives me intelligence.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Too Many People

The Mercury News published an article titled Churches Go On Building Spree on Jun 16, 2019. The article discussed the San Francisco Bay Area churches building affordable housing on their properties. For instance, the St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Walnut Creek, CA is building 44 apartment units. St. Paul's received more than 5,000 applications.

I paused reading the article after the 5,000 applications paragraph. My immediate reaction was 5,000 . . . what the fuck! The odds securing an apartment unit are small. The odds securing an apartment unit are small even if 1,000 applications are removed because of false information and 1,000 applications are removed because their income is too high.

There are too many people. There are too few goods, services, and resources to meet the needs of the overcrowding planet Earth. Growing demand. Limiting supply. Prices go up. Basic economics. I can't say any clearer. The number of winners remains the same. The number of losers increases. The number of opportunities remains the same. The number of applicants increases. Moreover, the number of winners and opportunities are increased or eliminated. The number of losers and applicants continues to increase. Life has always been unfair.

Too and many are the two words causing many of today's world problems. In particular, too many people. The world is overcrowded. Overcrowding causes problems. Overpopulation is the number one global problem. Control population growth. Reduce overcrowding. Many world problems are either solved or minimized. Unfortunately, nobody talks about too many people.

Update On A Past Blog

The Too Many People blog reminded me of a past blog There Are Too Many People Here on Sep 16, 2007. A Slate article said technological advances reduce emissions and save the Earth from any global environment crisis. The Slate article inspired me to blog a fear increase in crime, more garbage, and higher infrastructure costs when the population increase. Burglary has increase including package thefts, car break-ins, and residential break-ins. Garbage is increasing because there are more people. On the other hand, recycling is increasing. There are too many pot holes. People are driving on the roads longer. My neighborhood driving time is longer because more apartments and more retail buildings.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

2019 Golden State Warriors Basketball Postseason

I share my thoughts in bullets points.

*Congratulations to the Toronto Raptors winning the 2019 NBA Finals. Congratulations to the Raptors and Canada for winning their first NBA Finals championship.

*The win was fair. There was no diminishing value. The Warriors were injured. The Warriors were banged up. The Warriors played on fumes during Game 6. The gas tank went empty. The Warriors were the 2015 NBA Finals Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavaliers played without two all-stars Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love.

*It's life. Good luck, good breaks, many chances, favorable timing, and best opportunities. Winners take advantage.

*It's a life clique. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be. The basketball gods blessed the Raptors with the shooter's bounce, players passing and receiving the ball at the perfect place, and health.

*Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr tapped Warriors Stephen Curry's shoulders after a technical foul was called on the final play of Game 6 when the Warriors had zero time-outs. The action signified the game was over. Relax. We did our best. No regrets. We fought valiantly. We played sincerely. No surrendering.

*It's over. Someone must win. Someone must lose. It's ancient history. Smile. Relax. Take the stress out; in particular, Curry was seen mingling with family and friends during the KGO ABC-7 televised post-game show. He wore a white color sports jacket suit. It was a distraction. It was destressing. Fully recover. Get back to work afterwards. Solve problems. Fix problems. Find solutions. Discover answers.

*The distraction and distressing reminded me when I was a student at San Jose State University after finals were over. I smiled. I relaxed. I did something fun regardless of acing the final or flunking the final.

*Warriors DeMarcus Cousins experienced an epiphany how to be a good team basketball player before the playoffs.

* "All those talking heads that say we're better without him, that's ludicrous, that's crazy, this is the best player in the world," said Warriors Klay Thompson on Warriors Kevin Durant after Game 5. Durant suffered a right torn Achilles injury at the 9:46 time mark in the second quarter. He scored 11 points in 12 minutes. Durant's presence reminded fans who believed the Warriors didn't need Durant why he was important for the Warriors to win championships. For instance, Durant spread the opponents defense giving the Splash Brothers Curry and Thompson more open looks to shoot.

* Warriors Draymond Green lost 20 pounds during the regular season. Green grew up. Green controlled his emotions. He kept his temper in check. He became one step closer to become a mature basketball player. Something or someone called him out. Did Green's girlfriend, mom, and/or his child call him out?

*The Warriors played in five consecutive championship series. The Warriors won three of the five. Playing five in a row championship series is fantastic. It's hard. Anyone takes these moments in many life situations.

*Toronto Raptors fans cheered Durant's injury when he was helped off the court to the locker room during the second quarter on Game 5. The fans demonstrated bad behavior cheering an opponent down due to an injury.

* Off the court event. A Warriors minor owner Mike Stevens shoved Kyle Lowry and said a racist statement when Lowry went out of bounds towards the courtside seats to chase a loose ball. The NBA banned Stevens one year from NBA activities and fined $500,000.

*Which NBA Finals loss hurts more? Which NBA Finals loss disappointed more? The 2016 loss when the Warriors won an historic 73 regular season wins or the 2019 loss when many Warriors played injured or out due to an injury? In my opinion, the two losses were apples and oranges. They hurt and disappoint for different reasons. One reason was no worse than the other.

*The Warriors played in the 2015-2019 NBA Finals. The total games played regular season which is 82 regular games per season and post-season totaling 105 games is 515. (82*5) + 105 = 515. The Warriors played 125.6% games. Basketball players are human beings like you and me. Physical bodies can take so much.

*Live the present. Enjoy the moment. Enjoy the championship. Take nothing for granted.

*Lebron James played eight consecutive NBA Finals games. He played four with the Miami Heat 2011-2014 winning two and four with the Cleveland Cavaliers 2015-2018 winning one.

*"I've been lucky to be their coach, and that's what I told them in the locker room," said Kerr after Game 6 losing the NBA Finals.

*In my opinion, Fred VanVleet should have won the NBA Finals MVP. I'm in the minority. VanVleet was the X-factor making it hard for Curry.

*The Raptors played with an eight man rotation. All eight shot, played defense, and passed well. All eight were bigger, faster, stronger, and healthier.

*Game 6 was the final game at Oracle Arena. The Warriors played in Oakland for 47 years. The 2019-2020 season the Warriors play at Chase Center in San Francisco.

*The Warriors being a better team without Durant was unfair. The Warriors winning Game 6 versus the Houston Rockets and sweeping the Portland Trailblazers were false impressions. Durant playing in Game 5 reminded Warriors fans Durant was important.

*The Warriors used all their cards. The Warriors lost some of their cards due to injuries. The Raptors played with cards to spare.

*Klay Thompson tore his left knee with an ACL Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury in the third quarter of Game 6. Thompson walked back to the court before going to the locker room to shoot his free throws. It was one of the loudest moments in Oracle Arena history. Thompson told Kerr give me two minutes to come back. Thompson never came back. Raptors Danny Green committed the foul blocking Thompson's dunk was clean. Green assured Thompson no malice when Thompson was at the free throw line.

*Warriors injuries: Cousins recovered from his torn Achilles injury during the regular season and suffered a quad injury, Andre Iguodala left and right calf strains, Durant right torn Achilles, Kevon Looney chest cartilage fracture, and Thompson ACL left knee.

*Another off the court event. Toronto Raptors President Of Basketball Operations Masai Ujiri allegedly pushed and struck an Alameda County Sheriff deputy. Ujiri tried to come on court for the NBA Finals championship ceremony. He didn't have proper credentials. As of the blog entry, there is an investigation for misdemeanor assault and battery.

Update On A Past Blog

Here is another lesson to add for the Top Ten Lessons My Parents Failed To Teach Me on May 2, 2013. The world doesn't revolve around you. The world doesn't follow your life. The world doesn't bow to you. The world doesn't care about your sorrows. The world doesn't care about your mistakes. If you want the world to care about your life positives and negatives, then you must earn the world's respect.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Oldsmobile Complimentary Tape Cartridge Cassette Song List

My family and I listened to the cassette tape when we drove to Santa Barbara, CA to visit my grandparents. My parents purchased a 1982 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser Station Wagon. I don't know why the label says "Cartridge" when it's a cassette. The engineer who designed the rear brake lights, turn signal, and reverse light should have been fired. The lights were on the bottom bumper.

Here is the song list copyrighted 1981 Capitol Records, Inc. YouTube video link is on the right of the singer.

Side A
Someone That I Used To Love by Natalie Cole YouTube.
Love The World Away by Kenny Rogers YouTube.
When I Dream by Crystal Gayle YouTube.
This Night Won't Last Forever by Michael Johnson YouTube.
As We Fall In Love Once More by Shirley Bassey YouTube.
Sharing The Night Together by Dr. Hook YouTube.
It Doesn't Matter Anymore by Linda Ronstadt YouTube.
You're My World by Helen Reddy YouTube.

Side B
I Just Fall In Love Again by Anne Murray YouTube.
We've Got Tonite(sic) by Bob Seger YouTube.
More Love by Kim Carnes YouTube.
Dreaming by Cliff Richard YouTube.
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word by Dottie West YouTube.
Make Little Magic by The Dirt Band YouTube.
It's A Heartache by Juice Newton YouTube.
Am I Blue by Willie Nelson YouTube.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Top Ten Little Changes Since Oct 2013

There is a common saying add up the little things big successes follow. Increment. Take it one step at a time. Many steps, many mistakes, and many trials and errors spread over time are required to be a better person. Going to the gym two hours before closing on weekends is an example of a little change. More people workout one hour before closing than two hours before closing. Another little change is condom size. I wear larger size condoms. Larger size condoms is number two. I choose Oct 2013 because the date was a life wake-up call. Here are the top ten little changes since Oct 2013:

10. Pay Cash For Small Businesses. I shop at small businesses paying cash instead of credit card to help keep costs down. I also pay cash at gas stations offering cash discounts. I might as well get my gas discount immediately instead of waiting for the credit card rewards.

9. Mouse And Mouse Pads. I use a bigger size mouse and a gaming mouse pad to prevent rashes and chafing on my right hand along my pinky size. It's worth paying extra money for gaming mouse pads.

8. Podcasts. My first podcast was Sex With Emily. Informative. I also listen to 99% Invisible, Awesome Etiquette, Freakonomics, and Stuff You Should Know. My current events podcasts are 60 Minutes and Nightline. My retired podcasts are Car Talk airing repeats and NBC Sports Bay Area Happy Hour.

7. Dental Hygiene. I brush my teeth after breakfast and before I sleep. I floss after all meals. I rinse my mouth with mouthwash after lunch. I use the WaterPix before I sleep. I switched toothpaste from Arm & Hammer to Colgate because I developed an allergic response Angular Cheilitis using Arm & Hammer.

6. Gym Workouts. I workout four days week. My schedule is two consecutive days of cardio, one rest day, and two consecutive days of weights. Maintaining a strong penis is a good gym motivator.

5. Less Water. I turn on the sink faucet when I rinse my shaver only. I turn on the shower faucet when I wet myself before lathering and rinsing only.

4. Diet Changes. I minimize eating junk food, eating processed food, and eating at restaurants. No moderation. Yes minimizing. No dairy. I reduce my water intake. No more drinking eight glasses of water a day. No more filtered water products such as Brita from retail stores.

3. Reduced "and." My writing style improved reducing "and" in my sentences.

2. Condoms. The women who told me I have a bigger size are true instead of being polite. The larger size condom is easier to roll up.

1. No More Family Guy. I donated all my Family Guy DVDs. I also donated movie DVDs I haven't watched in years.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Top Ten Lessons I Learned The Hard Way

I'm lucky I learned these lessons myself. My parents didn't teach me. Some people die not learning these lessons. My life is better today compared to my past years. Life is better living as a mature adult. Life is better living professionally. There are more lessons I must learn. There are more regrets I must remove. I die a good adult. I don't die being an immature jerk. Here are the top ten lessons I learned the hard way:

10. Timing and luck are factors to be successful. Opportunities and chances are required to be successful, too. If a person is not at the right place and the right time, then there are no opportunities and no chances.

9. Be Grateful. Count your blessings. Remember what you have. Remember who you are. There are people in worse situations. Make the best in favorable situations. Make the best in bad situations. There are times people must make lemonade out of lemons. Any day people can lose everything.

8. Take Care Of Your Body Inside And Outside Equally. Exercise your body from head to toe inside and outside. Exercise physically for good health. Exercise mentally for a sharp brain. Increment. Take it slow. Use it or lose it.

7. Don't Be Stubborn. It's okay to quit. It's okay to stop. Nothing works all the time. Quit when something is not working out. No need to be arrogant.

6. Earn It. Earn everything. Earn all successes. No fakers. Good life is not given on a silver platter to people.

5. Life Is Unfair. There are winners and losers. Some people win more than they lose. Some people lose more than they win. Nobody wins all the time. See number ten timing and luck are factors.

4. Grow Up. Don't be immature. Don't be naive. A grown up adult is self-responsible. A grown up adult accepts problems. They never blame their problems on other people. Be strong. Be courageous. Solve problems.

3. Don't Take Life For Granted. Straight. To the point. Be sincere. See number 9 be grateful.

2. Never Stop Learning. I play my brutally honest card. I failed to never stop learning. I took life for granted during my young years. My infinite learning contributes to living as a mature adult.

1. Never Stop Meeting New People. People come and go in our lives. New people must be met to replenish people who leave. A person can never have too many circles of friends.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Top Ten New Experiences I Don't Experience If I'm An Anime Fan

I retired from anime on Sep 2014. The time and money away from anime allowed me time and money on new experiences. These new experiences have made me a stronger and smarter person. New experiences experienced. New wisdom acquired. One new experience is redesigning my webpage. The new job skills I learned applied to my webpage Innovate Infinitely. I learned HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Learning new job skills is number three. Here are the top ten new experiences:

10. Painting. I hate painting. My handyman skills are poor. However, my painting skills are better years ago. Painting taught me to be professional completing my responsibilities.

9. CERT or Community Emergency Response Team. I took a seven day CERT training course to learn basic emergency skills in a disaster. I have a better understanding on first responders.

8. Intermediate Mahjong Skills. I rate myself intermediate reading books and watching YouTube videos.

7. Podcasts. Sex With Emily was my first podcast in Spring 2014. I added 99% Invisible, Awesome Etiquette, Freakonomics, and Stuff You Should Know. My current events podcasts are 60 Minutes and Nightline. My retired podcasts are Car Talk airing repeats and NBC Sports Bay Area Happy Hour.

6. Gym Workouts. I used to workout two days a week combining weights and cardio. I workout four days a week with two days cardio and two days weights today. I admit I'm an amateur. I minimize eating processed foods. I minimize eating at restaurants. My penis is stronger.

5. Backpacking And Camping. I experienced my first backpacking and first camping when I visited Zion National Park in Oct 2015. My party gave me a crash course. I have been acquiring new equipment, upgrading existing equipment, and acquiring knowledge thereafter.

4. Review Existing Job Skills. I have been reviewing Microsoft Office, HTML, SQL, and VBA.

3. Learn New Job Skills. Learning new job skills gets its own number. I have been learning Python, Oracle, Linux, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

2. Power Of Goodbye. Goodbye is more powerful than saying goodbye to a friend for the day. Some goodbyes are long-term. Some goodbyes are permanent. Some goodbyes are happy. Some goodbyes are sad. Goodbyes apply to places, hobbies, and possessions, too. I have experienced these goodbyes for the first time since I retired from anime. Also, I experienced these goodbyes before I retired from anime for which I didn't realize at the time.

1. Sleep. I remember exchanging sleep for watching anime. Sleep is important. Sleep rests the body. Sleep rests the mind. Sleep rests the soul. Sleep is my spiritual practice. My focus is strong the next day sleeping eight hours the previous night.

Update On A Past Blog

I read an article at askmen.com titled Things All Guys Should Stop Doing by Age 30 on Nov 11, 2018. The article reminded me of my Top Ten Men Truths blog on Jan 7, 2017. The askmen.com article mentioned eight stop doings including stop eating at Taco Bell and stop showing up late. My top ten men truths included stop complaining about your crappy life and stop blaming your problems on other people.