Thursday, May 18, 2017

Wisdom And A/C Drain Continuation

Blogger’s Note: May is pic month. I’m catching up posting pics from my smart phone. Enjoy!

I complete the everyday adult wisdom pics. I continue fixing my A/C drain leaking inside my front and reare passenger side compartments. Hiring managers, recruiters, and executives, there are qualified people who can do the job no prior experience necessary.


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Nine Wisdom Pics

Blogger’s Note: May is pic month. I’m catching up posting pics from my smart phone. Enjoy!

Elementary students share their New Year’s Resolutions for which some are adult wisdom. These kids are growing up faster than when I was in elementary school. There is more wisdom from The Mercury News pic for which it’s a teaser. Wait for the next pic blog.


Friday, May 12, 2017

New Experiences And New Knowledge Good And Bad

Blogger’s Note: May is pic month. I’m catching up posting pics from my smart phone. Enjoy!

The first pics in 2017. The year started with activity good and bad. The highlights and lowlights are a clogged A/C drainage. More pics follows after the blog.


Friday, May 05, 2017

Never Stop Learning Lesson Emphasized Because One Of The Shermans Past Away

I wrote a blog titled The Shermans on Wed May 23, 2007. I mentioned the husband and wife live life to the fullest in their retirement years. They devote time to their family. They never stop learning. They continue traveling. They continue finding new experiences to experience such as eating new foods.

I learned last month the husband past away at 95 years old. He achieved the "90 Club" in my book. The last Sherman's family picture I saw the husband lost a significant amount of weight. His diet change and daily exercise extended his lifespan. The husband had typical senior people aliments such as hearing loss, poor short-term memory, and slow physical movement. However, the husband learned new skills and acquired new knowledge to keep his brain sharp. My dad taught him computers such as operating a Windows desktop, emailing past co-workers, and creating Excel spreadsheets. He self-taught himself investing. He read newspapers daily.

I failed to adapt the never stop learning lesson in May 2007. I'm correcting my mistake today. I'm learning new job skills such as Python, JavaScript, Oracle, and Salesforce. I'm acquiring new knowledge such as emergency survival skills, backpacking, MahJong, and gym workout routines. I'm reviewing existing job skills such as Excel, SQL, and HTML. I read books. I listen to music. I work out at the gym.

My top priorities are finding a job and moving out of my parent's house. The Sherman's life is a template when I achieve independence. Never stop learning. Travel. Seek new adventures. Experience new experiences. Meet new people. Create new circle of friends. Get married. Minimize regrets. I'm not wasting my one life watching television eight hours a day some senior people choose a sedentary life.


Wednesday, May 03, 2017

I'm Doing The Best I Can, Really III

Blogger's note: Today's blog is posted at both Innovating Common Knowledge and Finding Raymond Mar.

No more advice. I heard everything. No more telling me because it's highly likely I already know. I'm frustrated when I heard the same lectures I feel I'm a failure because I'm not independent. Change the subject. End the conversation. My ears are open to new ideas. I listen to fresh knowledge. Give me leads.

My life has been the same. I'm still unemployed. I'm still living at home. I'm doing the best I can. I really am. God is my witness. I job search two times a day five days a week. I used to job search six days a week. The Sat search saved little time. I continue learning Python. I continue reviewing my existing skills. Currently, I'm reviewing SQL. I take personal responsibility 24/7.

The late Steve Jobs said, "Keep looking. Don't settle."

My feelings are the same: sacrifice, nothing to lose attitude, going out of my comfort zone, willpower, and not giving up. It has been difficult finding opportunities going out of my comfort zone because I have been indoors more hours per week honestly speaking. No more data entry. I worked data entry hoping those jobs catapult me to higher positions. Failed. My life can't get worse.

I work hard intelligently working my way to live independently. I'm stronger with the pains of rejection. I'm wiser with the mistakes I learn. My brain grows bigger with new knowledge. Each day is devoted to be a good productive day. I trust what I'm doing today benefits me tomorrow.

Furthermore, I'm lucky. I have shelter in my parent's house. I have a solid desktop to job search, learn new skills, and review existing skills. I'm in good health. My gym is 2.5 miles from my house. I minimize expenses. Money is a lower concern. I pace myself. I read books, watch movies, and sleep eight hours a night. I complete my house chores such as cleaning, cooking, and laundry.

Finally, there is more working hard intelligently after I fulfill independence. There are more people to meet. There are more adventures to seek. There are more experiences to experience. Never take life for granted. Never stop learning, training, and reviewing. I never stop innovating my life.

Side note: The first time I wrote I'm Doing The Best I Can, Really was on Oct 8, 2012. The second time I wrote I'm Doing The Best I Can, Really II was on Apr 6, 2016.


Saturday, April 29, 2017

Throwback Blog: Me Versus My Throat Infection And Eye Infection

Blogger’s Note: Throwback blogs are blogs from my past. I start posting past blogs reflecting what I wrote. It's like my "A Second Look" blogs for which I give myself feedback.

Today's throwback blog is titled Me Versus My Throat Infection And Eye Infection in Aug 2014. I remind myself following my basic taking care of myself minimize my chances of getting sick. They are drinking soda when I eat spicy food, preparing myself for hot days and cold nights or a 30 degree temperature difference in a day, eating three meals a day, sleeping at least eight hours a night, maintaining a clean residence, and avoiding sick people. Moreover, I stopped drinking water from the Brita water filter.

I was sick in May-Jun 2014 with a throat infection and an eye infection. My symptoms were a sore throat, coughing, difficulty sleeping, and sensitivity to hot days and cold nights. I didn't have bronchitis, a sinus infection, and the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). The last time I got a throat infection was Oct 2016.

Blogger's note: The blog entry is written with limited editing for grammar and content.

I experienced the worse sickness in my life. If I said worse sickness in past sickness blogs, then all the past sickness were nothing compared to my throat and eye infections. I followed my procedures to recover from a sinus infection to my throat infection which failed. I didn't know I had a throat infection before seeing a doctor. The eye infection was not a result from my throat infection according to my doctor. The last major sickness excluding stomach flues happened on Nov 2012.

Here's the timeline to remember how I recovered from a throat infection the next time it happens. I hope not. The second section lists the probable events that caused my sickness. The third section lists the days I applied eye drops.

Mon May 5-Thur May 8. Mild sore throat. The recovery was longer than expected. Weird.

Fri May 9-Sat May 10. Mild runny nose.

Sun May 11. Coughing. I had trouble sleeping. I woke up at 3:30am Mon May 12 feeling cold. I added an extra blanket, changed to full pajamas, and closed the window.

Mon May 12. Body experienced trouble adopting to today's weather. I felt either too hot or too cold. Little coughing. Little phlegm. I experienced another sore throat. I started to eat yogurt.

Tue May 13. Sore throat bothered me. Coughing subsided. Yogurt and Coke. Trouble sleeping. Too much coughing in bed.

Wed May 14. I was hot when I woke up. Sore throat irritated me. The sickness was taking too long to recover. Too prolonged. Too mild.

I drank lots of water at work. I lost my voice. Coughing was unproductive. My body wanted to cough out phlegm. Failed. Post nasal drip severe. It was the hottest day of the year. No yogurt. My sickness was slow, developing, and progressing.

Very little sleep because the house was too hot. The windows were fully opened.

Thur May 15. I ate a small breakfast. I wanted to go home at 2pm. No go. I felt good in the morning. I didn't feel good in the afternoon. More coughing especially in the evening. There must be something in the middle of the day or evening to trigger my coughing.

I turned on the humidifier before I went to bed. The air was dry. There were no water drops at the opening. I chewed gum hoping the coughing stopped. Failed. I coughed phlegm with blood. Mild bloody nose. I sweated. I coughed when I'm lying on my sides on my bed. I didn't cough when I'm lying on my back or stomach on my bed. I couldn't sleep the entire night. I watched Aliens and Saving Private Ryan movies. It was the second time I worried my sickness cause major health problems very soon.

Fri May 16. Think cold. I was counter intuitive to being warm to reduce coughing. I purchased Mucinex DM before work. The tablets helped a little.

Three bloody noses at work. It was really warm. It was me. I was too heat sensitive. I should have checked the air conditioning system. There were headaches and fatigue moments.

I ate yogurt and drank coke. I ate Jell-o. Coughing continued in the evening. My left eye was watery and red. I applied Visine.

Sat May 17. My left eye discharged a mucus like substance. Enough was enough. I planned to visit the Urgent Care Center I visited back in Mar 2011 after work. One of my co-workers said my left eye was red the entire day.

The doctor said I didn't have bronchitis, a sinus infection, and the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). There were no symptoms that indicated my common past sicknesses; for instance, no stuffy nose and no runny nose. I had a throat infection. The symptoms included a throat irritation, not a sore throat, because I can swallow without pain. It was true because I never mentioned throat pain when eating and drinking since I was sick. The doctor said I expect a full recovery. I could stop taking Mucinex DM and start taking cough suppressant instead.

The doctor prescribed ophthalmic antibiotic eye drops for my eyes. I had a bacterial eye infection. I picked up the eye drops at the nearest Walgreens which closed at 10pm on Sat's.

I tried Ricola before I went to bed. No go. Coughing got worse. I took Mucinex DM at 4:45am on Sun May 18.

Best sleep since I got sick. Two hours total. I gotten used to long nights without sleep. I continued Mucinex DM for my cough. I coughed a lot the entire day.

Lesson learned. Don't play doctor. I made the correct choice to see a doctor. The timing and circumstances convinced me to get help.

Sun May 18. I continued the eye drops and Mucinex DM. I thought when I stop taking Mucinex DM because I want my body to fight back without medications. My throat was irritated. I slept for five hours.

Mon May 19. I stopped drinking water from the Brita water filter. I started drinking Crystal Geyser. My mucus went from dark yellow and green to light yellow.

I had trouble sleeping. I considered stopping eye drops and Mucinex DM. I took Mucinex DM at 3am Tue May 19. I stayed awake. I was desperate to do anything now.

Tue May 20. I called in sick at work. My right eye was infected. I stopped yogurt. I slept from the late morning to early afternoon. I started to drink ginger ale. My mucus was light yellow. I coughed to the point I spit out phlegm.

I slept four hours at night.

Wed May 21. I went back to work. Mucus was light yellow. My coughing was worse in the afternoon and evenings. Why?

I continued to drink ginger ale. I slept with a Breathe Right Strip. Best sleep of the month so far even though I woke up intermediately because of productive coughs.

Thur May 22. I began drinking cold chilled water instead of room temperature water at work. Mucus continued light yellow and some mucus clear white.

Fri May 23. My right eye showed infection again. Discharge. More eye drops. Coughing went down in the afternoon and evening.

Best sleep of the week. There were long stretches I slept. I took a long time to fall asleep because the coughing intensified. There was no post nasal drip. Could it be the bacterial infection from my right eye?

Sat May 24. I felt a bump on my left eye. It seemed I wasn't fully healed. I applied eye drops to both eyes. Phlegm was white color.

Sun May 25. I cleaned the house. I dusted my room. I changed the bedsheets. I washed my blankets.

I slept for at least eight hours without waking up. Phlegm was white color.

Mon May 26. The chilled Arrowhead bottle water tasted bad. I removed all of them. Coughing subsided. Phlegm was light yellow to white colors.

Tue May 27. Coughing continued subsiding. Still phlegm.

Sat May 31. Began stretching exercises.

Mon Jun 2. I took two naps. Coughing was random. There was post nasal drip.

Thur Jun 5. Applied eye drops. Coughing was coming back.

Fri Jun 6. I called my primary care physician. The doctor was booked solid. No go. I didn't want to visit the Urgent Care Center back on Sat May 17. Too much coughing in the morning. I considered calling in sick. I didn't.

I looked at my side view mirror at a stop light. I said to myself, "Body, you're going to fucking recover!"

I ate Cadbury Milk Chocolate in the evening. There was past success eating chocolate to calm my cough.

Sat Jun 7. My throat started to feel normal when swallowing. It was hard to explain. It was neither sore nor an irritation. I began a light workout at the gym consisting of walking on the treadmill, bench press, and selected machines.

Mon Jun 9. I stopped drinking Ovaltine for breakfast. I forgot to mention I drank Ovaltine for a month during breakfasts. I also stopped eating Cadbury Milk Chocolate.

Mon Jun 30. A full gym workout.

What Were The Causes For My Infections?

Let's take a look at all possibilities. Some of them are more likely than others.

*Ate burrito during Mother's Day with family. I ate a burrito at a restaurant that was spicier than I thought. I didn't drink soda.

*Too cold sleeping conditions. I neglected to check my bedroom conditions before I went to bed. The conditions included the number of blankets, windows opened or closed, shorts or pants, and no shower. I sleep better after taking a shower.

*Inconsistent weather temperatures. There were days of unseasonably cold weather and unseasonably hot weather. My body fails adjusting to a wide range of temperature changes in a short time span.

*Skipped lunch. Inconsistent meal times. I skipped a lunch because there was too much work.

*Fatigue. I didn't get enough sleep.

*Sick from co-workers. The sickness was in the company. Other co-workers had been recovering.

*Allergies. I say they were less likely looking back because I didn't have a sinus infection.

*Mosquito bites. There was multiple bites on my lower legs.

*Dermatitis. I say 0% chance.

*Thai spicy food. The guys and I ate Thai on Fri May 2. The medium spice level was too spicy for me. I drank soda.

I say the throat and eye infections were a perfect sickness. Everything that caused me to get sick happened.

Eye Drop Log

Left eye: 5/17, 5/18, 5/19, 5/20, 5/24, 5/25, 5/26, 5/27.

Right eye: 5/22, 5/23, 5/24, 5/25, 5/26, 5/27, 6/5.


Friday, April 14, 2017

Top Ten Movies I Can Watch Again And Again

One positive watching movies is selected movies each person can watch again and again. These movies we watch infinitely connect with us. We calm down. We laugh. We reflect. We learn. We discover. There is something in the movie we relate in real life. Been there, done that. We are always 100% satisfied watching the movie from beginning to end or watching selected scenes.

Grease (1978) is one movie I can watch again and again. The movie cheers me up when I'm depressed. I like the music. I pictured myself attending high school in the late 1950s during one movie watch. If I have children, then I'm comfortable they can watch Grease with no worries. I consider Grease a family movie.

Here are the top ten movies I can watch again and again:

10. The Dark Knight (2008). The movie was all Heath Ledger. If I name my favorite evil character, Heath Ledger's Joker comes to my mind first.

9. For Your Eyes Only (1981). My personal all-time favorite Bond movie. It was the first Bond movie I watched. Humor, action, gadgets, car chase, and a great opening Bond scene.

8. Hot Fuzz (2007). I remember watching the first 15 minutes at a friend's house. We all laughed our asses. I exited the house because there was another commitment. I watched the movie for the second time from start to finish at the end of the year. I like movies which go full circle.

7. Beverly Hills Cop (1984). Eddie Murphy's breakout movie. No green screen special effects for the action and comedy movie classic.

6. Wall Street (1987). The movie about Bud Fox who wanted to be Gordon Gekko realized he was just Bud Fox. Most of the movie regarding business is true today.

5. E.T. The Extra Terrestrial (1982). I wish I was more like Elliott when I was a child. He had more courage and more attractiveness towards girls. E.T. was the first movie I watched in an outdoor movie theater decades later.

4. Star Wars IV (1977). I was a child who smiled at every battle scene and every special effect. I didn't understand the plot. My favorite scene is Obi-Wan gave Luke his first lesson in The Force inside the Millennium Falcon.

3. Stand By Me (1986). Four boys took a journey to find the body of a missing boy before they begin junior high school. It was my first coming-of-age movie. I include Breaking Away (1979) in number #3 because it's another good coming-of-age movie.

2. Saving Private Ryan (1998). My personal all-time favorite war movie. The movie should have won best picture instead of Shakespeare In Love.

Honorable mentions: Aliens, Clerks, The Princess Bride, and Toy Story.

1. Good Will Hunting (1997). I watched the movie for the first time in 2014. It's another movie I watch when I feel depressed. I tell myself I'm a good Raymond Mar sincerely. My all time favorite ending and end credits. I like the tagline: Some people can never believe in themselves, until someone believes in them.