Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Everybody Doesn't Manage

A Reddit post I can't remember who send me this video nevermind there it is inspired today's blog. A senior citizen initiates small talk with a pregnant woman. The woman is scared of everything. The 2018 full version is at Vimeo The Wait.

Many people are good natured. A common response to a person experiencing bad moments is "everything is going to get better." Another response is "there is hope" or "hope for the best." What if everything is getting worse? The chances of getting better are slim. There is a slimmer of hope. A miracle is needed for a miracle.

Be honest. Be truthful. I talk about some people who don't make it. The goals are unsuccessful. The worst happened. The problems triumph the solutions. Some of us never make it. It's not entirely our fault; although, the loser must accept some responsibility. There are winners. There are losers. Some people deserve success. Some people don't earn their successes. The world is a zero-sum game. It's unfair. It's messed-up.

I put myself in the spotlight. I'm long-termed unemployed. I had interviews. Many of the interviews ended up bad luck. For instance, my second to last interview was a contract data analyst position. I passed the interviews. I submitted the paperwork. The director of the department cancelled the contract at the eleventh hour. The contractor company told me a cryptic explanation as if they didn't want to admit guilt. My last interview I made it the second round; unfortunately, the company froze new hires due to COVID-19.

There are not enough open positions to satisfy the millions of unemployed today. There are new college graduates and high school graduates every Jun adding more supply of job seekers. There are not enough open positions to satisfy the millions of unemployed when the global pandemic ends tomorrow.

In the meantime, I live my life with earnest. I job search six days a week. The job openings are fewer during the pandemic. I job train five days a week or six days a week depending on my schedule. The job training includes learning Python, learning Power BI, reviewing Excel, and reviewing SQL. I cook healthy meals. I minimize eating processed foods. I exercise four days a week. I read books. I maintain a clean household. I'm doing the best I can. I honestly must converse with myself I may not achieve freedom.

Saturday, April 03, 2021

Instant Bullets Blog Apr 3, 2021

*Maximum Weight First Class Mail. The United States Postal Service maximum first class weight is 13 ounces. However, commercial maximum first class weight is 16 ounces.

*Encourage your children to go outside by taking the WiFi outside.

*Constructive Eviction. Generally speaking, the law allows a tenant to terminate a lease when the landlord fails to provide a reasonable living environment. The law differs in each state. Source: Tenant Resource Center.

*Best Time To Buy And Sell On eBay. My intuition tells me Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb are the best months for buyers looking for treasure because sellers sell their junk. The sellers sell junk on Nov and Dec to make money for Christmas shopping. The sellers sell junk on Jan and Feb because a common New Year's Resolution is get rid of clutter.

*Take Pictures Of A Data Table. The Office on Android app imports the data table picture as an Excel file. Click YouTube video Import Data from a Picture to Excel - for iPhone and Android to watch the tutorial.

*Congratulations to NFL all-star and future hall of fame quarterback Tom Brady for winning his seventh Super Bowl championship. He has more Super Bowl championships than the New England Patriots and the Pittsburg Steelers with six each. Brady appeared in 10 Super Bowls out of 55 or 18.2%. He won seven of his ten appearances or 70.0%. I'm open to hear opinions Brady is not the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) quarterback in the NFL.

*Tucker Max Retires From The Game. Michael Ellsberg from Forbes wrote an article interviewing Max who wrote the New York Times bestselling book I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell. Click Tucker Max Gives Up the Game: What Happens When a Bestselling Player Stops Playing? to read the article on Max becoming a mature and married man.

*People Change. Married Couples Change. Dear Abby answers the question about a husband's life and a wife's life diverging Wife Resists Man's Efforts To Improve Her Lifestyle on Feb 15, 2021. Her advice to the husband is get professional help for the wife. The husband continues living his healthier lifestyle.

*Follow Up On The G.O.A.T. Brady. Is a criteria to be the G.O.A.T. making others great, too? Tom Brady G.O.A.T.? My answer is yes. Michael Jordan G.O.A.T.? My answer is yes. LeBron James G.O.A.T.? My answer is no. I'm open to hear opinions.

*White Is My Favorite Color. Also, Super Bowl winners. Super Bowl teams wearing their white uniforms have won 14 out of the last 17 Super Bowl games.

*Female Voiced Voicemail Introductions. I worked in Commercial Real Estate for 8.5 years. Some brokers requested their female personal assistants or a female administrative assistant to record their voice mail greeting. The reason was male clients or male potential clients are more likely to leave a voice mail after hearing a female voice.

*Free Labor From A Job Interview. The following appeared from my LinkedIn timeline on Mar 30, 2021 from Robynn Storey, CEO of Storeyline Resumes:

I say FU*K that...

2 clients emailed me today about outlandish interviewing assignments that have become ALL too common today.

One, a Tech Account Exec, was presented with a 40 page spreadsheet and told to 'crunch the data' and prepare an analytics report for sales projection.

She's a 25 year industry veteran.

The second, a Marketing Executive, was presented with an assignment to create a full year marketing plan with an estimated time investment of 35 hours.

35 hours!!
That is nearly a full week of UNPAID work!

There is NO guarantee of an offer.
NO guarantee they won't STEAL your ideas.
NO guarantee that you will even hear back from them.

I gave them both the same advice.

Your track record, experience and success speak for themselves (I know this, because we did their resumes).

It is ultimately up to you to decide how badly you want this opportunity, but if it were me, I'd say F-No.

Lol...both did exactly that.

One was dropped from the process, the other got moved along with an abbreviated version of the assignment.

Ultimately, it is your time, your dime and your career.

If you are uncomfortable with the amount of work you are being asked to do for an interview, push back, bow out or move on.

#success #jobsearch #resumewriting

Friday, April 02, 2021

Shelter In-Place COVID-19 Blog March 2021

California issued shelter in-place orders on Tue Mar 17, 2020. I have been logging the highlights and lowlights. One blink of an eye the month is Apr. Minor nose rash, upper lip rash, and left calf strain were the health problems experienced together. Otherwise, my routines were consistent in the fastest month of 2021. More counties in CA upgraded from purple to either red or orange.

Tue Mar 2. Santa Clara County lifted the 10-day travel quarantine for residents traveled 150 miles or greater outside the county.

Santa Clara, Napa, and San Francisco counties upgraded from the purple tier to the red tier in the State of California's Safer Economy COVID-19 color reopening tier. Gyms open at 10% capacity, restaurants open indoor dining at 25% capacity or 100 people whichever is fewer, movie theaters open at 25% capacity or 100 people whichever is fewer, museums open at 25% capacity, zoos open at 25% capacity, and aquariums open at 25% capacity.

Wed Mar 3. Shopped at a Nike Store for new running shoes. Fitting rooms closed. All seating areas removed to try shoes on. Nike shoe guarantee is all returns accepted within 60 days no questions asked.

I shopped at Pep Boys to purchase a steering wheel cover. I changed my car's motor oil in the afternoon.

Thur Mar 4. Baseball stadiums in CA to allow fans when regular seasons begins on Thur Apr 1, 2021 as long as their county is not in the purple tier.

Fri Mar 5. CA high schools allow indoor sports. High schools follow college and professional sports COVID-19 protocols.

CA to allow outdoor activities starting Thur Apr 1, 2021 at limited capacity: sports, music, art, and amusement parks. Restrictions depend on the county's place in the California's Safer Economy COVID-19 color reopening tier.

CA Governor Gavin Newsom signed the $6.6B school reopening bill.

Mon Mar 8. I visited my brother's house in the Tri-Valley. More cars on the freeways. Any traffic jam stop and go was brief. Traffic flowed at the limit.

Wed Mar 10. Texas was the first state to lift the state mask mandate. The entire state is opened.

Thur Mar 11. President Joe Biden signed the $1.9T relief bill.

Fri Mar 12. Shopped at Costco Business Center. Normal crowds. Social distancing practiced. Visited my aunt in Alameda. More cars on the freeways. More traffic jam stop and go; otherwise, traffic flowed at the limit.

Sat Mar 13. CA averaged 4,000 COVID-19 cases a week. The last time the state averaged 4,000 was Halloween 2020. 3,477 hospitalized on Halloween 2020. 22,000 hospitalized on January 2021. Total CA COVID-19 cases 3.6M and 55,000 deaths. The death number is the highest in the USA.

25% of CA adults received at least one vaccine shot.

Tue Mar 16. Quick errands to the post office and Bank Of America. The branch I visited three customers came in and out during my brief wait.

Wed Mar 17. Day 365 of CA shelter in-place.

Fri Mar 19. The Center For Disease Control announced students from grade school to high school can sit three feet apart. Students must separate six feet apart in common areas.

President Biden announced 100M vaccinations administered on his 58th day as President.

Sat Mar 20. Paris announced one month lockdown.

Tue Mar 23. San Francisco and Santa Clara Counties upgraded from red tier to orange tier.

Fri Mar 26. Quick errands to the post office and Safeway. Few customers at Safeway.

Tue Mar 30. Cases rising in 27 states. People under age 60 are the majority of new cases.

Wed Mar 31. Johnson & Johnson announced 15M vaccine doses bad due to human error.

Update On A Past Blog

I made a mistake on Timeout Good Raymond Mar III written on Mar 15, 2021. I wrote I built my second desktop PC in Dec 2020-Jan 2021. The dates are incorrect. The correct dates are Dec 2019-Jan 2020. The sentence is deleted.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Throwback Blog: Today I Want To Talk About Taking Care Of Yourself

Blogger's Note: Throwback blogs are blogs from my past. I start posting past blogs reflecting what I wrote. It's like my "A Second Look" blogs for which I give myself feedback.

Today's throwback blog is titled Today I Want To Talk About Taking Care Of Yourself written on Oct 28, 2018. The timing is perfect during the global pandemic. The blog reminds people work and effort are required to take care of ourselves. I continue practicing consistently what I wrote today. Take nothing for granted. Earn successes. Inside maintenance and outside maintenance are musts to live a happy life. Never stop innovating. Innovate infinitely.

Self-responsibility. Self-respect. I'm serious. Everyone can live better lives working on themselves. Everyone can achieve one step closer to become happy. Take care of yourself honestly. Take care of yourself sincerely. Don't take life for granted. Don't take your body for granted.

Take care of yourself head to toe. Take care of yourself inside and outside. Everything is important. Physical health is important. Eat healthily. Be physical move your body. Mental health is important. Read books. Learn new skills such as job related skills. More knowledge is required in today's information age. Surround yourself with good people to be emotionally stable. Be honest choosing your circle of relationships. Sleep well to practice good spiritually. Our bodies must sleep to recover. A good recovery is required for good physical, mental, and emotional well being. Finally, control your spending. Make good financial choices. Minimize eating out. Buy the best mattress you can afford.

I've seen people and I've heard of people stressing out. In particular, stressed out mothers and fathers affect their children. Stressed out people forget who they are. Stressed out people become weaker, think slower, lose patience, self-esteem becomes poor, and spend more money on processed foods. They fail to take time to take care of their bodies. No self-responsibility. No self-respect. It's ironic intelligent hard work is required to take care of our bodies which includes family time and leisure time.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

2020 Year In Review

Let's start with the nominations. I provide feedback in the thoughts section.

Seven nominations for 2020 Moment Of The Year

1. COVID-19 changes. I grouped all temporary changes and permanently changes caused by the pandemic. They are the following: making homemade bread, boiling water instead of buying water in the supermarkets, working out at home with dumbbells and plates, jogging in the neighborhood, closing windows on hot weather days, opening windows on hot weather evenings, shaving two days a week, trying new restaurants, supporting more local businesses, increasing productivity because more free time, decreasing obligations outside the house, roasting tri-tip or round roast in the oven, exercising in the afternoons instead of the evenings, job training in the evenings instead of the afternoons, reducing laundry, filling my car with gas less often, and setting the air conditioning to 80 degrees instead of 78 degrees while turning off the Patton fan. I admit my neighborhood supporting local businesses is tough because most of them are terrible. Three examples of increase productivity were not driving to the gym saving me 56 minutes weekly, faster job searching because there were fewer job openings, and shopping less often because no need to buy water.

2. Final Fantasy VI. I come out of video game retirement. I completed my first Final Fantasy video game.

3. Harry Potter. I finished reading the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling. It took me decades to read the books.

4. Job training. I continue my self-job training adding finance, adding dashboards, and combining the Sublime Text practice drill, Git, and Linux practice drill in one day. I wrote my first API which is a Twitter API downloading tweets.

5. Life skills training. I self-taught myself how to use a navigational compass. Learn life skills now instead of later. There are more life skills training coming soon. My self-training genius is included.

6. New desktop. I built a new desktop because Microsoft ended Windows 7 support on Jan 2020.

7. The first responders, doctors, nurses, and hospital staff. These are the people helping other people deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. They are worth my personal nomination. I can't do any of their jobs.

Explanation: The obvious no chances of winning are Final Fantasy VI, job training, and life skills training. Nobody cares about video games and trainings. The trainings are my daily life until I find a job; otherwise, I'm a dumb bum. Harry Potter is inappropriate for an adult to win the moment of the year. Timing and luck are part of the reason my new desktop deserves recognition. I changed my job-training schedule, my new desktop is faster, my new desktop doesn't freeze, and desktop hardware deals for Black Friday 2020 was fewer compared to Black Friday 2019 when I purchased most of the hardware. More COVID-19 temporary changes are becoming permanently. I want to recognize the people working directly with COVID-19 saving lives.

What Won: The first responders, doctors, nurses, and hospital staff.

What Should Have Won: The first responders, doctors, nurses, and hospital staff.

My Thoughts: I'm in the minority. 2020 was a good year despite the COVID-19 global pandemic, global recession, and unprecedent pandemic life. The year slowed down. I was productive. I relaxed. I was boring. I anticipate boredom as a nominee for 2021. Boring could be good. It was boring at first. It's exciting at last. The successful people don't say the process is boring. Patience is a virtue.

I maintained my body weight around 165 pounds. Luck was in my favor not getting the virus and not getting sick. Physical workouts were consistent with my mini home gym and cardio workouts. Luck was also in my favor no traumatic events changed my life in a bad way. Watching one movie a week, eating healthy meals, minimizing junk food, and reading books continued.

2020 Letter Grade: B. 2020 was a good year since 2015. 2019 was barely a good year 51% good and 49% bad; although I could reward myself 60% good and 40% bad. Two good years in a row. The last time I had two good years in a row were 2011-2012.

2020 was another 2008. 2020 was another setup year for something big coming soon.

Update On A Past Blog

I factory reset my Samsung Galaxy S7 on Tue Mar 23, 2020. I wrote a blog I Purchased The Samsung Galaxy S7 Five Years Ago Today inspired from factory resetting. I found out later in the day there was a bug on Google's WebView on Android. Sources: The Verge and XDA Developers. The bright side factory resetting my S7 is my phone runs faster and battery time improved.

I'm changing my 2015 Moment Of The Year and my 2016 Moment Of The Year. The 2015 Moment Of The Year written on Jan 14, 2016 is changed from New Feelings to Zion National Park. The 2016 Moment Of The Year written on Feb 5, 2017 is changed from Zion National Park to Steve Jobs' biography written by Walter Isaacson.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

I Purchased The Samsung Galaxy S7 Five Years Ago Today

One of Murphy's Law is the following: If anything can break, it will. One by one apps crashed on my Samsung Galaxy S7 phone yesterday. I factory reset today. Today is also the five year anniversary I purchased the phone.

There is an advantage using the latest and greatest technology. Better hardware. Better software. Devices are built better. Devices are improved. Previous mistakes are corrected. Innovate infinitely. All are true in theory. However, there is a disadvantage using the latest and greatest technology. There are increased chances of broken components and/or software glitches. There are more opportunities of failures. There is more resulting in more possibilities something can go wrong.

My present situation my S7 satisfies the daily minimums consisting of phone calls, text, internet browser, GPS for maps, email, mp3 player, and a camera. My most useful apps are the following: file manager, YouTube, scanner, first aid, IMDb, Amazon, banks, SoundHound, local news, Reddit, social media, and Stitcher. No games. No videos outside YouTube. No physical retail stores apps. I buy a new phone when my S7 stops working.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

She Doesn't Belong Here

I dreamed last night I ate at McDonalds. The McDonalds resembled a location without the indoor Playland on Homestead Rd. in Santa Clara, CA. I parked my car perpendicular to the building and shading from the sun. I ordered two McChicken sandwiches and a small coke. My finished order was four plain toast and between seven to ten pieces of French fries on separate paper plates. I complained to the white female manager in her 20s. She corrected my order.

I sat down in the seating area to eat. Minutes passed. The manager checked on me. I said everything was okay. I played the race card. I requested to ask a personal question. She said yes. I asked, "What are you doing here? You don't belong here." She replied I'm a single mom with no education. She lives with her mom who provided babysitting and a roof over their head. I woke up.

Update On A Past Blog

I add the movie Risky Business starring Tom Cruise to the list of Top Ten Movies I Watched Late on Mar 1, 2014. I didn't behave like Joel Goodson when I was a high school teenager. It was impossible because my parents never went on vacation by themselves. I could have been exposed to materialism, prostitution, and capitalism when I was young.