Monday, April 30, 2007

You Must Create The Endings

Most of today's USA public schools year is September and June. June to August is summer vacation. All my school years followed the schedule. When summer vacation begins, the school year ends. Schools have endings and college have endings. The ultimate ending is graduation.

Unfortunately, schools following the June to August summer vacation schedule create a false sense of what life is about. Life doesn't have two and a half months summer vacations. Some people can even afford a summer vacation especially where I live. Life doesn't give you an ending. You must work on your ending. If you want a bright ending, then get up the couch and create action.

When I went to school and college, I followed the system. The system failed to teach me and to tell me that life doesn't have summer vacations. Life doesn't give you an ending. I thought my ending was to graduate and get a job. Man, what a boring and unfulfilling ending.

When you become an adult, the endings are limitless. When you reach an ending, another beginning awaits. Do you want to be better at something? Then go out and end your current situation and create a new beginning.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

I Promise To Keep My Age Positive

One of my regrets today is I wasted time during my 20s. I can't turn back the clock. I must move forward. What did I know back then? I thought I did well.

A few weeks ago two people told me when I joke about my 30s, when I told people my regrets in my 20s, when I told people my wisdom and how to have a better life in their 20s, they worried about me Worried about me??? Gee, I never thought about that. Worried about me?? All I was doing was telling them don't waste time, don't waste life. It seemed I communicated incorrectly. There was a hint of regret >.>

Age 30s is considered young in today's society. Truthfully, I feel left out on life, and I don’t want others to experience my faults, what I fail to do in my last 10 to 12 years. As it turns out, people worry about my well being everytime I say anything negative about my age.

Perhaps I'm in denial about my 30s and I feel older. I don't know. I see people younger than me having the time of their lives, living in the present and being young, and some of them smarter than me. Rest assured. I'm catching up, and sooner or later, my catching up speeds up faster and faster. Maybe I should slow down once in a while XD

I make a promise today to keep my age positive. No more telling stories about what I failed to do. No more telling people my regrets. No more stay young stories. Age is just a number. And in time I must accept age is a number. Today, age is a factor in my life choices. As time moves forward, I seek the reasons to believe age is just a number, not a life hindrance.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Free Bird

O.K. The title of the Blog is unrelated to what I'm talking about. I'm listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd and I said, "Free Bird" which is my title XP

Update at Cisco. Tomorrow, I start my fifth week at Cisco. No complaints. There are lots to learn. And I need to know more Crystal Reports. Last week, it took me all week to complete an assignment. I was happy, lucky, and concern. I was happy I finished my assignment because it involved Crystal, and my Crystal knowledge is still newbie. I was lucky because there were moments I needed to think of another way to do it and I did it. My concern was the assignment was updating the monthly statistics report which was in a quarterly format. For those who produce monthly and/or quarterly reports, I believe we are talking on the same page. A quarterly format is not used for monthly reports because nobody wants to read a quarterly reports 12 times a year ;-)

Here are two Innovating Common Knowledge Blogs. Enjoy!

Working Hard? Learn How To Cook

Do you work hard? Some people do. And some people work too hard. If you work too hard and need to find a new activity to take a break, then consider cooking.

Many people who work too hard chances are high they can't cook. They eat at restaurants, eat processed foods, drink coffee . . . unconcerned what they eat. You are what you eat. One may be making lots and lots of money; however, how can one enjoy the money if they work too hard and are unhealthy to spend. If a hard worker is staying in the hospital in bad health, then all the money may not be able to save his or her life, and who wants to spend hard working money in medical bills $-/ A dead hard worker can't spend money six feet under X.X

There are many benefits to cook at home. For me, I cook healthy food. The more healthy food I eat, the less likely I visit the hospital. Eating healthy food promotes good healthy habits, keeps the weight acceptable, and keeps the brain active and heart pumping and pumping. When I cook, I take a break from work. I take food and ingredients to create something for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My brain slows down from the fast pace, critical thinking working environment. Even brains need to rest from thinking too long. And when I think of anything including work, the kitchen provides me an environment to think differently, think slowly, and think at the back of head. My primary brain thinking is cooking without burning the stove. *hee, hee*

Please visit my webpage to find simple recipes.

Bored? Do Something Out Of The Ordinary

One of my pet peeves is boredom. I hate to be bored. Boredom wastes time. Some say being bored is O.K. It's like a time out. For me, though, if I want to be bored, I take a nap. (-,-)

Boredom is an opportunity to do something out of the ordinary. I remember in August 21, 2005, I was super bored. It was the last time I was super bored, and I even wrote the moment on paper. What I did was I looked at all of my anime art books including Full Metal Alchemist, Evangelion, and Card Captor Sakura. Since the day, when I get super bored, I find activities I usually never do. I find activities I never did in a long time. I just find something, anything, whatever, and think of new activities and new ventures to pursue.

Here are some activities to consider when bored: watch a DVD never watched in a long time, take a walk around the neighborhood, read a book, play an old video game, clean the bathroom, listen to a CD never listened to before, go shopping, organize a future gathering, create a Blog, watch YouTube videos, learn how to cook (huh, what?), and take a nap.

Life goes by fast. The older the person, the faster life goes by. Live every moment in the present. Live right now. Boredom is evil in life. Stay active, and it's O.K. to take life slowly. Just don't sit on the couch waiting for life to come to you. Do something, anything, whatever, and think of new activities and new ventures to pursue.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Rule Number 6: Be A Good Listener

One of my all-time favorite books is "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. Rule Number 6 in the book is Be A Good Listener. Being a good listener is listening to the other person talking and learning something from the other person. It can be one of his or her hobbies, family, workplace, advice, or acquiring information. Furthermore, if there is a discussion on a current event, concept, or idea, being a good listener demonstrates or shows action you are listening and understanding their opinion, their point of view, and their thinking.

Being a good listener also applies to being a parent. Frustrated or anger parents arguing or scolding their children may say, "Don't talk back at me." Nonsense. When the children want to talk back, chances are the children want to express their feelings, their thoughts, and maybe find a solution to the argument both sides can agree on. Are the children angry? Absolutely. Parents must pursue the path to be noble and prove to their children the arguments have a solution everyone can be happy. Be empathic . . . ask the children to tell them everything and understand from their point of view. And hug the child. Parents hugging the children also prove the love for the children.

The rule also applies to managers, supervisors, and executives. When a worker has something to say, hear them out. Maybe the worker has a great idea. If the worker has a conflict to share, listen carefully and help find a solution. There is always a solution to an argument. Managers, supervisors, and executives, prove to the subordinates you're an all-star. Listen to them with empathy and understand from their point of view. When the workers say and spread positive comments, creditability goes up big time.

Be a good listener. And it's normal to ask the speaking person to repeat what they last said. I need clarification to make sure I heard what the speaker said correctly.