Sunday, April 26, 2009

De Anza Journal Week Apr 20, 2009

Mon Apr 20

Sun Apr 19 I was in San Francisco attending the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival. I arrived home around 11:30pm. The last time I checked email was Fri night Apr 17. Few of my emails require immediate attention. Unfortunately, one email was significant. My Monday class was cancelled.

I arrived at ten minutes late to my class. I saw three students. All of us wondered what's going on. We stayed for an additional ten minutes. Then we departed.

I came home and checked my email. The instructor's email arrived in my inbox Sun afternoon Apr 19. What a waste. Oh, well. Can't change the past. I needed more time to finish my Japanese homework. The hot weather was miserable. I started my homework at night time.

Tue Apr 21

The unseasonably warm weather continued. I finished almost all of my homework and studied for the quiz. I was behind in studying my lecture notes. Not good. I arrived in class on time and the instructor was testing hiragana to the students again. Damn, she's demanding and the class is going too fast.

The class took the quiz. I didn't do well. On the bright side, I got a perfect score on the first quiz. The rest of the time the instructor continued the material from last week and she explained in more detailed the homework assignment. I have not started on the homework assignment.

Wed Apr 22

I dropped Japanese online. Why did I drop? Here's the reason. The best decision I made in 2009 so far was taking classes in De Anza. That is now the second best decision. The new best decision is dropping Japanese. I purchase a new Japanese book at Kinokuniya on Fri Apr 24 to self teach myself. Time will tell if dropping Japanese was a good choice.

The Strength Development started ten minutes late. Half of the class attended. The instructor explained why Monday's class was cancelled. The short answer is budget cuts. No substitutes available in Spring Quarter '09. I had a good workout. Looking forward to learn free weights soon.

After showering in the men's locker room, I went to the Campus Center for a hamburger and regular fries. Next time I order the combo, I tell the worker to provide half of the fries. I couldn't finish it. The regular fries tasted better than the curly fries. I read the Japanese comic Black Cat chapters 2-5.

I attended Social Dance. We continued to learn the cha cha cha. The instructor added her personal moves. My sister said the moves are not part of the un-chorographic cha cha cha. The guys picked up the new moves quicker than the gals. Overall, the girls stink. When the instructor said to find a partner, the guys rushed to the good gals, LOL. I stayed after class was over to practice more. I helped one girl improved cha cha cha after class.

Thur Apr 23

I dropped Japanese. No need for a Thur entry anymore.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Please Tell Me What You’re Feeling

How many times do you ask yourself or ask someone else, “Please tell me what you’re feeling.”? I bet the question is asked 95% of the time you or someone feels sad, old, tired, stressed, lonely, lost, bored, depressed, hurt, loss of confidence, and/or disappointed. Why do we ask ourselves or someone else the question when we experience any of the negative feelings? Can we ask ourselves or someone else the question when we experience positive feelings such as happy, young, energetic, loose, focused, active, joyful, confidence, and/or successful? The reason we ask the question when we experience negative feelings is to demonstrate and to show empathy action which is good. We ask the question to let out the negative feelings instead of keeping them inside which is unhealthy. And the question seeks to know the exact negative state because there are many and what can be done to solve the negative state.

On the other hand, almost all of us never ask the question when another person is in a positive state. Why is the question asked rarely? Honestly, I have no answer. Can it be a happy person is a happy person . . . happy is happy, happy, joy, joy. There are different ways to be happy, yet most of us never ask the question to know the exact happiness. Or maybe we see a happy person and we become jealous we avoid asking the question.

I admit I don’t ask someone else what they’re feeling when they’re happy. I try to remember the question the next time I see my friends and acquaintances in a happy state of mood. The question promotes happiness and recognizes my friends and acquaintances in their moment of happiness state. What kind of happiness are you now? It’s a good idea to ask what kind of happiness oneself is in when in a state of happiness, too.

Correction: In the blog Your Underwear Matters, I purchased boxers from The Gap, not Old Navy.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Room

Pics of my room. My room is also a second family room where family and guests hang out in my room. We can play games with the folding table next to my bed and folding chairs downstairs, watch movies, and chat. My brother and I shared the room when we were little. I always keep the door open regardless of items hanging from the door. Enjoy the pics below! If I lose something, I refer to the pics, LOL!

I'm growing up Finding Raymond Mar

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Feel Lonely

Blogger's Note: I'm posting the blog at Innovating Common Knowledge and Finding Raymond Mar. The difference is the title.

I feel lonely. Recently, I know other people who shared they're feeling lonely. Now I'm feeling lonely. Why do I feel lonely?

*Thur night after Japanese I felt overwhelmed with the upcoming homework assignments and quiz. The homework is going to take time and I'm sure I'm not going to comprehend the concepts. Thank you to my friends who gave me information how I approach completing the assignments and handling the class.

*I updated my Facebook (FB) status and I was polite to read the status updates except the quizzes and spam from my friends. 95% of the status updates are a waste of my time including the quizzes and spam. I stand by my belief FB is best used for posting your updates and telling your FB friends what you have been doing recently. Posting pictures is OK.

*I ate a bad lunch and felt weak throughout the afternoon.

*I ran errands after lunch. I got a haircut, and I got a different person. My regular was doing something on a laptop. Then I went to a surplus store to buy a new pair of boots for one of my anime costumes. The store didn't have my style. I visit the store again to find a substitute. After the store, I got gas. One person was asking people for money. I gave her $2. She seemed legitimate. Finally, I went to Nob Hill to buy milk and garlic salt. The supermarket sold out on the big garlic salt container. WTH!!!

*My family and I ate another lazy dinner. I'm sad. I feel family dinners must be prepared with care and effort.

*I was sad to hear a group of my friends organizing another get together had problems.

*I thought about what if I'm 40 years old and I still live at home in the back of my head. Shame. What if I still don't know what I'm going to do with my life? Legitimate concern. What if I don't meet new people and make new friends? Another legitimate concern.

*Sun Apr 19 is the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco, CA. The last two cosplay events I felt lonely. I'm worry I'm going to be lonely even though I have friends coming with me.

Looking at the events Thur and Fri I really don't know why I'm feeling lonely. Maybe it's not the events rather it's just something in my body making me feel lonely. Can it be accutane? I doubt it. I watch myself regarding my loneliness continues next week.

Feeling lonely is normal even though a lonely person has family and friends. I repeat. Feeling lonely is normal, and I had experience loneliness before. The lonely feeling passes in time as long as we stay busy and stay active doing activities.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

De Anza Journal Week Apr 13, 2009

Nothing dramatic big or small to share. The second week I established my schedule. I know I'm going part-time. It's the adjustment going back to school and studying at home. Attending De Anza full time is coming soon. Still looking for a full time job in the morning and afternoon.

Mon Apr 13

I have one class on Mondays that is Strength Development. No need to arrive early for a parking space and no need to use the locker in the men's locker room. I went to my gym to run on the treadmill for 20 minutes before class. I arrived 5 minutes late and the coach was on time =P After class, I went home. I read an article I must jog for 20 minutes or less before lifting weights. If I jog more than 20 minutes I lose energy to lift weights effectively.

Tue Apr 14

Japanese was a vocabulary review. Everyone got the answers for the quiz on Thur Apr 16. We needed to memorize the Japanese words spelled in English or Roman-ji. The instructor continued to drill and have all students talk to each other in Japanese. The instructor needs improvement in her lectures. She is disorganized when she explains concepts and new vocabulary.

After class, I got my dance shoes from my sister's dance studio where she teaches.

Wed Apr 15

I jogged three laps at the track before Strength Development. I arrived on time and the coach was 10 minutes late :P I finished almost all my workouts as if I was working out at the gym. I didn't do any crunches. I did the angled bench press (I forgot the name of the workout). In time, I begin experimenting and re-familiarize with the free weights.

Then I went to the men's locker room and showered. I went to the Campus Center to eat a hamburger and read the Japanese comic or manga Black Cat chapter 1. When in doubt what to eat, eat a hamburger. The cafeteria's curly fries are too spicy :O

At 7pm, I went to my dance class. We continued to learn the cha cha cha. The instructor was likely tired and lost focus because at times she seemed pissed. At the end of the class, the instructor said we looked great dancing the cha cha cha. I don't think so. We spent two class meetings (excluding roll call and going over the syllabus) and we are good at the cha cha cha? Heck no. We still need practice. The next class meeting I wear a white t-shirt. It was hot.

Thur Apr 16

We took the first quiz for Japanese. We learned lots of new material and concepts. Lots of information even though one class meeting is actually two 50 minute classes. I don't mind the cram like schedule because I drive less often to class. The dilemma is knowing Hiragana and Katakana. There is so much to memorize. I just started memorizing the Hiragana and already the instructor was showing us flash cards to the class. No excuse to not memorizing. I consult my friends who took Japanese for their thoughts and opinions. I already have a college degree. Whatever letter grade I earn—I earn it. I continue to learn Japanese during the summer. Vocabulary quiz next class meeting.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Doubleheader 1 of 2: I Hate The Word "Rush"

Baseball season is back. I write two blogs for the double header. The blogs are short XD

The world continues to move fast even though we are in a global recession. I hoped everything and everyone in life slow down. President Barack Obama continues to bail out Wall Street with taxpayer money. We are rushing the economic recovery. The United States experience the consequences years later from the rushed economic recovery. I feel sad we are not slowing down T__T

There is a common saying, "Haste makes waste." Those who rush success and receiving immediate positive results are likely going to experience major problems in the long run. Take your time. There are easy ways to learn. There are no easy ways to master. Take baseball players in the major leagues. These professionals have years and years of experience and practice and practice hard work and mistakes and mistakes learning to play baseball. They did not become ballplayers overnight.

Please take your time. Avoid rushing success.

I'm growing up Finding Raymond Mar

Doubleheader 2 of 2: New Desktop Pad And Tying To 300

Yesterday I studied my Japanese on my desk. My desk has a Hewlett Packard 1987 12 month calendar desktop pad. Yup, 1987. My Dad gave me the desktop pad in junior high, and it's still in good condition. Each sheet contained all 12 months and there are more than 12 sheets.

I removed the old sheet from wear and tear. I write the date when I use the new sheet or date I removed the old sheet. The date was Feb 17, 2007 on the old sheet. It took me 788 days to change the sheet. I thought, "What the hell did I do?" In other words, what didn't I do on my desk. I didn't learn anything new. I didn't do anything big ;__;

Then I thought about my 300th blog and a key statistic: The longest date range no blog in the top 30 is Sep 26, 2007 to July 9, 2008, a span of 287 days or approximately 9.6 months. Also, I forgot who I was between Mon Mar 19, 2007 and Fri Oct 3, 2008. On Sat Oct 4, 2008, I realized I must grow up.

I didn't use my desk for a long time. I didn't use my desk to innovate myself. I didn't use my desk to learn something new. I use my desk for small stuff such as paying bills and writing notes. Today, I'm paying bills, writing notes, AND learning Japanese. My desk is back in my life. I'm happy XD

Side note: View the 300th blog here.

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Extra Innings: Watch Susan Boyle

The hype is true!!! Watch Susan Boyle:

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Accutane Day 68

I went to my dermatologist for a routine checkup and another 30 day supply of accutane on Mon Apr 13. My blood test testing my lipids was discussed. My triglycerides and VLDL cholesterol were good, and I continue accutane :D My cholesterol was 210, 10 points higher than the 200 borderline good. My LDL cholesterol was 132, 2 points higher than the 130 borderline good. The physician assistant (PA) said heredity might be a factor for the high numbers. I need to think about heredity. I get another blood test after my treatment is over.

I had one pimple on my back shoulder blade last week. I'm confident there were no pimples on my face in the last two weeks. I still have blackheads on my face ;__; I don't see any improvement. The PA said the chances for success on accutane is just over 50% for one round of treatment. I continue to be patient ^__^ The PA said there is a cyst on my freckle on the right cheek close to my nose. Minor surgery is required to remove the cyst. The PA said I must avoid popping the cyst.

Again, the PA went through standard protocol asking me questions such as do I feel depressed, moody, and suicidal. I purchased Blistex Lip Medex, a lip balm in a container with a lid, for my dry lips. The Lip Medex works! (I applied the lip balm in the pic.)

I write the dates for new acne from now and the next appointment. I take a picture, too ;)

I raised the camera ^^^

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Friday, April 10, 2009

De Anza Journal Week Apr 6, 2009

Starting today, I write a weekly college journal. I wrote a daily journal while I was at San Jose State University (SJSU) from 1992-1997. I'm taking three classes and I feel it's not worth my time writing a journal daily. Here we go:

Spring Quarter '09. I'm back in school. The last college class I took was Business Plan at De Anza Winter Quarter '06. My friend suggested I take Cantonese. Beginning Cantonese is not offered for Spring '09 and I choose Japanese. I'm taking beginning Japanese , Social Dance Part II, and Strength Development. My goal is to find a second major before Fall '09. My top choices are nursing, accounting, and finance.

I attend classes four days a week. I have Strength Development Mon and Wed, Japanese Tues and Thurs, and Social Dance Part II on Wed. All classes are afternoon and evening. Japanese is held off site.

Mon Apr 6

I arrived at De Anza at 2pm on Mon to get a parking space. There were plenty. Next, I walked around campus to re-familiarize myself the campus. Next I got my student body card. I went to the Campus Center to drink water and watch anime on my laptop. The day was warm. I attended the Strength Development class. The instructor explained the class including a glitch in the system. The system allowed regular students like me and student athletes to register. The problem was the system forgot to cap the number of students. Regardless, the instructor accepted everyone.

I went back to the Campus Center after Strength Development. I ate Chinese for a snack. The food was bland. I eat a hamburger next time. Then I went to the library and read Full Metal Alchemist chapters 83 and 84. The reason I stayed on campus was to add Social Dance Part I.

Social Dance Part I took place in the visual arts center. Everyone danced on the stage. The instructor said Part I and Part II are beginners. Part I had too many students. I said to myself, "I take my chances on Part II." I exited the visual arts center and went to the bookstore to purchase the Japanese textbook.

Times have changed on my first day. My undergraduate years at SJSU only a few had cell phones the size of today's cordless phones or bigger. Only a few had laptops. There were no wireless. If anyone wanted internet, they must go to a computer lab. Everyone with cell phones either talked or texted. Everyone with laptops browsed the internet, did homework, or chatted.

Tue Apr 7

Tue night was Japanese. It was a full class. We learned the greetings in Japanese. Lots of drills and the instructor made everyone participated. The class was diverse including high school students, full time students, students just taking Japanese for personal reasons, and the unemployed. After Japanese, I went to Borders to purchase a Japanese dictionary with a 30% off coupon. Then I went back to the bookstore to purchase a Japanese workbook and a physical ed book for Social Dance and Strength Development.

Wed Apr 8

On Wed, I signed up for a locker in the men's locker room. Before class, I jogged two laps in the track. Next class, I jog three laps. The instructor introduced most of the machines and some free weights. Then he let us try the machines. Fortunately, I workout and I know most of the machines. I workout on my legs. After class, I took a shower and changed to appropriate clothing for Social Dance Part II. I wear my workout shirt and workout shorts before I leave the house Mon and Wed. I bring my change of clothes and soap on Wed only.

After showering, I went to the Campus Center to eat a hamburger and curly fries. The curly fries were spicy. Next time, I order the hamburger only. I watched anime while eating. Then Social Dance Part II. The Wed class had much less people. The instructor went through the course requirements. After questions were answered, everyone got on the stage. The instructor taught the cha cha cha. I had problems learning because the instructor went fast and I could not see her feet. During the dancing with partners, I watched one of her assistants.

I went home and told my sister we learned the cha cha cha first. She disapproved because it's a harder dance to learn. My sister dances competitively. She teaches me the cha cha cha before the next class meeting.

Thur Apr 9

Thur night in Japanese, we reviewed the basic greetings in Japanese and we started working in the textbook. We started learning katakana and hiragana. The first homework assignment is due Tue.

Next week I'm going to be more stable and do what I need to do. The first journal was a detailed walk through adjusting myself to my classes. My next journal I'm not going to detailed what I did such as going to the bookstore; rather the highlights, observations, and lessons I learned.

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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Your Underwear Matters

The economy is in a recession. Everyone is watching their spending, including yours truly XD We still buy the bare necessities such as food, water, toothpaste, soap, and gas. I'm sure most people don't buy new clothing ever year—at least my family and my closest friends don't. I fail to understand people buying new clothes every year. Their closets must be full big time. Maybe these people donate their oldest clothes or give to other family and friends yearly?

Clothes can be purchased cheap or expensive. Ross, Marshalls, and TJ Max sells clothing cheap; however, their clothing are from major department stores that must clear out old inventory. Kohl's sells new clothing at inexpensive prices because of their sales. Macys and The Gap are good places when their new clothes are on sale; in addition, both stores have their own clearance section. And there is the high end clothing stores Nordstrom's and Bloomingdales $-/

I purchased new underwear recently. I got Calvin Klein and The Gap boxers. I realized a person must avoid wearing cheap underwear. The best underwear makes the person feel good about themselves IMO. Imagine you're about to sleep with another person and the woman (or man if you're gay) sees you wear underwear from JC Penny's. Bad. How about Hanes? Hmm, maybe. Costco? You should slip by.

You can wear cheap shirts, pants, jackets, socks, and tops. Personally, I can't tell the brand name by looking at a person's clothes. I never pay attention to people's clothes. Regardless, wear brand name underwear sold individually.

Is the blog serious? Is the blog sarcastic? You choose `__^

Side note: I started wearing boxers in 2005. Boxers beats briefs big time.

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Sunday, April 05, 2009

A Gift From Japan

My friend Appu visited Japan for 10 days during his spring vacation. Appu was nice to offer my friends and I to get one item from Japan. I saw the vacation pics. He had a great time. Unfortunately, my request could not be found. Appu gave me a Toushiro Hitsugaya hand cushion. I can also use it to squeeze my hand and relive stress. I rarely stress out ~~ Toushiro Hitsugaya aka "Shiro-chan" is from the anime hit series Bleach and a character I dress up when I attend anime conventions.

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Thursday, April 02, 2009

This Is A Test

This Is A Test 0123456789 the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog

I'm growing up Finding Raymond Mar