Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Feel Lonely

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I feel lonely. Recently, I know other people who shared they're feeling lonely. Now I'm feeling lonely. Why do I feel lonely?

*Thur night after Japanese I felt overwhelmed with the upcoming homework assignments and quiz. The homework is going to take time and I'm sure I'm not going to comprehend the concepts. Thank you to my friends who gave me information how I approach completing the assignments and handling the class.

*I updated my Facebook (FB) status and I was polite to read the status updates except the quizzes and spam from my friends. 95% of the status updates are a waste of my time including the quizzes and spam. I stand by my belief FB is best used for posting your updates and telling your FB friends what you have been doing recently. Posting pictures is OK.

*I ate a bad lunch and felt weak throughout the afternoon.

*I ran errands after lunch. I got a haircut, and I got a different person. My regular was doing something on a laptop. Then I went to a surplus store to buy a new pair of boots for one of my anime costumes. The store didn't have my style. I visit the store again to find a substitute. After the store, I got gas. One person was asking people for money. I gave her $2. She seemed legitimate. Finally, I went to Nob Hill to buy milk and garlic salt. The supermarket sold out on the big garlic salt container. WTH!!!

*My family and I ate another lazy dinner. I'm sad. I feel family dinners must be prepared with care and effort.

*I was sad to hear a group of my friends organizing another get together had problems.

*I thought about what if I'm 40 years old and I still live at home in the back of my head. Shame. What if I still don't know what I'm going to do with my life? Legitimate concern. What if I don't meet new people and make new friends? Another legitimate concern.

*Sun Apr 19 is the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco, CA. The last two cosplay events I felt lonely. I'm worry I'm going to be lonely even though I have friends coming with me.

Looking at the events Thur and Fri I really don't know why I'm feeling lonely. Maybe it's not the events rather it's just something in my body making me feel lonely. Can it be accutane? I doubt it. I watch myself regarding my loneliness continues next week.

Feeling lonely is normal even though a lonely person has family and friends. I repeat. Feeling lonely is normal, and I had experience loneliness before. The lonely feeling passes in time as long as we stay busy and stay active doing activities.

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Anonymous said...

I get those same feelings and thoughts.