Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007 Year In Review

Hello, everyone. Was 2007 a fast year? 2007 is the fastest year ever for me. It's like I visited Las Vegas last week. (I visited Las Vegas in December 11-13, 2006.) I keep the year in review short because I don't want to jinx 2008 *__*

2007 is another good year. It's the first time I have three good years in a row. The 2007 highlights include my new job at Cisco, my first car, and my dermatitis is gone after I switched hand lotions. The 2007 lowlights include the month of July, attending fewer anime cons, and creating only one video blog. My job at Cisco has been ups and downs. The ups are meeting new people, learning new skills, and gaining experience working a multi-billion dollar company. The downs are inconsistent workloads such that sometimes I'm really busy and sometimes I'm bored, projects completed after due dates, and miscommunication.

The 2007 theme is The Year I Prepare For The Big Break. Arguably, working at Cisco is the Big Break. To me, Cisco is a parallel career move. Most of my responsibilities at Cisco are the same at Colliers. My 2008 theme is The Year I Prepare For The Big Break Part II. The Big Break is coming. I don't know when, I don't what, and I don't know where. I must prepare. And for 2008 I need to keep my laughing in check. It's OK to be enthusiastic. It's not OK to be too enthusiastic because I look terrible being too enthusiastic.

Thank you for reading my Blogs (and there are a few of you, LOL).

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Double Xmas Gift: Just Living Life Today

I want to share my thoughts about living life. I have been writing Blogs about living life. I continue to write about living life to remind myself and my readers living life is living life today—live the present. Live the present to make moments and memories. Collect the moments and memories and you live a great life. Continue to find moments and memories. Never stop living. Seek your next great moment and next adventure. Always meet new people.

We live life today. We have good days and we have bad days. If we have bad days, bad moments, bad time, or experiencing a bad slump, don't give up. Never give up. Keep going. Keep moving forward. As you live life today and another day is tomorrow, keep fighting, gain strength and acquire knowledge to turn the bad days to good days tomorrow.

Learn from your mistakes. It's OK to be depressed. Don't complain about life being bad to you. Life is not going to be good if you sit around doing nothing. Create action. Stop complaining. The only person to determine a good life and a bad life is you.

If you have a bad day, then stay strong and finish the day. Try to get something positive from a bad day. If you have the focus and the knowledge good days are ahead and you work for good days ahead, then the bad days are just another day, the bad day is temporary. Move forward after a bad day.

If your Christmas holiday is bad, then move forward. Let the bad Christmas holiday pass by you and do something to prepare for a good 2008 Christmas holiday. Do something to create 2008 Christmas good moments and memories.

Double Xmas Gift: My Extended Vacation

Merry Christmas and happy holidays. I hope everyone is having a great holiday. My week off work was terrific. I took vacation Monday December 17 to Friday December 21 and the Christmas holiday December 24-25. I got lots of stuff done and did lots of activities. I'm caught up reading my Bleach and Full Metal Alchemist anime manga. I went to Santa Cruz with my friend from Washington. I purchased The Simpsons Movie DVD and Family Guy volume 3. I wrote three Blogs entries including this one. I uploaded 39 more songs to my mp3 player. I backed up, defragged, and performed a system wide virus scan on my laptop. I sewed my fourth cosplay thanks to my Mom teaching me to sew. (BTW, the costume is still incomplete.) I went Christmas shopping. I watched The Nutcracker ballet. I hung out with my friends. I watch episodes 119-125 in Bleach which I'm still behind =( And I celebrated Christmas with my family.

Wow, I did so much during my week off and extended Christmas vacation. The week went by just right. Not too fast and not too slow. There was one downside, unfortunately, which was playing Team Fortress 2. Most of the melees I played were terrible. Some of the games were stalemate such that both sides played defense and little offense or we traded control of capture points. A few games my team sucked and many of them don't know how to play.

Tomorrow, I go back to work. Honestly, I'm looking forward to go back to work. It's time to get back to my weekly schedule. It's time to get stuff done and catch up at work. I hope to catch up. Before I went on vacation, I was behind in lots of responsibilities. Vacation is over. Furthermore, I hope to get back to a routine schedule outside work at home such as going to the gym two days a week, cooking fresh dinner at home, and continue doing stuff to prevent from getting behind.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Need For Speed

I remember one dream I played for the San Francisco 49ers football team. Bill Walsh was the head coach. Joe Montana was the quarterback. I was a running back. It was late in the 4th quarter and the 49ers were down seven points to the opposition. I don't remember the opposition team name.

Montana called the play in the huddle. I was at Montana's left side and he was in shot gun formation. My route was to bump a defensive pass rusher and run a slant to the right side. Montana said immediately after the huddle if I'm open, expect at pass at the 20 yard line. We were in the opposition 40 yard line.

The play began. I bumped a defensive pass rusher and ran my route. I was open at the 25 yard line. I knew the ball was in the air and when I turn around before I arrived at the 20 yard line, the ball was there for me to catch. Unfortunately, the ball was intercepted. Montana threw a perfect pass. I was slow to reach the 20 yard line. The defensive back who intercepted read the play and arrived at the 20 faster than me.

The 49ers lost the game. Coach Walsh and Montana said nothing. My teammates gave me the look that I failed. I failed. Yes, I failed. The team walked to the locker room. I was thinking what I did wrong. I figured it out. I needed speed. I was too slow. If I was faster, I arrived at the 20 yard line to catch the ball.

I worked to increase my speed the next day. And then I woke up =)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Top 10 Most Memorable Moments Since I Graduated San Jose State University

December 1997. It was my last month in college, turning in homework, taking exams, and writing term papers . . . anything a professor requires in his or her class. 10 years passed with a degree in Economics. Here I am. I'm currently work at Cisco as a contractor, drive own my car, play Team Fortress 2 online, work out at the gym, watch anime, hang out with friends, accomplish my goals, and find who I am. Honestly, I still consider myself lost ^^^

Between December 1997 and today, lots of events, moments, and incidents happened to me. Most of those happened since September 2004. I'm going to be honest. I want to share those events, moments, and incidents. I want to share now instead of when I'm 40 years old and creating my Top 40 Most Memorable Moments. (My Top 30 Most Memorable Moments when I turned 30 years old can be viewed at Scroll down or click the link Top 30 Most Memorable Moments.)

Celebrating my 10 years out of college, here is the Top 10 Most Memorable Moments Since I Graduated San Jose State University.

10 Las Vegas Trip (December 2004). My friend Steve and I took a mini vacation to Las Vegas. We stayed one night at Paris Las Vegas and the second night at the Bellagio. Both of us agreed the Bellagio is the best hotel room we stayed. It was worth the price. We also went to Fremont Street and played $2-$4 limit Texas Hold'em. Unfortunately, we both lost money. Our best event was playing the camel race game Chariots (something) and playing craps at Luxor. Monday Night Football, gambling, and complementary bottle water were great Monday night entertainment.

09 Oregon Trip (November 2005). My Dad, Mom, Uncle, Aunt, and I took a road trip to Oregon to buy real estate. We drove from the Bay Area to Oregon, a 14 hour drive. During the trip to and from Oregon, we gambled in the Indian casinos. I won $100.00 $-) We also shopped in outlet stores and visited Multnomah Falls and downtown Portland. We stayed in the Salem area. We talked to a real estate agent who gave us a list of homes for sale. We did a self-tour. In the end, the timing was not right to buy. Glad we didn't buy any homes. My favorite parts were no sales tax and when you buy gas, the gas attendant must fill your gas.

08 Innovate Infinitely Was Created (November 2000). There is no without Innovate Infinitely. Innovate Infinitely was created when I was driving to Japantown-San Jose. Initially, I needed a web page theme because my family, friends, and acquaintances' web pages have a theme. I wanted a never stop learning theme. Always find ways to be a better person. And when you accomplished something, find another way to improve it.

At a stop light, the words Innovate and Infinitely came to my mind. I said the words together, "Innovate Infinitely . . . Never Stop Innovating Life." Today, I'm innovating infinitely--always finding something new to learn, always improving what I know, always creating, and always becoming a better person professionally and personally.

07 Is Online (May 1, 2004). On June 2003, I choose to create a new web site with a new design to promote Innovate Infinitely. Everything I learned in the 30 years at work, in leisure, at San Jose State, reading books, and living life everyday can be summarized in two words-Innovate Infinitely. It took 10 months finding a web hosting company, learning how to register a domain name, how the Domain Name Servers work, and learning the basics of web pages and the Internet. The experience and journey were worth the adventure. I admit I have lots more to learn. is a start. I hope the people who visit my web site are satisfied and come back to visit again.

06 Anime Expo 2006 (July 2006). What a happy vacation and happy time: CLAMP panel, meeting new people, took lots of cosplay pics, Vic Mignogna panel, Full Metal Alchemist movie, Full Metal Alchemist mini gathering, meeting new people, . . . . the list goes on. I rarely stayed in my hotel room.

05 The Next Rich Dad, Poor Dad (2002)? The first time I heard of Robert Kiyosaki was a late night infomercial. The infomercial was the only infomercial I watched from beginning to end. The information made perfect sense. L.M, a friend and former co-worker, introduced Kiyosaki with greater detailed. She told me about Kiyosaki's books, tapes, seminars, and the web page.

I went to Costco the same week and I saw Kiyosaki's first book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I purchased the book, read the book, and became more aware about my financials and my future. I read books by Peter Lynch, learned how to read a financial statement, attended seminars, read more Kiyosaki books, and, in short, started to learn more about businesses and expand my skills and knowledge professionally and personally.

In 1999 when I was out of college, I never had a five year plan. Today, I have a five year plan. I want to innovate myself with knowledge and skills in technology, web pages, stock market, and whatever else I'm interested in learning. Also, I want to meet and know more people-expand my circle of friends, family, and acquaintances.

Ms. L.M., we do keep in touch from time to time and it's hard with our busy schedules. When I make my first million dollars, I'm going to make sure you are appreciated.

Update: Ms L.M. is currently working at Cisco. We do have lunch together and chat.

04 My First Car (May 2007). My neighbor and his wife moved to Virginia (or was it West Virginia?) and they sold their second car to me. The car is a 2005 Toyota Camry V6. The car runs great. I look forward to future adventures. And the car has air condition. I mention air condition because there was no air condition in my Dad's older cars I drove.

03 My Job At Cisco Systems, Inc. (March 19, 2007). I paid $100.00 at to increase my chances of my resume appearing on employers search for 30 days. I got a call for an interview at Cisco for a contractor position eight days after I paid. I was hired. No more Colliers International. No more working on their crappy databases they have failed since 1997. No more working with my dumb-ass co-worker. No complaints working at Cisco ;-) My department had an off-site meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on my second week at Cisco. And speaking of Canada . . .

02 Washington Canada Trip (August 2005). Lots of first visiting Steve who lives in Washington. First time: visiting Washington including Seattle, visiting Victoria and Vancouver British Columbia in Canada, visiting a foreign country, visiting Steve at his home, gambling in an Indian casino, riding a ferry, Steve doing all the driving ^__^, heck, the entire trip was a first, first, first. Excellent and full of fun, fun, fun. Thank you Steve for organizing the trip XD Oh, and no potholes in the Washington roads.

01 First Cosplay (September 2004). In Fanime Con 2004, I watched 17 episodes of Full Metal Alchemist. I stayed awake during the entire marathon. The series was that goddamn good. I loved the series. Edward Elric rocked.

After watching the series, I said to myself, "I'm going to cosplay as Edward Elric." I want to thank my Mom for making my Edward Elric (and my Syaoran and Hitsugaya) cosplays. My Mom is teaching me how to sew while making my fourth cosplay.

I cosplayed for the first time at Japan Town Anime Faire 2 (JTAF 2). I remember people taking pictures of me and meeting new people especially other cosplayers in Full Metal Alchemist. Cosplaying at JTAF 2 opened my eyes as an anime fan. Being an anime fan is more than watching anime and attending anime conventions. Just like any hobby and interest, being an anime fan is meeting new people.

If I didn't cosplay, I quit being an anime fan. Once you cosplay, you can't stop ^__^

Saturday, December 15, 2007

24 Hours In Two Days

Since Thanksgiving holiday, work has been bad timing, mis-communication, lack of information, and bad luck. I finished my assignments too late because of my boss and department manager's emergency, priority, last minute assignments. My team finished our 1st Quarter Fiscal Year 2008 report one month in the 2nd Quarter and it took us eight weeks to finish. In fairness, the 1st Quarter report was the first time using a new template the department manager hired someone to create.

In particular, Thursday December 13 and Friday December 14, I worked 12 hours each day. I wonder if the two days foreshadows my future in my company or somewhere else . . . I'm at a higher position with more responsibilities and manage people :-P I hope to find ways to complete more work at less time. I innovate infinitely.

I worked my ass off the two days because I'm on vacation Monday December 17 to Friday December 21. I must take vacation or I lose my vacation. I tried to do all my assignments and set up unfinished assignments for my co-workers to complete easily. I wanted to finish all my assignments only I can complete so I have nothing to worry about during my vacation. On Wednesday December 13 and most of Thursday, there were no new assignments and I worked on outstanding assignments.

On Friday around 3pm, I received an assignment due Monday afternoon. I told them I was on vacation. I completed the same assignment two times before. The difference was the senior executives who read the assignment wanted updates every two weeks. I forgot completing the assignment before because I didn't know people wanted updates. So I had to remember how I completed it, and the miscommunication made the assignment worse :( I managed to finish at 7pm, and I know I did something wrong, likely miscommunication. Then I went back to my earlier assignments only I can complete. At 8:45pm, I couldn't work anymore. My hands were shaking and I caught too many mistakes. I was like being high on caffeine, and I never drank coffee.

It was bad timing I got the 3pm assignment when I was going on vacation next week. Also, earlier in the week, I was testing our department database. I spent at least eight hour testing an upgrade. On Friday around 6pm, I got a call on my work number, call on my cell number, and an email from the Project Manager to inspect the final upgrade and sign off. Man, so much. Why can't people do their assignments themselves, LOL~~ And I failed to finish all my assignments. I couldn't finish with the incoming, unexpected, priority assignments given to me at the last minute. *cries*

Monday, December 03, 2007

An Inspiring CEO

CEOs and establish successful people have a list of successful tips they share. If I'm CEO, here is my list to inspire and to innovate people, and to share my knowledge, my experience, and my wisdom. I'm in my early 30s, so I'm a junior executive at best, LOL!

Here are the Top 14 Successful Tips:

1. Never stop meeting people. You should have a three inch binder with business cards and a three inch binder full of contacts, friends, families, and acquaintances.

2. E is for Earn. If you want life in a silver platter, you must earn it.

3. Become a "There he/she is" instead of "Here I am" person. If you know the difference, you are my friend.

4. Sincerity, trust, and creditability. Establish yourself anything you say people believe you. Your name is your trust. When you speak, people listen.

5. In today's fast pace lifestyle, patience is a virtue still holds true today.

6. The inside is more important than the outside. The statement is half true. If you're a good person and dress like a slob and don't smile, your outside sends the wrong signal.

7. Schools teach academic education. Schools don't teach how to find who you are and don't teach how to life your life. You do the latter.

8. Life can be thought of as driving through speed bumps. The successful people either drive through, drive around, or find another path. They don't turn around and go backwards.

9. "Life is not fair." --Bill Gates (Quoted for emphasis.)

10. Establish your system of life values and follow them.

11. Throw away junk.

12. Learn from the people who are smarter than you and more successful than you. Model from them. Use the examples and create action.

13. Forget anything that doesn't matter a year from now.

14. Learn how to cook and find time to exercise. Great stress busters and take time away from work.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Did You Have A Great Vacation?

What is the number one criteria to determine your vacation was great? Smooth airplane ride? Car drove perfectly? No mistakes with reservations? Nobody sick? Under budget? No delays? Hundreds of pictures? All true, and not the number one criteria.

The number one criteria is nothing changed at work. On your last day before going on vacation, you finish up your last minute assignments, you set up for the new assignments when you get back, you activate your email out of office response, you set up your voice mail to vacation mode, and your inbox is empty. Then you go on vacation. You forget about work. You briefly check voice mail and email depending on your position.

The vacation is over. You’re back at work. The inbox is full again. The emails are in the hundreds. There are at least 10 voice mail messages. The co-workers ask, “How was your vacation?” Your boss is still grumpy, LOL. Think and pause for a minute. Work is still the same. Your vacation was great XD

Friday, November 23, 2007

20 Years My Blue Jacket

In November 1987, my Mom purchased the blue jacket when I was in 8th grade. I wore the jacket every cold day including schools, vacations, and going shopping. Anyone looking at my family album chances are high I wore the jacket on any cold day. After I graduated San Jose State University, I wore the jacket occasionally such as Fridays to work. In 2000, I purchased a new black jacket I currently wear after my Mom said the blue jacket was too short.

I remember during rainy days still as a kid I walked without an umbrella confidently knowing the jacket protected me. There is an inside pocket where I put my walkman inside and my headphones came out of the top. I thought of myself as a FBI agent which I was listening to San Francisco Giants baseball games.

The blue jacket is made from Pacific Trail. It's a Charger Seattle 1945. I have no idea what Seattle 1945 means. The blue jacket is Weatherproof, a special coating applied to the fabric to protect from wind, rain, and other inclement weather.

Today, I wear my jacket to the gym. There is one button missing; otherwise, the jacket fits comfortably. The zipper and buttons still work. And I have the optional hood. Many of us are shocked to see 20 year old cars still driving today. I'm more shocked to see 20 year old clothing still wearable to the same person and in good condition.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Present Check

I shared bad weeks on my Blogs. I called past bad weeks as “gloomy”, “tiring”, and “plain.” The last two weeks have been boring. Every day has been boring including eating meals and going to work. The bright spot was watching episode 15 and episode 16 of Heroes first season Tuesday night. The last two times I played Team Fortress 2 the fun factor was so-so OK. I played Spy for the first time. The character is hard. Need practice. I killed people and destroyed a sentry gun; unfortunately, people killed me more. :P

My boredom feeling is in me every minute. Almost everything I do, it’s like “whatever” or “so what.” It’s the “who cares” attitude. I drive to and from work and it’s “whatever.” I download mp3s and it’s “whatever.” My work and my fun are meaningless. I’m getting nothing positive such as no smiles, no cheerful feeling. I feel when I go home, I must settle down, eat dinner, and go to sleep. I don’t. I continue to do something just like watching Heroes last night.

My past bad weeks are temporarily. My life becomes good and fun again soon. We all go through phases of bad weeks. We move forward, remain strong, and live life daily. Keep your eyes open, ears listening, nose smelling, hands feeling, and mouth communicating for new opportunities and favorable timing situations to break out of your bad week. Good luck!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

There Are Stories To Be Told

Every day, every hour, every minute, every second, there is a story to be told. Real life stories. Stories make us happy, sad, cheerful, depressed, inspiring, regretful, and lessons learned. Life stories humans live everyday. Do you have a story to share? Everyone does.

Chances are high few people know your stories. Every week, few life stories appear in the media or in the bookstores. Fortunately, the internet allows you to share your stories. When your story is on the internet, the world can read your story. You don’t have to be an author to write a story. You need to know basic grammar. If you grammar is weak, teach yourself to write better. Continue to write stories to practice learning grammar. If you learn grammar incorrectly, your practice writing stories wastes your time. Practice perfectly.

Here is a short story: The story is my Christmas Shopping. Since 1996, I do all my Christmas shopping in one day. The last three shopping days, 2004-2006, I visited new places. In 2004, I shopped at Santana Row, a high-end open shopping mall. It was my first time visiting. Unfortunately, the mall is mostly clothing stories and goods towards women. I rarely visit.

In 2005, I visited Oakridge Mall. It was my first time shopping at Oakridge Mall. The major stores include Target, Macys, and Sears. Since then, I visited Oakridge Mall to shop and to hang out with my friends. And in 2006, I shopped at Downtown Santa Cruz. It was my first time visiting downtown. Since then, I went to Santa Cruz two more times in 2007. One of my personal goals is to visit Santa Cruz three more times before my 2008 birthday.

The 2005 and 2006 shopping days became important for me because I revisit the places many times. For the 2007 Christmas shopping, visit a new place or visit a place you haven’t been in a long time. You never know you may be visiting the place again in the future.

When you write stories, you can talk whatever I want XD If you don’t have a story, do something to write a story.

*Side note. My goals on my webpage states I visit Santa Cruz five times. The reason why I visit Santa Cruz three times is because one of my new goals I created three weeks ago is building a new gaming PC which takes time away from visiting Santa Cruz. I update the goals soon.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Daylight Standard Time

I forgot to mention in the last Blog entry I’m watching Heroes. I’m currently on episode 14. Please, no spoilers.

Sunday November 4, 2007 began Daylight Standard Time. All clocks moved backward giving everyone one extra hour. On the other hand, we lose one hour when all clocks moved forward for Daylight Savings Time.
The two days are the days we must check the smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and batteries in flashlights. If your residence is missing smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and flashlights, you’re smoking something. After you read the Blog, go to the hardware store and buy these lifesaving items.

First, check smoke alarms. Check the batteries by using a battery reader. If you don’t have a battery reader, buy one at an electronics store. Make sure the smoke alarms are clean such as no dust and no spider webs. Each floor must have a smoke alarm including one near the kitchen. Replace low charged batteries.

Second, check the fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers must be clean. Check the gage. The arrow must be in the green. Each floor must have a fire extinguishers including one near the kitchen.

Last, check flashlights. Check the batteries by using a battery reader. Replace low charged batteries. Have spare bulbs because flashlight bulbs do burn out. The number of flashlights equals the number of people or number of floors whichever is greater in a residence. My house has two floors and we have seven flashlights.

Side Note. Popcorn or 777-2676 to know the official time is no longer in service, at least in the State of California. My thoughts are if it takes the same amount of time, money, and effort to tell everyone who dials Popcorn is disconnected, why is Popcorn disconnected?

Friday, November 02, 2007

It's November Already

I'm still here. Wow!!! November is here. October went by fast >.> The past three weeks there has been new priorities, new interests, and new activities for which I have no time to create new Blogs. I apologize. I share what I have been doing since October.

*Ren Faire. On Saturday October 6, I went to the Renaissance Faire in Hollister, CA. It was my first time going and I had a good time. My highlights were hitting the target throwing an ax and winning 50 points in the stone throwing contest. The joust event was entertaining. I'm looking forward to next year and I wear a costume.

*Saturdays. Throughout October and continuing in November, every Saturday I have been helping my Dad and his friend install a new roof. Personally, they should have hired someone to install a new roof. The project has been going on since June. I don't really want to help; however, it's something different to do on the weekends. On the other hand, less time for Blogs :(

*Halloween. I wore my Edward Elric cosplay to work. Three employees from another apartment took a picture of me. After work, I went to a cosplay gathering at the Winchester Mystery House where we trick-or-treated and walked around the garden several times. Most of us ate dinner at Chili's across the street. I upload pics to my webpage soon.

*Team Fortress 2 (TF2). I'm playing TF2, a first person shooter (fps) online game. My friends got me hooked on the game. I played three times. I'm having fun even though I stink,. The more I play, the more I get better XD TF2 is my first video game played online (with the exception of

Moreover, my laptop barley handles TF2. My video settings are at the lowest. I'm going to build a gaming PC with my Dad and brother's help. It's my first time I build my own PC. I modified my 2007-2008 goals by visiting Santa Cruz three times and added building a PC. I purchased a gaming mouse and a gaming headphone with a microphone.

*Alan Greenspan. I purchased The Age Of Turbulence by Alan Greenspan. I'm about 25% completed. The book is easy to follow even though there are lots of big vocabulary words. Good time to learn new words (^__^) And there is no Fed Speak *hee, hee*

*Work. My department manager hired someone outside the company to design our department quarterly report. Throughout most of October, my team has been modifying our templates to match the new quarterly report template. Cisco's Q1 FY08 ended on Saturday October 27 and my team is working on the Q1 FY08 report. We expect mistakes and frustrations, and we expect to learn from the mistakes and frustrations for the Q1 FY08 report.

*Napster. I download approximately 50 songs a week. Most of the songs I downloaded are classic rock. I'm currently downloading songs from the 90s. I pay $14,95 a month, the price of one CD. My thinking is the monthly fee is paid when I download a minimum of 20 songs a month.

*Car care. On Sunday October 28, I replaced the cabin filter. Today, I got my tires rotated. My next car maintenance is changing the oil and adding fuel cleaning fluid.

Monday, October 08, 2007

A Controversial Blog: Birth Control

I believe the following is my first controversial blog entry. The Blog entry is unlikely to appear in a newspaper or the national news; however, in my Blog standards, it’s controversial. I’m going to express my thoughts on birth control.

I’m certain some pre-teenage girls their junior high school don’t teach birth control. I think all junior high schools must teach birth control to girls. Sex is everywhere, and teenage girls need the knowledge to deal with today’s way of living. Teach the girls birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancies and potential problems being a teenage mom. There is nothing embarrassed teaching sex. Watch primetime TV, shop in a mall, and read magazines. Sex is involved. If it’s sex in class, the girls pay attention. Teach the girls correctly the first time to avoid future problems.

Isn’t teaching the girls birth control going to increase the teenage sex rates? My answer is teaching birth control is going to lower the teenage pregnancy rates. The girls must learn what’s like having a baby. Raising a child is hard work, requires lots of time, and is expensive no matter their living class, status, or income. The girls learn what happens when they have sex and what happens if something goes wrong. What about virginity? That’s another discussion *___* Must junior high schools teach sex to boys? The short answer is yes.

The girls need to know the information to make the correct choices and prevent regrets. When the girls have the knowledge, they have the power and the strength to deal with today’s lifestyle.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Secondary Priorities Is Priority Week

Last weekend, I helped my Dad and brother complete errands. All I did was help them, watch some football Sunday after dinner, and sleep. I didn’t read The Age Of Turbulence by Alan Greenspan (my current book), I didn’t watch Heroes Season 1, I didn’t learn Crystal Reports, and I didn’t do laundry which I needed to do.

Honestly speaking, helping my Dad and brother was something different. It was two days taking a break from the usual reading a book, learning Crystal Reports, cooking dinner, downloading fansubs, downloading music, and whatever else usual I can’t think of currently >__< I also got at least 8 hours of sleep Saturday night and Sunday night. When was the last time I got a good night sleep two nights in a row? Last weekend was refreshing and a reset for me. Last weekend was taking my mind off work, Crystal Reports, priorities and my weekly worries.

I continue the refresh weekend to the week of October 1, 2007 doing anything except reading Age Of Turbulence, learning Crystal Reports, and watching Heroes. Anything secondary priority is priority for the week. The list of activities include laundry and ironing, finishing my bills, updating my webpage, backing up my files, cleaning my sun glasses and driving glasses, downloading mp3 because I didn’t last week, and preparing my home PC to play Team Fortress 2 my friend got my interested. Oh, I’m going to the gym because I had a bad gym workout last week ;-)

Tired of the usual weekdays and weekends? Take your secondary priorities and make them a priority for the week, or maybe two weeks :]

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blog Two Doubleheader: Like A Losing Pitcher, It Was An Off Day Yesterday

Yesterday, my gym workout was incomplete. Around the second minute on the treadmill, my mp3 player froze. I didn’t have a suitable object to reset the mp3 player. And my left leg and my stomach started to tighten.

I choose to leave the gym and call it a bad workout just like a pitcher having a bad outing. I used the free time to get gas for my car. I arrived home a little bit early. I did 100 sit-ups, then I took a shower, brushed my teeth, washed dishes, and put away my work clothes for the last three days on the floor and in the closet. Finally, I read two chapters on “The Age Of Turbulence” by Alan Greenspan. I made the best I could from an off gym workout.

Taking the off gym topic further, the last two weeks at home have been boring and lazy, two words I avoid in my lifestyle. The lunches and dinners have been the same and boring meals. The last five days we have been eating leftovers and burritos. I managed to last my burrito for three days because I’m tired of the leftovers and there is no new food to cook in the refrigerator. Yesterday after work, my Mom called and asked me to get milk and chicken at Costco. Don’t ask why I had to do it because I don’t want to know what she did yesterday afternoon.

Today, I eat my leftover burrito for lunch. Other than yesterday’s Costco, my Mom didn’t shop for fresh food and vegetables. I don’t know what’s going on. She has been lazy when it comes to helping taking care of the house. I don’t know if she watches a lot of TV in the afternoon. It’s not worth contemplating. I’m a person who eats fresh, cooked, and healthy food at home. The last two weeks at home have been off weeks. (For the record, I do help around the house such as cooking, cleaning, and doing the laundry.)

I can take charge and do the grocery shopping myself. The problem is what if my Mom went grocery shopping the same day I did. As a result, my house has too much food and no room in the refrigerator—well, most of the time the refrigerator is full because of the leftovers. I can grocery shop after work. The problem grocery shopping after work is I have less free time after dinner for personal time including reading, learning Crystal Reports, and going to the gym on gym nights. I must plan ahead if I must grocery shop.

Add one more problem in my house. There is too much junk. There is too much clutter my room has stuff that belongs to my Mom and Dad. Does anyone want an unused curtain? And we have computer hardware incompatible to today’s PC. Anyone want a serial mouse?

My Dad has been telling my Mom to clear up the junk. In defense of my Mom, my Dad has lots of junk in the garage. Both of them have junk in the attic. In defense of both of them, just being fair and objective *___*, some of the junk and clutter are my sister’s who moved back home after graduating in 2005 and her stuff are still in the house and some are my grandmother who past away in August 2006.

Regardless, junk is junk and clutter is clutter. My Mom subscribed for daily newspaper delivery for the price of Sunday’s edition. The newspapers are piling next to the front door. Nobody reads the newspaper. Why did my Mom subscribe to the newspaper? I’m not cleaning the newspapers up.

For the rest of the week, I’m thinking about taking it easy, not working out at the gym, and calling the week an off-week. My mood is somber since yesterday. I don’t know what to do at home. Ironically, the boring and lazy problem and the junk and clutter problem are two problems some families wished they have because there are far worst problems for some families.

Blog One Doubleheader: Sharing A Barry Bonds Moment

On Wednesday September 26, Barry Bonds played his last game at AT&T Park. Last week, the San Francisco Giants officially announced the ball club is not going to sign Bonds for the 2008 season. Bonds was close to hit a home run on his final at-bat in the bottom of the 6th inning. He went 0 for 3 and was removed from the game at the end of the 6th inning. The TV and radio broadcasts shared the best Bonds moments. I share my Barry Bonds moment.

On April 2002, my family and I went to Pacific Bell Park, the name of the park before AT&T purchased Cingular, to watch the San Francisco Giants vs. the Florida Marlins. My brother got free tickets from his company. We sat behind home plate and on the second deck. The view was terrific seeing the ballpark and the Bay Bridge.

I ordered soda and garlic fries at the concession stand. My family didn’t want to buy anything because the food was expensive. Good point; however, the garlic fries was worth it because Giants garlic fries were the best I ever tasted. We brought sandwiches and bottle water at the supermarket. Bringing food and bottle water were acceptable.

My Barry Bonds moment was he hit two Splash Hit home runs. It was awesome to watch the home runs hit from the park to McCovey Cove. It was different to watch home runs on TV and watch at the stadium. The two home runs Bonds hit were Splash hit number 19 and number 20 and Bonds career number 581 and number 582. The Giants won the game. 2002 was a good year to watch the Giants because they were the National League Champions.

Barry Bonds By The Numbers:

*762 career home runs, all-time home run leader
*7 MVPs
*13 time all-star
*13 seasons 100 or more walks, tied with Babe Ruth for all-time
*1 of 4 players to reach the 40-40 club (40 or more home runs and stolen bases)
*73 home runs in a single season (2001), a record

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Learn From Failures, Too

One of the ways to be successful is to model from the successful people in business, entertainment, government, and sports. Bill Gates, John Chambers, Tom Cruse, The Rolling Stones, Benjamin Franklin, Hilary Clinton, Ronald Regan, Lucile Ball, Michael Jordan, and the list goes on. Learn from these successful people how they achieved success. Use them as models, as guidelines, as sources for knowledge and experience. Follow their examples and success shall come in time.

Another way to be successful is to learn from the successful people’s failures. In Bill Gates’ book “Business @ The Speed Of Thought,” Gates devoted half of a chapter on failures. He shared his failed businesses and what he learned from the failures. Observe your daily life and take note how other people live their lives, how businesses conduct daily operations, and how you live your life. Find your failures and learn from them. (And be aware of your successes and innovate your successes.)

For example, in my last company, in 1997, the company was supposed to have a new database. It’s 2007 and the company has a database which still has problem. The company went through at least 7 failed databases. The company should have learned something in the 10 years.

Keep your eyes open, ears listening, nose smelling, hands feeling, and mouth tasting success and failures. Take your successes and innovate them. Take your failure and turn them to successes.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Six Months At Cisco

Wednesday September 19 was my six month anniversary at Cisco. I met lots of new people including outside my department, learned new skills and strengthen old skills such as Crystal Reports and SQL, and experienced working in a multi-billion, tech company. I never experienced those three working at my last company. Working at Cisco was a good parallel career move choice.

I’m happy working at Cisco for better and for worse. In my second week, I attended an off-site meeting in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The first 4 months at Cisco was frustrated learning. There were lots of trial and error, lots of experimenting, and lots of making mistakes. I finished an assignment and then I was told to make modifications. All workers must learn on their own and correct their mistakes. Assignments must be completed at highest expectations, mistakes learned and corrected fast, and the managers and above want the information quickly without the “what the heck am I reading” questions. There are politics and bull shit which every company has. I have become a better worker.

In my last company, I completed the same assignments, performed the same responsibilities, and worked at the same cubicle, I mean, wall for years. My last job was boring. The work environment at Cisco is a new breath of fresh air, a new workplace I sought for years. In my last company, the office manager and managing partner did nothing such that if they worked at Cisco, they were fired immediately.

I experienced new hires and people leaving the company. Some workers transferred to another location. And some were laid-off. Good news is news the public know. Bad news is news kept internally. I’m getting used to the flexible hours. In my last job, hours were set. As long as the work is done, workers can come and go anytime. Some workers work at home telecommuting. I’m old school. I have to work at work. And using instant messaging is vital to keep in touch with co-workers and even family and friends.

It took me eight years since I graduated San Jose State to work in a tech company. As a geek, Cisco is my daily cup of tea. I have my security badge, I have a laptop, I have a commute, I eat in the cafeteria, I have my cubicle, and I have access to the Cisco network. I’m working in a Silicon Valley tech company.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

There Are Too Many People Here

On Friday September 14, I read an article about global warming and population growth at The article talked about reducing the birth rate for future generations to raise their children in today’s Earth-green awareness. China instituted a mandatory reduction birth rate which failed. The article stated the United Nations predict the population reach 9.2 billion in 2050 for which most of the growth in developing countries per capita emissions are the lowest. Developed countries emissions increases and birth rates decreases; however, a child born can impact emissions. Regardless, innovations in agriculture technology assures there is plenty of food.

In short, technological advances reduce emissions and save the Earth from any global environment crisis. The population increase has little to do with the growing emissions problems because our lifestyles change as we live to be greener such as fuel efficient cars, energy saving appliances, and LED technology.

My thoughts on population growth involve something else. Looking at the population growth from a supply and demand point of view (in other words, my economics point of view =__=), as population increase, there is more demand. If the supply stays fixed, prices increase. For example, are there going to be enough public services to handle to increase in population as new families are born and cities and communities grow? I hope cities receive enough tax money to pay for the services.

What about medical care? Working parents add their children to their medical and dental benefits. I wonder the true reason the increase in medical care costs is there are more people to insure. How about garbage? I hope technology find ways to recycle more than cans, bottles, and glass. I fear we are going to run out of land in our dumps for our garbage.

I don’t have numbers and I don’t have published facts to support my opinion population growth create problems except global warming and famine. I’m speaking from my intuition. I live across the street from a school. I wake up on a Saturday mornings hearing the soccer and t-ball families getting together with their children. I look out the window and I see so many children. For the record, I’m not against couples starting families. It’s just that I fear a family having four or five children. I don’t know how parents can raise at least four children financially and keeping their relationship. Really, I don’t. And when the children get married and choose to start a family, there are more people in the world.

The world is getting crowded. I see lots of people in shopping malls, libraries, anywhere outside my house. I fear with so many people crimes go up, more garbage, roads need more maintenance because families are required to drive more, and our personal space shrinks.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My First Pop Tart

Yesterday, I went to the supermarket and purchased a box of strawberry and strawberry with icing Pop Tarts. The price was $2.00 per box. I’m guessing the cheap price because the store wanted to sell the old Pop Tarts. The boxes had American Idols Live Tour 2007 and the tour is almost over. Thank you to preservatives =D BTW, I compared the nutrition percentages. If I read correctly, it seemed the strawberry with icing is more nutritious than plain strawberry. Makes no sense. I believe the strawberry with icing has more sugar.

For breakfast, I ate the strawberry today. I heated the strawberry Pop Tarts in the microwave for 30 seconds. The instructions said 3 seconds on high. My microwave is weak. I took one bite and my impression was the pop tart tasted plain. I tasted more of the pastry than the strawberry jelly. Biscuits with no butter tasted better, IMO. Perhaps, toasting is better. I try the toaster tomorrow for the strawberry icing.

I’m confident I’m not going to eat Pop Tarts for a long, long time. I eat healthy breakfast consisting of bread, cereal, milk, oatmeal, and fruit. The Pop Tarts is something I say I ate a Pop Tart in my life ~~

Monday, September 10, 2007

Hong Kong Victoria Harbor

A co-worker sent the link to my department. The picture is Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong. Move your cursor up and down. Enjoy XD

Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Patience To Earn Relationships

Everyday people meet new people in business and leisure. People converse with other people to get to know each other. Some people are more open to talk about themselves. Some people, including me, like to ask questions to start conversations and want to get to know as many people as possible. In my opinion, nobody can know too many people. Always meet people and know many people.

If the people you’re going to meet are going to be long lasting relationships whether it’s business, friends, companions, partners, acquaintances, or personal, it’s going to happen in time. Be patient. It takes time to develop, earn, and strengthen relationships. The relationship grows when you and your group participates in more events such as working on projects, taking a trip, attending a concert, playing poker, and eating at a restaurant which results in the more everyone knows each other a little at a time. Nobody is going to tell someone or a group of people his or her life history in one social event or one instance. It takes months, even years, to truly know a person or people. True and long lasting relationships say, “I know *insert name(s)* for X years.”

Be discreet when asking questions to get to know the other people when meeting for the first time. Avoid questions such as, “How old are you?” and “How much money do you make?” and “What’s your sexual orientation?” Don’t start a conversation with weak questions such as “What time is it?” Be tactful, discreet, and interesting.

Remember the other person’s name. I’m bad at remembering names. When someone approaches me and tells me we met before, I ask sincerely to remind me where we meet. And don’t laugh consistently to respond to someone’s comment, opinion, or ending a topic. It’s bad. It’s still a personal problem for me and I continue to break the bad habit. Laugh when someone makes a good joke or sarcastic remark.

Finally, some people are less open to talk about themselves. You must be more discreet and tactful when you meet and converse with private people. Don’t assume you’re a friendly person the private person opens up quickly. Ask fewer direct questions about them. Slow the conversation down. Ask questions happening at the moment such as, “Did you try the spinach dip? It’s really good.” or “Heard what happened recently *insert current event*” You must earn their trust for private people (and most people in general) to open up to you; likewise, for you are you going to reveal personal aspects of your life to people you met in an hour? Likely, the answer is no. To repeat, you’re not going to know a person’s history in one event or one instance.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Wednesday September 5 was the worst driving commute ever. My usual work hours are 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Nobody in my company has fixed hours. The hours are flexible.

On the day, there was a morning meeting. I came to work early and I leave work early. I went home at 5:50 PM and traffic was expected. When I started working from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, the longest commute time is 40 minutes. Wednesday’s commute time was 50 minutes and 23 seconds. I timed the commute home just for fun XD

What happened? There were no accidents. (Since I started working, there was one accident. At the time I drove home, the accident was in the clearing stage.) Surprisingly, I saw no cars merging incorrectly, no cars cutting lanes, and no cars tailgating. Everyone was polite. I think the reason is many people went home at the same time.

When I go home around 7:00 PM, it takes me 20-25 minutes to get home. If the signal lights are to my advantage, then 20 minutes; otherwise 25 minutes. I’m fortunate my flexible hours and nobody to take care of enables me to minimize my commute travel time.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Take Five

It's Labor Day Weekend. Time to take five and take a break from our daily lives. Or time to rethink what we are doing with our lives today. *clap my hands* Let's take five:

1. Need a blog topic and you recently ended something such as your current job, relationship, vacation, and sold your car? Was the something affected you negatively? How about a blog on what you can now say about your last company, last lover, last vacation, and last car; for example, you found a new job, now you can tell the world what your last company was like. Be sincere and positive when you grip ^^

2. On Friday August 31 around 4:45pm, I walked from my cubicle to the window line. I looked out the window and I saw very few cars because many workers went home early, choose to work at home, or took the day off. I'm old school when it comes to work. I must go to work to work.

Anyways, I looked up at the sky and saw the clouds move. There was silence on my floor and I heard the air conditioning. Combined the window line, moving clouds, and hearing the air conditioning I thought I was on an airplane. I wish I was on an airplane.

3. In May, I was stressed working at Cisco. Frustrations, mistakes, and forgetting myself in April and May. I created the Summer Sabbatical for June, July, and August. When I'm out of work, I'm out of work. I do anything except work. I'm happy to say the sabbatical worked. I accomplished a lot and caught up on many activities including my bills, my webpage, creating more Blogs, accomplishing some goals, and hanging out more with my friends.

4. The next time you fill your car up with gas, do the two minute car check. The two minutes can save money and time by preventing major car repairs. First, check the oil with the dipstick. If your car needs oil, add oil according to your car's manual. Then visual check the fluids such as break fluid, wiper fluid, and coolant. Do a quick check of the battery. Does you battery need maintenance according to the battery's specifications? Finally, check the tires. Are the tires in good condition with normal tire wear and no visible damage such as a nail stuck on the tire? If the tread is wearing out unevenly, chances are the alignment is off and needs to be checked.

After the two minute check is completed, wash the front and back windows. If you have extra time, wash the outside mirrors, and/or any windows along the driver side or passenger side, and the headlights.

Bonus: If it's night time, then keep your lights on. Check the lights. Are any lights burned out? If yes, replace as soon as possible. Check turn signals.

5. On Saturday, I went to a party. Everyone did a little of everything including playing video games such as Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, and Tetris; watching movies; playing table top games including UNO, Liar's Dice, and Texas Hold'Em; and hanging around in the pool. One of my friends wore a wet suit in the pool. That's a great idea. I'm getting a wet suit the next time a pool is involved. The reason is I'm sun sensitive and I burn really easy. We ate a BBQ lunch and leftovers, pizza, and lasagna for dinner. Around 11:30pm, some of us went to Nickel City, an arcade center. The group and I went home around 1am after chit-chatting in front of Nickel City when it closed at midnight.

On Sunday, I did morning errands. First, I got a haircut. Then I went to Safeway to purchase Maple and Brown Sugar oatmeal and whip cream. Someone suggested I eat Maple and Brown Sugar oatmeal with whip cream. Next to Safeway is Kragen to purchase some oil and air filters on sale. Kragen sold out on the oil case. I visit again later. And I went to Fry's and Best Buy to purchase the Heroes DVD box set. Both stores were sold out. I buy Heroes at Costco on Tuesday. I'm confident Costco has plenty in stock. For the rest of Sunday, I stayed home in the hot weather and caught up on personal errands.

On Labor Day Monday, I'm going to sign up at Napster. I have 1,010 songs on my Creative Zen Vision:M 30GB mp3 player. Recently, my random setting fails to play the songs randomly. I swear I heard the same song a few days ago. I want to download new songs.

I'm going to try Maple and Brown Sugar and whip cream. I'm going to open one pack of Maple and Brown Sugar oatmeal and combine with regular oatmeal to make the oatmeal less sweet. Then I add the whip cream.

I must sleep early because I have a 9am meeting on Tuesday.

Monday, August 27, 2007

A True Dilbert Story

The banner?!?! It’s the banner. You got to be kidding. You’re killing me.

The four sentences above were what I said on Friday August 24 driving home. My department’s Fiscal Year 2007 4th Quarter report was supposed to be completed on Friday. Instead, the report was finished late today. Why? The reason was the banner needed to be changed. The freakin banner.

I spent the entire day replacing the banners, changing the colors for the dividing lines, subheaders, and page footers for the 102 page report. Most of the reports were from templates. The reports from Word took the most time. WTF :-< Who created the Anchors? I never heard of Anchors.

My company’s first fiscal year month is August. Think of August as my company’s January and July as my company’s December. Today is August 27, 2007. According to my company’s Fiscal Year 2008 calendar, August 27, 2007 is the first day for Fiscal September 2008. My company is in September, the second month for 1st Quarter Fiscal Year 2008, and my department finished the 4th Quarter Fiscal Year 2007 report. Oh, I forgot to mention it’s the draft final. Key word is “draft.” Drafffft. *shakes head* I wonder what’s next? And I have two assignments I need to start Tuesday: one is the Fiscal Year September report and the second is for a presentation on Wednesday.

I finished calculating the numbers and creating the rough drafts weeks ago. I don’t know why my team took long to send me their reports, numbers, and write-ups. Were they slow? Did they have other higher priority assignments? Were they working harder and not working smarter? Or am I too good for the job I started five months ago?

Objectively speaking, I don’t know the true reason why I was told to change the banner last minute. Perhaps, there was a legitimate reason. For now and thinking practically, my answer is, “you’re kidding . . . the banner.” *complex huh look*

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Innovate Infinitely

15 years ago, I started attending San Jose State University (SJSU). I graduated with a B.S. in Economics and a Minor in Mathematics in Fall 1997. I took Academic English II, a remedial writing class, in my first semester because I failed the freshmen entry writing test. I missed passing by one point =(

The class required the students to write three essays. The essays were graded number 1 to number 5 with 5 being best and 1 being worst. No letter grading. I scored a 4 on my three essays. That was good. Each student must talk with the professor and the professor provided feedback. I remember my third talk with the professor. The professor said my scores were good and my writing was consistent. I forgot whether the professor demanded me to improve my writing.

Throughout my five and a half years at SJSU, I was consistent in my education and classes. I never found anything to improve my learning. I believed in the attitude “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” I never failed a class and never dropped a class. I failed to innovate my learning, innovate my studying, and innovate my skills outside college. For example, I studied my classes the old fashion way: attend lectures, take notes, go home and read the book, and study my notes. I prepared my exams two weeks before exam day. I failed to find a better way to study back then.

Another example is I didn’t read any books outside my classes. I thought everything I needed to learn was at SJSU. I was wrong. Textbooks taught academic education and failed to teach practical and life lessons. I also failed to innovate myself as a student including meeting new people, finding new interests and hobbies, seeking new adventures, visiting new places . . . the list went on from the small stuff of eating new food to the big stuff of finding a part time job too late. I worked part time on Summer 1996. I should have worked at a job earlier, but at least I did something ^^

Since 2004, I have been catching up—catching up on five and a half years of failed and missed opportunities at SJSU. I say with confidence I have learned new skills, acquired new knowledge, met new friends, visited new places, and experienced new experiences. I continue to keep my eyes open, my ears listening, my brain expanding, my nose smelling, my hands feeling, and my mouth communicating.

Who taught me how to write? Lydia Ortega, Professor of Economics and current Chairwoman of the Economics Department. Thank you for teaching me how to write. Students, if you seek to find something to improve outside your classes, learn how to write better. Innovate your writing skills. After you complete the writing, find something else to innovate. Innovate infinitely.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Hate Something? Do Something Else

At Anime Expo 2003, there was a person I wanted to avoid. Many people know the feeling. We want to avoid the person or persons. If we see any of them, then a good day turns bad. Our face turns gloomy just seeing the person's face. Unfortunately, I saw the person. But fortunately, Anime Expo 2003 is one of my all time favorite conventions.

What happened? Anime Expo 2003 was a blast full of good fun. My face was smiling. The convention was personally considered "the perfect con." (Today, Anime Expo 2006 is my all-time favorite con.) When you hate something or someone, find something else to worry. The world is huge. There is much to do in the world today. We live in the Information Age. Again, find something else to worry. Find something else to do. Do anything to remove the hate something or hate someone from your mind, from your presence. Out of sight, out of mind.

Furthermore, don't sweat the small stuff. If something happens and it's not going to matter one year later, then forget about it. If someone cuts you off driving in the freeway, forget it. If you spilled milk, clean it up, and forget it. If you didn't win a contest, forget it. If a stranger said something insulting, forget it. Find something else to be productive. When you accomplish something else, you feel good and the bad feelings from the hated something or hated someone is forgotten.

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Ceiling Above Me Never Changes

Yesterday and today boredom struck me. It started around 6pm yesterday at work. I was finishing my assignments for the day and continued working on my team’s 4th Quarter 2007 Fiscal Year report. Then boredom feeling entered inside me. My emails were read. Nothing new at the forums I post. I watched videos on YouTube, downloaded mp3s, and watching too many videos got boring—at least for me I can’t watch hours of hours of YouTube.

I arrived home at 7:50pm. I checked the refrigerator to see what I’m cooking tonight. My Mom said I’m cooking steak. Great :X Nothing new. The same broiled dinner. (In fairness, my Mom stayed home for the week because she’s working on an outfit for my sister.) I cooked dinner; however, I ate cereal, nuts, bread, and a banana. I wanted something different.

At 9:30pm, I realized it was later than what I thought. I prepared to work out at the gym. The workout was modified because I was short on time. My gym closes at 11:00pm. I stretched, rode on the stationary bike, jogged on the treadmill, and did sit-ups. I arrived home at 11:20pm. I showered and brushed my teeth. At midnight, I went to the Internet to download anime fansubs on my laptop. Throughout the night, the boredom feeling remained inside. I wanted to do something different and I was still wide awake. I turned on my work laptop and watched two episodes of Bleach, a popular anime series currently. I watched anime on my lunch hour in the weekdays only. Watching anime on the weekends is rare. I went to sleep at 1:00am.

I woke up today at 8:30am. For breakfast, I ate toast, potato chips, and peanut butter. For me, I dislike peanut butter and jelly together. I must eat separately :-P Today’s breakfast was unhealthy. My breakfast includes Cheerios and/or oatmeal and fruit. The “do something different” mentality remained inside me.

I arrived at work at 10:00am. Traffic was light, especially for a Friday. I logged on, checked my email for priority requests and immediately response, and then I brushed my teeth. Then I worked on my weekly assignments and my team’s 4th Quarter 2007 Fiscal Year report which is still not done. I received word the report is going to be finished next week. *Sigh* I was done with my portion last week *__*

I ate lunch at 1:50pm and watched two episodes of Bleach. After lunch, I finished my weekly assignments. I received bad news my team’s 4th Quarter 2007 Fiscal Year report might be revised. No way. My team is waiting next week to confirm from two people in our department. Between breaks, I checked my personal emails, watched a few YouTube videos, and sat quietly and looked at the ceiling.

And here I’m now. Waiting patiently. Staring up the ceiling thinking what could I have done differently and what I can do differently in the future ~~ The last two days I felt like my weekdays are the same, same, same. Get up, go to work, come home, cook dinner, and go to sleep. I work out at the gym two days a week. Other days I do my usual whatever such as updating my webpage, read a book, do home errands, or if I’m really tired, I sleep early. My usual whatevers have been my usual whatevers. Nothing new. Nothing different. I have 1,005 songs on my mp3 player I listen at work and at the gym, yet when I listen to a song I could have sworn I listened to each song 1,005 times. I want to hear something different. Eating dinner and bringing lunch to work the food have been the same. It’s either broiled or something my Mom made which tastes plain. I’m tired of Cisco’s cafeteria food, and it’s expensive to eat out many times $-(

What’s worst? Being depressed or being bored? Fortunately, these feelings of boredom, depression, mellowness, sadness, any negative emotion, feeling, and attitude are temporary. Feeling down motivates me to find a way to get over it. In time, I find something new to do and my boredom is removed.

After work, I do something different. Depending on what tonight’s activities are, I buy pizza for dinner for everyone ;-)

Side note: I plan to sign up at Napster to download mp3s. I have a 30 day trial coupon.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A 12 Year Mistake

I remember in elementary school I made lots of friends. How easy was making friends in our youth? Jerry Seinfeld said it best: You like cherry soda, I like cherry soda, let’s be friends. Or how about you and a group hanging around and everyone played tag, hide and seek, or dodge ball. It was easy getting along with others when we were children. Sometimes, we don’t get along. I had my share, too. My fourth grade and fifth grade were the best years for friends. My classmates got along with each other. I was one of the least popular, least smartest, and naïve such that I behaved like a toddler ;__; Regardless, many of my classmates treated me with respect and invited me in activities such as recess football.

Moving ahead to my first semester at San Jose State University in fall 1992. I concentrated on my classes only. I didn’t make any new friends. I didn’t participate in recreational activities. I just studied such that I knew when Christmas vacation comes, my friends from college and those remaining in high school meet up and hang out. I didn’t need any new friends. I didn’t need to meet new people.

From August 1992 to September 2004, I met a handful of new people (excluding my workplace co-workers) and made three new friends. I met the three new friends in 1997. I hung out with most of my high school friends during my college vacations. My 12 year mistake was I failed to continuously meet new people and make new friends. In September 2004, I attended an anime convention. I wore a costume for the first time and participated in a gathering where I met people. The event was a wake up call. Why did I do wrong?

What if I started to meet new people, participated in recreational activities in college, find new hobbies and new interests, and instant message and chatted online during the 12 years? Maybe I could have been married? Maybe I could have been a better person? Maybe I could have a better career? Maybe I could have lived somewhere else? Maybe I could have new hobbies? Maybe I could have different values? Too many maybes, too little time to dwell on the past—the could haves, should haves, and would haves (oops, I said the word “will”).

Nobody can ever have too many friends. It’s a small world. Since 2004 when I started to meet new people, some of the new people I met knew others and those others I met them at another event. It’s the circle of friends. My circles are overlapping and I’m creating new circles. I’m re-learning how to meet new people, to make new friends, and to be a popular person. A popular person is not being the “Big Person On Campus.” A popular person is a person who is being liked. If you want to be liked, then be helpful to others, present yourself with positive character, possess the charming attitude, influence others to be better and to take the next step forward, be a good listener, smile--in short, have a friendly personality. You’re not going to make new friends every time you meet new people in a social instance; however, it’s a small world and you may see them in the future for which you may become friends at a later date.

Who you know is more important that what you know. Schools fail to teach the lesson.

Side Note: September 2004 was the first time I met new people. The event was JapanTowne Anime Faire 2 (JTAF 2). If the event took place before August 2004, my 30th birthday, then the event is my number 1 most memorable moment in my 30 years of living.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

One Lunch Day In 2000

In the year 2000, my last company, Colliers International, moved to a new office building outside Downtown San Jose. I walked from the office to downtown to purchase a sandwich at Togo’s, a sandwich restaurant like Subway. I ate Togo’s sandwiches two times a week and on days I work out at the gym.

I remembered a homeless person on the corner during one summer day. The person held a sign saying all hope is loss. I walked on the other side from Togo’s because I didn’t want the homeless person to look at my sandwich. Regretfully, when I arrived back at work, I should have purchased two sandwiches—one for myself and one for the homeless person. I messed up.

The instance above is an example of using money as a tool for good. There are situations, events, and circumstances where one can use money to benefit a group of people, help a person in need, create action to start something positive, and show appreciation for someone who helped you. We all want to have lots of money. There are instances where money is best used spent to give you and others a smile.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Something New To Me

Since 2006, something new has been happening to me. It's a new experience I continue to understand and to learn. It's a new experience some people acquired at a younger age. It's a new experience I sometimes forget how to respond, how to follow, and how to model from those who do it naturally. The experience is being thanked by others and appreciated by others for who I am and what I do.

My family has been helping me out. They pay me back for food and groceries. They rarely paid me in the past, and, honestly, I never expected them since we're family. I always say forget about paying me. Recently, my family has been consistent in paying me back. Also, my parents have been letting me go out more often. My family had lots of family events and I participated in them in the past. There have been fewer family events today so it's good timing. My family has been opening up trying new ideas and ventures. Maybe they are taking my example of living more active and trying something new attitude *hee, hee* And my family seems to be talking to me more. It's mostly small talk. It's just that they are saying more. I think my family is appreciating what I have done with appropriate action.

My friends welcome my presence and they thank me for being part of their lives. I receive appreciation in the form of constant and sincere thanks. I receive items such as CDs with mp3. I receive information I use at a future date. I receive answers for my questions, even when I think my questions are dumb. I receive money to help me buy food and items for special events. I receive welcomes when I hang out with my friends. By being with my friends, I become a better person. They share their experience, share their adventures, and share their friendship with me. And I become a better person. I'm learning a lot from them and my life has become less dull XD Yeah, my life is still dull . . . yet I see bright and happy days ahead. I really thank my friends for being a part of me, a part of a better me.

Before 2006, I thanked others and I appreciated others for helping me be who I am today, for being my friend, and for being someone who welcomed my presence and my friendship. Before 2006, I performed the extra effort, helped out a little more, and extended my assistance to my family and friends. Many times, I received no clear appreciation such that I ask myself, "Am I important to my circle of friends?" Or "Am I really helping my family?" Furthermore, I never received clear cut signals from my family and friends I'm welcomed, I'm appreciated, and I'm part of their lives. My confidence was low when I met new people, hung out with my limited friends, and participated in family activities. I felt unimportant. Was I a good person to be with or a pain in the ass?

To repeat, I continue to understand and to learn how to behave when I'm being thanked and I'm being appreciated for my actions, my attitude, my knowledge, and my friendship to my family and my friends. All the experiences are making be a better person. I'm innovating myself. By being with my family, my friends, and meeting new people, I want to learn who they are and I want them to learn who I am. I'm not used to being on the receiving end. I have always given my thanks and appreciation.

Make sure you show your appreciation to you family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, strangers, anyone who took their time, spent their money, shared their experience, and/or give information such as referrals, tips, and street directions to you. Never assume the person is appreciated. Tell them, show them your appreciation. Do some action. Say "Thank You" with sincerity. Return the favor at a later time. Treat the person or persons out for a meal. Offer something the person or persons might be interested. Do something, do some action to recognize and appreciate their assistance appropriately.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A 1,000 or More Pieces Of Life

I cleaned up my room a little yesterday and sorted my credit card bills and I saw my Canada Declaration Card. I went to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in March on a Cisco offsite meeting. I wrote a note on the card which said, “Blog Life 1,000 Pieces Jig Saw Puzzle . . . Piece Them Together” during my wait in Canada Customs.

Our lives are a jig saw puzzle. The successful people think and act to piece their jig saw puzzle life together. We are going to make mistakes. We are going to experience slumps. We are going to experience down months or down years. We are going to experience conflicts. On the other hand, we are going to accomplish goals. We are going to pursue new opportunities. We are going to meet new people. We are going to move stand up everytime we fall down.

Everyday, another jig saw piece is put together to create our lives; for example, a job promotion, travel to a new place, meet new people, try a new hobby, learn something new, take a night class, and a moment you felt sad or depressed. Instances, moments, and situations are pieces of our jig saw puzzle. The more one becomes a better person in good times and bad times, the more one innovates his or her life, more jig saw puzzles are successfully completed and more jig saw puzzles await to put together.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

When The Worst Comes, I Prepare For The Next Best

What’s next for the economy in its continued uncertainty? Continue growth slowly, inflation, recession, or the worst stagflation? Is the real estate market going to crash? Only time tell what happens.

Whatever worse happens and I lose my job, instead of being angry at Cisco and being depressed I failed to meet Cisco’s expectations, I prepare for the next best. How about I learn Chinese? In my department, there are people who are fluent in two languages. I’m Chinese and I can’t speak and read Chinese. I’m both sad and ashamed. Nobody in my department makes a big deal.

Furthermore, I have lots of free time jobless. I learn Chinese rather than play video games all day long, LOL. I can learn Chinese now. Unfortunately, my short-term career goals are learning my job at Cisco and learning Crystal Reports. Maybe I learn Chinese later. The thought learning Chinese remains in the back of my head.

My suggestion to anyone who lost their job and are having a difficult time finding a new job, learn a new skill. For me, learning Chinese help me more than finding a new job, it’s a second language and a skill used anytime.

Friday, July 27, 2007

I Made The Fewest Mistakes And Succeeded

A perfect score is scoring 100%, an A+ in school. No errors. All correct answers. A few students earn the straight A, 4.0+ grade point average award in a graduating high school class. Congrats. Only in school a student can achieve a perfect score. In reality, nobody is perfect. Anyone who graduates high school or college who always score 100% in everything, wake up and face realty. Academic life and real life are different.

The Allies won World War II because they made the fewest mistakes. For example, the U.S. attacked non-existent artillery bases, paratrooper drops were off their targets, and U.S. bombing raids attacked friendly targets. Bad intelligence and strategic and tactical errors cost thousands of Allies lives. Regardless, the Allies pressed forward to victory over the Axis. You see some of the mistakes the U.S. committed watching the movie “Saving Private Ryan.”

In baseball, a great baseball hitter needs to hit 3 out of ever 10 at bats, a 30% success percentage or .300. These baseball players fly out, ground out, foul out, and strike out the remaining 7 out of 10 times. The last player to bat over 40% or .400 in a season was Ted Williams in 1940 with a .406 average.

How can one be successful? Commit the fewest mistakes. The baseball team that won the World Series the team committed the fewest mistakes. The side with the fewest mistakes was victories in wars. The winning company committed the fewest mistakes to win the client’s business in a presentation.

Also, learn from the mistakes. Be brave to make mistakes and fail because mistakes and failure are one of the best ways to learn while doing whatever you doing . . . create action and do something. Please don’t make too many and careless mistakes because those can be avoided ;-)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Burned Out Summer

Since Anime Expo 2007, my daily life has been boring, tiring, no jazz, no spice of life. My routine life has been routine without the “life is good” feeling. I have done lots of little activities to bring variety including cooking different foods (the menu at home is limited), shopping (it was a long time ago since I went shopping), barbecuing on Saturday July 21, uploading more music on my mp3 player, and leaving work early because of my dentist and orthodontist appointments and work at home afterwards. No change in my attitude and feelings. *sigh*

My current personal projects are uploading Anime Expo cosplay pics and reading The Eye Of The Storm by Robert Slater. I hope to finish the book to complete one of my 2006-2007 goals reading three books. I know when I finish the upload and the book, I feel better and I begin to upload other areas on my webpage and . . . gee, something . . . else. My mind is a blank ~__~

I was pissed earlier today I woke up early and read more pages of The Eye Of The Storm I realized my bookmarker was on the wrong page. I wasted last night re-reading a chapter I already read. I wondered why when I read the same chapter I already knew the content. And yesterday and today, I knocked out and went to bed much too early. I was really tired. Another indication my current life is boredom? When life is good, sleep is secondary in the person’s life.

Unfortunately, my 2007 Summer Sabbatical is below expectations. I want to feel better about myself, be full of energy to begin September. I feel burned out in July. I have August remaining and I make it the best summer month.

Perhaps, I’m making a too big deal about my current bored life. All I need is new activities and, bam, boredom feeling disappears. Man, my mind is burned out. Everyone in the world, slow down, please.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lonely And Cheerful

The last hour of work yesterday I felt lonely. I experience the lonely feeling occasionally. Fortunately, I have family and friends. No worries being lonely literally >3< After two days, the lonely feeling disappears and I feel better. How does the lonely feeling disappear? Something else happens requiring my attention such as working on an assignment, reading a book, cooking, hanging out with friends, and paying the bills $-(

When I feel lonely, I want to be alone. It's worth being alone. Take a break from work, take a break from hanging out with family and friends, and take a break from your daily routine. Turn yourself off from the outside, take a breath, and think about your present. Re-evaluate your current lifestyle. For example, think of a new goal to pursue. Is there a recent event you wished you could have done better? If yes, prepare now for the next time to do better. And think about how you're living today. Want to make it better? No regrets XD Never stop innovating.

There is a benefit to the lonely feeling. The lonely feeling assures the world revolves around nobody. The world is part of us and we are part of the world. Nobody is the whole entire world. If a person feels happy, sad, angry, depressed, or lonely, the world goes on. The sun rises and sets everyday. If anything good or anything bad happens, the world goes on.

Tomorrow is another day and I'm cheerful ^__^

Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Moment Being Selfish

On Sunday May 20, 2007, my family and I visited my brother's family. My brother lives in a residential development area continuing to build homes. The residential development held a special open house offering food and drinks in eight residential housing areas. Turnout was good IMO.

While I waited for my family to finish eating, I toured the model homes. During my tour, I thought to myself, "One day I'm going to own a home." One day. Currently, I don't know when, don't know how, and don't know where. One day I am going to own a home.

I thought about my life in my own home. I can cook whatever meal, have little junk (really little junk ;D), park my car in my garage, a game room, and invite friends and family over to hang out. I like to have a house not too big because it takes a long time to clean and not too small because I want enough space for people to visit. I want a low maintenance front yard and back yard. And my house must have air conditioning, insulated garage, and storage space to store useful junk ;-)

Being selfish is not me. It's just when I thought about owning a home, I think about the millions of people who can't afford a home. It's sad, yet life is unfair :XX

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Fourth Of July Double Fireworks Blast: Schools Get An F For Excluding The Letter E

There is a lesson in life school and college failed to teach me. My schools and college earned an F for failing to teach me the word "earn." Life doesn't give you your life on a silver platter. You must earn whatever you want, your desires, and your goals. If you want to be a friend, you must earn their friendship and their respect. If you want your special person in your life to be with your for the rest of your life, you must earn their love.

Successes must be earned. Everyone must work and earn. Work and earn. Get up from the couch. Get up from the computer. Go out and earn your life. Want a new job? Earn it. Want to meet new people and find new friends? Earn them. Want to buy your dream car? Go earn it. Want to get promoted? Earn it. Want your children to respect you and trust you? Earn them. Want to be a starter in football? Earn it. Want to influence others and be a leader? Earn them. Want to be part of an elite group? You must earn the group's respect and their acceptance. Anything you do, any goals, any desires, any achievements, any wants, you must earn it.

My favorite word is Innovate. Cashflow is my second favorite word I learned in 2003. My third favorite word is Earn.

The letter grades are A for Superior, B for Above Average, C for Average, D for Below Average, and F for Failed. What happened to the letter E? E is for Earned. E is after A, B, C, and D. If you received an A, B, C or, D. you're above E—you earned the A, the B, the C, or the D. If you received an F, you're below E—you didn't earn a passing grade.

Fourth Of July Double Fireworks Blast: Who's Getting 7-9 Hours Of Sleep?

On Tuesday July 3, I ate lunch at the Cisco cafeteria. On my table, there was a sign promoting July's health tip. The health tip was if you're getting less than 7-9 hours of sleep, you may be sleep deprived. How ironic. Cisco promoted getting more hours of sleep. I find the health tip hard to believe for a company working everyone's ass off.

Here is one typical, ordinary, stereotypical worker. Married, have two children, works eight hours and eats lunch one hour a day, and drives to and from work with traffic. At Cisco, fat chance. Cisco works everyone hard. (I don't work hard, I work smart.) How about the days where the worker needs to work more than eight hours and/or work at home such as a presentation or editing a marketing report? Less time for the family. How about time to exercise, time to relax and do other activities such as reading, fixing cars, watching sports, and basket weaving? And how about time for the spouse and take care of the children? A devoted parent never neglects their children.

I ask a question I don’t know the answer. How can a person work nine hours, drive to and from work say one hour, and sleep for eight hours to have six hours remaining for everything else? I tell you some people use the six hours for work :\ Six hours is little time for everything else outside work. I have never drink coffee and energy drinks and I never take any drugs. And if a person works in a position requiring at least 12 hours of work a day, then there is two hours remaining for everything else assuming the person is still awake and focused.

My typical day is I work nine hours including one hour of lunch and commute time is 40 minutes round trip assuming traffic is favorable. Out of 24 hours, I have 14.33 hours remaining. Let's assume I get seven hours of sleep. I have 7.33 hours remaining. I cook, wash dishes, and eat dinner when I come home from work which is about 1.33 hours. I now have five hours. Don't forget bare necessities and taking care of myself including taking a shower and brushing my teeth which is about 30 minutes. I now have 4.5 hours. 4.5 hours of free time to myself. 4.5 hours is little time to read, update my webpage, write Blogs, watch anime, and anything else including emergencies and helping others. I'm lucky I'm single.

And what if I'm CEO of a company? Sleep 8 hours? Forget it. I spend 8 hours on email and talking on the phone >.>

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A Favor To Slow Down Everyone

Today is Independence Day or 4th of July in the United States. 4th of July is a checkpoint for me in a calendar year. Is 2007 going by fast? For me, the year is the fastest ever in my life. It seemed Anime Expo 2006 was held yesterday, LOL. I see people rushing, being busy . . . everyone in supercharge mode. People who drink the energy drinks need to stop. The drinks are addicting =)

I have a favor to ask. Please slow down and take a break. Just stop, pause, halt, think, take a breath . . . whatever. Just stop. Close your eyes and relax or take a nap. The world is going too fast. We are rushing. Life is not getting to the finish line quickly. It's being patient and getting to the finish line successfully. Money must not be the motivating factor to work too hard and too long. (I don't work hard, I work smart, by the way, LOL.) If you earn lots of money and work too long, how are you going to find time to spend money $-( I don't want to die with a million dollars in my saving account, and money in your savings account is the worst investment. If I have a million dollars at age 80, I'm taking a trip to Toronto or Great Britain ;-)

O.K. I'm going off subject :-/ Please take Summer 2007 to slow down and take a break. Patience is my Blog subject. Slow down, please, please and enjoy your summer.

Side Note: Anime Expo 2007 Blog is coming soon. The con went so-so so the Blog is a condensed version :]

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Finding My Art Of Happiness

One of my personal struggles today is to find the art of happiness. What is the art of happiness? What is my art of happiness? Everyone has their own way of being happy.

I have no problems being happy when I see my favorite sports team win a game, watching Barry Bonds hit a home run, hearing about good news from my family and friends, and the good guys defeating the bad guys. My problem is being happy for me. I can't even act happy. When I'm supposed to be happy, I'm mellow. Am I being modest? I'm uncertain. Am I holding back my happiness because it's too good to be true? Who knows? Is it O.K. to be selfish once in a while?

Maybe it's my lack of confidence to express my happiness? Maybe I fear I express my happiness the wrong way? Is there a right way and wrong way to be happy? Maybe it's my childhood such that I had few happy moments? Maybe it's all of the above?

Since 2004, there were many moments I was happy; unfortunately, I never expressed my happiness the way I really want to or what people expected a happy person to be. The moments included cosplaying for the first time, the Washington Canada trip, Oregon trip, visiting Santa Cruz on a day off, my new job, getting a laptop, two Las Vegas trips, and getting my yearly bonus. I was happy. My concern was I could have been misunderstood being sad or being unsatisfied when someone saw my physiological state.

Successful people master the art of happiness. I know if I want to be successful, then I must master the art of happiness. Happiness is more than smiling and laughing. It's being cheerful inside the heart and soul, having the ability to project your aurora of happiness to others--and the aurora influences others to be happy with you and for you. I ask myself legitimate questions above. One day, I answer the questions and find my art of happiness and express my happy feelings with confidence and sincerity :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Mellow Week

The week is going by fast, really fast. I’m glad the week is ending quickly because the week is mellow for me. Mellow? I experience every human emotion feeling including happy, sad, depressed, cheerful, outgoing, frustration, lonely, bored, active, and wondering. There are times I want to talk to people and there are times I wanted to be alone. There are times I’m bored and times I’m working my butt off.

The huge mixed feelings are daily and evening. The week at home I helped out in the house doing cooking and dishes. After dinner, I worked on my webpage. The last time I updated my webpage was March 18, 2007, the day before my first day at Cisco. At Cisco for the week, I revised the May FY07 report twice =P Doing the revisions were O.K. What bothered me was how I said it, “Make up your mind and finalize the report.” The other assignments included updating a quarterly spreadsheet, writing guidelines and timelines for monthly and quarterly reports, and completing requests—just like my job at Colliers International.

The week is too ordinary. There is no X factor, the moment or event to differentiate past weeks. Sometimes ordinary is good and sometimes ordinary is bad. In my life, I want 10% of my life to be ordinary.
I got back from the gym, showered, and ate two pieces of bread. The workout was good. I’m waiting for the house to cool down. Today was hot. I sleep in cool conditions. There are Thursday later today and Friday. Maybe something makes and breaks my mellow week.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

2007 Fanime Con Epilogue

Fanime Con'07 Epilogue

Day one, day two, and most of day three I was out of it. I thought I made a mistake working 10 hours Monday to Thursday to get Friday off. I was tired, not being myself, so emo, and just wasn't having fun. The lack of cosplayers made me feel worst. I was expecting to take a lot of cosplay pics. Where were the cosplayers? And most of Friday was dead just like Fanime '04 and Fanime '06. In short, I was depressed.

On Wednesday May 30, two days after Fanime Con, I realized the mistake was I participated in few events. I focused too much on meeting new people. I met people even when I wasn't looking. Next year, I attend more events including Yaoi bingo and sell at the swap meet. Attending events is an easier way to meet new people, and I'm doing something rather than just walking around doing nothing >.< Moreover, I focused too much on cosplay and hanging outside the con. I forgot about the activities and events. Furthermore, I forgot who I am. I was a different person :< I acted and behaved strange and I said words I normally don't say. The second realization convinced myself to create the Summer Sabbatical 2007. I mentioned the Summer Sabbatical on a past Blog. The Summer Sabbatical is when I'm outside at work, I have fun and relax. I hope the sabbatical makes me remember who I'm and makes me a better person all-around. And I hope I can slow down. 2007 has been too fast for me. Finally, Ritchie and I talked about Fanime Con 2007 losing the anime con magic. Ritchie's opinion had merit. At the time of discussion, I wasn't myself and I experienced the same feeling as Ritchie. Objectively, I told him to experience the entire con and wait after the con before accepting Fanime Con lost the anime con magic. Ritchie, I think Fanime Con still has the magic. The con started slowly and when people started coming in and the events went full steam ahead, many people had fun. I did. Fanime still has the magic as a friendly con where meeting people is easy and getting along with fellow con goers is easy as if everyone are friends to each other. The reason why Fanime'07 is my second favorite Fanime is because I met new people, hung out with my friends, and realized, personally, I needed to take it easy and relax. Regrettably, I forgot how to maximize the most out of a con and I correct my mistakes for Fanime'08. And the UNO game Sunday night rocked, rocked, and rocked which was the most memorable moment for me. Fanime'07 Notes

Here are some notes for the 2007 Fanime Con at the San Jose Convention Center May 25, 2007 to May 28, 2007 in San Jose, California.

--The reason the program guides were unavailable was because the printers screwed up. Fanime Con submitted the final Program Guide to the printers on May 9.
--I took 601 pictures. Very disappointed. Where were the cosplayers? Obviously, it wasn't Fanime's fault. Using to 50% conservative percentage to estimate the number of cosplay pics on my webpage, it's going to be a minimum 300, much lower than Fanime'05. I believe my question is legitimate. Where were the cosplayers?
--The convention center air conditioner system worked, yet the air was still dry, even in my hotel room. I used my lip balm at least once a day.
--Off the record, Spiritnare and Loktera were the people who thought about the Fanimaid Café. I say it off the record just in case other people are not supposed to know ;-)
--I received lots of Glomps cosplaying as Hitsugaya. I received a few double glomps from a few people including the Gaara cosplayer, the HunterXHunter cosplayer, and BSaphire's daughter. Sue, the hugs were innocent I swear.
--Hellangel fixed my sword at the CLAMP gathering. I need to make minor repairs before the next con. I thank my Dad for assisting me.
--The crossplayer guy who lived in Richmond I met on Saturday cosplayed from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's. At the moment I type the notes, I still figure out what went wrong. The guy seemed lost. Or maybe he didn't know how to act when meeting new people. I continue to meet new people, and sometimes the people I met there's no match for us to hang out and to know each other.
--San Jose Police was present for Fanime'07 and Fanime'06. There was an arrest at the Saturday night dance. An minor brought illegal drugs.
--One advice. If you meet new people and you get along really good, trade each other’s contact information such as cell phone, email, AIM, or other means of communications.
--The past Fanime con first days convinced me I can work at least a half day because nothing happens when Fanime opens. If I have lots of vacation time, however, I take Friday off.
--Bleach Gathering ’08 is planned to meet at the water fountains and move to the center of Cesar Chavez park.

Monday, June 11, 2007

2007 Fanime Con Day Four

Fanime Con'07 Day Four: Last Day Already?!?

I woke up at 10:15am. I wanted to wake up at 9:30am which I didn't because I was really sleepy from sleeping at 3am. I couldn't believe the last day arrived. The con went by too fast. Fanime'07 was the fastest con ever. And what happened to the cosplayers Saturday and Sunday?

Amelia and I packed our stuff. I cosplayed as Syaoran from Tsubasa Chronicles for the CLAMP gathering at 11:30am. We packed everything in the car at 11am to avoid the checkout rush between 11am and 12pm. 12pm was the checkout time.

I arrived at the CLAMP gathering at 11:30am. Turnout was expected to be low. Most of the cosplayers were from Tsubasa Chroncles. Two people from Tokyo Babylon, three from xxxHolic, and two from Magic Knight Rayearth appeared. We managed to get pictures and talked to each other. The gathering lasted a long 30 minutes. I took a few pics myself ^^

At 12:15pm, I took one final walk in the dealers room. There were very, very few cosplayers around the con. Today was Monday and the con was dead. I got a call from Barnes at 12:45pm saying the panel room for the 1pm Fanime BBS was empty. He asked me if there was going to be the 1pm panel. I confirmed yes. After the call, I felt less guilty I canceled my Saturday panel because it appeared the 12pm panel before the 1pm Fanime BBS panel was canceled, too.

Last Event

I arrived at the panel room for the Fanime BBS panel at 1pm. People started coming in. Gmontem took pictures of all the Fanime BBS members. Kegan_Flame started the panel asking everyone to introduce themselves. Turnout was good. Some people left early. And there were a few who couldn't make it. Spirit and Otakuapprentice ran the panel most of the time together. Otakuapprentice was gung-ho to hook the Nintendo Wii he went to EB Games on North Fourth Street to purchase an accessory to hook the Wii to the projector. Spirit showed videos and pics from his laptop.

Some of us were sad the con ended including me. I organized a pizza gathering at the main con area. Ryu, SuperKawaiiNeko, Amelia, and I went to House Of Pizza on Almaden Bouelvard. I purchased two large pizzas to share with everyone else. During the 20 minute wait, all of us relaxed and cooled down. We mostly talked about the con and what we purchased from the dealers room.

We arrived with the pizzas at 3:20pm. I got a Coke drink from the Marriott store. I'm glad there was enough pizza to share with everyone. The pizza was expensive, but really good. I hope everyone was happy that we were able to hang out one last time at Fanime '07 and not get full. I really didn't intend to feed everyone lunch `__*

As time passed, people were leaving and we said our good-byes. We saw others passed by and a few Fanime staff we knew doing their duties. Two staffers came by and gave out free posters and key chains. Amelia and I went home at 5pm.