Monday, October 08, 2007

A Controversial Blog: Birth Control

I believe the following is my first controversial blog entry. The Blog entry is unlikely to appear in a newspaper or the national news; however, in my Blog standards, it’s controversial. I’m going to express my thoughts on birth control.

I’m certain some pre-teenage girls their junior high school don’t teach birth control. I think all junior high schools must teach birth control to girls. Sex is everywhere, and teenage girls need the knowledge to deal with today’s way of living. Teach the girls birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancies and potential problems being a teenage mom. There is nothing embarrassed teaching sex. Watch primetime TV, shop in a mall, and read magazines. Sex is involved. If it’s sex in class, the girls pay attention. Teach the girls correctly the first time to avoid future problems.

Isn’t teaching the girls birth control going to increase the teenage sex rates? My answer is teaching birth control is going to lower the teenage pregnancy rates. The girls must learn what’s like having a baby. Raising a child is hard work, requires lots of time, and is expensive no matter their living class, status, or income. The girls learn what happens when they have sex and what happens if something goes wrong. What about virginity? That’s another discussion *___* Must junior high schools teach sex to boys? The short answer is yes.

The girls need to know the information to make the correct choices and prevent regrets. When the girls have the knowledge, they have the power and the strength to deal with today’s lifestyle.

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