Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sharing My Useful Apps

I want to share some of my useful apps on my HTC One. Here they are.

Social Networking.I keep in touch with everyone. I use the official Facebook app. I use TweetCaster to access my Twitter. I have problems using the official Twitter app. I use Hangouts for my texting. LinkedIn is used for professional networking.

Gas Buddy. The app helps me find the cheapest gas in a location. I save my favorite gas stations I frequently visit. Points are awarded for people updating gas station prices. The points are used to enter contests to win free gasoline.

Calm Radio.If you don't mind listening to commercials for free music, then Calm Radio is a must app. Classical, acoustic, relaxation, music by country, jazz, and much more. Atmosphere music is available for paid members.

Stitcher. Listen to Podcasts in Android phones.

Twilight. According to the description, recent research suggests that exposure to blue light before sleep may distort your natural (circadian) rhythm and cause inability to fall asleep. The cause is the photoreceptor in your eyes, called Melanopsin. This receptor is sensitive to a narrow band of blue light in the 460-480nm range which may suppress Melatonin production - a hormone responsible for your healthy sleep-wake cycles.

The Twilight app makes your device screen adapt to the time of the day. It filters the flux of blue light emitted by your phone or tablet after sunset and protects your eyes with a soft and pleasant red filter. The filter intensity is smoothly adjusted to the sun cycle based on your local sunset and sunrise times.

I use the defaults when I turn on Twilight at night.

United States Postal Service (USPS). Find zip codes, nearby post offices, and calculate postage for packages.

SoundHound. Are you listening to a song you don't know the title? Activate the app. Use your phone's microphone to listen. SoundHound identifies the artist and title of the song.

Andro12C. I used the HP calculator in high school and college. I still remember using the Enter button.

Vivino.I was introduced to Vivino when I worked in a retail wine store. A must for wine lovers.

Yelp. Useful to read restaurant reviews including visiting a new city for the first time or interested in trying a restaurant for the first time.

Relax Melodies. Listen to sounds to help fall asleep. My favorite settings are wind, urban rain, and wind chimes.

AccuWeather. I like the RealFeel in the weather app. RealFeel tells the reader how the temperature really feels to the human. For instance, the actual weather temperature is 70 degrees, however, it feels 75 degrees.

Converter. Convert distance and volume from one unit of measurement to another unit of measurement.

Evernote. A must app. Evernote records notes like a yellow notepad. One advantage is Evernote can be accessed on any phone with the app, on a computer with the software installed, and on a web browser. I downloaded the software on my laptop. Free version is good for most people.

Knots 3D. Learn how to tie knots step by step and in 3D.

First Aid. Download the official Red Cross app to remind how to apply first aid to injured people.

Flashlight.A great emergency app when there's no light.


Friday, February 27, 2015

A Sample Of Changes Everyday

We know the common knowledge about change. Change is good. Change is everywhere. We can't avoid change. Change yourself to live better. Google "change quotes". There are websites with thousands and thousands of quotes involving change. The shortest quote summarizing many results is "Life changes".

I observed four recent changes. All of us experience at least one of the changes below. Some of these life changes are beyond our control. It's life. Time changes us. We must accept the changes taking us to new life paths.

Beauty. I check Facebook once a day. My friend's list includes current friends, past friends, and family. I remember everyone's looks when they were younger; in particular, the pretty people. These pretty people were attractive. Some of them lost attractiveness today. They live new lives which affects their beauty such as stress, new responsibilities, and new jobs. Age changes our beauty. In addition, the attractive people I see once or twice a year were gorgeous years ago.

On the other hand, some people look more attractive as they age. Their attractiveness was average. Their attractiveness is beautiful in their 30s, 40s, and even 50s. Age changes our beauty. These people change their lives to look more attractive from the simple new haircut to the long term goal getting stronger. They're more physically active, they're late bloomers, they're eating healthier foods, and they're bodies & minds matured.

Jobs. People get hired and people get fired every working day. They're promotions. They're layoffs. Departments are expanded or are contracted. New management. Transfers. New responsibilities. New procedures. No company stays the same indefinitely. Companies expand. Companies shut down.

My department hired three new employees starting Mon Mar 2. My engineer I support moved to a new cubicle. There are new policies being drafted. There are upgrades in our database. There are new changes every month small and large.

I remember my final months at Cisco. Our department terminated contractors every fiscal quarter due to the Great Recession. I changed managers two times during my last three months. I worked at a new building during my last two months. I had more responsibilities for some months. I had fewer responsibilities for some months.

Change is consistent working in any company.

Climate. I'm not a meteorologist. The recent changes are unseasonably warmer weather and almost no rain in the San Francisco Bay Area weather since Jan 2015. There are days I wore t-shirts and shorts. I sleep with two blankets at night. The flowers are starting to bloom. The pollen count is increasing. People are mowing their lawns. The weather is spring like April in February. I expect unseasonable weather for the year.

I experienced allergies on Tue Feb 24. My body weakness is a sudden change in temperatures. Sun Feb 22 was t-shirts and shorts weather. Tue Feb 24 was long sleeve and pants weather. The sudden warm to cold confused my body. I feel cold. I wear a jacket. Time passes. I feel hot. I take off my jacket. Repeat the process. My body can't choose a consistent body temperature in the current environment.

I added a weather widget on my phone to be more proactive monitoring the weather. I prepare my body ahead of time for immediate big changes in weather and temperatures.

Computer. My new desktop is more upgrading than changing. However, I changed my desktop name from "Gaming PC" to "Raymond's PC" or "RPC" for short. My desktop stopped working on Sat Dec 27, 2014. My troubleshooting concluded the motherboard stopped working. I didn't want to upgrade my desktop because the hardware satisfied my needs.

I need a working desktop. I upgrade by purchasing a new motherboard, new CPU, new video card, new DIMMs, and a SSD to run Windows 7.


Sunday, February 22, 2015

More Random Jeopardy Answers

I thought of more questions from yesterday's blog. The random jeopardy blog idea came from The Costco Connection magazine interviewing Ken Jennings. These questions are good job interview questions.

His life changed permanently when he realized he must grow up on Sat Oct 4, 2008. He did his best catching up from his missing youth. He did his best becoming a better human being. Dependable, professional, and innovating his life. He was a good listener. He was a good guy. He was an open person; in particular, open to try something new. He listened to music, worked out at the gym, and read books. It was rare you need to tell him what to do and when to do it.

Raymond past away living a good life. He should be proud he died as a mature adult. He slipped through the cracks in school and in his early career. He stopped taking life for granted. He stopped taking life too lightly. He learned life lessons, experienced new experiences, and found new adventures some people never experienced in their lifetime. His presence assured stability in a group of people.

His favorite quotes were the following: Never stop innovating life; get up and do something, anything; and see ya around.

If I died tomorrow, how do I want to be remembered?

I'm a strong person. I'm getting stronger. I'm getting smarter, kinder, and wiser. Sometimes I hold back which I admit is a weakness. I'm working hard to stop holding back. 2015 is the year to open myself up to another level; in other words, pursue experiences and adventures outside my comfort zone. Do something new without worrying about success and failure.

I'm more sociable than most people believe. I'm a sucker for long conversations because I learn about the people and learn about life from the trivial to the serious philosophical discussion. I become interested in others.

Live my life to my fullest. Never stop learning. I believe the harder I work, the easier life becomes. The fun, the rewards, the successes, and the satisfaction are coming soon. I must be patient.

What is (or are) the misunderstood parts of who I am?

The most successful worker in a company masters the CCCP. Control, Consistency, Choices, and Proactive. A successful worker has control in his or her responsibilities and his or her environment. The worker becomes stronger and respected with more control. A successful worker consistently improves his or her performance. The output, efficiently, skills, and knowledge get better year after year. There are no same results year after year. The results are better and more impressive.

A successful worker makes good choices. He or she does the research, learns the back story, and requests assistance. He or she has the power to make choices to contribute to a growing successful company. And a successful worker is proactive seeking solutions to problems, creating new ideas, and assisting his or her team. Proactive means positive. There's always a solution. Proactive also means professional response. He or she never needs to be told what to do and when to complete the assignment. Obviously, training and management are an influence for workers to be proactive.

What is my job formula for success?


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Random Jeopardy Answers

Today's blog was inspired from The Costco Connection magazine interviewing Ken Jennings. These questions are good job interview questions.

I want to go back to college. I'm not talking about going back to De Anza College for the second time. I'm talking about going back to college after graduating high school. My college life was boring. I studied too much. I didn't have enough fun. I met very little people. I learned little life skills. I experienced little new experiences. I sought no new adventures. My early 20s was an almost disappointment.

What is my life mulligan?

There are too many things I want to experience. I want to visit Europe. I want to go wine tasting. There are hiking trails I want to hike. I want to insert coins in a jukebox. There are books I want to read. I want to move out. I want to be free. I want to drive along the California coast on Highway 1. My bucket list is too long at my current life situation. I want to stay alive to check off the entire list.

Are you ready to die?

Steve Jobs was an innovator. He knew what the world wanted. I want to know how the college dropout became a world legend. He changed the world. I want to learn how he became successful. How did he have the vision looking ahead?

Who is the person I want to meet dead or alive?

I want to live independently. I want to be free. I don't want to live with my parents the rest of my life. I want to find a full time job. My contract work is temporary. I believe I'm a good full-time employee. I know what to do working at a company full time. I want to expand my circle of friends. Living alone is depressing. I remain strong and smart to never become a person shutting the world and a person taking out my stress on others.

In summary, I don't want to with my parents for the rest of my life, I don't want to be unemployed, I don't want to be lonely, I don't want to be a person having no idea what I'm going to do with my life, and I don't want people thinking I'm an angry person.

What are my biggest fears?

My new video card is defective when I upgraded my desktop computer. I submitted a RMA to both the online store and the manufacturer for which both approved the RMA within minutes. I mailed the video card to the manufacturer via USPS Priority Mail instead of the recommended ground shipping UPS. I packaged the video card more compact instead of the recommended big box with 2 inches of protection throughout the entire card. The manufacturer began the process quicker than if I mailed the video card to the online store. The manufacturer updated my RMA status stating the video card is received and a replacement is in process.

Tell me something I discovered recently.

I took Computer Accounting Systems at De Anza College. The class was a requirement for my AA degree. The quarterly project was learning the accounting cycle from journal entries to closing the books for the quarter. Creating the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement were included. The project was completed in hard copy. All of the numbers, journal entries, ledgers, and quarterly statements were written. Computers were not involved. However, I used Excel to duplicate the accounting book and to calculate the transactions. I wrote the Excel calculations to the hard copy.

Tell me a time I cheated.

My life changed on Sat Oct 4, 2008. My world became better. I realized I must be stronger, smarter, kinder, and wiser. I became responsible for my actions. I must earn my successes. Playtime was over. I stopped taking life for granted. I live my life daily being a mature adult.

Share a miracle.

I'm proficient in seven languages. The languages are English, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Japanese. My social skills are excellent. I travel to many countries. I'm proficient in many cultural customs. I know lots of people throughout the world. Life is good.

What is my dream job?


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Work Thur February 19, 2015

Tue Feb 3: My engineer told me the company approved a 4 month contract extension. I wait for my contractor company to approve on their end. If approved, my last day is Fri Jul 3.

A reminder. Pace myself. I was stressing out entering RMAs from one of our vendors at the end of the day.

My handwriting improved for unknown reasons.

I drove straight through the signaled intersection instead of turning left leaving the parking lot going home. I made a U-turn at the hotel and turned right. The procedure was completed because of the short green light. If I attempted a left turn, then I must wait a full signal light cycle.

Wed Feb 4: I drove on Monroe Street going home for the second time. I was surprised lots of cars on Monroe Street. I waited two signal light cycles to cross El Camino Real. The last time I drove on Monroe Street there were few cars. All commutes are different. Total drive home was 32 minutes. My default commute home is driving San Tomas Expressway on the left lane. No more Pete Caroll analysis.

Thur Feb 5: I ate breakfast at the cafeteria for the first time. I purchased a fried egg and a sausage patty for $3.50.

I experienced my first meeting nothing got done since I started working at the company. My engineer wanted to start phase 2 in the quality management project. The summary was nobody created an Argo type movie scenario. We needed to create test RMAs. The SAP database didn't allow anyone to create fake RMAs for testing.

Fri Feb 6: I finished fixing the Manufacturing and Manufacturing Part Number field errors I discovered yesterday. I discovered a work-around to keep the Analyst Completion Date. The date field sometimes disappeared when completing specific procedures. I began officially closing RMAs.

Mon Feb 9: No more 20 minutes commutes. The commute times increased to 25-30 minutes. I started leaving work at 8:40am. I changed my schedule from 8am-5pm to 9am-6pm because of my gym workouts. I gain one hour sleep waking up at 7am instead of 6am.

I learned my engineer has dyslexia which explains why he reads slowly.

Tue Feb 10: I overheard a conversation with my risk manager who I supported for one assignment she needed new workers with supply side experience. It appeared the contractor assigned to help her is leaving soon.

I was given a short project. I looked at defective fans for a server. I copied the serial numbers from the servers with 2.5 inch defective fans. I cross referenced the serial numbers to the RMAs in the SAP database.

Wed Feb 11: I found a new parking spot to maximize shade for the afternoons. I discovered the new parking spot after going out to lunch with a friend.

The sun shone on my cubicle at 5:07pm. I closed the blinds on the right side of the patio door instead of the left side.

Thur Feb 12: I found an Euro worth One Euro on the ground in the cafeteria. It must be from the group of visitors who sat in the table area.

I made an effort to stay awake and to stay busy throughout the afternoon passing time. I paced myself spending time checking my personal email to prevent mental fatigue.

Fri Feb 13: I broke routine listening to classical music the entire day instead of listening to podcasts in the morning and The Beatles in the afternoon. However, I listened to KNBR at 3pm.

Mon Feb 16: President's Day. The office was closed.

Tue Feb 17: Public schools were on vacation. I anticipated my commutes are lighter for the week. My engineer was frustrated one of the vendors submitted incomplete RMAs for me to enter. He said to wait for the RMAs with completed information to enter in the database.

My engineer asked me how long I finish entering RMAs. I hesitated. I thought in my mind he questioned my work ethics. He answered his question saying it takes minutes. I agreed. The correct answer is minutes with templates and automation.

I ate half of a sandwich from a leftover meeting with my lunch on my lunch hour. I was reminded my days at Cisco and Colliers eating leftovers from meetings; in particular, my last two months working at Building 10 working in Briefings Department.

Wed Feb 18: I saw an employee who worked in the third floor two times today. The first time was walking inside the building in the morning. The second time was going down to the first floor during my lunch hour. He walked to the open area for a smoke.

I ate a fruit from the coffee room for the first time. Fruit disappears fast. My fruit was an orange. The orange and a Pop Tart were my breakfast. I went to bed late last night because I prepared to mail my defective video card to EVGA. EVGA approved my RMA.

Speaking of RMA, my engineer told me when he worked at a hard drive company, the company approved all RMAs no questions asked. The reason was the hard drives were crap.

There was a photo booth set up at the open area first floor center of the building. I wonder what's going on. There were three stacks of release forms to show pictures on the company's intranet.

I learned something new in the entering RMA process. What happened when there are incorrect RMAs and serial numbers? My engineer introduced me to more co-workers while explaining how to solve the problem. My engineer was joking at me. My face must have looked serious, frightened, and confused. He was loosening me up and helping me relax. I didn't catch it the first time. I realized it hours later. I was concentrated learning on getting the correct RMAs and serial numbers.

My department held an all hands meeting on the top floor named Gravity from the movie "Gravity". The entire floor is a meeting room and training room. It was the first time I heard of the named floor.

I talked to the risk manager's assistant for the first time. She actually worked at the company since 2013. There was a period she worked somewhere else. She worked at the company's old headquarters. Her entire career was an executive assistant. Her contract ends April 30.

I reloaded the copier with paper.

Thur Feb 19: 15 minute commute to work. All green lights on the expressway. All red lights turning left from the expressway and on Mission College Boulevard. I choose more sleep instead of waking up early eating breakfast. I ate a bowl of cereal at home. I ate bread and almonds at my cubicle.

I made a mistake yesterday. I emailed RMAs requiring follow up to the incorrect vendor.

The sun stopped shining on my cubicle at 5:07pm.

The last two hours of the day was investigating why four RMAs were subjected to failure analysis for the second time. It was a continuation from yesterday's incorrect RMAs and serial numbers incident. I looked at Salesforce, read customer emails, read case comments, and follow the timeline. I was a detective putting the data together. My initial analysis concluded two of the four customers returned the incorrect server to the vendor and the other two returned the correct server which didn't require failure analysis. I continue researching tomorrow.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I Blog, You Comment Wed Feb 18, 2015

I enjoy reading your comments, opinions, and feedback.

I discovered My Fifth Fear which was being a different person in a negative way. The discovery happened when one of the managers at my last job changed from a friendly, open person to a bad attitude, I take out my frustrations out on you person.

Self awareness is important in a person. The best people catch their mistakes and correct them. I wonder how many people need to call your manager out before he needs to change. --Nam Dabrowski, Albuquerque, New Mexico

We change. People change. I hope when we change we change for the better our ourselves. If people don't change actively and knowingly they become like your manager. --Odessa Murr, Newark, New Jersey

Physically, mentally or intellectually, emotionally, financially, or spiritually describe the different kinds of fatiguness. What Tiredness Are You elaborates.

Good blog. I can identify myself what kind of being tired I am. --Randall Chavarria, Newark, New Jersey

Emotionally tired. Too much being emotionally tired. I argue with my husband too many times. --Latoyia Corkery, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Financially tired? Stupid. I can never be tired earning money and spending money. --Lacy Krasner, Cleveland, Ohio

The saddest day of my life happened on Tue Sep 9, 2014 titled Today Is The Saddest Day In My Life Ever. I quit my new job in two days. The reason was questionable business practices.

A sad days means happy days are coming soon. I hope for your future happiness. --Sue Nails, Plano, Texas

I can tell you so many times I quit my job days and weeks I started. Bad luck I worked at these crappy jobs. --Annika Eilers, Birmingham, Alabama

Illegal job? How and why did you quit. It sounds like something illegal. But there were Enron and WorldCom. --Lida Drury, Charlotte, North Carolina

You did a good job being a psychologist. One of the common advice given to patients needing help with their personal lives is to live their lives. Further, you live a life to be the best. You live a life not just living. Living to be better. Be aware of your surroundings. Catch your faults and stop repeating the faults. Fix the faults. Learn from your mistakes. --Andy Collinson, Dallas, Texas

That's why we don't take life for granted. We think we got a job everything is good. There are bad jobs. I'm happy you quit your bad job. You didn't stay. --Tamika Yao, San Diego, California

Roadblocks On My Life's Road listed my obstacles living my best life. I listed living at home with my parents indefinitely, unemployed, being lonely, losing my memories, physical problems, and no internet.

My roadblocks are losing my job, losing my husband, losing my cat, and losing my house. I don't know how I live life without these basics close to my life. --Mariette Shutt, Detroit, Michigan

I announced my retirement being an anime fan. I shared my Top Ten My All Time Favorite Anime Series.

I read the 10 anime series. It looks like you should have retired years ago. Anime has changed. I quit because there was too much anime. I also quit because anime was becoming less of a priority in my life. I started a family. --Spencer Robey, Corpus Christi, Texas

The anime hobby is getting younger and younger. Each year I attend anime cons in CA. I swear I see 5th graders attending anime cons. I started anime and the youngest people I saw at cons were college aged. --Colby Carbin, Sacramento, California

You didn't watch One Piece? Shame on you. --Nerissa Mountain, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Times have changed in the anime hobby. I wonder whether the anime hobby continues to find ways to earn profits. BitTorrent is an anime fan's heaven. --Noreen Leverette, Denver, Colorado

Success is like a jigsaw puzzle. Complete the puzzle to be successful. My missing pieces in Finding The Missing Pieces are finding new friends, learn more job skills, living independently, and being the best physically fit.

What're you going to do when your puzzle is completed? Are you going to find another puzzle to complete? --Charise Luebke, Huntington, New York

That's how I teach my children. What do you want to do in 2015? I ask them the question. My children [write] down what they want to do spread out in a piece of paper. Next, I ask them to cut in pieces creating their own puzzle. The piece is added to the puzzle when completed. --Charlene Doster, Honolulu, Hawaii

The San Francisco Giants won the 2014 World Series. I blogged Giants fans should hope for the best. Believe. Be positive. Did World Series MVP pitcher Madison Bumgarner read my blog and took my advice before Game 7? My Thoughts On Game 7 Of The 2014 World Series

Go Giants! --Aleshia Mateer, South San Francisco, California

I remembered seeing the final out on Game 7. It took me a long time to answer the question "What just happened?" --Zenobia Gerhardt, Kansas City, Missouri


Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Parents Raised My Correctly

I have blogged the mistakes my parents raised me. I blog the positives of my parents. I blog how my parents raised my correctly. My parents did something successful.

No Smoking And No Coffee. No smoking was easy. We know the common knowledge smoking is bad for a person's health. Tobacco is awful. No coffee was also easy. I tried coffee once. Too bitter. The smell is okay. My health is different if I drink coffee daily. I wonder how my parents raised me differently if they drank coffee daily. I wonder how my parents behaved with their daily caffeine. My family saved lots of money at the grocery store.

Save Money. Speaking of saving money at the grocery store, there was an expectation to keep an eye on our financials. Save money for emergencies. Never spend, spend, spend. Be disciplined on our expenses. Maximize the use goods such as clothes and televisions. Good lesson.

Take Advantage Of Sales. See the "Save Money" above. I wait for sales when I can wait.

No Divorce. I can't imagine how different my life if my parents divorced. Their commonality being boring people is a reason they're still married.

The Obvious Basics. Food on the table, clothes, providing school supplies, family holidays, and telling me to stay out of trouble. They supported me when I lost my job and I went back to school.

They're Reliable. My parents live a lazy, a plain, and boring life. They live life with half effort. However, if there is family trouble, they're available for support at the worse times. They do a good job.


Saturday, February 07, 2015

Instant Bullets Blog Feb 7, 2015

New Year's Eve Tradition. I created a new tradition. I watched two movies during New Year's Eve 2015. The movies were The World's End and Gravity. Good movies. I watch them again for New Year's Eve 2016 if I stay home.

. . . with speed bumps and pot holes. I listened to The Long And Winding Road by The Beatles one day. I added the thoughts speed bumps and pot holes. Life is a long and winding road. Life is tough with speed bumps and pot holes on the long and winding road.

Paul McCartney was quoted "I just sat down at my piano in Scotland, started playing and came up with that song, imagining it was going to be done by someone like Ray Charles." The growing tension among The Beatles inspired McCartney to write the song.

Kickstarter bucket list. I want my entire color wheel colored in my Kickstarter profile. I achieved Technology and Games categories. I browse for a pair of pants, a shirt, or a wallet in the Fashion category. I don't know what I back for the rest of the categories. I backed two LED bulbs and one LED flashlight. Do I want to start a Kickstarter LED collection? Too expensive.

Bodies change. Another example my body changes is moisturizing cream. I switched cream from Vanicream to Nivea. Vanicream gave me red bumps on my hand. No red bumps appear using Nivea. Interesting. My dermatologist recommended Vanicream since I started visiting him for my dermatology needs.

Lesson my parents failed to teach me. I thought about my parents regarding teaching me when I was a child one night. I realized my parents failed to call me out on my mistakes. I believe they caught my mistakes. They never communicated and taught me what I did wrong. Could I have grown up earlier than Oct 4, 2008 if my parents told me to grow up earlier in my life?

I'm a let it be person. I rarely call out a person when they made a mistake. Sometimes keeping quiet is appropriate. Sometimes keeping quiet is inappropriate. What are the criteria to call out a person? What are the situations to call out a person? I don't know the answers. I believe it's a judgment call. Do I want someone to call me out when I make a mistake? It depends. I believe I answered the questions regarding criteria and situations.

Another lesson my parents failed to teach me. My parents failed to teach me rejection. They failed to teach me failing. They failed to teach me to deal with rejections and failures because I needed to learn from them. People grow stronger, smarter, and wiser from rejections and failures. I believe my parents never taught me rejection and failures because my parents never let me experience these life lessons in my childhood. My childhood was sheltered.

Inside promotion. The San Francisco 49ers promoted Linebackers Coach Jim Tomsula to be the Head Coach replacing Jim Harbaugh. Let's put aside the opinions regarding Tomsula being a good hire or a bad hire. I'm recognizing the 49ers promoting inside the organization. I want to see more companies promoting inside the company. I saw many open experienced positions and open upper management positions during my job searches. Companies hiring these positions and similar positions should look inside the company before hiring someone from the outside. I want to see less senior level or experience level positions on the open job market. I want to see more entry level and mid level job openings.

"School is fair. Life is not. Just get used to it." Former California Governor Gray Davis was quoted in a commencement speech at Columbia Law School. Schools should think of ways to teach life is not fair. I'm not an education expert. Unfair distributions. Some get away with cheating. Random grading scales. The teacher is hard for one school day. Educators should do something to teach more real life lessons.


Monday, February 02, 2015

Work Mon Feb 2, 2015

Fri Jan 23: I rechecked my local component database I created using Access. I forgot to add vendor data. I exported the component data to Access for the second time most of the day.

Mon Jan 26: I woke up late because of a lack of good nutritious meals last weekend. Last weekend was busy; for instance, cleaning up the house, buying new hardware for my PC, visiting friends in the East Bay, and going to the gym. The morning commute was unusual. It felt like a mid week commute.

The SAP administrator organized an impromptu meeting. We discussed SAP enhancements for two hours.

The commute home was fast. The total drive was 16 minutes.

Tue Jan 27: I took a 30 minute lunch because I needed to leave work at 5pm. I enrolled in the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training. Seven classes total. Tue, Wed, and Thur this week and next week. The final class is Sat Feb 8 9:30am-12:30pm.

Wed Jan 28: I thought about people eating out for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner. I have a better understanding why some people eat out consistently. They must eat out. They have responsibilities they must complete. There are out of control situations which must be dealt. The responsibilities and situations take time. I believe most of these people who eat out consistently honestly want to eat healthy. They want to cook their own meals. Unfortunately, they're short on time. They're fatigued. They're busy for good reasons. I give them slack.

I submitted a help desk ticket to IT because the copier's toner cartridge was out. I chuckled because IT transferred my ticket to the Facilities Department. IT is responsible to replace the cartridge.

I drove home on a neighborhood street because the expressway was unusually backed up. I was surprised there were very few cars on the street. I made good time. I consider the neighborhood street for future commutes home. There are more signal lights. There is less stop and go breaking. The speed limit is slow. The worse section of the street is driving around the shopping mall.

Thur Jan 29: I purchased take out breakfast at a diner. I ate half of my breakfast after settling in. I finished my breakfast for a mid morning snack.

Fri Jan 30: My engineer and I had a morning meeting. I learned there is a good chance my contract is extended. There is no chance of a long-term contract or a full time position. My contract is completed when the SAP database is automated. I start updating my resume on Mar 3 which is the last day of my four month contract. My thinking process is no need to update my resume now because I'm guaranteed work in Feb.

I ate lunch at the cafeteria. There were no leftovers from last night.

Mon Feb 2: The day after Super Bowl XLIX. The championship game was the most watched television show in USA history. My entire floor was quiet at 8:50am. I ate a Pop Tart for breakfast. I woke up at 7:30am because I was exhausted. There was too much sodium in my body from yesterday's snacks. I drank a glass of water after getting up from my bed immediately. The glass of water was my coffee. I was wide awake.

I ended the day feeling the most frustrated since I started. My engineer gave me more instruction in the SAP database I should have been trained months ago. Some of the RMA manufacturing information I entered are incorrect. It was an honest mistake. I'm following how I'm trained. I let it go because the information is secondary. I correct if my engineer tells me.

I feel the best way to continue learning the job is continuing trial and error and learning from my mistakes by doing. If I get one-on-one training, chances are I learn it the wrong way from his confused explanations. I give the vendors more benefit of the doubt when they submit the incomplete or incorrect RMAs for which I add missing information or correct. The vendors likely received bad training from my engineer. Maybe I shouldn't correct the RMAs submitted from the vendors because I might create more errors.

We analyzed a line chart I created my engineer requested. The information the line chart portrayed was confusing. We discussed. I understood him after asking follow up questions. A bar chart was the better choice. He was terrible explaining what he wanted.