Monday, March 26, 2007

Takes A Deep Breath

*sigh* *sigh* *sigh* *takes a deep breath*

Um, hello, everyone. Gee, first I apologize for not updating my Blog. So much has happened since President’s Day. Here is the latest and greatest =)

On Monday March 19, 2007 I started my new job as a contractor for Cisco. Yes, Cisco. I was officially hired a few hours after my interview. I can’t believe it. No more Colliers International. Yay! I have been happy lately, and, what I’m going to say is makes no sense. I find it hard to accept. I find it hard to follow through my happy emotions. Hold the thought. It’s another subject XD

My first week at Cisco I’m assigned to clean up the data in my department’s database. Is it Colliers’ database part II? No matter. Gotta start at the bottom and move my way to the top. I got my foot in the door and I have to find ways to stay there and become successful. Nobody becomes a CEO overnight. The work hours are long and there is so much to learn. Really—a lot to learn. The work environment is new to me because I worked in commercial real estate since I graduated college and it’s big time different. BTW, the department I work is the Proposal Experts department. The department supports Cisco’s Account Managers. The Account Managers are the salespeople who sells products and services to clients.

Cisco promotes telecommuting. My immediate co-worker who is training me telecommuted on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and trains me from her home. Cisco also promotes instant messaging. I created an American On-Line Instant Messaging (AIM) account and I soon going to create Yahoo! Instant Messaging. If anyone wants to chat on AIM, email me. I’m a newbie chatting on-line O__o

My second week at Cisco I’m going to be in Vancouver, BC, Canada where I’m now at. There is a seminar for all of the Proposal Experts from around the world. I arrived on Sunday and I leave on Friday. I’m typing the Blog in my hotel. There was a dinner reception earlier today and I meet some people who are newbies like me. And someone told me there is a new hire working at Cisco for two days. I felt a little better today.

I want to thank my family, friends, acquaintances, and all of my supportive Colliers co-workers. I never realized how I’m really good, how I influence others to be better, my presences makes people happy, and that I have more potential than I thought. I’m a late bloomer. There is so much more I need to learn, and I sincerely really mean it. I’m more mature today compared to 10 years ago. If I had the wisdom 10 years ago, I take life for granted. I have to earn my way in life to have life come to me.

There is a beast inside me and it’s struggling to get out :-/ My life is a 1,000 puzzle pieces and I’m both struggling and figuring out how to put my life together. My Cisco job puts a few more pieces together ^^ Hey, another Blog subject. Life is a puzzle. Put the puzzle together and you found who you are ;-)

*yawn* (-,-) It’s time to go to sleep. The seminar starts Monday morning and ends on Thursday early afternoon. I want to sneak in workouts in the 24 hour gym at the hotel ^.^ I come home on Friday. I already miss home, USA, and everyone in the USA.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Time To Say Goodbye

On Monday March 19, 2007, I start my new job as a contractor for Cisco Systems, Inc. I’m going to work at the Cisco campus in Silicon Valley. I’m both excited and scared. My feelings are normal. When one is both scared and have the urge to succeed, chances are excellent a person succeeds. Fear helps us learn. Weird, but true. I’m leaving the Real Estate sector and entering the Tech sector. I like to thank all my family and all my friends for enduring me for a long time ^.^

On my last day, I email my farewell speech to everyone I worked with. I also emailed workers who went to another brokerage house and acquaintances I helped telling them I found a new job. Immediately after I sent the email, I visited everyone’s office and cubicle and put my ININ card on their telephone. My ININ card includes my logo, website, name, email address, and one of my life’s philosophies “Never Stop Innovating Life.” ;-) My final action at work was I rang the office bell. The brokers who completed blockbuster deals rang the bell. The last time a staff rang the bell was in late 1999. I didn’t care if the managing partner hated it. I made a statement for myself. Yay!

I’m looking forward to meet new people, experience new experiences, and learn anything new. *Prepares a toast* To new ventures, everyone. Thank you.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Release The Cherish

In our lives, we cherish many people, places, and things. Only a few are cherished forever in our lives. For the rest, have the courage to release the cherish and move forward in life.

I like to share two items I cherished for a long time. The two items were useful in my daily life. The first cherish was my Casio G-Shock watch. I purchased the watch in Summer 1996 at Big 5 Sporting Goods at 80% off retail. I used the money from my first paycheck working at Blockbuster Video.

In 2006, my watch went haywire. I was sad. For two weeks, I didn't wear a watch. My left wrist felt lightweight everytime I went outside. I purchased another G-Shock watch on eBay at a good deal. When I received the watch, the watch was much better. The numbers were bigger to read and the light was brighter.

The second cherish was my Vurnet Sunglasses. I purchased the sunglasses in 1997 because my family went on a trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. I'm sun sensitive and I wear sunglasses when I'm outdoors on a sunny day and when I'm driving.

On December 2004, my friend and I went to Las Vegas. We were on the strip and I took off my sunglasses to take a picture of the Venetian. I had trouble seeing the digital camera view finder with my sunglasses. After walking on the strip, we went to Binion's Casino to play Texas Hold'Em. When I got my seat, I realized I lost my sunglasses. Chances are I lost my sunglasses taking a picture of the Venetian. I was angry.

The next day, I went to Caesars's Place mall and purchased a new pair. I told the worker my last pair was Vurnet. The worker asked, "What's Vurnet?" The new pair made by Carrera cost $140.00. The new pair makes me look cooler, stylish, sporty, charming, and the glasses were polarized. A blessing in disguise.

As time moves forward, we encounter new people, new places, and new items. There is a moment where we must make a choice to keep an existing cherish or choose a new cherish. And sometimes we must say goodbye to a cherish and find a new cherish to continue living.

Side Note: I used the watch and sunglasses incidents in earlier Blogs titled "Questioning ININ" and "Keeping Fun In Check." Perhaps, I still can't get over the two cherished items, LOL

Friday, March 09, 2007

Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich Time

One of the new stuff I did in 2007 is trying new foods. My braces forced me to try foods I used to hate. I have eaten yogurt, kiwi, peanut butter, yams, and oatmeal. I love those foods. Mangos and peaches are on the list. I must try mangos because, well, Seinfeld fans should know why, LOL. And I thought about trying sushi. :-)

One breakfast morning, I ate a peanut butter and (strawberry) jelly sandwich for the first time in my life. I was afraid to eat it. I liked jelly and I started to eat peanut butter. Why must I worry? I ate the PB&J and the jelly made the peanut butter taste sweet; unfortunately, my continued fear prevents me from making more PB&J sandwiches. The PB&J sandwich was too good, too sweet, and too frightening. Yeah, I’m speaking nonsense. I’m confident I need to eat more PB&J to acquire the unique taste *()*

The blog entry is neither an Innovate Common Knowledge blog nor a recent sad and depressing. I want to tell everyone I’m O.K. with my braces. There is little discomfort and minimal problems. Unfortunately, people tell me when the orthodontist tightens the braces and changes the wire, the fun and pain begins *__*

Finally, find a reason to try new foods and/or drinks. For me, it was braces. For others, it can be meeting new people, working at a new job, going out on a date, moving to a new city, trying a new hobby, or whatever. Bon appetite :-O

Monday, March 05, 2007

Innovating My Enthusiasm

On May 15, 2005, I was working out in the gym doing free weights. Someone asked if I was going to use a dumbbell. I replied "Really!" I should have replied by saying "sure" or "go ahead."

Recently, I have been too enthusiastic when I'm happy or when I'm with people. I laugh during situations I don't know what to say and when I respond to someone saying something most of the time, and most of the time it's not really funny.

To solve my too enthusiasm problem, I watch myself laughing. I want to keep my laughs in check. I want to respond to people politely. If I have nothing to say, then I keep quiet or at least smile. It's just that I'm really happy when I'm with people, and I fear sometimes if I don't say anything, people are going to forget me which is nonsense X__X

Looking forward to many more self image innovations, I'm currently watching my enthusiasm. When I feel I control my enthusiasm confidently, I find another personality, another behavior, or another attitude to innovate myself.