Friday, March 31, 2006

Take Care Of Your Assets

. . . because if you don’t, a criminal is going to make an ass out of your assets.

Today, the United State Postal Inspection informed my company San Jose Police arrested two suspects. According to police reports, the two suspects broke into a car and possessed the company roster containing personal information including home address, date of birth, phone numbers, and spouse. The police and the postal inspector have no evidence the personal information has been used for criminal activity. For me, I’m concern a little; however, since nothing happened, I’m not worried so far =|

The incident reminds me and everyone reading the Blog to take care and watch out for your personal information and assets. Always secure yourself and your possession wherever you go. Today, information is easy to get, fast to send to others, fast to receive from others, and more and more are available anytime of the day. Moreover, technology can assist criminals to commit identity theft.

I never thought someone in the company or for whatever reason the company roster was in somebody’s car and the criminals break into the car and take the roster. I thought my company had safeguards to protect personal information and the workers take precautions to protect confidential information. On Monday when I return to work, I think twice about my company’s security policies.


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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Wednesday Nights At Home

Wednesday March 29, 2006 was my last day of class at De Anza College. Here is a brief recap: Summer 2005, I wanted to start a small business. De Anza College, a local junior college, offered a business plan night class Wednesday nights for Winter Quarter 2006. I drove from work to college and attend class. I took the final on Wednesday.

The instructor, a Certified Public Accountant or CPA, taught the class. He taught everything outside the book . . . heck, he never used a textbook and the students didn’t need to purchase a textbook. Examples he taught included LLCs, sole proprietorships, taxes, business licenses, financial statements, and shared personal experiences. The instructor didn’t teach anything directly related to how to write a business plan.

Many students were disappointed the instructor didn’t teach the students how to write a business plan. For me, in my opinion, nobody can write a presentable business plan in three months. It takes months (and perhaps years) to write a winning business plan to get funding. Additional study and learning are required, and is the same for all business classes and learning business in general Almost nobody creates a winning stock portfolio in their first year trading stocks. And, yes, I continue learning how to write a business plan starting next week.

Am I going to miss classes? In a way, the answer is yes. The class was my first time in a quarter system. San Jose State University is a semester system. Quarter systems go by fast. It felt like yesterday was the first week of January. Here are what I’m going to miss:

*Meeting people. I met a lot of students with different experiences, and I learned something from everyone.
*Driving to college instead of home. De Anza College is 20-25 minutes from work. Traffic was never a problem.
*Just going back to school. I felt weird going back to school. The last time I attended classes was December 1997, my last month at San Jose State.
*I learned something. The instructor taught a lot of material, and I use the material when I start my business. I learned almost nothing during my undergraduate studies when I compare the business plan class and my years at San Jose State.

Thank you to the instructor and the students I met. I hope to see everyone sometime in the future with their successful businesses :-))


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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Steve March 2006 Visit

Last weekend, Steve came to San Jose to visit. We hanged out on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Here is what we did XD

Friday Evening

Traffic was horrible leaving work and driving to Fremont where Steve's hotel was located. Fortunately, I drove to southern Fremont instead of Newark :) I arrived at Steve’s hotel room and I had to pee. Sorry I didn’t say hi after I knocked the door ^^ After settling in, we walked a few minutes to McDonalds for dinner. I ate a light dinner because I’m still recovering from the stomach flu three weeks ago. I ordered the Chicken Strip Combo and Steve ordered the Fillet of Fish Combo. During dinner, I said hi to Steve and Steve said hi, too. We watched two episodes of The Simpsons 4th Season DVD set

After dinner, we played Battleship and How To Run A Business. The business game was made in the 1970s, yet the ideas and rules applied to today’s business world. We listened to George Thorogood and Derik and the Dominos classical rock music. We ended at 11:30 P.M. because we needed to wake up early on Saturday morning (-,-)

Saturday Morning

I arrived at Steve’s hotel room at 8:00 A.M. The breakfast plan was to eat at McDonalds . . . again. I ordered the Sausage Biscuit with Egg combo and Steve ordered an Egg McMuffin combo. Like dinner, I ate light because of the stomach flu.

After eating breakfast, we headed to Golfland Milpitas to play unlimited arcade games for $6.00. We arrived at Golfland at 9:10 A.M. The unlimited arcade games ended at 12:00 P.M. Most of the time I played Ghost Recon. The game was definitely worth playing during unlimited arcade because the game took a ton of credits to finish. It’s difficult and very fun to play. I got tired of Ghost Recon around 11:30 A.M. and choose to play Time Crisis 3, one of my all time favorite arcade games. I won Time Crisis 3 too many times.

When the unlimited arcade games were over, I played the tickets for prizes games. I had six tokens from a previous visit and played the game where I drop a token in the (whatever it's called) machine for the token to push more tokens down the chute. For each token down the chute, I won five tickets. I played the six tokens and received 70 tickets. Not bad `__* I needed 30 more tickets for a Simpsons deck of cards. Here was the sad part, I needed at extra $3.50 to earn 30 more tickets. That sucks!! :-P Steve played the same game and did really good. He spent around $5.00 and was able to win three Simpsons deck of cards. Awesome!!!

The next activity at Golfland was miniature golf. Golfland raised the price from $6.50 to $7.50. Steve had a free coupon for a free game after he scored a hole I one at the 19th hole in September 2005. We choose the third course which we never did before. I liked the third course. Steve and I each had one hole in one. The final score was 63 for Steve and 64 for me.

Saturday Afternoon

For lunch, we went take out at Carl’s Jr. in Milpitas and headed back to Steve’s hotel room. After we purchased lunch, we headed to the car and I found two $1.00 bills. I gave one bill to Steve.

We arrived back at the hotel to eat lunch and watched Malcolm In The Middle 1st season on DVD. Steve’s dad arrived later and took a shower. After lunch, we went to Half Price Books in Fremont. Steve did really good and purchased a few books. I didn’t find anything. After Half Price Books, we went to Raley’s to purchase snacks and drinks. I purchased Chocolate Chip Cookies at the bakery, a 16 ounce of 7-UP, and It’s It ice cream. Steve purchased brownies at the bakery, drinks, and Ice Cream Chocolate Bars. Steve’s room has a refrigerator, freezer, and microwave. Gotta take advantage of the conveniences. During our activities in the hotel, we ate and drank the food on both days.

For the rest of the afternoon, we played Mystery Mansion, Life, and X-Men board games. The Mystery Mansion game was finished really fast which I won. Steve won Life winning over $1,400,000. The X-Men games were lots of battles. Steve won most of the X-Men games. We listened to The Who and The Eagles classical rock CDs during the games.

The final afternoon activity was viewing the Washington Canada trip pictures. We listened to Fleetwood Mac and a James Bond soundtrack during the viewing. It seems like yesterday Steve and I visited Washington and Canada. The Fleetwood Mac music was listened when Steve and I drove to Port Angeles. The James bond soundtrack was listened when Stephen and I drove in Victoria and Vancouver.

Saturday Dinner

We went to Chevy’s in Fremont to eat dinner. We both ordered Fajitas. During the wait, we saw on TV a documentary on a casino expanding to include more high limit games and ate lots of chips and salsa. I ate too much nachos and could not finish dinner; moreover, I could not stuff myself because I wanted to eat as little as possible to avoid any future health problems from my past stomach flu XD

After dinner, Steve played some video games on my laptop. Then we played more X-Men. Steve won all of the games. We ended at 11:30 P.M.

Sunday Morning and Sunday Afternoon

We started at 10:00 A.M. where we left Steve’s hotel room and headed to San Francisco. (I named 2006 as the Year of the New) and we choose to check out San Francisco as something new—something to do outdoors. We parked at the public garage across from Pier 39 and walked around Pier 39. We took pictures at the end of the pier where the Golden Gate Bridge was the background. We ate lunch at Pier 39. I ordered the Fish & Chips and Steve ordered the Maui Maui Sandwich and Clam Chowder. I watched an NCAA March Madness game where George Mason upset North Carolina. My Fish and Chips order was huge. I should not have finished the lunch. I had a stomach ache throughout the rest of the San Francisco trip :-(

After eating lunch, we walked to Fisherman's Wharf. We walked through the shops and restaurants. We visited a store that sells boats and naval stuff and a big gift shop towards the end of the wharf. Before Ghirardelli Square, we visited a store selling art and high price antique store going out for business. All of the merchandise was 75%-80% off. There was a poker table and four chairs for $1,600. If I had the money and the room, I purchased the table and chairs. Finally, we visited Ghirardelli Square. The square was dead. Lots of shops closed. There was nothing. We stayed for 15 minutes.

After Ghirardelli Square, we walked back to the Pier 39 public parking garage. The first stop on the way back was a spy store. The spy store sold lots of spy stuff including books, gadgets, cameras, and cheap airsoft guns. Most of the items could be found on eBay probably much cheaper $-)

The next stop in San Francisco was two bookstores. Steve knew two book stores near the heart of Downtown San Francisco. We stayed around 30 minutes each store. After the bookstore, we headed back to Fremont. BTW, there were lots of street vendors during the Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf visit—something I'm probably going to do in the future *__*

Sunday Evening

We arrived back in Fremont where we watched Office Space on my laptop. Watching Office Space a second time for me was more enjoyable than the first. If I was stressed, I watch certain scenes to laugh off my stress. LOL!!!

After Office Space, we walked to McDonalds for take out dinner. I ordered one Big Mac and two McChickens. Steve ordered ice cream and, damn, forgot what he ordered. We watched more Malcom In The Middle. We watched the episode where Malcom and Stevie had a sleepover and the Pilot episode. We ended at 10:30 P.M. where I drove back home.

I think this weekend was one of the best weekends we hanged out. Next time, we are going bowling because the $24.00 in parking Steve and I pay for one person's bowling which includes shoes and three games -__-


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Friday, March 24, 2006

My Feelings For The Week

Steve, I’m still working on the last weekend activities Blog. I hope to finish by next Wednesday. Next Wednesday is my Business Plan final X__X

One of the activities Steve and I did was watched Office Space. (Office Space is one of my all time favorite movies.) It was my second time I watched Office Space. We watched the movie Sunday evening. When I went to work on Monday, I felt different. Really different >.>

I felt like Peter Gibbons, the main character. Gibbons had a new attitude—a neglected attitude such that he didn’t give a damn about his job and his company . . . and he received a promotion (he did care about his closest co-workers). I had the neglected attitude during the week. For instance, my company created a new database which went live four weeks ago. The database has been experiencing bugs and programming errors since then. I found out on Tuesday from the Director of Research there was a major error. The major error was one of the critical fields from the old database didn’t export to the new database. I felt pissed at first. Five minutes later, I didn’t give a shit 8-|

It seemed watching the movie hypnotized me and gave me a new attitude and new outlook. I felt great inside me such that I had no care in the world working. I have nothing to fight for in my company. My company has neither a CEO nor CFO. Does anyone want to work in a company without a go-to person or without leadership? *Raises hand* I don’t.

BTW, any company looking for innovative processes in a department and wants a cheap and effective worker, please consider me. Think of me like a baseball player playing for the Oakland A’s. Anyone who read the book Moneyball by Michael Lewis should know what I’m talking about :-)

Note: After I found the error, the Director of Research emailed me and CCed the Managing Partner and Office Manager our phone conversation explaining the error in more detailed. My gut feeling was the Director of Research was scared I storm to the Managing Partner and tell him I was really pissed, and then the Managing Partner becomes pissed and attacks the Director of Research, but I doubt it because the Managing Partners does nothing.


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Monday, March 20, 2006

What Is The Best Day To Take One Day Off From Work?

You want to take a day off from work just for the heck of it. The day off could be use to complete errands, help a friend, clean the house or apartment, take a one day trip somewhere, and/or just sleep-in.

What is the best day to take one day off from work for the heck of it? Friday. Most people say Friday since Saturday is the day after. I think the best day is Monday. Why? Two reasons.

The first reason is when you return back to work on Tuesday, it's a four day work week and closer to the weekend. It's psychological ;-)

The second reason is the true three day weekend is actually Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. With Monday as the day off, the day Sunday, the second weekend day is extended longer. No need to worry about preparing for Monday's workday on a Sunday. The Sunday is another Saturday. Stay out longer, sleep later, and do more activities. You wake up late Monday morning on day off Monday.

Give it a try. Try taking Monday off instead of taking Friday off. For those who take Friday off as the travel day for a trip, try leaving late Friday night when there is less traffic, spend Saturday and Sunday at your destination, and leave on Monday to go home.


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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Life Sucks? Why Live?

Life's bad for some of us in the world. The list of bad, sad, mad, tad in life is endless. (WTF, tad?) Dead end job, lonely, unemployed, single parent, depressed, drug addict, doing poorly in school, no money . . . the list is endless. For the very few regulars who read my Blog XD, they know I live in a high cost of living area, work at a dead end job, and jobs I apply to either I'm overqualified or don't have the job skills.

If life is bad for us, why live life? Why live a life full of struggles and mishaps? Isn't life supposed to be good for everyone? Isn't life supposed to treat everyone fairly to a good life. Why do bad things happen to good people who try their hardest? When are the rewards coming?

We might as well kill ourselves. End the pain. End the suffering. End the agony. Plato said, "Only the dead have been the end of war." It seems death is a legitimate choice for certain situations in life. Does the death choice have merit?

A few years ago when I walk to my car after work, I wished I get killed by some stray bullet. No more working at a crappy company, no more worrying about not getting a new job, no more suffering being alone . . . nothing sad and everything peaceful. Realistically, my death solves none of my personal problems.

Why do we sufferers of the bad side of life still live? The reason is to fight, fight, fight. Without the suffering, without the pain, we don't have a life. We live to fight and conquer these bad sides of our lives. For my fight, I'm starting to search for another job again after a long break, going to start a part-time business and hope the business creates more doors to open, and meeting new people when an opportunity comes to me. I'm aware the chances of me finding a new job are slim given today's economic conditions. I'm hoping for the best.

Objectively speaking, life is really not that bad. Really. Live is not that bad. Almost every minute, we bad lifers fail to remember life is really not that bad. Think objectively about life. Yeah, it's really not that bad :-))

Remember, we fight to live. Without the fight to win attitude, there is no point in living. Continue the fight. I am. When the day is bad, remember tomorrow is another day. When a job is loss, it may be a blessing in disguise. When the night calls for sleep, dream the victory. Good luck, everyone!

For the record, I'm not suicidal. I'm still living and I'm still continuing the fight :-O When I achieve victory, another fight is waiting.


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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Philosophy 98: Innovating Life

I had a dream I taught a one night a week class at De Anza College. The class was Philosophy 98: Innovating Life. I taught students how to innovate one's own life. The required books were Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. I wanted students to read Rich Dad Poor Dad because I wanted to teach the students that the rich people are probably not the next door neighbor driving a BWM. And I wanted the students to read How to Win Friends and Influence People because I wanted to teach the students to always meet new people.

Each class session, I taught the students how to innovate . . . innovate every day. Class activities included asking the question "Who are you," watching movies to uplift a person's soul, sharing stories about life others can use, writing exercises . . . essentially learning life and innovating life.

Homework was minimal and fun because I believed homework if not assigned properly could ruin a student's desire to learn. Open book exams on the required books. The final was just to show up to class. The minimum grade a student earned was a C just by attending class.

Teaching a class is an old dream coming true. When I was a freshman at San Jose State University, I wanted to teach high school mathematics; unfortunately, it fell through in my junior year. Also, teaching is an opportunity to meet new people and to learn more about innovating life. The teacher learns, too, while teaching. Never stop innovating life XD

How did I get the teaching opportunity? I was selling at the De Anza flea market and I met one of the deans who worked at De Anza. (De Anza College has a flea market once a month.) We talked and the dean loved me and wanted me to teach. I accepted and was hired. What a great part-time job.


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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hate Your Job? Prepare By Writing The Resignation Letter

A show of hands. How many hate your job such that when the work day is over, you feel miserable when going home? *Raises hand* Yup, me too. For the few people who read my Blogs, and I know a few of those few, you know I don’t like my current job. (BTW, thank you for reading my Blogs. It appears I’m writing good stuff.)

Last night, I wrote my first draft resignation letter. The three paragraph letter is short and to the point. The first paragraph begins in a friendly way. Friendly?!?!? The second paragraph tells the recipient I’m officially resigning. The third paragraph talks about the positives in the company. Ironically, with the stories my family and friends tell me about their companies, when one really thinks about it, many bad companies are not really bad at all. My company is bad. Really bad. My company has neither a CEO not CFO!!!!

I felt really good writing the first draft. I convinced myself I should try looking for another job despite the uncertainty in the economy and Silicon Valley growing really slowly and companies still laying off people. Here is a tip for those who hate their jobs and want something new: write a resignation letter and keep it with you at all times when at work. Make sure the dates are blank, or at least keep the month and day blank and the year typed. Good luck XD


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Monday, March 06, 2006

Full Circle

The circle. A 360 degree angle. Everything comes full circle. Whatever is done, the whatever comes back. Anywhere people go, there are circles. Circles move people forward.

In a date, both people impress each other. It's never one impress the other first and the other impress the one second. Both impress each other together—like a circle. How else can they communicate with each other and learn about each other? Keep the circle of impression, the circle of communication, and the circle of having a good time rotating. (The Circle of Impression??? Hmmm, the Circle of Impression is another future Blog topic ^_^)

In a job interview, the job candidate or interviewee being interviewed impress his or her employer or interviewer. The job candidate starts rotating the circle to impress the employer. If the job candidate is hired, the employer keeps rotating the circle, and rotating faster and longer. Sooner or later, both employee and employer keep rotating the circle in favorable terms. All-star employees don't want to rotate the circle himself or herself; in other words, work at a crappy company. The employer has to make the company a great company for great employees. If the employer fails, the employee knows there are better companies out there and he or she is going to leave eventually.

A common saying is life goes full circle. It's true in almost all aspects in life. Nothing goes one way and succeeds. Successful people start moving the circle, and if other people in a team, other people in a negotiation, just anyone involved in any circle fail to keep the circle rotating, the successful people go somewhere else to keep the circle moving and moving and growing and growing ooooo . . . OOOOO


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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Command & Conquer: Stomach Flu

The Blog entry shares my thoughts and experiences with the stomach flu for the week. The reason I'm sharing is to both remind myself what to do the next time I have the stomach flu (which I hope is not going to happen for a long, long time) and to tell others what I did in case anyone else has the stomach flu. Thank you and enjoy XD

Monday Afternoon

I went home early because I threw up my breakfast muffin twice. The muffin tasted funny. I didn't know why I still ate it. I was late to work and didn't eat breakfast at home. First, I went to Safeway grocery store to purchase four 2 liters of Canada Dry Ginger Ale and four 2 liters of Coke. I thought ahead I'm going to need sodas to help recover. I soiled myself while inside the store :-( I still had my sense of awareness to drive and knowing my surroundings. And it was raining hard during the time. During the drive home, I thought it was the muffin which caused me to throw up.

I arrived home. Rain continued to pour down hard. I secured my personal belongings and sodas inside the house first because I needed to take the garbage out on the driveway because of garbage day Tuesday. Next, I got the mail from the mailbox. Now that I was inside, I needed to change clothes and take a shower.

After taking a shower, I drank some Canada Dry. Bad mistake. The rest of the afternoon I threw up the crackers I ate at work and the Canada Dry I drank earlier. Anything I ate I threw up. I didn’t' eat anything for the rest of the day. I felt weak and tired. I slept for most of the day and the evening.

Although, I woke up around 8:00 P.M. just to walk around the house. I watch part of "Deal or No Deal." And I had major diarrhea attacks. I went back to sleep around 10:00 P.M.

Tuesday 3:30 A.M.

I work up at 3:30 A.M. I felt hungry. Mom suggested I ate some jell-o. I was afraid I throw up again since I threw up everything I ate and drank yesterday. I chose I had to eat something because I felt like shit. Mom gave me a bowl of lemon jell-o and I eat one bite every ten minutes. It took me one hour to eat one bowl of jell-o. It was worth it. I slept much better.

Tuesday Morning to Tuesday Evening

Short entry. Slept. Ate lemon jell-o and rice pudding and watched Simpsons. Slept. Ate lemon jell-o and rice pudding and watched anime. Slept. Ate lemon jell-o and rice pudding and watched Family Guy. I thought about nothing outside the house. I didn't think about my Business Plan night class, work, my web page, gym, bills, just nothing.

There was good news. San Jose police called my parents around 7:30 P.M. The police found my Dad's missing truck. Mom and Dad went to the police station to identify the truck. On Wednesday, they planned to pick up the truck at the impound yard.

Wednesday Morning to Wednesday Afternoon

I made the choice to start eating solid food gradually. For breakfast, I ate a small orange, two pieces of wheat bread, half a pack of peanuts, and a small bowl of Cheerios. During the small and satisfying breakfast, I watched an episode of Family Guy.

After breakfast, I checked email for about 5-7 minutes. I responded to half of the emails I needed to respond. I entered a Blog entry. Then I worked on my webpage for about an hour and paid a credit card bill. Meanwhile, Mom and Dad went to the impound yard to pick up the truck. After picking up the truck, they went to Costco to purchase food and supplies.

For lunch, I ate a bowl of Progressive Chicken Noodle Soup and some peanuts. There were no crackers in the house. In the early afternoon, I watched some anime. I got a call from a classmate on the exam and business plan rough draft due. I told him I could not attend class. He said that's cool. Both he and I didn't finish the rough draft. Thanks for the call, Jay ^^ And I did some laundry. I slept for the rest of the afternoon.

Wednesday Evening

In the early evening, I went to Safeway to purchase white bread and crackers. It was bad luck that I was in a line where one of the customers complained he didn't get his savings. The wait took at least 10 minutes. The customer complained he didn't get a discount on deli chicken and Atkins energy bar. I think the guy needed to eat fresh fruits and vegetables to improve his brain *Hee, hee* He was incorrect on the deli chicken. The deli chicken was not on sale. As for the Atkins energy bar, the workers could not verify the bars were on sale. The cashier gave the sale because there were people waiting. What was worst was there was a frustrated lady who sighed in front of me by blowing her breath in front my face. She did it twice. I was pissed. She could have been sick. What a bitch! I survived that outcome undamaged @__@ After Safeway, I went to the post office to mail the credit card bill and purchase $.39 stamps.

I arrived home and took a shower. For dinner, I ate Monday's work lunch which is chicken, rice, and bok choy. The bok choy was today's fresh vegetable. I didn't want to eat the left over celery. I wanted to eat really slowly. I thought if I watch a movie, then it helped me eat slowly. It did. I watched Spirited Away and it took me two hours to finish eating my dinner. After dinner, unfortunately, I had multiple and major diarrhea attacks. It was horrible. After the experience, I'm going to eat solid food for dinner only tomorrow.

I didn't go to class. Never thought about the exam and the rough draft business plan :-P Heck, I'm not getting a grade nor getting any degree. No loss for me T__T

Thursday Morning to Thursday Afternoon

After last night's diarrhea attacks, I ate the same meal for breakfast and for lunch which was an orange, two pieces of white bread, and a small bowl of Cheerios and watched Simpsons and anime. I also ate some jell-o throughout the day. And I made a new batch of lemon jell-o. Simple breakfast, lunch, and snack meal. The rest of the afternoon I worked on my webpage. I didn't go to sleep.

Thursday Evening

I did an errand for Mom. I went to Walgreens to pick up medication and drop off underpants for my grandfather at the nursing home. When I came home, I took a shower and then cooked a healthy, homemade meal. I cooked broiled chicken, a fresh pot of rice, and bok choy. I ate at the dining room watching anime on my laptop. I watched anime from around 7:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M. I drank green tea after watching all the anime :) And no diarrhea. Hooray!! I planned tomorrow I eat more solid food in small portions like I did for dinner.


I woke up in the morning and ate the same breakfast which was an orange, two pieces of white bread, and a small bowl of Cheerios and watched Simpsons. I ate broiled chicken, rice, bok choy, and pea pots for lunch and dinner. Friday afternoon I worked on my webpage. Friday evening I played Command & Conquer: Generals. I was trying to finish the game. I played the GLA or Global Liberation Army. I completed 5 of the 7 levels. Level 5 was so hard it took me 4 hours to figure out how to beat the level. As a result, I ate dinner at 11:00 P.M. *Heh, heh*

All day Friday I felt much, much better than earlier in the week. I was becoming more of myself. For most of us being sick, sickness doesn't last forever. Keep fighting, keep the spirits up . . . command and conquer . . . and one day the sickness goes away and people get back to being themselves.


When I ate jell-o on early Tuesday morning, I felt like there are still good things in life regardless whether someone feels bad.

What caused my stomach flu? It was not the muffin I ate on Monday. The number one suspicion was I ate poison food at a Chinese buffet in Richmond on Saturday February 25. My Dad, brother, cousin, cousin's wife, and I experienced the stomach flu for the week. Fortunately, my other uncle's family didn't experience the stomach flu. I'm never going to eat at another Chinese buffet ever. The food tastes the same and its Americanized.

I did have one regret. I couldn't go to the gym. I have missed too many workouts in 2006. If I had the physical fitness of a Barry Bonds, Joe Montana, or Michael Jordan, anytime I get sick or have a physical injury, I could recovery quickly like a professional athlete. Unfortunately, I'm not ;__;

I should not have eaten solid food all day Wednesday; rather I should have eaten solid food for dinner only on both Wednesday and Thursday.

My plans later today is to cook lunch, read, and relax. Sunday, I'm going to update my webpage and work on my rough draft business plan. Thank you for reading. For those who are sick, get well soon!


Resume? I don't need a resume. Here is my resume: Innovator. I'm available to innovate for hire.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Rotten Week . . . Fortunately Upbeat!

First, I want to apologize to all my co-workers at my company for scaring everyone on Monday. What happened was I threw up twice. I threw up my breakfast muffin which I thought caused me to throw up. The muffin was one week old. (I hate old food.) The chairman of the company told me to go home, and in the evening, I made a phone request to take the rest of the week off. I apologize to everyone I should have went home after the first time I threw up, and I could have spread my sickness to others :-( I hope I didn’t.

It turned out I had the stomach flu. The last time I had the stomach flu was my senior year in high school. On Monday and Tuesday, I ate Jello, rice pudding, plain toast, and drank ginger ale only. Today, I’m gradually starting to eat solid food. It’s a slow process. I’m going to make it. And tonight, I’m not going to attend class because I don’t want others to get sick and, well, the class is getting more boring. No worries. I’m not getting a letter grade (^__’) Today, tomorrow, and Friday it’s recovery, recovery, relax, and recovery.

Another upbeat news to mention is the police department found my Dad’s truck. The truck was found on the other side of town. As of the Blog entry, the condition of the truck is unknown; although, the truck appears to be in drivable condition :-) I update in a future blog the full details.


Resume? I don't need a resume. Here is my resume: Innovator. I'm available to innovate for hire.